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Trump still ahead in Texas, Georgia and Iowa
at 20:02 6 Aug 2020

These are key states. I just don't understand what is the matter with people?
Wilful ignorance? Stupidity? Nasty human beings? How can so many people support such a dangerous idiot?
Cartoon character PM
at 23:12 15 Jul 2020

Come on, who voted for this narccicistic, incompetent fool we have running the country? Time to own up and show humility
If we could swap boris for any other current pm/president
at 19:10 18 Jun 2020

Who would be the best choice?
Jacinda Arden, Trudeau?
Unacceptable answers:
Trump, Orban, Putin, Xi, Bolsonero, Kim jong un and Modi.
[Post edited 18 Jun 19:10]
No follow up questions allowed today
at 17:53 26 May 2020

Robert Peston dismissed in a sentence!
Gloves are well and truly off
[Post edited 26 May 17:58]
Pubs, cafes etc closed yet people close up in shops (n/t)
at 12:02 21 Mar 2020

The concept of keeping your distance etc doesn't seem to be catching on in shops. Everyone rushing to buy stuff and people serving them must be now the main source of spreading the virus?
As an example in my local greengrocer which has a small interior people were only 50 cm apart at best and then when paying the proprietors were getting very close, helping you pack etc. Crazy
Surely stronger instruction, and follow up needed here.
[Post edited 21 Mar 12:08]
Given who was not available yesterday who should have been in the team?
at 14:19 4 Mar 2020

Especially in midfield? Play a 2 of Dozzell and Nolan? Surely Dozzell not strong enough to be in a 2? Risk Bishop being on the way back from injury?
Not supporting a terrible performance but recognise PL's options were severely limited
Asst manager and first team coach
at 18:32 29 Feb 2020

Aren't they both pretty inexperienced? If Lambo's tactical nous is limited this must be a hinderance. His ability notwithstanding it seems he doesn't have the right team behind him
Our quality players at this level
at 11:34 2 Feb 2020

I think yesterday really brought it home to me that the combination of being led by a poor tactician and the players not being as good as we think they are has led to these recurring disappointments. So what is the level of our players?
Holy and Norris - both have errors in them div 1 keepers
KVY - genuine quality
Edwards - Div 1 wingback
Garbutt - quality to play at higher level
Kenlock - no improvement in 3-4 years - div 2 quality
Chambers - in decline now div 1 at best
Wilson - std div 1 player
Wolfenden - quality championship level
Skuse - as per Chambers
Downes - as per Wolfenden
Huws- championship when fit and in form
Bishop - same as huws
Nolan - div 1 level
Judge - nowhere near the player of last season div 1 level at moment. Surprising and disappointing
Dozzell - unfulfilled potential div1
at best
Jackson - div1 borderline championship
Norwood - div 1
Keane - too inconsistent - div 1
Sears - will he get back to his pre injury level?
So for me not a lot of players in the wrong league. Or is it just the manager not getting the most out of them?
[Post edited 2 Feb 11:36]
Farage still going on about the establishment
at 23:10 31 Jan 2020

Strongest team and bench leaves no place for Dozzell
at 14:37 18 Jan 2020

Is this his real place in the midfield hierarchy? Or should he be above Nolan?
[Post edited 18 Jan 14:38]
No easy answers pls play 3 in midfield
at 12:40 30 Dec 2019

Think we look much better with more chance of controlling the game playing 3 in midfield even if it's with Judge at the point, dropping back to help out when needed.
Whether a 4-3-3 or 5-3-2 is best I'm not sure.....
Lambert needs better backroom staff
at 18:36 26 Dec 2019

Seems coaching, strategy and tactics are inadequate. He is a good galvaniser but the team selections, pattern of play and footballing identity are all woeful
Tories threaten beeb over bias
at 19:27 15 Dec 2019

By decrimminalising nin payment of the license fee and refusing to appear on the Today programme.
More sub-Trump stirring from Cummings. Anyone seen the mail, sun and express recently?
How very one nation
Shameful tricksters and charlatans in charge of our country.
Well done voters
To rub it in Francois now on the beeb
at 23:15 12 Dec 2019

Despicable w@nker
The herd mentality wins it
at 23:06 12 Dec 2019

People wanting "Brexit done," with no idea what that means/entails. Corbyn is all bad. Boris is a good chap.
Still in history people even worse than Johnson have won elections. People are very suggestible.
Surely we are more suited to 3-5-2?
at 22:28 5 Nov 2019

Wingbacks amongst our best players
We don't have decent wingers
We have a surplus of good central midfielders so let's get 3 on the pitch and play through midfield
Dodgy central defence will be more secure
Still get to play 2 up front
Judge, Huws, Dozzel and Nolan
at 11:39 22 Sep 2019

All showed glimpses of really classy intelligent midfield/passing play yesterday. With the right defensive basis and Bishop back we could be a really really good footballing team. Exciting stuff.
Watching Judge closely you realise just how clever a player he is. While Huws just does everything in the middle of the park.
The team that didn't start today
at 18:16 14 Sep 2019

Norris, Donacien, Nsiala, Wilson, Garbutt, Nolan, Bishop, Dozzell, Sears, Nolan and Lankaster. And that still leaves Georgiou, Nydham, Rowe, et al. Crazy squad.....Could conceivably have 2 teams competing in the league
Our prime minister is a disgrace
at 20:31 4 Sep 2019

Just heard his lie filled, inflammatory and rabble rousing speech in the HoC. The use of the word surrender is outrageous, slanderous and complete nonsense. He is trying to appeal to the lowest common deniminator of the right wing thugs/mob. He knows it's all rubbish but proceeds regardless cos it meets his agenda and relentless ambition. His claim that tonight's vote prevents any deal he could make when he has achieved absolutely nothing thus far is childish game playing that wouldn't pass muster in a primary school playground. Yet thousands, millions even will be taken in by it.
He has no integrity, a very lose moral code and lies frequently.
Now we don't blame immigrants but the mean nasty bullies in the EU. Popularist, fascist governments need scapegoats and people to believe their lies.
It is all just plain bad as in good vs bad. It's not subjective anymore, these are bad people running our country and we should all be very very concerned.
And finally, I must express my contempt for the Hamcocks, Javids, Morgans and Rudds off this world who have simply sold their souls
[Post edited 4 Sep 2019 20:57]
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