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JC is a bloody shambles
at 20:56 22 Jan 2019

He has to be one of the main factors as to why Labour haven’t quite overcome the conservatives in votes.

During a time of national reformation of great importance his aims seem to be solely to just bash TM’s efforts and proposed deals, rather than to come to a solution. In most circumstances it would be acceptable for JC to heavily focus on critisising the government, as he is a main figure of the opposition. However at this point in time, with not much time left until the 29th of March, we need to be doing all and everything possible to come to a suitable solution to how we shall leave the EU (if at all).

Though his lack of ideas/solutions make him appear a tart, thus not helping the situation as he shoots down anything TM proposes without an alternative, putting us back to square 1 in negotiations.

We should be forgetting ‘Red Vs Blue’ and instead finding the best possible solution to this crisis. Not declining invitations with the Prime Minister to discuss important aspects of Brexit, which may determine the futures and careers of many of the country’s population.
at 16:35 5 Jan 2019

1-0 to the Stanley
Our song for this season:
at 15:38 29 Dec 2018

Burton have won more games against championship sides
at 13:37 24 Dec 2018

than we have this season.

They’re in league 1

Lambert supposedly went beserk following Bristol City
at 14:59 1 Dec 2018

Apparently he was absolutely p1ssed off with aspects of Wednesday’s performance.

It’s hardly hard to believe in fairness, some players need (several) rockets up their arse.
What a f*cking disaster Brexit is looking to be
at 23:18 15 Nov 2018

For the young folk, like myself, whom are intending to become employed following university, the current situation looks a bit dull.

Following a no deal/hard Brexit which is becoming a more imminent possibility, we could end up with an economy built like a sh1thouse and the supposed end to this ‘austerity’ will be back.

Furthermore, not only the possible decrease in trade, but also trying to fill the sectors of work where immigrants make up a large percentage of that workforce. The NHS for example, 12.7% of its UK workforce are non British. Although Brexit doesn’t mean we will lose those 12.7% of NHS staff, it does reflect how immigration is crucial to the success of Britain, with it being an ageing population.

Not only that, I was wanting to go into the field of ‘International Finance/Law’, which is now looking a more difficult possibility. Not impossible, but has been made harder by statistically the older age groups within Britain.

Although I’m certainly one to oppose Nationalism/Patriotism, I’m struggling to see the ‘Great’ in Great Britain anymore.
So then, #ANewNewEra?
at 14:40 27 Oct 2018

As the old marketing ploy didn’t quite come to full effect.
Not a big Lego fan, but...
at 15:55 23 Oct 2018

Watch this

He’s been building Lego things for over 8 years, all of it to be destroyed by a group of thugs, as he explains.

Fortunately some people created a crowdfunding page for him, and £18k was given to him (as that was the monetary value of what was destroyed.), now believe he’s rebuilding it all.

But still, I felt so bad for the man.
‘The Matrix’ movie is a metaphor for Marxism
at 20:57 29 Sep 2018

[Post edited 29 Sep 2018 21:14]
Would you renew ST if we got relegated?
at 14:36 23 Sep 2018

Would you renew if we got relegated?

Your Vote:

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[Post edited 23 Sep 2018 14:36]
at 20:59 14 Sep 2018

[Post edited 14 Sep 2018 21:20]
Roadworks back from Derby
at 01:25 22 Aug 2018

Awful, simply awful.

So many blocked roads without proper diversion notices... if there were any diversion notices they sent you the wrong way. Luckily got an iPhone which has an app which calculates routes which include roads that are blocked, otherwise I doubt we would actually ever get home until light hours.

I must imagine there will be people who won’t get home tonight, the roadworks have been bloody sh1t.
The favourite film thread.
at 15:24 15 Aug 2018

What is yours?

For me it has to be the whole Lord of the Rings saga, wholly based in New Zealand where there are landscapes of great magnificence. Probably a favourite because I’m into the fantasy/deep lore type films.

If Nolan is any good, he could be crucial.
at 19:48 4 Aug 2018

Obviously a Hurst man so should be able to fit into the squad with relative ease, although would have to adjust playing at a far more substantial club with different players to what he wasn’t used to.

But importantly he can play in that 10 role behind our striker which is what we clearly lacked this afternoon against a rigid Blackburn side.

Then a CB is needed; if we go for Nsiala then I presume that’s it regarding Tilt - we won’t chase him any longer. Could do with another striker too, or is that pushing our financial boundaries?
Town analysis
at 00:00 4 Aug 2018

Hello all,

Was thinking of creating a YouTube channel where I’d periodically upload once/twice a week. The videos that would be created would pretty much sum up the matches or any news that I find relevant to Ipswich Town. But importantly, the videos would include analysis of the matches that we play in, which is the main sort of thing that drives me to put this idea into a reality.

However I’m not totally sure if that’s enough for a weekly (or twice a week) video, and if it would be of any interest to any of you?

So yeah, would there be anything you’d like to be included in the videos? I’m talking summaries, formation analysis, player matchups, you know, that sort of stuff.

I’d probably start this up soon with the coming season since editing videos used to be a joy of mine, but found it took too much of my time.

Note to sky/championship
at 21:52 3 Aug 2018

Never let the opening game of the championship be held at the Madjeski, Reading.
We don’t have an easy start !
at 20:57 31 Jul 2018

Blackburn, Rotherham, Derby, Villa and Sheffield Wednesday as our first 5 games. All those fixtures will be tough, except Rotherham I suspect...

Bring it on!
Drinking tap water gives you boobs
at 23:00 30 Jul 2018

Be careful out there folks.
Weather wrecking havoc on local farmers
at 22:33 25 Jul 2018

Awful stuff.

My mate who’s dad is the owner of one of the farms spoke to me, and it’s distressing stuff. He was going through the motions of harvesting his wheat crops on his combine, yet due to the incredibly dry fields his field caught on fire, not only that, the hay bales were all stacked on his field while they waited for transportation - they all caught on fire.

As you probably know income isn’t regular at an arable farm, it mainly comes from the harvest, which has been pretty awful considering it was mainly lost in the fires...

You pray that they have income from other sources.
Portman Rd looking decent
at 13:07 25 Jul 2018

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