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The numbskulls way out
at 08:33 29 Nov 2018

I don't think anyone was claiming we should be top 6...
Talk Norwich City
at 14:03 29 Aug 2018

To be honest, Jack is pretty fair towards us most of the time and he makes pretty fair points, this being one of them. Chris, on the other hand, is a total embarrassment.

The answer is that we have too many fans who continuously make excuses to defer for whatever excuse best suits at the time, no doubt being bottom of the league after 5 games is the current one.
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Martin Samuel: 'McCarthy was doing a highly creditable job...Ipswich now bottom'
at 22:17 28 Aug 2018

Samuel is a clown, as are some of the other open top circus acts doing the rounds (such as Sutton on 5 live).

Leeds and Forest have each had almost as many managers in the space of 7 or 8 years as we have in our entire history, yet the general line is still "Massive club", "belongs in the premier league", "fans are right to demand better", "passionate board trying to engineer change".

So poking fun at a team being bottom of the league, 5 games in, because possibly the least fire happy team in the country dared to change their manager for the first time in 5 and a half years, is just about what I'd expect of Poundland sports journalists in this country. Maybe they should ask themselves why McCarthy has not taken over another job, despite ample vacancies having been available.
Bournemouth spending £25m.....
at 12:24 12 Aug 2018

There is more money in the premier league than ever before. The size of transfer fees should no longer be a surprise, as it is simply the norm now. Cardiff spent £25m which based on the quality of their signings is probably the equivalent of spending £4m-£5m 10-12 years ago. Transfer fees have only inflated at a similar rate to revenue.
Just a reminder
at 01:19 29 Jul 2018

Centre-halfs and goals are the biggest concerns currently. Woolfenden has huge potential and does not look out of place in the first team, but realistically an 18 year old is not going to play an entire/ best part of a championship season at centre half. I get the impression Hurst does not really rate Knudsen as a centre half either, and as Chalobah will be used in midfield, we are further threadbare in that position.

We don't have any central midfielders who naturally drive forward and can create a lot on their own. We still look like we'll be short of goals from midfield. Without Waghorn, you lose a lot of our threat at set pieces as well as the goals he scores. On our budget, he will take a heck of a lot to replace if he goes. With him, I think Harrison would really flourish.

I think people need to be honest about this season. We may well finish lower than last season. The important thing is that we are doing it with a young squad that are playing football that is (over time) going to help them develop and (with the right additions) can then challenge for top 6 the following year. Hurst needs time to build his own team the way he wants it but centre halfs are urgently needed.
We are currently 2nd favourites for relegation next year
at 13:10 9 May 2018

The odds are completely irrelevant as the league one play offs have not even started. Having just finished 12th, we are clearly not the second worst team left in the division (The likes of Bolton, Reading, QPR and Hull finished below. For various reasons such as ownership and financial issues/ needing to cut their wage bills and sell players, it is difficult to see them being on a par with us again next season).

However, the league is looking more competitive than ever with clubs on similar budgets to ours (like Preston, Sheffield United and Millwall) and teams like Brentford having good seasons and having the potential to kick on next year. In addition, Sheffield Wednesday and Birmingham (with their squads and budgets, and now clicking under new managers) should clearly do much better next season.
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The trouble with interviewing people...
at 13:22 8 May 2018

Sherwood's CV flatters to deceive, if ever one has.

He brags about having the best win percentage of any Spurs manager, and yes 59% is very good, but it was over a very short period of time and the wins came against much weaker teams that Spurs would be expected to win. When they came up against teams of (in Spurs fans' opinions) a similar level, like Man City/ Chelsea/ Liverpool, they got hammered in every game and he was sacked before the season ended.

At Villa, he made an FA Cup final (although Villa were already in the quarter finals when he arrived, and they were battered 4-0 in the final) and kept them up in his first season basically because of Benteke. In the summer, without Benteke to bail him out, he made some horrendous signings which culminated in him leaving after 6 straight defeats and Villa going down in embarrassingly weak fashion.

As for the stint at Swindon, absolutely ridiculous.
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Norwich really are Farked
at 00:33 7 May 2018

I cannot see Klose or Maddison (once back from his injury) hanging around if offers come in for them. Those two would easily get into most teams in our division, but the rest of their squad is now bang average. Their other top assets have been moved on and replaced by very questionable signings made by Farke who have clearly flopped.

Without major investment, they are largely going the same way as us (if not worse). They have big problems next season.
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Mark Warburton
at 19:23 3 Apr 2018

Rangers are ridiculous. Having fired Warburton for Caixhinha, hired Murty and spent tonnes more money in-between, they have gone full circle and still nowhere further forward than when they fired Warburton. They were incredibly naive to think they were going to walk back in the SPL and take it back.

Also, the man who runs Olympiakos is also the Nottingham Forest owner. For anyone who may wonder why Warburton's stint there was so short, here's an example why:
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Mark Warburton
at 14:03 3 Apr 2018

Warburton wasn't sacked by Brentford. It was at the same time that their owner wanted to implement their moneyball system for transfers the following summer (Basically telling Warburton that were he to stay, he would have no say in transfers going forward). That was, I understand, the main reason that Warburton chose to leave them.
A question for those that believe Mick was right to tell the fans to f*** off
at 14:01 19 Feb 2018

Spence for Iorfa was an enforced change, as Iorfa had begun to struggle. Garner for McGoldrick made sense as Garner flying himself about on yellow cards was a disaster waiting to happen.

The substitution that made no sense for me was Hyam for Gleeson. Personally I felt we lost the precious midfield presence we had in the second half, the minute that Gleeson went off (that's no disrespect to Hyam, but he made minimal impact). For me, at the time that was a strange one, as we had a good counter attacking outlet sitting on the bench (which was probably what we needed to take some pressure off the back 4/5).

