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Leicester's remaining games now look tough
at 22:10 12 Apr 2024

Put in the context of just losing to Plymouth, their remaining games look pretty tough, West Brom and then Southampton at home with only 3 days between them, then away to Preston. Even Blackburn at home on the last day isn't easy, and I get the feeling this Leicester team don't respond well to pressure, and 3 at home doesn't seem like an advantage given how their fans have turned recently.

Obviously we just want to take it one game at a time and get as many points as we can, but you do get the feeling the last couple of weeks it may not quite be as many as we thought we might need a month ago.
If McKenna did a Xabi Alonso
at 08:51 7 Apr 2024

And came out and said he would be here next season whatever happened in our last few games, would it change your outlook on our push for promotion?

I found myself thinking about this the other day when Alonso announced amid all the speculation that he would be staying at Leverkusen next year. I am desperate for us to get promoted this season, but I think a large part of that is because I think it guarantees that McKenna will be here next season. Obviously I want us to do as well as we can, and getting promoted and seeing us in the Premier League after all these years would be amazing, but I also think that it would be great to see McKenna continue to build this team next year with another season winning lots of games, pushing for promotion again. So yeah, if not for that looming threat of him being poached from us I think I would have a far more relaxed 'what will be will be' attitude towards this last month of the season.
No group of fans have it better than we do right now
at 08:17 4 Apr 2024

In the joyous aftermath of Monday evening I came to what is probably quite an obvious realisation, that there are no group of supporters in the country that can be happier supporting their team than we are right now.

I can vividly remember sitting there during our years of mid-table mediocrity, watching these different away fans turn up with an upwardly mobile team that was well run, playing good football, and having their moment and enjoying every minute of supporting their team, and thinking "when is it going to be our turn to enjoy that". I think I started to just think maybe it won't happen, obviously not all clubs get a turn, some just endure the support of their club, and this is our fate.

So to actually be in the position we are, and for it to be better than we could have dared hope, I have found that the usual dread I feel ahead of the derby isn't present this time. We are the better team, with the better manager, we are better run, and we will in all likelihood win. However, if we don't then we move on, we have bigger concerns than one game; it will be the highlight of their season if they beat us, if we beat them it is just a footnote in ours.
No Williams Update?
at 20:16 4 Mar 2024

I am reluctant to even post this as I don't want to invite the usual back and forth that comes anytime Brandon Williams is mentioned, but I noticed there was no mention of him in the pre-match press conference today, or before Plymouth at the weekend. Have the club briefed that they will update press when there is a change in his availability? It seems odd that the question isn't at least asked given the 10 days to two week comment from the club at the end of the transfer window.

I understand this was probably a difficult situation for the club in January, clearly they considered other options, but with the state of the squad at present a serious injury to Davis or Clarke could be so significant to our season. I know Tuanzebe performed well at Plymouth, but particularly at LB we are basically reliant on Davis being able to play every game.
Our record of gaining points from losing positions
at 10:18 23 Jan 2024

One thing I haven't seen mentioned by pundits in relation to our amazing record of getting back into games and securing points having been behind, is that it's further reflection of what an amazing manager McKenna is.

There's a lot of talk of the fitness and never give up attitude (which comes from McKenna anyway), but I think a large part of it is he is by quite a distance the best manager in the league, he adapts to the game as it unfolds, and makes changes (subs, but also just tactical tweaks) that outmanoeuvre the opposition, tipping the balance in our favour.

I don't want to end this on a sour note, but my attitude throughout this season has been to just enjoy the ride, I thought we were going to have a good first season at this level, but I didn't see us being this high up at this stage, particularly with the quality of teams around us, so if we were to fall short of the top 2 then it's still an amazing season. However, I now worry that unless we make it up this year, McKenna might get interest that he cannot turn down, and I do worry how much of a drop off we could have without him in charge.
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Would anyone like a free ticket for tomorrows game?
at 23:17 17 Apr 2023

I have ended up with an extra ticket to tomorrows game, I got a £10 ticket through a friend with a season ticket, and was then offered two through the blue light card draw which I entered. I managed to find one friend to go with me, but alas was not able to find a second for my original ticket. It is a single ticket somewhere in Sir Alf Upper. If anyone would like the ticket then private message me and I can email it across.
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