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Norwich Away
at 09:21 23 Jan 2019

So there is no Alcohol in the ground, no away pub, 12pm KO on a sunday?

Don't the police realise that this is just going to result in people drinking excessively in the streets or on the train rather than in the ground?

So instead of being able to contain (either in a pub or the away end) where the drunkards are, they will be spread amongst various locations trying to get as tanked up as possible at 10.30am, great work from all Police forces concerned!! lol
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at 10:40 29 Nov 2018

Has anyone ever seen Downes and Hyam in the same room? Another "one of our own" who is utter rubbish. Don't understand what he brings to our first team apart from running around a lot?

happy to be educated here, he just seems to drift through games, I accept he is young and in the England set up at his age group, but he shows nothing to me that he should be in a matchday 18.
Our Current Issues - A Brief Summary
at 08:31 29 Nov 2018

Spence - already been covered but why cant he keep the ball on the pitch when passing down the line? Awful

Pennington - Turns like a barge, ball watches too much

Chambers - Awkward, lacks pace and ability on the ball

Downes - I seriously have no idea what he does, a downgraded version of luke hyam

Roberts - Not his fault, tries hard, not a striker but says a lot about Jackson's ability, which, in my opinion, is non-existent.

Jackson - As above- not even league 1 standard, makes aimless runs, cant hold the ball up, non presence, no heading ability.

Sad situation but if we were to somehow pick some points up until January we would need at least 4-5 players to have a chance of survival.

That all being said, our lack of creativity is our main weakness going forwards as we have no one who can consistently find a pass to unlock a defence. I fear last night we will look back at as the night we went down.
Football Manager 2019 - ITFC
at 10:02 16 Nov 2018

Hi All

Anyone managed to get ITFC up in the first couple of seasons on the new football manager, I am having a hell of a run, but the small squad and small budget is quite a challenge!

Any updates from others experiences most welcome!

So at what point do we read a TWTD headline....
at 14:44 7 Aug 2018

TWTD understand that it will be a quiet Deadline Day at Portman Road with no signings expected and little movement out of the club, although there is still a chance Leon Best or Nathan Ellington may join on season long deals.

at 17:06 11 Apr 2018

It amazes me how many posts today talk about MM "walking out". He is not here because he performed poorly and didn't receive an offer of a contract from ME, quite rightly. He did not choose to leave ITFC.

The fans are not to blame for why he is not here, his management ability and style is. Roll on next season.


Mick, The Fans and what now
at 11:27 11 Apr 2018

I thought I would lay my thoughts out on twtd a I haven't posted for a while. I am one of those who has wanted MM out for around 18 months, because, lets face it, we have been dreadful for that period of time. But in my opinion this is how things are now:

Mick has gone, so the fans now need to unite behind whoever it is who takes over

Mick has created a divide between players and fans and also between sections of our fanbase. These two divides need to be fixed asap as MM strategically caused this over the last 6 months to paper over how badly he was doing and to sew a narrative for when he left.

No-one is a "numbskull", some are just angry at various elements of how the club is run and some are angry at how we have played for nearly 6 years. All opinions are valid and should be listened to however much you disagree with them.

ME is going to speak to us, this can only be positive, lets give the only man willing to put his hand in his pocket to save us when we were desperate a chance to articulate how we are going to move forward.

The results wont necessarily improve immediately, but I hope the football will, so here's to a new manager with new ideas and an ethos we can identify with.

Lets all embrace change, embrace a new manager, a new start, a new way of playing (hopefully) and all get behind a team that we put so much into.

Oh, and my 3 1/2 year old girl asked when she can go to her first match yesterday, things are looking up, now have a great excuse to go to more matches from next season!!

Injuries and more injuries
at 10:43 22 Aug 2017

Is there anyone else that believes the ITFC physios and Doctors are getting off scot free with the current situation?

If I were at the club I would be asking serious questions of our medical and conditioning teams as we get many more injuries that other clubs with large numbers of players out long term.

