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Your best sports quiz questions please
at 13:11 26 Mar 2020

I've been tasked with the sports round for a virtual work quiz and I really can't be bothered.

Oh, and hi everyone.
Alright? Been a while. Is it still unpossible to listen to Radio Orwell...
at 14:37 25 Jan 2020

When booking a reservation at a restaurant/bar, do you give...
at 12:13 17 Dec 2019

When booking a reservation at a restaurant/bar, do you give...

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Is Glasgow about?
at 11:01 13 Dec 2019

Been a while since I logged in.
Next Labour leader prediction thread
at 10:55 13 Dec 2019

Re: Job applications
at 10:10 11 Nov 2019

Some advice, please, gentle folk of TWTD.

I'm coming to the end of a FTC and am looking for something new. Alongside the usual 'dream job', 'pot shot' and 'perfectly suited' applications, I've also been applying to a number of roles for which I am undeniably overqualified, just in case, as back ups.

Thus far I've had a couple of interviews and assessments which haven't worked out, which is all par for the course, but what's been most intriguing is that not one of those back up applications have landed me even a first interview. Would it be fair to assume that HR departments, hiring managers etc. have no interest at all in hiring someone overqualified? Presumably because it feels like the candidate is 'settling' (which I would be) and would likely continue to look for more roles (which I would do)?

I'm strongly considering giving up applying to those back up jobs (approx 20% of my efforts) and focusing entirely elsewhere.
[Post edited 11 Nov 2019 10:19]
Netflix recommendations
at 18:36 16 Oct 2019

I'm tired and jetlagged and can't be arsed to do anything. So, does anyone have any Netflix recommendations they're desperate to espouse the brilliance of?
Sent an email to the wrong person earlier
at 15:53 27 Sep 2019

Nothing bad, was just a bit of a jokey nudge to someone's boss to help chivy them along with something, but actually went to the bloke I was referring to. Swift apology from me and all sorted.

Got me thinking, anyone on here ever royally fecked up in this manner?
[Post edited 27 Sep 2019 15:57]
Pre paid sim for US
at 10:19 26 Sep 2019


I'm going to the US in a couple of weeks and I've just found out my current provider doesn't do data roaming bolt if I want to use the internet on my iPhone I'll be paying through the nose.

Has anyone used a pre-paid SIM to get around this kind of issue? Any recommendations?
[Post edited 26 Sep 2019 10:21]
NFL cats
at 12:25 4 Sep 2019

Howdy gang.

Shameless plug for a UK based NFL site I am now contributing to. Load of us have come together to write on NFL/Fantasy/CFB and, for once, it's full of decent writing, despite my involvement.

Wrote this on the Bears-Packers rivalry ahead of TNF:

And wrote this on the history of the service academy teams in CFB:

Appreciate anyone checking it out.
Posh pubs
at 09:25 13 Aug 2019

Been a while since I've been to Posh for a drink. I know Charters is popular but if it's raining it'll be a bit of a nightmare crammed into a boat trying to get served.

Is there somewhere most Town fans wll be having a good sing song, a few lagers, a bit of 'top bantz' etc.? Be good to know where to avoid.
Summer flu
at 15:34 18 Jun 2019

Seeing as my Mrs had it, BlueInBrum is complaining of it (though that could just be a booze induced stupor knowing him), and I am now starting to feel AWFUL, has anyone else got a case of the summer flu?

- Blocked nose/sinuses
- Weakness
- Sore throat
- Headaches
- Occasional fever

Woe is me.
Running book recommendations
at 16:10 13 Jun 2019

I've relatively recently read the following, which are all excellent:

What I talk about when I talk about running - Murakami
Jog on - Bella Mackie
Born to run - Chris MacDougal
Feet in the clouds - Askwith

Any good'uns?
[Post edited 13 Jun 2019 16:14]
Anyone want to join Monzo? I have one of their golden tickets so we'd both get..
at 16:00 13 Jun 2019

..a 5er if I refer you.

DM me if you want it.
Having a Mandela effect moment re: Tennis
at 16:06 6 Jun 2019


Did one of the men's grand slam tournaments used to be 3 sets?
Does anyone else on here work at a University?
at 15:45 4 Jun 2019

Out of sheer curiosity.
Trump claims he turned down a request for a meeting by Jezza
at 14:41 4 Jun 2019

And Labour sources confirm.

Summer holiday resort help
at 13:32 10 May 2019

Howdy all. I'm rubbish at this as I usually don't holiday abroad.

The Mrs and I are scrabbling some pennies together and hoping to do a week in the sun later this summer if we can afford it. Before I default to the Corfu resort I've been many times as a kid, does anyone have any resorts in mind which hit the following criteria?

- All inclusive option available
- Beach nearby
- Decent hiking from the resort (this is the most important)
Anyone selling a runaround (Suffolk based)?
at 14:00 3 Apr 2019

Old man is after something reliable as a second motor, < £1500.

Random one: anyone got any old pictures/articles of witchdoctor?
at 19:48 29 Mar 2019

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