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Keane: We're Letting the Gaffer Down
at 18:39:56

Our position is all down to the players, nobody else!!! It's they who cross the white line and are expected to perform! It's what they are paid large sums of money for!!!

Sadly they or it would appear do not give a toss? The money is in the bank come and of the month regardless!! Large quantities even! Do they ever look at the bank statement and think hmmmm I really did not earn that, in fact last month I let the club, the fans, then ,the county down!!maybe I should donate this month's salary to cancer research, they really need it, whereas what would I do with it? Another Evoque?

I,m totally fed up with the lack of passion, desire of even a passing interest his t shown by our senior squad playsrs, I would not bother me if they have Norwood away for a tenner,hopeless striker, will never be any good, the amount of sitters he has skied to row Z,

I guess you could say i,m bitter? Angry, losing the faith? Well yes I am, my club, 30 years of support, being torn apart from a faceless owner, a manager who seems clueless and players that do not give a toss about ITFC
Lambert Left Rueing Failure to Take Chances
at 20:27:57

I have to admit it's all wearing very thin now, excuse after excuse, we get fed the same dross after each embarrassing performance, I never thought I would say it! But I feel he knows needs to walk before things if possible get worse!
Lambert: We Dominated the Game But We've Got to Be More Ruthless
at 14:29:56

The season is over! We have blown it! We had a perfect chance of going straight back up, but not now, we will finish 10th maybe 12th, just not good enough, the team is clueless, no passion of drive,
The reason why? I have no idea, but then again i,m not paid thousands each week to have that knowledge!! But I know who is!!
Chambers: It Would Be Failure If We Don’t Go Up
at 10:16:36

We h ad all best get used to being where we are, it's plainly obvious we simply are not good enough for promotion, Norwood continues to fail to impress, he is a bang average striker, no more, very painful for me to make a statement like this but it's the truth! We may be big fish amongst minnows but sadly without teeth.
We have to just accept that's who we are now! Lack of investment, league two quality players, we would never survive the championship if by some miracle it did happen, so sad!
Lambert: Deals for Proven Loan Targets Too Rich For Us
at 12:27:25

We will do really well to make the play offs, as for automatic? Well that pure Disney world, I shall support as I always have but inside have that sickening feeling of just how low as have fallen!!
Huws: We Have Real Unity and Direction Now
at 01:12:43

Off topic I know, but I think this should be said! It was mentioned the other night at the Oxford game that the club had paid for an over night stay at a hotel, and this cost would be wasted should the game be called off? At the time I thought this seems very odd, it's only Oxford,
So I have just checked, Ipswich to Oxford, 140 miles, dual or motorway all the way, two hours twenty minutes!
So the players and staff I estimate of being around 30 people, the hotel most certainly will be no travel lodge, I would expect a minimum of £200 per person, kinnell! That's £6000! And we are supposed to be skint? But we can waste money like this!
Are our players unable to sit on a luxury coach for such a short time and then be able to run around a bit? I,m puzzled on the logic, a trip way up north I yes I get that, but Oxford?
Lambert: If We Don’t Make That Error, We Win the Game
at 11:51:20

Having now seen Chambers error! It, unbelievable that a player with so many years experience can do such a thing? We are one nil up, Sunderland are pressing but looking like they could play until midnight and still not score! What is wrong with the man? Is he thinking he is much better than he really is?
The obvious answer was kick it into row Z! Anyone with half a brain would do that? Clear the danger and move on.
Liability now i,m afraid and will cost us again!
Burton Albion 0-1 Ipswich Town - Highlights and Gallery
at 17:54:38

I thought Town looked very very sharp! Some great movement, accurate passing, and a real desire, well pleased from what I have seen! Futures bright for me!
Lambert: Evans Should Tell the Fans What’s Going On
at 16:06:16

If ME, is o r is not willing to invest in new players in any shape or form? Then the third tier is our new home!
Failing that? padlock the gates up and give the lease back to the council!
It's just too painful to see the club I love fall into such disrepair!
Such a shame, it hurts!!
Norwood Coy on Future as Tranmere Secure Promotion to League One
at 10:58:24

Swansea will offer a way bigger salary, and Championship football, we just cannot compete!!
Shame but reality speaks, time to move on i,m afraid!!
Town Cut Season Ticket Prices But By How Much Depends on How Many Sold
at 19:09:32

Many thanks to all with your good wishes, but reality and my consultant have told me today that my condition is gathering momentum!! So unlikely to ever see the Beats statue, not our rise from the ashes of league three, but we will get there for sure, I know it! Keep the faith, support the boys! Make that noise!!
I have managed a few home games this season, loved every minute! But my illness is what it is! Can,t change anything! So on the chin it is!
All I hope is that you all keep the faith, our Mr Lambert is the man to guide us.
Once again many thanks. Coyb!!
Town Cut Season Ticket Prices But By How Much Depends on How Many Sold
at 14:17:35

I live in North Norfolk, and if it was not for this awful Leaukimea which is slowly killing me my cheque would be in the post today, i,m unlikely to see us battle our way back up! Which i,m sure will happen, but hope to catch the first half of the season at least, even if it is from a hospital bed!!
So come on you blue boys and girls, get those seats filled, amaze our feathered friends up the road with a full stadium and noise that could be heard half way up the 140
Let’s Show the Tractor Boys How to Plough a Field - Notes for Derby County
at 15:14:33

With Fy out now i,m even more worried where on earth a goal will come from? Time to play the under 23 strikers i feel, our senior frontman seem unable to score in any way?
The under 23,s are flying so let's give them a chance, nothing to lose really, we are down and out for sure! But I still keep believing in a major miracle!
Lambert: Game Was Won at the Top End of the Pitch
at 20:56:31

The under 23,s are flying! Now they can only do that by scoring goals? Now just who is actually hitting them, Nash has built a great squad there, surely there must be some gems ready to step up to the plate?
Ipswich Town 0-1 Sheffield Wednesday - Match Report
at 12:25:10

Hi it,s a long day for me from North Norfolk in the heart of canary land!

