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Dwight Gayle has been banned
at 22:30 14 Feb 2019

Hopefully Steiperman gets a ban too.
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Good point made on the radio this morning
at 13:56 16 Jan 2019

I think the underlying point is that while 52% did vote to leave, there was no universal definition of how the 52% wanted the exit to be done (i.e. a hard Brexit, a soft Brexit, a no deal Brexit). Quite obviously, 52% of the British Public did not vote for a no deal Brexit. I am pretty certain that the bumper 4% majority who want to leave no longer exists. If it does, they have kept very quiet.

I find it absurd that the vote was even put to the people in the first place, with absolutely no research having been carried out into the possible consequences that may occur if Brexit took place. It meant that the will of the people, as it is referred to, was based entirely on assumptions and lies that people wanted to hear. Unfortunately, the majority lack in substance. Also, we are all talking about strongly disagreeing on the subject as though it's some kind of surprise. It was 52-48 in favour, shock horror. It is almost like there was never a sufficient enough majority that voted to leave the EU.
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at 21:51 8 Jan 2019

1. Samuel is an average "sports writer" who brain farts on a regular basis to sell papers (that's pretty much his job). Whilst much of what he says here cannot be denied about his record, saying the only reason Ipswich fans wanted a change was because the football was dull is lazy unbalanced journalism. The lack of attempt to look at the other side of the coin, shows this is just a bitter old man writing an article out of spite for Ipswich, as is often the case with the national media it seems.
2. How is dull football for several seasons not a valid reason for fans to want a change? It's made out as being a petty reason, but his beloved West Ham faithful could only put up with 8 months of David Moyes.
3. The national media hate Ipswich, accept it. (McCarthy is hailed as being amazing now, but I remember all of the same people writing us off all season in 14/15 and making out we simply fluked it every week when he had his best season at us)
4. McCarthy left in the summer. Many clubs have had chances to hire him and didn't. Why is that? And why are we still only talking about this? We are where we are primarily because of our poor owner and Hurst's poor recruits, not because the time was not right for a change. As if a West Ham fan is actually preaching about how other clubs' fans are behaving irrationally and being ungrateful for what they have. I'm sure Leyton Orient fans would appreciate that 60,000 capacity Olympic Stadium they have all been moaning about moving to for years.
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How on earth did Paul Hurst even rate Jackson?
at 02:24 6 Jan 2019

100% this.

In my opinion Jackson is not being played to his strengths whatsoever whilst also playing in a very very poor beyond belief team and a higher level than he has ever played. The few goals he has scored have all been very confidently taken when in the position, but in truth he has had little by way of clear goalscoring opportunities. His goal against Millwall was completely out of nothing, so he is capable (albeit never a £2m striker).

Could be very effective if we counter attacked quickly/ got the ball forward quickly. We do neither, so he's been largely ineffective and will likely continue to be.
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3 Best/ Worst ITFC loan signings?
at 00:21 5 Jan 2019

With all this talk of loans recently, who are your 3 best and worst loan signings?

My 3 best would be:
Dos Santos (only for a month or so, but was easily one of the most talented footballers we've had at the club for some time)
Bullard (class when we had him on loan in 2010/2011)
Reuser in 2000 (Don't need to explain)

My 3 worst would be:
Mark Fish (Hauled off at half time on his debut, and never seen again)
Zeki Fryers (Utterly horrendous performance at Huddersfield a few years back, not seen again after)
Jordan Graham (2 loans spells, impressively ineffective both times)
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If CCV was to come in would Pennington be returned?
at 00:07 5 Jan 2019

If last January is to go by, we'd loan CCV after selling a permanent centre back, rather than recalling Pennington...
Dom Solanke to Bournemouth for nineteen million pounds?!
at 23:52 4 Jan 2019

£19m is not a particularly astronomical fee for a player like Solanke in the current market. With the money around in the premier league, this transfer is a relative drop in the ocean.

Solanke proved out in Holland, like Sancho and Reiss Nelson are proving in the Bundesliga, that he just needs a platform to play regularly. Always felt switching from Chelsea to Liverpool was a strange move for him as it never looked beneficial to his long term playing opportunities. Clearly regarded as a talented player, but needs to move and play regularly now or else he can risk becoming a forgotten talent.
Jonas will never play for us again
at 18:39 1 Jan 2019

An opinion is not a fact.
Jonas will never play for us again
at 14:07 1 Jan 2019

I'm not a toxic supporter just because I have a different opinion to you. Interesting logic though.
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Jonas will never play for us again
at 13:56 1 Jan 2019

Hilarious that this comment has plus votes. All this 'Toxic fans' nonsense has no foundation whatsoever. West Ham fans invading the pitch and heading to the directors box to get to Brady/ Sullivan/ Gold is toxic, Leeds fans at Elland Road in 2007 is toxic. A few people groaning/ chanting at a football match is not toxic.
Jonas will never play for us again
at 12:32 1 Jan 2019

Criticism of Knudsen is obviously founded. if that was not the case, why has he been getting the same criticism from such a large section of fans?

Also, why are players praised because they give everything? I have never really got that one, he's a professional athlete. Giving 100% should be a minimum expectation. If we played for Ipswich, we'd all give 100%, but it wouldn't make us good footballers.

