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Cost of managerial change
at 09:28 22 May 2018

I know that some of you guys have a finger on the financial pulse. I have read that West Ham turned away from the idea of Benitez because he would have cost £6m to prise away from Newcastle.

I understand that managers do not carry the possibility of being a saleable asset in the same way that players do, but it still seems irrational when clubs, including the likes of W Ham, readily spend 8-figure sums on players who they hardly utilise, and then sell on, often at far greater losses than the £6m that would give them someone like Benitez.
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TS Eliot and the Football Waste Land
at 13:17 10 May 2018

April is the cruellest month – or so TS Eliot once said back in 1922, the year of the publication of his poem, The Waste Land, when the FA Cup final was done-and-dusted by the end of April.
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level of managerial debate
at 09:31 27 Apr 2018

Some posters, including those who winced at the mere suggestion of criticising Mick and who air brushed his recurring, less than professional outbursts, including his departing flourish, seem quite happy to lambast all these candidates who are just mere names to us yet.

Names, who may yet turn out to be nothing more than journalistic fillers, have been called out for their religion, politics, brushes with the law, age, and, most strange of all, for the obvious flaw of being unfamiliar to a particular poster who may not follow football as closely as some on here do.

Under the guise of discussion more than a few have abandoned the reasonable approach that, at its best, makes this board more than the verbal toilet-roll hurling often found on other fansites. I would hope that, if one of us were applying for a job somewhere, our application might receive a more considered response than smirking dismissal on account of some slip-up in presentation of our personal achievements and views.
Paul Cook's published regret
at 17:18 24 Apr 2018

"Cook knows what it takes to escape from League Two having won the title with Chesterfield two years ago. His only regret was the way they parted company after reaching the League One play-offs.

“I left Chesterfield under a bit of a cloud, which was hurtful for me,” he added. “We were going into the play-offs and I already knew I would be leaving the club – even if we had won promotion."

“Looking back, I should have come out and told the supporters. After everything we had achieved I left without saying goodbye, but I didn’t want to sit back and watch a team I had assembled being taken apart.”


Has he mentioned Town to Wigan fans yet?

I also found a more recent article in which he has a go at negative Wigan fans

Sorry if been posted before
Town's movers and shakers
at 18:04 23 Apr 2018

If TWTD understands that Town are “keeping tabs” on Notts Forest striker, Jason Cummings, currently banging them in on loan at Rangers, then it’s more than I do.

Have our mighty backroom team of agents and Moneyball football men perhaps emerged from Mick’s daunting shadow to set out their vision of future playing styles and player profiles? Are we changing from Charlton to Chelsea in our worldwide player recruitment?

Or is it a plan to attract Warburton on a similar basis to the idea that if Messi were lured to Arsenal, Zidane might follow?
Managerial Musings
at 18:19 19 Apr 2018

With new manager speculation at fever pitch and so many alluring names who may have thrown their hats into some alleged ring, or perhaps been bumped up in the odds due to a flurry of misplaced fivers, it’s time to step back and assess the relevant claims of the hopefuls.
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The search is well underway................
at 12:18 3 Apr 2018

That pleasant, but un-football-like Mr Milne makes it sound like an Easter Egg Hunt with club officials busily looking under the hedges of Playford Rd to discover where he might just be hiding.

Then, apparently, Marcus will be talking to unknown football people who may, or may not, be such as George Burley or Terry Butcher, but Marcus will know who they are (though perhaps less about what they do/did).

Then, when there is an announcement to be made, the club will do no less than make an announcement.

When Marcus announces the strategy "going forward" (welcome change there) then there will be a strategy to tell us about.

Oh, and the state of the pitch is due to playing football on it, especially in the winter-time.

Yes, I know that fans of any club are the last to be admitted into the mysterious footie world of the grown-ups, but it does not aid the club with such a poor recent record of communication to make pronouncements that simply place the fans at a further arm's length.

I don't know what I would have said if I had been thrust into his position, but I would certainly be aware that a position I had most definitely been thrust into.
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If MM were to get a move to WBA would he, realistically return for any players?
at 10:05 3 Apr 2018

People regularly bang on about his "favourites", but would he seriously think that an ageing Skuse or Chambers could shore up a porous defence for a promotion challenge?

And although Bart has already been mentioned, the one thing they have is a decent keeper in Foster (though granted he might want to go in the event of relegation). If Bart himself craved the Premiership he would have another season, and maybe more, to wait.
[Post edited 3 Apr 11:56]
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Mick's next stop
at 11:08 29 Mar 2018

Thoughts on what level he might next appear at? This announcement gives him time and a good platform.
Fraser starts in "new look" Scotland
at 18:33 27 Mar 2018

Amazed that they'd considered they had better.
nearest club to MM's Bromley base now managerless
at 11:28 22 Mar 2018

Charlton and Robinson part company by "mutual consent" - nothing to do with owners turning club into basket case apparently. New ownership proving complicated, but still a realistic size of club and good potential if new owner/management partnership worked out.
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