A few is unlucky but over 10 first teamers out is surely more than just bad luck?
Season ticket sales update
at 13:25 12 Apr 2017

I have it on good authority (from someone who works in finance at the club) that less than 3,000 have renewed, compared to over 8,500 that had renewed at this point last year.

To say the club are concerned is an understatement, but what is their next move...??
summary of my thoughts on our position
at 17:30 10 Apr 2017

So my thoughts at a summary level:

Whos fault is it? ME and MM for sure. Not exactly easy to sell a football club but a young progressive manager may just dig us out of this hole we are getting into.

Is MM going to be sacked? The only reason he wont be is if ME is unwilling to pay up a contract. MM performance over the past 12 months has been woeful. Unlikely he will be here come June

Will we be taken over by a consortium? No, not a chance

Are fans wrong to boo? No they aren't just like those who don't want to sing MM out songs aren't wrong either! I feel every right to boo a player on 1000s £ per week who can swing in a free kick or a cross, but I get it doesn't actually achieve anything. right now some people have just got to accept that the people are upset/frustrated.

Will Bart go? Yes, absolutely if ME is our owner, maybe Webster too (unlikely but only due to his injury!)

Which facet of our fan base cares the most? All of them! MM inners, outers, ME inners, outers, those that boo those that don't, those that go to every game and those that listen from home. It is currently a situation where I am not sure anyone knows where the club should turn, but decisions, whatever they are, need to be made and quickly!

Good day to you all

just a question for those MM backers
at 16:33 27 Jan 2017

What would it actually take for you to wake up and smell the coffee.

Our mighty MM has one of the worst records in the league for the last 12 months, signing has-beens and players without a club

Fumbling around with formations he has never played before, persisting with a style of football last seen in the 70s/80s, boring the pants off fans and crtising them when they air their views?

I for one cant take much more of this drivel
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Diagouraga - a leeds fans view
at 10:03 25 Jan 2017

Spent this morning in a meeting with a knowledgeable and informed Leeds fan and asked him at the end about our exciting loan signing.

He told me he was immobile, slow on the ball, poor at passing and doesn't have a great deal of awareness or pace. He actually laughed when I said we had got him on loan.

Exciting times indeed, sounds exactly what we need, another player with no pace or creativity.

oh, he did say he is a big lump and is physical, sounds ideal for MM
Thoughts on my post after yesterday
at 08:43 18 Jan 2017

I posted yesterday about the terrible midfielders we have at our disposal and our ability to create chances, again last night we were devoid of ideas against a non-league side.

Best wasn't great, in fact he looked awful, but who knows how good a striker is unless he has some service. I have been convinced for a while MM isn't the right man but last night just underlined how far backwards we have gone.

Thanks for the memories Mick and from saving us all those years ago, but really do the decent thing now and save us from any more pain.
Midfielders - Stat alert!
at 12:47 17 Jan 2017

Just looking during a very boring lunch at the games/goals ratio of our CM and it is absolutely shocking!

Given that the only real options at present seem to be Skuse, Bru, Douglas, Hyam and Bishop (players that we own and I know some are injured!lol) I have taken these 5 and this is the result:

442 games
13 goals

An amazing ratio of a goal every 37 games from these 5, says it all for me about what we need and why the first player out of our starting 11 needs to be Bru, 4 goals in 75 for an advanced CM is nothing short of abysmal.

Strikers, why strikers?
at 10:56 13 Jan 2017

I post very infrequently, however just the pure number of links with only strikers concerns me a lot, doesn't it worry anyone else.

If there was ever a shred of doubt as to why MM should leave and be replaced with some fresh ideas its the fact that he thinks a big striker is going to help us climb the league and play better football.

Our side lacks creativity and pace in central midfield, the likes of Bru, Skuse, Douglas, Hyam do not provide this an the injury prone Bishop doesn't seem to be able to stay fit. One good buy in CM would change the dynamic of our team for the better but I guess they may get bored watching Chambers launch ball after ball up to Pitman et al.

I don't get the whole wait until we are safe thing to change our manager, something needs to be done now as this guy is all out of ideas in my opinion. Last roll of the dice for him seems to be try and buy a Murphy clone and let the good times roll.

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