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Chelsea fans really really don’t want KM
at 08:47 23 May 2024

Protests about Boehly and the board now planned. Which is a big deal given Chelsea have such a placid fan base normally.

KM and his agent appear to have pulled off the remarkable feat of upsetting everyone here but also sounding out a club where the fan base don’t want him either.

Other Chelsea loanees; Alfie Gilchrist
at 16:14 8 May 2024

We should now be seen as safe pair of hands and more by Chelsea for their youth talent.

Would like to see Alfie Gilchrist on loan next year. Has been v v good whenever called upon this season and played a blinder against spurs and Son the other night.

Can play RB and CB. Would assume if we can only have two loans next year then versatility would be a key consideration.
Pub forTicketless fans for Saturday?
at 10:33 1 May 2024

I'm assuming a lot of people like me, don't have tickets for Saturday (yet!), and some also flying over like me - one lad I know coming from NYC without a ticket!

Without tickets is there a particular pub that will better/worse to watch in?

I wanted to do Greyhound pre game but they aren't screening the match :(

Ps - goes without saying, if anyone is looking to sell a ticket please PM me!

Any Geneva (Switzerland) based town fans?
at 09:42 30 Apr 2024

Don't think I've seen any on the board before but if anyone wants to watch the game tonight, lady Godiva will be showing it and I'll be there along with one other Town fan.


Plenty of away tickets left for Saturday
at 11:52 29 Apr 2024

Chances of these going back on sale to home fans?
Wes pictured training
at 11:35 21 Apr 2024

Sorry if covered already but latest pics on Club socials show Wes with the gang in training gear.

Didn’t have his boots on though or the GPS vest thing so may have just been doing gym.

No sign of Hirst though.

Would be a massive boost to have one or both of those on the bench on Saturday. Hull looked very good yesterday at a resurgent Watford.
Ongoing criticism of KM, as per Bristol game
at 11:24 2 Apr 2024

These little jigs and star jumps inside his technical area are serving nobody. Just far too restrained for my liking.

Can only assume he’s a saving a Mourinho esque touchline run for the 98th min winner on Saturday.
at 19:29 29 Mar 2024

Absolute f kin madness from McKenna but got away with it.

Win is a win though in difficult circumstances after int break.
Change of shape required
at 19:02 29 Mar 2024

Getting run over in middle of the pitch.

Crying out for an extra man in there.

Lost control of the game completely.
My only criticism
at 22:08 5 Mar 2024

That Davis goal really did deserve a full on Tuchel/Mourinho touchline run from Kieran.

Far too reserved.
Southampton tickets
at 13:51 3 Mar 2024

Looked online, no info as yet.

Chances of them making it to general sale? Tempted to do the Arlingtons thing just to get a match ticket.

I live abroad so have only been to two games this season so don’t have any loyalty points sadly.
at 21:58 20 Feb 2024

Excellent with his feet, we all know that.

That is never the less, since Leicester, 4/5 goals now in two months you would reasonably have expected him to not concede. Their second tonight was bat sh*t insane, I have no idea what he’s doing losing his head like that.

Win is a win though and great finish by Omari and great character to come back to win it again. COYB.
[Post edited 20 Feb 22:00]
Other left field posters
at 10:54 14 Feb 2024

After the events of the recent days, I'm reminded of some other posters people perceived to be "wind up merchants" - as such, whatever happened to the chap who claimed to have gone to Boro away on a mo ped?!

I recall he then had a made up job as a deep sea fisherman or similar?!

Mad as a box of frogs but good entertainment.
[Post edited 14 Feb 10:54]
Apropos of nothing
at 08:24 12 Feb 2024

encountered Josh Sargent and Ashley Barnes in a west london coffee shop on Saturday morning.

Both are absolutely massive and Josh Sargent is one of those annoying cnts that was facetiming someone (I assume his partner) without headphones in so everybody could hear his conversation. Eventually was told off by another customer.

Ashley Barnes also looks like an extra from Rab C Nesbitt these days.

Sam Gallagher - FAO Joe
at 10:22 31 Jan 2024

was mentioned on the last podcast that some ITK posters were in your telegram chat.

Any update here or totally dead as per twitter news yesterday?

Is there a presser today?
at 11:47 28 Dec 2023

Too early to hear about Hirst's injury I'd assume.
how has Scarlett not got on here?
at 19:10 25 Nov 2023

Game is crying out for some guile or trickery out of nothing.
Sammy Morsy
at 07:50 4 Oct 2023

What’s happened here then?

I must confess to not following the wider EFL particularly but his career arc is extraordinary. He seems to have kind of hung around the lower EFL leagues and then peaked around mid table championship before Boro let him go almost for free.

Now, demonstrably in my opinion, he was the best midfielder in league 1 and one of the best in the championship seemingly. Did none of his other clubs see this or has KM just unlocked bundles of hidden potential?
[Post edited 4 Oct 2023 8:12]
Is there a presser today?
at 08:58 18 Sep 2023

Be good to hear about Leif.
Controversial opinion
at 08:05 15 Sep 2023

Love the "Life's a pitch" show Phil and others produce but Terry Butcher really can be a tough listen .

The discussion about Woolfy in the latest episode where he said he needs to be a bit more like Chiellini and that "during his day..." blah blah. It is very often like listening to Uncle Albert.

Woolfy is a rolls royce of a defender like Ferdinand or Carvalho and that's what he should aspire to be.

***prepares tin hat***
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