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Cook: Owner's Relationship With Previous Managers the Attraction
at 09:24:20

Haha the funniest thing I've read in a while, Bluearmy_81 calling someone else "childish"!!
Bluearmy_81 the Walter Mitty of the TWTD site, the guy that loves the club so much but can only get to two or three games per season, the "activist" that doesn't attend when there is an arranged protest.
Bluearmy_81 who believes that a business can make money by tax offset.
How lovely it must be to live in a world of make believe.
Enjoy your weekend Bluearmy_81 so looking forward to your next match report.
Solicitor: Land Registry Priority Searches Suggest Takeover Close
at 07:44:01

Not in the least Bluearmy_81 as far as sheltered lives are concerned and being a snowflake precisely sums you up.
No bottle but loud from a keyboard, pretend to be an activist but actually do nothing but rant from the safety of your room.
You have never played football at mans level either and can't get to see the team "you love" more than a couple of times a season!!!
Looking forward to your match report on the Lincoln match haha......oh hold on you will have had the chance to read other reviews by the time you have read this so you can copy some of them.
Solicitor: Land Registry Priority Searches Suggest Takeover Close
at 18:27:03

"Snowflakes" and "sheltered lives" haha, brilliant Bluearmy_81 certainly ticks your box.
How is the old psychology business going?
Solicitor: Land Registry Priority Searches Suggest Takeover Close
at 16:03:23

Im surprised Gilsey that you say Bluearmy_81 is not abusive, let’s just look at his attempt to bully others on this site, even on this item he has attempted to force his point by suggesting that by not agreeing with him you can’t be an ITFC supporter.
As far as abusive is concerned again those that have a different point of view to him have recently been dubbed as “ ignorant, easily taken in, happy clappers, deluded, naïve, gullible, a Norwich fan, sycophantic, subservient, a serf”. all sound like insults to me.
These are just a few of the recent insults.
He also claims to know football!!
This is his post, copied and pasted, after, I assume, watching the Accrington Stanley match
“Really positive performance, Nsiala and Wilson were immense, we passed the ball with so much more zip and purpose, really looking to get on the front foot and take cthe fane to the opposition, so different to a month or so ago”.
Any of us that watched this match against the 10 men knew that this was absolutely no description of the game!!
Solicitor: Land Registry Priority Searches Suggest Takeover Close
at 07:03:08

Bluearmy-81 you are suggesting that a down vote to your comment indicates something against what a supporter of ITFC wants to see for the team they support.
Maybe it's because few people understand, as you appear to, the ramifications, going forward, to a new consortium taking over the business.
Please share your insight, rather than a totally uneducated comment of anything is better than what we have type idiocy.
Tell us what you know about the financial ability and the long term plans or at least tell the uninitiated among us where to look, your continual comments on the current regime suggests you actually believe you are a business man of high order so help the rest of us out.
We are all aware that ITFC have declined dramatically since their demise from the PL.
Cook: Gillingham Were the Better Side
at 09:32:52

I hope Paul Cook is the answer, I have no reason to doubt him and his previous managerial record speaks for itself.
It was surprising for me to see the team set up to be so route one though because it really invited pressure on to the back line, I was also surprised to see a triple substitution so soon after the equaliser when the team looked in the ascendancy.
Time will tell and the manager must be given time without the toxicity towards the management and players that seems so prevalent with so many individuals who can maintain their anonymity.
Fulham and West Ham Eyeing Youngster Curtis
at 09:18:02

BeattiesBackPocket, whilst I understand your scepticism in relation to the proposed 5 point plan, I don't understand why you believe it pivotal to the plans ability to function.
Cat1 would not prevent academy players being unable to move to other clubs.
The cost to the buying club would be more but not significantly and certainly not enough to put off any Premier league side.

