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Forest v Arse
at 17:24 9 Jan 2022

Makes me shudder to see a player with Spence on his back. Surely a player that sums up the Evans era beautifully.
My god its depressing supporting Ipswich
at 21:38 15 Dec 2021

Utterly soul destroying isn't it
Pardew's on Sky..
at 17:24 12 Dec 2021

Is he available?

2021 Ipswich Fanbase - The most appropriate song
at 12:23 7 Dec 2021

"I think Lambert could've done better than Cook"
"I want Cook out"
"Why have we sacked Cook"
"I don't like any of the names linked"

People on here claiming Lambert would've done better
at 19:06 29 Nov 2021

Are absolutely everything that's wrong with our fanbase at the moment.

Full stop
Rotherham and Ipswich
at 21:46 23 Nov 2021

Rotherham... Superbly coached, play as a team, manage the game and always look a threat

Ipswich... sadly the complete opposite.

Hurts doesn't it
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Peace and Love - An observation -
at 20:29 3 Nov 2021

I would like to think all of us on here have at least one thing in common - A love of ITFC.
I mean, its an Ipswich Town message board !!

I'm virtually addicted to coming on here, every day, several times a day and reading about Ipswich and people's opinions.

Lets be honest, we all see things differently and have our own thoughts and opinions - Hell it would be dull on here if we didn't. But recently, there's been quite an unpleasant under-current. Point scoring, calling people out, accusations of bullying (I've had PM on the subject from a certain individual accusing me) and general abuse which to be honest, is everything this shouldn't be about.

Phil and the guys do an amazing job here, I (we) would be lost without them.

We all know that we are in for a hell of a ride between now and the end of the season. Lets just try to make this as good as it can possibly be.

C'mon you blues !!!!!
How times change
at 18:53 2 Nov 2021

KVY is my biggest concern in that team.

He really hasn't been good this season and its a massive test for him tonight.

Luke "Reg" Varney has retired
at 13:24 2 Nov 2021

Made 43 appearances, scoring 5 goals for us.

Two loan and one brief permanent spells

A player who says everything about the Marcus Evans glory days.

And people moan now......
Bonne criticism on Twitter
at 14:24 31 Oct 2021

I've just about seen it all now

A large percentage of our fanbase need a massive reality check

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This board is fast becoming unreadable
at 17:41 16 Oct 2021

Seriously Phil, can you add a section called bedwetting, so the usual suspects can chat to each other on there.

Some of the drivel spouted on here is verging on ridiculous and it's just so tedious.

We all know it's far from perfect but why do people get off on telling us repeatedly and then getting insulting if you try to add a different perspective.

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El Miz
at 21:30 5 Oct 2021

Great to see a town player dominate midfield. Strong with bags of ability too. Could be a real bonus this season
If anybody is wondering how the old boys are doing at Col Utd
at 20:54 3 Oct 2021

Badly I think is the answer
There are a few loud voices on here
at 12:16 3 Oct 2021

Who seem to be utterly reveling in our current position.

I said Cook was crap, I said the coaches are rubbish, I said the new owners are only in it for the money etc etc etc.

I do wonder if they get any joy out of football unless we are losing.
A plea to the Cook outers
at 19:24 2 Oct 2021

I get that it was very apparent Hurst was out of his depth and had bought badly.

I get it that Lambert had only ever really done well at Norwich and dined off that for years.

But Cook IS a tried and tested very good manager at this level. He's had success numerous times.

Will you all just calm the fcuk down, please.

[Post edited 2 Oct 2021 19:25]
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