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ack tickets for tonight!
at 17:13 10 Aug 2021

email said online sales til 5.30 but says event no longer available...

I have one, but wife not (last minute decision)

what the heck? suggestions (still out in Holbrook)?
Good luck to everyone this afternoon - will join soon
at 13:57 7 Aug 2021

Just bought my first ever season ticket as I'm back in Ipswich for the year on sabbatical from my Ontario base; excited to be there but alas will have to wait a couple of weeks as this afternoon is dedicated to my aunt's memory, having passed from covid back in January when no one could gather. She was the only person who still wrote to me by letter - we had a correspondence history of some 50 years... of all the things we talked about the one constant was the Town.

Win this one for her x
Things one could achieve during Town's goal drought
at 16:30 24 Apr 2021

mow lawn, learn Mandarin, work out the machinations of Dark...
Geordie (Ipswich punk legend) RIP
at 22:38 9 Apr 2021

Alas an Ipswich legend has left us - Peter McGlen Davison, aka Geordie (despite being a massive Sunderland fan), father of Pete and Kid of The Adicts, whom he managed from 1976-1989, and the man who put on the first punk gig in Ipswich (and many thereafter, and was a regular behind the bar at Murrayside YC in those heady days).

He was my 'in' to the scene, as our English class had all written short pieces for submission to the Star's junior reporter page in the early 80's and my small music scene blurb had been picked up (despite my teacher trying to 'correct' the spelling to Addicts). One day in class the school secretary came to our classroom to get me as there was a phone call to the school for me; it was Geordie who was chuffed with the coverage and hoped I could get more stuff on the band into the paper. He invited me to join them on a coach trip down to London the next weekend when The Adicts were supporting Gary Glitter at the Lyceum.

So I brought a couple of mates along and nervously got on the coach with all the colourful haired and fishnet stockinged crew I'd seen at distance at gigs in the Gaumont, PO stairs etc. To my red-faced mortification Geordie got me to stand up on the bus on the way down ton introduce me to everyone. No going back after that and saw The Adicts a ton of times thereafter, often going down in the van or coach with Geordie.

Lovely fellow. RIP
Only six teams scored fewer than us in division
at 16:58 13 Mar 2021

weird #teamminimalistic
Network of clubs - Galatasary links
at 20:37 26 Feb 2021

As with other consortiums, chances of multi-continent football network here; could do worse in that case to part-act as somewhere for Galatasary to loan a few up and coming players from time to time (as Chelsea do with that Belgian club)

Galatasary has a huge fan base, would be nice to tap into some of that revenue/support (also their great rivals Fenerbace being 'The Canaries'...)
So are some of the issues the things we actually like (*gulp*)?
at 23:46 16 Feb 2021

So Lambert either in a master act of deflection, or final acknowledgement of reality, skewers the club without any specifics

Hurst similarly claimed a major issue but was too bull-in-a-china-shop to change things (and hopelessly out of his depth to boot).

OK Evans hand-off: check; sports science debacle: check

But are some of the issues related to things many of us have previously celebrated about the club, the family, friendly way of being that's maybe horribly, naively out of step with what has to happen if we actually want to progress?

We make space for our old boys in various places, most recently Dyer (who is / has been getting his badges etc) but does that link with previous worlds always risk undermining the current state of play. Should we be hard nosed and selecting the very best for each position and ex-Ipswich types need to be polishing their CV's elsewhere and then return in glory when their time is right?

Even Klug (can't believe I'm writing this); so many of us talk of him as almost immovable, and we were indignant when Keane got rid.

Should everything be up for review above and beyond tea-lady and kit man?

Have we been too chummy and keep the family going then according the manager only a limited remit to change things while the base remains intact and untouchable?

I'm categorically not letting Hurst or Lambert off the hook for being grade A useless managers but is it a matter of just conceptually being back in the days of the Cobbolds when we need to be hiring individuals to do the Moneyball stats approach (a la Brentford), the sports science, the... hell I don't know
Local archaeology / Freston
at 17:21 3 Apr 2020

In an attempt to post something that doesn't deal with the current ills (and a shameless plug for what we're up to), we've just launched our website on our work down at Freston that we started in earnest last summer, and were kinda hoping to return to this August...

It's an Early Neolithic (introduction of farming) 'causewayed enclosure', 4th largest in Britain, which is where people came to worship, feast, exchange and meet marriage partners - so a bit like FPR/Fanzone on a good day.

About 5600 years old (which for our younger readers is a bit further back in time since we last beat Norwich) and a Historic England scheduled monument - not that most people know it's there.

If we do get back there this summer (not holding breath) then we will do an open day and I can let people know ahead of time if anyone wants to pootle along, otherwise see you in the Greyhound pre-match (unless I'm still stuck in Canada)
Shrinking Hobnob disastrophe
at 14:20 1 Feb 2018

as if the board didn't have enough to worry about (though TBH its' the diminished Jaffa Cakes that get my goat)
Adnams' beer advent calendar
at 17:48 26 Sep 2017

I seem to recall some muttering about this last year because Hoppy got his and lots of others found out when too late. Now on sale:

That's my father's first Xmas gift sorted...
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