Training Ground Subject of Land Registry Purchase Searches By Takeover Consortium
at 07:38:03

Excellent detective work by the TWTD team, well done.
Ipswich Town 2-1 Doncaster Rovers - Match Report
at 12:04:28

Indeed therein61 how right you are, together with the name calling, which is relentless by some posters and is probably reflective of the overall age group that are commenting.
Calling people "muppets", "childish" and innumerable other such asinine insulting language detracts from what is overall an excellent site.
No doubt I will be down marked for this comment as I was once before for suggesting such an outlandish thing!!
Town Takeover Close
at 19:24:36

Over the years IBC have made huge expensive errors which transformed an historically iconic market town into a relatively ugly mess. TBF it gradually being improved but the money that has been wasted is frightening.
The one great thing they have done over the years is to maintain ownership of the football ground and providing they maintain this stance no matter how far the football club falls there will always be the possibility of a team.
There is no potential asset strip at ITFC without the stadium so whoever these investors are there is damage limitation.
Fingers crossed I guess.
Training Suspended Due to Blue Action Protest Fire
at 12:21:14

Bluearmy_81, it's quite amazing how adamant you are that this action is legitimate and your inference is that you condone this type of action, strange that when an Evans out march was organised you were no where to be seen.
But then, your supporting of "the club you love" is limited to a maximum of 2 or 3 games per season even in normal circumstances, but of course you live too far away!!!
Presumably you are single guy in your mid forties if that's the way you show the love.
Is it your limit to try and incite action rather than be a physical part of it, I assume so bearing in mind all the action that your churlish Facebook page has achieved!!
I assume you can back up your claim that protesting is legal under certain circumstances, please let us know where to find this information.
As I didn't think it was I checked on the Liberty site and this seems to contradict your opinion.

Training Suspended Due to Blue Action Protest Fire
at 07:52:55

What an absolute disgrace, to see some posters condoning this action on here is obviously disappointing, although sadly not surprising.
It is even quite shameful to see some of the appalling language used on TWTD aimed at players, management and even some supporters,.
I was amazed when I commented on the article from L O'N my comment read (copied and pasted)

"Jumping to personally insult individuals is both unwanted and cowardly, it detracts from the relevance of this excellent site and I'm afraid being a youth is no excuse."

Even this comment was marked down by some posters, which I suppose, shows the level of their mentality.
Talk Sport did a programme on the disgrace of such on-line abuse and the affect it has on those targeted, I hope TWTD does get to grips with it, although I do understand how difficult this could be.
O'Neill: We Will Continue to Look at Every Aspect From a Medical Point of View
at 17:12:04

Saxon, I have no doubt you will be down marked for your post even though what you have posted is unequivocal fact!
O'Neill: Brexit Will Increase Bigger Clubs' Interest in Our Youngsters
at 13:34:57

CalnBlue, I am in no way disagreeing with your sentiments and agree wholeheartedly with your view on MM.
Actually John W did make his debut at 17 in the quarter final of the FA Cup vs Leeds, this was forced on to Robson because of injury to first team'ers and the very small squad at his disposal. Although he may have played a couple of more times this season ( semi against WHU at Stamford Bridge springs to mind) but after this he was back to the youth team, that's the team that actually won the youth cup that season.
He didn't make his impact until a couple of years later and this time playing in mid-field and not centre half.
Great to remember though thanks for that, just think what a team it would have been if there had been some investment in the squad at that time.
O'Neill: Developing Our Young Players Remains Our Focus
at 08:46:09

Yes I did assume you would not wish to comment anything further on this matter, although your final rant is quite extraordinary in that you still have not bothered to read the answers to questions you perpetually ask me, even after I have told you where to find it.
With regard to insults the phrase you used refers to unpleasant insects or animals that tend to hide in the woodwork of a building, if you did not consider that an insult you simply did not know its meaning, probably best to start refraining from saying anything about things you do not understand.
For the record I have copied and pasted the last paragraph of my two paragraph post, which you attacked me on, and, you down marked it and thereby disagreed with it:
"Jumping to personally insult individuals is both unwanted and cowardly, it detracts from the relevance of this excellent site and I'm afraid being a youth is no excuse."
O'Neill: Developing Our Young Players Remains Our Focus
at 15:46:27

