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t.w.t.d. motoring hive
at 12:19 17 May 2024

never been one for motors .as long as it get me from a to b. my ancient ford focus is on its last legs ,so need to get another motor soon.
never bought a new car , so will be looking at second hand cars. would like a small suv and narrowed it down to a ford puma or a hyundai kona.
anyone got any advice on those 2
such class
at 08:36 27 Feb 2024

lol well he is ex scum. watch at the end
dirty old town
at 14:19 30 Nov 2023

not ipswich thou
a few thoughts on yesterdays game
at 18:21 29 Oct 2023

took me back to the late 60s early 70s to see a thin blue line separating the fans in the upper cobbold. if morsy won the toss why did he choose to attack the north stand first half. i thought we always liked to attack the north stand 2nd half.
plymouth were a decent side, don't think they need to worry about relegation.
didn't think chaplin and wolfie were at the top of their game.mind you they have set a high bar.
love to see hutch take on his man but his end product yesterday wasn't the best . loved the way the crowd gave hladky a standing ovation for his world class save
at 19:30 6 Aug 2023

hope the doom and gloom as lifted from this board of late
like this pearly
I had a dream last night by CarpyBlue 5 Aug 2023 14:24
that Hladky dropped a clanger to give Sunderland a 1-0 win. Not even joking

maybe some of the inbreds will creep back where they belong
i am sure i could
at 18:43 16 Apr 2023

hear the roar of the crowd* when i was in the recovery room at ipswich hospital.
i turned my tablet on and sure enough we had just scored our second goal.
had a bad friday night after drinking the stomach clearing power. had to drink the foul tasting potion drink starting at 6 pm it was 1am when i thought it was safe to go to bed.
the two camera jobs were worth it after seeing we won 6 nil
* i expect it was the side effects of the sedative which made me think i could hear the roar
another icon
at 13:31 13 Apr 2023

of the 60s has passed away
R.I.P. Mary Quant
long post
at 19:46 11 Mar 2023

in praise of the nh.s. once again
story starts on tuesday with wife going in hospital for a hip replacement. later that day she rung that all had gone well.
Wednesday i had appointment at drs for nursing assistant to take yearly blood test for cloistral. she asked how i was during the taking of blood , i told her i had been feeling out of breath and tired but i put it down to long term covid symptoms.
she told me to ring the srgery in the morning to see the dr.
thursday i rang surgery at 8 am and was told a dr would ring me back later.
9.15 dr rang explained my symptoms. he told me to come at 9.50 and a nurse practitioner would see me
when i met her she said i looked anaemia ,so she would due 6 blood tests.
went home and had a phone call that wife was being discharged from hospital that afternoon. picked her at 5 pm.
at 7.45 had a phone call saying they were blood testing lab and i had to be at ipswich straight away for a blood transfusion. not to drive and to ring for a ambulance if i couldnt get any one to drive me.
so phone calls to son and daughter for one to drive me to ipswich and one to stay with their mum.
so to cut the story at midnight i was having blood transfusion witch went on till
got a bed 6am .later on i was giving iv iron transfusion. at 4pm after more blood tests i was allowed home.will have to return later for the camera down throat and up the rear. to see if iam losing blood internally.
so wife out of hospital in the afternoon and me in at 9pm
for the medics i had 2 units packed RBC IV iron and blood test at the lab was 63
so rested all day today and had a great suprised to ee the town had won 2 nil
WHAT a GREAT N.H.S. some one working in the lab at 7.30pm and to ring me.

in 5
at 19:45 8 Mar 2023

boris being boris
at 15:15 2 Mar 2023

norwich being charged
at 21:35 9 Feb 2023

with not trying and giving up after 68 minutes
leiston f.c
at 14:59 9 Feb 2023

the second highest football club in the english pyramid in suffolk. 3points behind the leaders of their league with 2 games in hand. will be step 2 in they win their league.
you would have thought lowestoft bury felixstowe or subury with being larger towns would be higher than leiston.
mind you reading the e.a.d.t you wouldn't know it , if it was needham market or a team mark mosley was involved in they would be all over it.
leiston went to bedford and leicestershire in 3 days and came back with 6 points not bad for part timers and not a peek from the e.a.d.t
wonder what tory mp said this
at 15:21 9 Jan 2023

The NHS is “run for the convenience of people who work in the NHS (especially consultants and GPs
richard wright
at 22:03 17 Dec 2022

lad sonny saves a penalty to put leiston through to the next round of the f.a. trophy
[Post edited 17 Dec 2022 22:07]
do we need a forward in January
at 13:06 13 Dec 2022

looking at this table [ pinched from another site] the only time we out of the top 3 is our defence. not saying it need any new faces just a observation

should have said click on table and it will be clearer
[Post edited 13 Dec 2022 13:36]
what a farce
at 20:52 28 Nov 2022

refs bent
wilko r.i.p
at 18:55 26 Nov 2022

not sure if this has been posted, but another great died this week
another part of my youth gone. loved this one by him and roger daltrey

also Oil City Confidential film is a great watch
sad news
at 13:44 23 Nov 2022

of david johnson death due to cancer.
in my mind he was the of ipswich town fortunes under sir bob. getting him in a swap for rod bellfit was a stroke of genius. always remember him in that infamous game against lazio. what a warrior
things i take from that game
at 21:51 22 Nov 2022

kvy had a poor game his control wasn't great . camara still needs a lot of time, was missing a lot of the time. jackson got no service but isn't natural striker to me. don't know what studs the back 3 had on , but couldn't keep on their feet .only morsey and humphreys played their normal game
at 18:58 4 Nov 2022

star is born
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