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Relegation a near certainty
at 12:57 21 Jan 2019

The average points total of the team finishing 21st (4th from bottom) over the past 10 years is 48.4.

The highest points total of the 21st team in the last 10 years is 55 (2013).

The lowest points total is 43 (2018).

We are therefore 25 points short of the lowest points for safety.

And 37 points short of the highest.

So, with 18 games left, we either need to average at least 1.4 points per game, or just over 2.

Mathematically, we can do it. And who knows what the target will turn out to be.

But it's looking very, very unlikely.

So, which players are up for the chop?
at 22:56 6 Jan 2019

Striking change of tone from PL after Accrington. He was very softly, softly when he arrived, gentle encouragement, never a bad word (in public about anyone).

Now it's: 'players will go'.

So, who's off, and why?
£35m is a good price for a Championship club
at 23:18 5 Dec 2018

But if you were serious about buying ITFC, why not wait to see if we're relegated? The price would fall to about a tenth of that.

Sad times.
Gardening leave
at 12:21 3 Apr 2018

Gardening leave is imposed on a departing employee with commercially sensitive knowledge to ensure they can’t go to a rival company until that knowledge is out of date.

Luckily, Mick stays in post, with unfettered access to our best players, ready to take them with him when he goes to another championship side.

There’s a reason why managers are asked to leave immediately.

Yet again, ME demonstrating a catastrophic lack of footballing knowledge.
Clear that McCarthy is staying
at 11:47 10 May 2017

He's making the decisions on the squad departures, presumably on the basis of future acquisitions. He couldn't do either without Marcus Evans' blessing.

The only questions are: 1) are we in for a repeat of meagre additions, with one or two star loanees from the PL; or 2) is Evans going to give McCarthy the funds to truly support a promotion push?

We know Evans has just made a packet from selling some of his media interests. We also know that he could afford to fund the club beyond the £6m or so p.a. he puts in.

Only a fool repeats the same actions, hoping for a different result, yet that's been Evans' approach for years now.
Ranieri sacked - McCarthy to replace?
at 21:16 23 Feb 2017

Would be the ideal candidate to keep Leicester up. Wonder if he'd be tempted?
Every morning
at 11:13 1 Feb 2017

Every morning, for the past 3 months at least, I take a look at the TWTD site, expecting to see Mick announcing his resignation, or Evans announcing that he's been sacked.

Every morning, I close the browser window, disappointed.

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