Ultimately, wanting the club to stay up is far more important to me than an average full back deciding where his future lies. It is a needless distraction at this moment. If he wants to go, good luck to him, it's not that important at the minute.
I see Lazarus McGoldrick has scored again (n/t)
at 10:55 15 Dec 2018

McGoldrick was very unfortunate with injuries here, but when fit and in the mood was an absolute joy to watch and by far our best player. I understand totally why he was not offered a new deal in the summer - one of our bigger earners and had several long injury lay offs, all with a new manager looking to bring own ideas.

One of those seasons so far, where the club made several big decisions in the summer that could be justified at the time, but have gone about as wrong as they could probably have gone.
The numbskulls way out
at 08:33 29 Nov 2018

I don't think anyone was claiming we should be top 6...
Talk Norwich City
at 14:03 29 Aug 2018

To be honest, Jack is pretty fair towards us most of the time and he makes pretty fair points, this being one of them. Chris, on the other hand, is a total embarrassment.

The answer is that we have too many fans who continuously make excuses to defer for whatever excuse best suits at the time, no doubt being bottom of the league after 5 games is the current one.
[Post edited 29 Aug 2018 14:05]
Martin Samuel: 'McCarthy was doing a highly creditable job...Ipswich now bottom'
at 22:17 28 Aug 2018

Samuel is a clown, as are some of the other open top circus acts doing the rounds (such as Sutton on 5 live).

Leeds and Forest have each had almost as many managers in the space of 7 or 8 years as we have in our entire history, yet the general line is still "Massive club", "belongs in the premier league", "fans are right to demand better", "passionate board trying to engineer change".

So poking fun at a team being bottom of the league, 5 games in, because possibly the least fire happy team in the country dared to change their manager for the first time in 5 and a half years, is just about what I'd expect of Poundland sports journalists in this country. Maybe they should ask themselves why McCarthy has not taken over another job, despite ample vacancies having been available.
Bournemouth spending £25m.....
at 12:24 12 Aug 2018

There is more money in the premier league than ever before. The size of transfer fees should no longer be a surprise, as it is simply the norm now. Cardiff spent £25m which based on the quality of their signings is probably the equivalent of spending £4m-£5m 10-12 years ago. Transfer fees have only inflated at a similar rate to revenue.
Just a reminder
at 01:19 29 Jul 2018

Centre-halfs and goals are the biggest concerns currently. Woolfenden has huge potential and does not look out of place in the first team, but realistically an 18 year old is not going to play an entire/ best part of a championship season at centre half. I get the impression Hurst does not really rate Knudsen as a centre half either, and as Chalobah will be used in midfield, we are further threadbare in that position.

We don't have any central midfielders who naturally drive forward and can create a lot on their own. We still look like we'll be short of goals from midfield. Without Waghorn, you lose a lot of our threat at set pieces as well as the goals he scores. On our budget, he will take a heck of a lot to replace if he goes. With him, I think Harrison would really flourish.

I think people need to be honest about this season. We may well finish lower than last season. The important thing is that we are doing it with a young squad that are playing football that is (over time) going to help them develop and (with the right additions) can then challenge for top 6 the following year. Hurst needs time to build his own team the way he wants it but centre halfs are urgently needed.
We are currently 2nd favourites for relegation next year
at 13:10 9 May 2018

The odds are completely irrelevant as the league one play offs have not even started. Having just finished 12th, we are clearly not the second worst team left in the division (The likes of Bolton, Reading, QPR and Hull finished below. For various reasons such as ownership and financial issues/ needing to cut their wage bills and sell players, it is difficult to see them being on a par with us again next season).

However, the league is looking more competitive than ever with clubs on similar budgets to ours (like Preston, Sheffield United and Millwall) and teams like Brentford having good seasons and having the potential to kick on next year. In addition, Sheffield Wednesday and Birmingham (with their squads and budgets, and now clicking under new managers) should clearly do much better next season.
[Post edited 9 May 2018 13:13]
The trouble with interviewing people...
at 13:22 8 May 2018

Sherwood's CV flatters to deceive, if ever one has.

He brags about having the best win percentage of any Spurs manager, and yes 59% is very good, but it was over a very short period of time and the wins came against much weaker teams that Spurs would be expected to win. When they came up against teams of (in Spurs fans' opinions) a similar level, like Man City/ Chelsea/ Liverpool, they got hammered in every game and he was sacked before the season ended.

At Villa, he made an FA Cup final (although Villa were already in the quarter finals when he arrived, and they were battered 4-0 in the final) and kept them up in his first season basically because of Benteke. In the summer, without Benteke to bail him out, he made some horrendous signings which culminated in him leaving after 6 straight defeats and Villa going down in embarrassingly weak fashion.

As for the stint at Swindon, absolutely ridiculous.
[Post edited 8 May 2018 13:23]
Norwich really are Farked
at 00:33 7 May 2018

I cannot see Klose or Maddison (once back from his injury) hanging around if offers come in for them. Those two would easily get into most teams in our division, but the rest of their squad is now bang average. Their other top assets have been moved on and replaced by very questionable signings made by Farke who have clearly flopped.

Without major investment, they are largely going the same way as us (if not worse). They have big problems next season.
[Post edited 7 May 2018 0:42]
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