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Forgive Me
at 19:35 21 Feb 2018

I've gone for a utterly dirty double - Cardiff and Norwich - 14/1 -

Based on -

Our team - Why Why Why ?
Norwich - Good away and Wolves have faded a little -

Has it really come to this ......
Now ive calmed down. Let's be honest
at 14:32 18 Feb 2018

We can criticize McCarthy all we like... but it nearly worked.

We were excellent in the first half , Maddison did nothing and Norwich didn't get close. Second half we ran out of steam, Maddison was running the show and bringing wingers on would have made no difference, if anything it would've made us weaker.

The f*ck off thing... we will never know, only he knows the truth... but can you blame him... during a game at your local rivals ... score nil nil... is a sh1t time to boo the manager..

I think he needs to go because he is far too divisive and as a club it's killing us... however sadly I can't see us being more competitive when he does go. Quite the opposite
[Post edited 18 Feb 14:50]
Skuse to score and Ipswich to win... 25/1 ...
at 11:54 18 Feb 2018

Lump on everybody :)
McCarthy.. It's suddenly hit me ... Reading through todays news items
at 20:57 1 Feb 2018

The reason why most of struggle with him. He speaks the truth.. blunt, unpalatable, not what we want to hear... but the truth. 100%

He knows what the players, agents, owners etc are thinking and he says it...

I'm not his biggest fan, far from it... but you know... I'm more comfortable knowing he is our manager rather than somebody else at the moment.

The problem is ... Comfortable isn't sustainable....

Hope this makes sense
Anyone watching the U23's -
at 19:23 22 Jan 2018

Classic Hyam booking a few minutes ago.....
Iorfa is a professional who gets paid to play Football
at 19:01 6 Jan 2018


at 19:47 13 Dec 2017

See he starts for Arsenal V Spammers tonight - Genuinely never saw him starting for Arsenal in the Premier League... Interesting .....
Bart - Our best keeper ever ?
at 13:02 3 Dec 2017

Been thinking about this - My era goes through - Cooper, Forrest, Wright and Bart (I think they have been the main 4 appearance makers - forgive me if I've missed any) -

For pure shot stopping ability - It has to be Bart - some of the close range saves he makes are world class - appreciate he has his weaknesses - but we should be grateful of them - if he didn't have them he would be playing for a top half Premier League team.....

Thoughts ?

(Can't believe I forgot Kelvin Davis - Top Keeper)
[Post edited 3 Dec 2017 18:41]
Skuse - 6.7 in the ratings - No way
at 22:19 22 Nov 2017

Absolute cobblers - 8 out of 10 performance tonight - no less
What was the Sheff Weds manager watching -
at 21:56 22 Nov 2017

Apparently we scored with our first and second visit to their goal -

Interestingly we had over 8 shots on target -

Really Frustrating - but no moaning tonight
at 21:45 22 Nov 2017

Thought we deserved the three points - The holding midfield duo played really well - Garner worked his absolute knackers off - and Bart did not make a single save......

So frustrating
Didn't realise that Cardiff hadn't scored for over 6 hours
at 22:00 31 Oct 2017

Just like Burton ... and along come Ipswich .....

We are like a registered charity for out of form teams :)
Oh god
at 21:20 24 Oct 2017

The honours board at Carrot Road is being etched.... Beat Arsenal XI in the Caraboo Cup
Just watching the highlights of the 5-0
at 12:11 21 Oct 2017

It should've been 10... and how good was Micky Stockwell... One of my favourite ever players..

I was there, but it seems a lifetime ago..
Off to Portman Road
at 11:59 30 Sep 2017

My first match of the season, taking the kids for the first time (only just started to get interested) - This could be the start of a lifetime of misplaced hope, excitement and the occasional amazing high.

Come on you blues !!!!!
Tonights team
at 19:17 26 Sep 2017

Nobody can be unhappy with that...

Now Come on you blues !!!!!
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Ipswich Town v Bolton Wanderers prediction logged
Really fancy 0-0 today
at 14:14 16 Sep 2017

Good team Bolton, False Position, Knudsen out for 2 months after tripping over his cat, I pick the team not the fans, Celina smells etc etc ......

Hope I'm wrong .....
Prediction Logged by at 14:15:53
Queens Park Rangers v Ipswich Town prediction logged
Hands Up
at 20:39 31 Aug 2017

Who thought when Marcus Evans took over - all those years ago.. That our excitement on Transfer Deadline Day 2017 would be based around Brighton getting a player in, so we could get a player in on loan.

My guess.. is very very few....
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