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at 06:43 10 Jul 2020

Paranormal Activities. Have you ever experienced them?
at 06:39 30 May 2020


If you're interested in seeing a lost of loads of paranormal things, this is an interesting site!
Identify a random tub of grit for me
at 23:32 19 May 2020

To help us identify it, what does it taste like?
Is it ok to laugh at funny foreign names? (n/t)
at 18:18 17 May 2020

I like the canadian olympics lawyer.

Project Herd Immunity is about to get into full swing.
at 10:23 13 May 2020

not everyone got a letter telling them to shield...
Project Herd Immunity is about to get into full swing.
at 10:03 13 May 2020

well let's say the UK get down to 0 cases like we had in 2019.

without herd immunity (from vaccinations or from exposure) it would only take one person to enter the country with covid-19 to start a second spike. Until we have herd immunity, covid-19 will always be a huge issue.

I'm certainly hopeful there is a vaccination soon! so we can get life back on track, I'm not sure forcing people back to work and allowing a second spike it the best idea, but it seems like the one we're doing...
Project Herd Immunity is about to get into full swing.
at 08:34 13 May 2020

It's the only way to resume life and ensure the vulnerable don't suffer.

Until a vaccine is created.
Just when you thought tube journeys couldn't be more depressing....
at 08:32 13 May 2020

It is suprisingly loud on the tube. Even if I'm travelling with people I know it's not an easy conversation spot.

and any conversation out of me before 9am is pretty limited! I'm ok with no talking on the tube in the morning.
I guess with this new Warner / Cummings tracking app
at 17:44 5 May 2020

The whole concept is to track the users phone as an anonymous user.
GPS won't be captured, and if it was, a user can mock GPS quite easily!

So many people are so quick to jump to the negative conspiracy theory scenarios!
At the end of the day, this lockdown sucks and people dying sucks... this track and trace method may be a way to make it all a bit better! why would you not want this to work?!
Sad post
at 12:31 6 Apr 2020

Sorry for your lose.
I'v had several cats reach the end throughout my life, it never gets easier!

At least you can be happy knowing he was loved and had a comfortable life!
Revelations include.....
at 11:06 3 Apr 2020

He has a right to be angry, we haven't seen an improvement in the last 3 weeks! terrible IMHO.

We didn't score a goal for the entire month of March 2020!
Lambert Out!
TWTD FIFA Tournament - GROUP STAGE DRAW - starts tomorrow
at 13:47 29 Mar 2020

In group F
I lost to DingleITFC
2 - 1
Coronavirus Isolation Help Thread
at 12:32 16 Mar 2020

I'm in East Bergholt but regularly find myself in Stowmarket and Colchester.
Happy to help if needed. PM me
[Post edited 16 Mar 12:34]
Yes/No - Are there actually any fans of Lambert left?
at 16:28 25 Feb 2020

No and No.

The nail in the coffin for me was away at Wimbeldon...
We needed to win that game, but played a very defensive team!
5 defenders (2 full backs who also play CB)
3 defensive midfielders (Huws can pass, but still fairly defensive)
and 2 fowards stuck with barely any passes towards them!
It was obvious we weren't going to score a goal in a game which we needed to have won!

He's a failure as a match day manager... does great with PR though!
Maybe his future should be director of football (or PR)
at 17:56 24 Feb 2020

We really needed to have beaten Oxford on Saturday...

My faith in Lambert is gone
PS1: Fifa ‘98 - long shot...
at 08:28 21 Feb 2020

You could use an emulator? And run it on a PC or laptop.
Chris Hogg = Big loss
at 23:10 14 Feb 2020

Maybe he has been the one holding us back...
Protest update
at 10:36 14 Feb 2020

I hope they make half and half scarfs for this!

I'd definitely wear one.
3 Major problems with our squad imo
at 08:14 14 Feb 2020

Too add discussion to your points...

1 - I agree, the blame here has to lie with the management and senior pros... what is going on?!?! why isn't Chambers and Skuse putting arms round players and helping boost their morale?!?!?!

2 - This point I kind of disagree... we do have dribblers and some relatively pacey players... but they hardly ever start games! so what do you expect... in Jan I would have liked us to go out and get a singer to replace georgiou...
I blame Lambert here for playing a useless formation! your second point wouldn't be an issue... if Lambert was better at his job...

3 - 100% agree... and the reaon this is a problem is that we dont really have playmakers who can pass ball on the ground... and if we do have playmakers... they are either in bad form or never play!!!
Ultra defensive
at 18:54 11 Feb 2020

Against a team who maybe in a relegation battle...

Our ambitions are high....

0-0 is my prediction.

I don't why we bother sometimes!
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