Thank you for the kind comment, but I just had to write down the things that I saw and experienced, i will continue making the trip as long as I am able!

But surely I cannot be alone in seeing the decline, the don,t care attitude from the club itself, the stewards give their own time freely and do a fabulous job, hats off to them all.

The kids with their flags, a highlight of their childhood always to be remembered, if I was one of them I would have looked up at what I was given with sadness, to me it was shamefull!

Anyway health permitting i shall be at the next one! And if I get the chance to speak to Paul as i will be right by that tunnel I will ask him why we are flying such terrible flags for the kids?

It just seems all so wrong? I walk past all the clubs/players cars and think they would not look out of place in Dubai! Yet we cannot afford some new flags? Or nobody cares?
Ipswich Town 0-1 Sheffield Wednesday - Match Report
at 10:12:01

Hi i once again ventured down to Portman rd yesterday. And having read all the
on the game comments! But these are are few of my observations away from the game itself, i think enough has been said on what actually happened on the pitch!

I grew up in Luton, my father was a steward at LTFC, so I would spend many a game with him, this was way back in the sixties! Oh yes a long time ago!

Sitting there yesterday in the disabled section i reflected back onto my experiences as a child and those of the day in that bitterly cold wind!

We arrived early and headed for the fanzone, bought a coffee from the little red Citreon van outside and headed inside, the coffee was lovely, really good! But terribly disappointed that once inside the marquee it was freezing, absolutely no heating that i could see, hmm I thought, they could have made some form of effort on such a bitterly cold day, so I sat there for some time cuddling my nice coffee!

We then headed over to the hot food van by the gate, got fleeced for a couple of burgers which ultimately went straight in the bin! Stale rolls, cold burgers, absolutely disgusting, never mind we will get something at half time!

So into the ground as went, yes the stewards were great, helpful, caring, they could not do more! I should add that i have a serious spinal injury and terminal Cancer, so a visit is a huge thing for me!

We sat there waiting for the game to begin and once again my thoughts wandered back to my childhood! How Luton FC looked and how I remembered it, immediately it struck me that Town must be the only Club in the Championship with wooden painted advertising boards all around the pitch? All looking very old and weathered, also where is the big screen for playback and coverage of the game? It all looked very dated and again I thought back to my childhood!

The players were soon to exit the tired looking tunnel with the kids holding the flags, my oh my! Just how old are those flags? Faded, worn, dirty, and way past there best! I was somewhat ashamed to see them! Is this the best we can do I asked my nephew?

Half-time came and off as went to the refreshment bar, or shed! Which it resembles, we stood in the queue and once again I reflected back to being a 7 year old sent by my father for tea and a Mars bar for me, it was a time warp moment! The fayre on offer was minimul! A choice of a hot pie, a bag of crisps , or a couple chocolate bars! The coffee I had tried before so steered clear of that, so it was tea or hot chocolate, i opted for the latter, the most modern thing in the shed! No other word for it! Was the cash register! I had to ask myself so what has changed in 55 years? Very little!

The entire Club is totally evident of years of lack of investment, it's plain to see! I was quite ashamed of it all, this is my club, my team, been a supporter for longer than I can remember, the fans have been ripped off, fleeced at every opportunity! It was a sad day for me apart from losing in the 90th minute.

So next time you visit Portman rd, just take a look around, we are so much behind even division 3 and even 4 clubs it's unreal! We deserve to be relegated, due to ME,s lack of investment, if he can,t or won,t improve basic facilities, buy a few new flags, get some decent revenue in by having a little technology with electronic advertising just what chance have we got?

These are very sad times, for me? It really does not matter too much as I will very unlikely see us play in a lower tier, i just won,t be around! But it's heart breaking all the same! The once mighty ITFC brought down by one man's greed and lack of vision!

Well that's it, i have said my bit, i rarely post, but these are my thoughts, i shudder to think just what will happen next Sunday, i,m not sure I dare watch it, a symbolic day beckons, but fair play to all those that will make the trip! Les.
Collins: With the Squad We've Got Now, We Can Get Out of It
at 20:18:35

He was an absolute rock on Saturday, what a player!! And a really nice guy, he came over to where I was sitting (disabled section) and passed his shirt over to someone very close, what a lovely man!
Please stay fit Mr Collins we desperately need you!
Blues Among Clubs Linked With Barry Town Full-Back
at 14:45:40

Us or Villa? That's a tough call?
Third Time Lucky for Judge
at 16:24:59

The queues at the tills in Planet Blue on Saturday were huge! Everyone happy and full of confidence! An indication of the fantastic supporters the club has!

If we can get that type and level of crowd in every home game what a huge boost to the team that will be!
Keane: Our Season Starts Now
at 09:08:14

I was there on Saturday and the atmosphere was awesome, Collins an absolute rock!
The big question now is just what are we going to do with The majority of the dross Hurst brought in?
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