Fans were disappointed that, with nothing to play for and seeing us continue to sit back as the second half went on, MM didn't go for it. It was frustration rather than abuse, and it's not the first time this has happened. I didn't hear anyone chanting anything unpleasant about McCarthy as a person, just the football, which was poor in the second half. MM will naturally have felt vindicated when chambers scored, but more than anything it just shows what a rudderless divided club we currently are.
Post game thoughts, with a dose of parody
at 17:11 18 Feb 2018

Very deflated by the nasty sting in the tail at the end there. To be undone at the end by what started out as a hopeless long ball somehow turned into a goal, with the help of some inexplicably poor individual errors from us, is an extremely annoying way to concede what would have been a massive win.

On the balance of play though, a draw was a fair result. We were much better than them in the first half, but Norwich will also point to Bart's saves and their second half display and feel aggrieved that they did not take advantage. Town defended doggedly, were organised throughout and deserved at least a point.

Going to Carrow Road, as always, is like travelling back in time to a far away planet. The sellout 27,000 crowd raised to loudly and proudly acclaim three "heroes" from their 1993 UEFA Cup "run" to the third round. The tannoy announcer then attempted to drum up awareness for their Norwich legends vs Inter Milan legends game, to celebrate the 25 year anniversary of their momentous achievement. These are the same fans who are salty the moment that any references are made to our UEFA Cup and FA Cup wins not many years before their "run", when suddenly "history is irrelevant".

Norwich fans continue to be completely obsessed with us. They followed through with their 16th minute applause to sarcastically celebrate our 16 successive seasons in the championship. They clearly need reminding that they have spent 14 of the last 20 seasons in the same division too, and of course been in league one during that time. However, they promptly fell silent as we responded with "You've never won f*** all". It took the noisy teenage contingent in the Barclay well over 10 minutes before braving any of their three songs (all anti Ipswich) again.

On 85 minutes, the vast majority of the Norfolk contingent continued to show their class as they sat in silence as a minute's applause broke out from the away end to commemorate what would have been one of England's most successful managers and one of football's most beloved characters' 85th birthday.

The scenes at full time could have been mistaken for coming behind from 3 goals down to win a champions league final, rather than scraping a draw at home to your bitterest rivals (who they are still below in the table), although they could be forgiven since their club has never really achieved any proper quantifiable success in it's existence. As we left the stadium, the usual soundbites of "we beat the scum 9-2" (since when have aggregate scores from league fixtures been relevant?) reverberated from a group of city fans in tracksuits stood nearby.

All and all, a good day and a good performance. Town have little reason to fear our neighbours anymore. Their annoying habit of taking points off us despite playing poorly masks the reality that we remain above them in the table (albeit on goal difference) and that over the course of the season, they have largely struggled to show evidence of any feasible dominance in class. We will have them next season (we hope!).
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Bristol City tonight
at 21:20 9 Jan 2018

I can't wait for the new manager to come and actually try to win league games too.
They were selling half & half scarves outside Selhurst Park last night
at 13:09 24 Aug 2017

I asked how much they were selling them for and laughed when the guy said £7.50.
Scummers having (another) meltdown
at 12:59 16 Jul 2017

Because Klose and Pritchard got injured during their pre season friendly yesterday. Apparently tackling in pre season, rather than letting the opposition turn up and win comfortably, is "aggressive" and has "no place in pre season". Sensitive souls.
Collective advice on things to do and
at 22:42 26 May 2017

Boston strongly recommended. Freedom Trail is well worth it. I saw a college football game whilst I was out there too, Boston & Clemson - Great experience & seriously recommend if the chance presents. If you can't get tickets for a Red Sox game, a tour of Fenway Park is the next best thing.

Other places nearby such as Salem worth a visit too, & Ipswich (masacussets) a short drive away! New Hampshire is a quiet but lovely part of USA so worth hiring a car & going on a drive!
Micks says he is staying then tonight..
at 14:50 30 Apr 2017

McCarthy has had one truly bad season with us, but the lack of entertainment or legacy that his 'fans want to see winning football, not pretty football' philosophy comprises of meant that a season like this one was always going to turn things toxic. With so many players on loan/ out of contract this summer, it is difficult to point at what legacy (if any) MM would actually leave us with his summer, for all his good work.

But Evans remains the root cause. Had McCarthy been backed, the age old discussion of entertainment would have remained an issue, but results would almost certainly have been better. This summer would point to being a huge rebuilding job, regardless of manager, but Evans needs to act either way. As many have rightfully said, you back him or sack him. Unfortunately, I expect he'll do neither.
Mick To Scum
at 23:36 10 Mar 2017


A strange scenario we find ourselves in, with so many (including myself) fed up of the football and feeling like something needs to give, despite having a manager who would quite capably get any club in the championship promoted with the necessary time and the right backing in the transfer market.

Norwich fans are ridiculous. They are not the huge club that their fans seem to view themselves to be. Regardless of where they've been in the last 6 years, they have never been a year in year out top flight club in their history, so where has their self proclaimed sense of belonging in the premier league actually came from? Having been relegated to League One 7 years ago, they have been far luckier than the likes of Charlton, Coventry and Sheffield United who experienced similar fates, not that they give that a single second's thought.
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Protest day at Carrow Road this Saturday
at 19:16 8 Mar 2017

Ha my budgie workmate was saying about this earlier. Apparently they want to protest outside the ground before kick off and boycott the start of the game. Even he finds it quite embarrassing.

If their pitch "invasion" and "taking over" an away pub already allocated to them are anything to go by, it should be a laugh.
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Marcus Evans manager shortlist if MM should go.........
at 19:11 8 Mar 2017

Nathan Jones of Luton?
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