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Hope Liverpool don' take their foot off the gas
at 20:46 9 Aug 2019

10-0 would just be lovely.
Cricket Hey- That was Tense
at 19:33 14 Jul 2019

Amazing afternoon of sport.
How long will we be in League One/League Two from next season?
at 17:01 2 Feb 2019

How long will we be in League One/League Two from next season?

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Pointless Final Tonight, Ipswich Town Managers
at 18:05 5 Oct 2018

Now who failed to get 3 pointless answers?
45 pts
at 21:24 15 Sep 2018

That has to be the target for 21st place. Couple of season ago that wouldn't have been enough had to get 51pts that season but usually 45pts does the trick.

So averaging 5pts a month is what we need. So far August we got 3pts, so we are 2 pts behind, still 9pts to play for in September so if we can get 7 of those pts we are on target.

Not going to happen though is it.
Why is East Anglia A Rugby outpost?
at 01:52 1 Sep 2018

I'm from the West Country, how I come to support Ipswich is a long story but I'm the black sheep of the family as I mainly follow "Soccer" instead of proper football "Rugger", it's a West Country thing.

Now my question for you lot living in East Anglia is why in a rural area, where I'm making an assumption people are a bit more "manly", is Rugby not more popular.

I'll be honest down here [it's considered] not for real men.

Now East Anglia must be quite rural, only Nodge and Ipswich major towns, so lots of burely men about, so why has Rugby not caught on really in your region. Could you imagine an Ipswich rugby team in the Premeriship alongside Saracens, Bath and Leicester?

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Highlights now on Quest
at 19:04 4 Aug 2018

Freeview 37.
Sky 144.
Can I apologise
at 02:46 14 Jul 2018

I posted a thread during the England v Croatia game that England were a shambles. I posted it during the 2nd half.

The post got some major abuse from obviously passionate English fans, I'm not English btw not that it matters, and looks like the post was deleted by Admin. Fair play some said it was a troll post.

It wasn't a troll post, I genuinely believed England were a shambles after the half time break.

I want to apologise for upsetting some Ipswich town fans here.

I've been an Ipswich fan for 40 years now, so now that the England nonsense is over for a couple of years, I'm looking forward to the new season with a new manager, and let's get out of this league at last.

Footie season starts in 3 weeks!!
What a game this is, stunning.
at 20:17 15 Jun 2018

After 2 dull as dishwater games, can't see too many being better than this the whole tournament.

at 16:22 13 May 2018

2-0 down against Nurnberg, win 3-2 to win the title.
[Post edited 13 May 2018 16:24]
at 21:56 13 Feb 2018

Win again tonight. They were bottom I believe in November now 3 pts from play offs.

I live down this neck of the woods, well actually 60 miles west of Plymouth. Spoke to a season ticket holder today in work, he mentioned the negative football the manager was getting the players to play, trying to hold on to 1-0 wins and failing every time, playing for a draw away from home and losing etc. Fans really got on the managers back.

Now, they play out and out attacking football with the same squad of players, going for the win at all costs even if 1-0 up. Tonight won 4-2.

Just shows what can be done if the manager maybe gets the fans frustration's and maybe tries to do something different.

I suppose their manager Derek Adams is not stuck in his ways, only 42.

Good chance of just a 120 miles trip for me to watch Town next season.

Five Positives after the FA Cup Game
at 17:55 6 Jan 2018

1. We have a nice blank Saturday to give the players a well earned break.

2. No need to tune in to BBC 2 on a cold Monday evening to see the 4th round draw.

3. I'm struggling.

4. Ditto

5. Ditto

5 Positives after the Fulham Game
at 21:54 2 Jan 2018

1. We are still in the top half of the table so overachieving if you like.

2. Only 7 points off a place off place.

3. A huge 12 points away from the bottom 3.

4. We are above Nodge by 2 clear points.

5. Mick is still our manager.
Currently on holiday in the USA for the eclipse
at 04:38 20 Aug 2017

I've been on holiday in California/Oregon since the start of the season, doing a road trip from San Francisco to Seattle, visiting lots of NPs along the way, and eclipse on Monday.

Now what bedevilment has being going on, 5 wins out of 5. May be I should stay in the States until the end of the season. I do believe when we got promoted in 1991/92 I was on holiday in the States, and same again 2000/01 season.

Couldn't be 3rd time could it? Sure to collapse and normal service resumed at some point surely.
Positivies from that thrashing?
at 17:37 29 Jul 2017

Ummm, it was preseason...
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