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The Legends
at 11:28 17 Sep 2018

The Beat is a legend. Even the Daily Telegraph agrees.

But, in an age of Hyperbole, it's difficult to celebrate the truly great. I loved Thijssen, Muhren, Whymark etc, but if they are truly legends in spite of either never winning anything or having a relatively short Town career, then where do you place Beattie, Wark, Butcher, Hunter, Burley, Mills?

The over-use of superlatives leaves you with nowhere to go to celebrate true greatness, unless you are the Beat - the one who stands alone.
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A Driven Individual and - So Far - a Serial Winner
at 13:59 14 Sep 2018

In such a day as this when allowing your new manager and regime 10 games is considered the height of patience and sense and, by some, lenient nonsense, Paul Hurst is naturally incurring fans' spoken and written doubts after seven - albeit with an unrecognisable team.
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If we lose tonight...............
at 14:41 14 Aug 2018

As I'm feeling somewhat left by the recent invasion of commenters that haven't quite got into the swing of reciprocal debate I've realised that, in order to keep up, I must desert my fool's paradise of optimism and see things as they really are - lose tonight and two defeats and a draw is relegation form. Meanwhile, Middlesborough are as good as up.

Mick's had long enough keeping his cool behind the analyst's desk. Come back and save us! And get Lukey in on loan so we get the Skyam axis going again; Contact Aberdeen for a season-long loan for Gleeson. Give the keeper's gloves back to Gerks - Bart's lost it.

And get that Emerald Isle production line going again.

It was all good. I wasn't careful what I wished for!

Exeter are no mugs and just the team at the top of their league to be brought down with a bump by our Under-23s. Get 'em in Mick, and give us our club back!
[Post edited 14 Aug 21:10]
Rotherham ratings
at 07:59 13 Aug 2018

A table of points awarded for Saturday would have all the old guard at the top and every one of the new boys below them. I know that ratings are often a bit like a "who's in at the moment?" poll, but for those who saw it, was that a completely fair reflection?
[Post edited 13 Aug 8:14]
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Surprised that the comments aren't a bit more tilted to the positive
at 17:36 28 Jul 2018

We made things happen - that's more than enough for starters.

The rain game
at 17:34 27 Jul 2018

Rain? - We'll see. It can't expect to be welcomed back straight away onto the pitch when it's been away for such a long time.

It may have been well-received in other parts of the country, and even been a life-saver somewhere recently on the world stage, but it's got to prove itself all other again as far as I'm concerned.

We've adopted a dry regime here, and it may or may not be the missing piece in the jigsaw.

Sure, the surface is tough right now, but tough's what we like - may even make men of boys. We're down to the driest of bare-bones, but it is what is. Any new shoots down there need to stand up and be counted.

What's that you're telling me, "a new bucket"? - news to me! I hear some are paying through the nose just to use a sprinkler, but we'll not be held to ransom. Some have paid plenty just to find that the water's no more than dampish. Desert storm-troopers - there the ones we take into battle - who's with me?
at 11:20 16 Jul 2018

Interesting that Town refused to let England U19s take Downes away as they wanted him to be part of their own pre-season preparations (Star).

Perhaps suggests that Hurst likes his energy and thinks it might be his time.
Additionally, maybe he felt that Downes might not be over-used with England.
[Post edited 16 Jul 11:25]
World cup: SUFFOLK 9 NORFOLK 3
at 10:41 11 Jul 2018

Yesterday's Telegraph published a county of BIRTH break down of those appearing in an England World Cup squad since its inception.

Suffolk had 9 players, Norfolk 3. London was, of course, out in front with 62.

But, considering its population, Suffolk was the stand-out county.

I've assumed they meant players in a squad of 23. But just who are and were these 9?
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