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Sheff Utd view of Wilson
at 18:26 17 Jul 2019

Sounds like he could do a job.
Sir John knows the score...
at 14:08 26 Mar 2019

Staying in touch
at 11:28 19 Jan 2019

Just went though the next 7 fixtures for Reading, Rotherham and Town and after being fairly conservative in my predictions, have the gap down to 6 points between us and both of them after the 7 games.
There are two key games Reading v Rotherham on the 23rd Feb and then Town v Reading on the 2nd March. It's quite feasible that we could have the gap down to 3points after this game.
It's still all to play for, but it's clear the Reading game is absolutely massive.
[Post edited 19 Jan 2019 11:29]
“We were rubbish”
at 10:32 15 Aug 2018

Just high standards that’s all.
Wham forum
at 20:59 28 Jul 2018

Just took a look at one of their forums, going through the match thread to see what they made of us. Not much really other than this
“I wonder what price Ipswich are for the playoffs?
If decent odds they might be worth a tenner.”
Oh and we pressed them way more than Villa did, apparently.

Think we’re going to surprise a few people this year!
Paul Hurst QA on YouTube
at 19:18 31 May 2018

Take a listen, after the first 10mins, PH comes across really,really well. Think we’ve got the real deal here!!
As a side note Talk Norwich came on after talking about us, worth listening for smiles.
Lets hope he can have the same impact!!
at 00:27 29 May 2018

****Article on Paul Hurst****
at 10:22 28 May 2018

Read this, don’t judge on one game
(Ironic it’s from a Sunderland angle)

Chambo played with Chris Doig at Northampton
at 22:39 27 May 2018

Wonder if he’s had a whisper in his ear.
Have Sky suspended betting on next Town manager
at 15:38 27 May 2018

Can’t find it now.
Rowett might be available very soon
at 21:05 14 May 2018

Old Jack Ross Blogs
at 23:12 12 May 2018

From when he was a player.

Interesting reading.
Cycles in football
at 10:30 12 May 2018

Just got the feeling that we’re on the cusp of something exciting. It just seems everything seems to be aligning for us. From the academy youngsters, the coaching staff, the players, even Milne and Evans to us fans there just seems after the last few months we’ve all got aligned together.

The names mentioned for the Town job seem to be the type of managers we are craving for and I just have a feeling that it’s our turn.

Perhaps it is wishful thinking but gut feeling think our time is finally coming.
at 18:10 3 May 2018

The way Mick is talking
at 01:06 1 Apr 2018

is almost like he didn't expect to be leaving at all. It's a bit like handing your notice by trying to force a situation in your favour and your boss accepting your resignation. I've done it before in my early years of working thinking I was too valuable when the reality was quite different. That regret you get after is what I sense from listening to Mick.

He has done a sound job for us but he took us as far as he could on his skill set. He organised us well and did all the things you would expect but couldn't evolve the playing style. I suspect this is the reason why he's never really considered for EPL jobs in so far he is limited tactically, although I think he's a better manager than some of those on the manager merry go round.

I think as fans we have been really patient over the years and have given him great support. But the football throughout his reign bar half a season has been of a mediocre standard. Despite what he may say about trying to win every game it's patently obvious that we don't. This is not a criticism of him as clearly his methods are successful, but only are for a short period of time. Fans watch football at the end of the day to be entertained and whilst his team show passion they don't show for me enough passion to win a game, that's theproblem. All I ask of a Town team is win lose or draw is to show passion and try and win the game. Every game is winnable if you really want it enough.

So whilst Mick may feel hard done by and those looking in think we're idiots, I think the majority of Town supporters know that we for the most part gave him good grace and time.

The biggest problem we have now is that what we need is a progressive managerial setup with a genuine 5 year plan to pick up cheap lower league gems and bring through the youngsters. A tracksuit manager who sees managing Town as a wonderful opportunity, someone who will encourage playing the ball on the floor, has a sense of th e traditions and history of the club and will do it with determination.

Perhaps a double act of young pretender and a Town legend would do the trick?
For me Darrell Clarke and Marcus Stewart would be perfect.

However I'm in no way convinced that Evans will see it like that and I fear we will end up with a Jewellesque manager appointment which we all feel abit meh about. I really hope not and I just hope we all can get behind the lads for the rest of the season.
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