BeattiesBackPocket, I did know that you are a key worker you have mentioned it a few times previously on this site, I also understand that if you are at work trying to write on social media it can be quite confusing.
Any work that I do is by no means as vital as that of a key worker but during my daily work I tend to stay away from any form of social media such as this until I am on my own time, but hey, we are all different.
Regarding your post, I replied quite simply because you took it upon yourself to launch into a random attack on me, by and large unrelated to anything that I had written, something, over the last year, you seem to have done with ever increasing regularity.
My original post was accurate in the first part and I think to most right-minded people, reasonable in the second, you chose to mark the post down and as such clearly disagreed with what I had written, your prerogative, no problem there.
You suggest that I look up the meaning of slander and libel, I do not need to, I am very well aware of their meaning, but I am not sure that you fully do.
I can only assume that by using such language you feel that you can bully others, on this occasion me, into some form of compliance to your will, good luck with that, I await, with interest, the writ.
Finally, you request that I give you answers to your many repetitive questions, before you are prepared to publish the evidence you claim to have, interesting that you have not mentioned this condition before and now for some reason best known to you decide to move the goalposts, I have my theory for it.
However please feel free to publish this evidence straight away because I have given you my detailed opinion, on all your questions the first time you asked, it is certainly not my fault you choose to ignore my responses and continue make spurious allegations as to how I think.
For the record the article was last May and was on a thread regarding the wealth of Marcus Evans, try reading it, rather than keeping up your incessant vilification of me in particular and in general those that do not share your opinion.
O'Neill: Developing Our Young Players Remains Our Focus
at 14:50:40

BeattiesBackPocket, it really is difficult to decipher your long rambling posts, but be that as it may you seem to be asking "what makes me think that you are talking about me".
Lets just examine that, firstly, your first word in the post is Rabbit, suggesting you are commenting on what I have posted, secondly in the sentence regarding your woodwork comment you pose the question to me asking if I will defend the owner after another loss against a top eight side, quite self evident really.
In respect of you finding scathing insults acceptable it is again quite simple, you disagreed with my post that said:
" Jumping to personally insult individuals is both unwanted and cowardly, it detracts from the relevance of this excellent site and I'm afraid being a youth is no excuse."
So by definition you must find it acceptable.
By the way still no mention of the evidence you claimed to have?

O'Neill: Developing Our Young Players Remains Our Focus
at 12:39:42

BeattiesBackPocket, I have done my best to decipher your post which appears to be aimed at my comments on this article although I cannot see what any relevance your comments have.
1. I have not mentioned how long the plan has been in place.
2. I have not mentioned anything in relation to what category ITFC are in
3. I have not mentioned anything about who has or has not been sold or how they intend to implement the plan.
You allude to me coming out of the woodwork because ITFC beat Blackpool and defending ME, firstly I do not live in woodwork, so please refrain from the insults, and secondly I have not defended ME.
After more rambling you ask a few more questions relating to the article, I have no idea why you are directing these questions to me, perhaps you will enlighten me.
I can only assume that this diatribe you are leveling at me is because within my post I touched a nerve somewhere. It is also disappointing to note that you feel it acceptable that scathing and cruel personal insults are acceptable.
Finally some weeks ago you did make an allegation against a statement ME made that you said was untrue and you could provide the evidence, for the record to date you still haven’t shown that evidence as you said you would.
O'Neill: Developing Our Young Players Remains Our Focus
at 18:26:42

Thank goodness someone from the Management team has clarified that it is a "five point plan" as opposed to a "five year business plan" which some on this site get confused over.

Jumping to personally insult individuals is both unwanted and cowardly, it detracts from the relevance of this excellent site and I'm afraid being a youth is no excuse.
Plymouth Argyle 1-2 Ipswich Town - Match Report
at 11:18:39

Bluearmy_81 you are responding to me, how refreshing, perhaps now that you have opened dialogue with me you can let us all know what you believe was the financial situation at ITFC after administration and prior to the takeover.
You have described the situation incorrectly, very recently and I have asked the question several times but you have chosen not to respond, for whatever reason, I was wondering if you had bothered to do a simple bit of research into the facts?.
Come on now, man up and be prepared for us to chat through our opinions without the derision and ire.
Over to you whether you think you can handle it.
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