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Football related/adjacent dreams
at 08:18 6 Aug 2022

Mad one last night. I scored a goal for Roy Keane's Rangers at Celtic Park. A bit of a David Platt Italia 90 style over the shoulder volley.

As usual the nature of my dreams means there are more threads than a David Fincher movie. Turns out I didn't actually score for Rangers, someone of the same name who looks a bit like me did. Yet no-one in my dream life questioned my claim. Idiots.

Any good ones?
Martin Tyler Hillsborough slip up
at 12:27 5 Aug 2022

Presumably was a genuine slip up, rather than equating Hillsborough with hooliganism.
Another sports related piece that may be of interest
at 10:45 3 Aug 2022

Vin Scully, long time sports announcer stateside, has unfortunately passed on aged 94. I wrote this in remembrance:
Gordon Ramsey's 'tasteless' TikTok video..
at 14:21 2 Aug 2022

Lots of questions here...
at 13:38 2 Aug 2022

My mate is going this weekend with some friends and has booked a big AirBnB. He asked if I knew much about the place being from "the same County". After calming down I said I would ask around and let him know.

So, any recommendations on pubs, restaurants and things to do would be most welcome.
Prediction Logged by at 12:44:45
Forest Green Rovers v Ipswich Town prediction logged
Diesel in France
at 12:43 1 Aug 2022

Am I right in thinking the pumps are yellow now? Some conflicting stuff online.

Presumably, also, there are 24/7 pre-authorisation pumps (pay at pump).
Just reached for my diet coke and mistakenly
at 21:11 31 Jul 2022

drank the dregs from the girlfriend's two day old non-alcoholic lager she had failed to clear away since Friday night (apparently).

Lesson - look at what you're picking up/put a light on.
[Post edited 31 Jul 21:11]
A great day yesterday
at 21:04 31 Jul 2022

Nothing much that hasn't been said by others already.

I'd simply say that our strength in depth should be plenty enough to have us top 6 this year barring some kind of unmitigated injury epidemic. We took it to Bolton and were a fluffed finish away from a great 3 points against a tough, physical, decent League One side. We should bury lesser opposition.

Also a delight to meet BlueLagos, albeit in a slightly more inebriated state than I had planned (me that is).
I just woke up - music thread
at 03:56 29 Jul 2022

Very little chance of going back to bed.

Prediction Logged by at 16:54:03
Ipswich Town v Bolton Wanderers prediction logged
RFU to vote on banning transgender women from women's rugby
at 16:05 25 Jul 2022

In a statement explaining its decision, the RFU said it had looked at the emerging science, consulted with other governing bodies and held a game-wide survey with over 11,000 responses.

It said: “The review and consultation concluded that peer reviewed research provides evidence that there are physical differences between those people whose sex was assigned as male and those as female at birth, and advantages in strength, stamina and physique brought about by male puberty are significant and retained even after testosterone suppression.

“This science provides the basis of the recommendation that the inclusion of trans people assigned male at birth in female contact rugby cannot be balanced against considerations of safety and fairness.”

At the moment, the RFU believes there are six transgender women who are playing community rugby in England. All have had to be cleared and approved by an independent panel, which examined their testosterone levels and whether they posed an increased risk to opponents based on their size and weight. Such rules have also applied to the Premier 15s, though it is understood that no transgender women play in the elite game in England.

However, RFU has now conceded that “the case by case assessment is not without difficulties and can result in players not being permitted to participate”.
Lowestoft - Ipswich Saturday trains
at 14:14 25 Jul 2022

As of now, journey planner is showing one train per hour.
Millwall (A)
at 16:35 24 Jul 2022

Let em come let em come let em come, let em all come down to the Den.

Ventured to Millwall yesterday and had a rather lovely time. I went for a quick couple of pints at St James of Bermondsey with occasional TWTDer 'BlueInBrum' (a misnomer now, given he lives in Peckham), even more occasional poster 'Atractorive', and one time comedy creation 'KessinglandBlue'. The former two had pie and mash, sans eels, unfortunately, and I committed my usual cardinal sin of forgetting to eat anything all day other than a £4 (!!!) half time sausage roll.

We arrived a couple of minutes late after an Uber driver got a bit lost trying to find the ground. A pleasantly surprising away following considering the trains were all over the shop, and plenty of familiar faces. Also a rare treat to sit in the lower tier at Millwall, the stewards and police clearly deeming the fixture such a low risk affair that it was safe to be within walloping distance of any lurking Bushwackers.

In terms of the performance, I thought we were rather good all game, actually, in spite of some moaning and groaning from a few cantankerous sorts in the away end during the first half. We look comfortable on the ball at all times, across all areas of the pitch, and remain patient in our build up. McKenna's set up is pretty obvious now isn't it and that isn't a knock - it's just that the concerns about teams sitting back and saying "go on then, break us down" are certainly warranted. That will remain my biggest worry ahead of the season, especially at home - we need to be very creative to manufacture chances against sides who lack much attacking intent. Oh, and stupid mistakes at the back. Woolfy is good for one or two a season, hopefully they don't cost us.

Harness was a livewire, playing more centrally than I had expected, but lost the ball on a few occasions in decent areas - he'll have to be less wasteful to become a Burns-esque fan favourite, that's for sure.

Ladapo is an interesting signing. I have a sneaky feeling he will be a huge part of our promotion effort, so feel free to dredge up this post if he's ineffective. In my un-learned opinion he doesn't 'go missing' and the game doesn't 'pass him by', both charges levelled at him from one of my companions. It's simply that we are willing to keep the ball for longer than many Town fans have been accustomed to, especially at this level, and therefore he has less time challenging for long balls, headers etc. than your traditional target man. He definitely has a knack for being in decent positions, as proven by his goal (an excellent finish), and has a good footballing brain.

The substitutions really highlighted our strength in depth at League One level, and, as many others have confirmed, gave us a much needed boost in terms of intensity. With five subs available this season I can see plenty of second half surges. Jackson and John-Jules both looked fit.

Aluko is class.

Penney is not.

As you can tell, the hangover is kicking in and the analysis is waning.

A grand old day in South East London, plenty to be excited about on the pitch and good to catch up with auld acquaintances off it. Roll on Saturday.
I’m forever blowing bubbles
at 19:14 23 Jul 2022

Utterly embarrassing. Millwall are a caricature of themselves these days, but surely any self respecting Town fan dislikes West Ham more than ‘wall? Joke.
Town players as cars
at 11:17 22 Jul 2022

As proposed by our lord and saviour on the Celina thread. Start your engines.

Skoda Fabia-n Wilnis.
Better Call Saul (spoilers, probably)
at 21:44 21 Jul 2022

Anyone else obsessed? Remarkable TV. RKD and I are going back and forth on theories for the remaining episodes.

I can understand why some people never got through the lawyer heavy stuff in the front-end (I loved that stuff, personally) but it is really paying off for Breaking Bad fans now.
'wall roll call
at 13:45 20 Jul 2022

Who's in attendance on Saterdee en?

Forde Report: Anti-Semitism used as 'factional weapon' in Labour party
at 13:54 19 Jul 2022

Details to follow. I'm sure this will be a cordial, 2 page thread.
Friday tunage
at 07:12 15 Jul 2022

Something for the weather.

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