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Gigs at Portman Road this summer
at 14:09 10 Mar 2024

Anyone heard any whispers? Would be good to see a couple of bands lined up for the summer to bring in some extra revenue. Or do we think the pitch needs another year before it can handle that sort of thing?

Lots of admin - Snuts crossovers in various videos so wonder if they might be one we see at some point?
Prem vs Champ
at 13:22 23 Dec 2023

Looks very Premier League vs Championship so far, and that’s understandable given the two squads. These aren’t the games that are going to define our season. They look a lot better than us and I think it’ll be similar with Leicester in the next game, but by consistently beating those teams that don’t have parachute payments we can still have an incredible season. No need to panic, the way we play we’re going to come unstuck against some of the top teams, but I’d still rather that than going back to Mick football and desperately trying to grab draws.
We’ve scored 2 or more at home
at 09:52 3 Dec 2023

in each of the last 20 league games going right the way back to Plymouth in January. That’s a phenomenal stat isn’t it? Just goes to show the crazy level of entertainment on show at PR! Long may it continue
Baggott development
at 11:50 30 Jul 2023

There’s obviously been talk of Baggott going out on loan again, but is there an argument for him staying with us for this season? McKenna mentioned that he’s improved massively over the last 5 weeks in preseason so is he better off staying with us and training with the first team under our coaches rather than going to a club where he’ll play more but be coached nowhere near as well? Maybe get 6 months coaching into him with us and let him play the cup games and then loan him out second half of the season?
Pebbledash gone!
at 13:36 21 Jul 2023
at 13:44 20 Jul 2023

With the seemingly imminent signing of Hutchinson, got me thinking, is this the most left footed squad we’ve ever had?

Walton, Burgess, Davis, Leigh, Humphreys, Chaplin, Aluko, Hutchinson, anyone else I’ve missed? 8 out of 25, potentially more if we bring in a LCB.
Squad of 25
at 11:31 19 Jul 2023

GK: Walton, Hladky
RB: Clarke, Donacien
LCB: Trusty?, Burgess
RCB: Wolf, Edmundson
LB: Davis, Leigh
CM: Morsy, Taylor, Luongo, Evans, Ball
RW: Burns, Hutchinson?
CAM: Chaplin, Harness, Aluko
LW: Broadhead, Edwards
ST: Hirst, Ladapo, +1

Humphreys + Slicker under registered age

Assuming we get Hutchinson, Trusty (or similar) + another forward we would need to lose one of Harness, Jackson or Evans imo, I’ve left Jackson out of my 25. But to me that looks solid, 3 more signings and we look well set for the season.

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Probably get hate for this
at 11:17 1 Jul 2023

But I love the club badge all in one colour on the kits, like the blackout shirt and the orange shirt this season, I think it makes it look so much more crisp and classy.
Peter Crouch film
at 10:58 29 Jun 2023

Don’t know if it’s been discussed but watched this the other night. I was pretty young when he was first playing but would have found the headlines / chants about him as light hearted and funny but seeing him look back at them really shows how it effected him, his mental health and his performance. Same with Gerrard saying that anyone who says they can block out the crowd noise is lying and you can hear every word.

Just a good highlight of the fact that they’re human, most of them are pretty young, and words and actions have consequences, the home fans booing and gobbing off at crouch was particularly hard hitting. Can’t imagine what it’s like now with social media etc. added to all of that.
Premier league academy graduates
at 09:46 27 Jun 2023

Hadn’t realised that Taylor was in Chelsea’s academy until I read the stories yesterday. Seems to be fairly high on our priority list now that the players have come through premier league academies like Broadhead, Clarke and Taylor. I’m assuming them having that level of coaching from a young age potentially raises their ceiling ability?
Balogun’s mate
at 09:33 25 Jun 2023

Any idea who he is / any link to Ipswich?

Enemy territory
at 12:16 8 Jun 2023

Ventured into enemy territory for the Arctic Monkeys gig last night. I’ll be bang up for our games against them this season and can’t wait to beat them and finish above them, however I’m not one of these passionate ‘won’t wear yellow’ kind of people, I’ve got a fairly level head on things as much as I dislike the club.

However, the whole thing at Carrow Road last night was an absolute shambles. We were on the pitch so went around 3/4 of the stands in search of drinks etc. From what I could see all of their stands are either on a par or worse than the Cobbold stand which we’ve all agreed is outdated and needs replacing. Toilets were overflowing before the monkeys had even started. Awful concourses with tiny bars, the bars ran out of beer and cider before the gig had even started. We queued for at least 30 minutes each time we wanted a drink and the poor bar staff were shaking given how overworked they were and peoples increasing frustrations. They only had bottles of Prosecco when we got close to the front of the queue at one point, £35 for a bottle of Prosecco in a cardboard box was the only option, then, luckily just as we’d been served, the security came over and said that the bar had to shut in 2 minutes, leaving the young staff to deal with the fall out on their own. Given all the premiership money I’m amazed that they seemly haven’t made any improvements to their ground.

It was an absolute shambles, everyone was beyond p***ed off. Once the Portman Road pitch is sorted, hopefully we can stage these sorts of events and ensure they run a lot more successfully than our friends up the road!
2 players for every position
at 14:15 26 May 2023

Can see us making 5 signings and competing pretty well. New LCB, CM, RW, CAM, ST and I think that would set us up nicely:



New CB




New CM (Taylor?)



New RW (Sakyi?)

New ST (Hirst?)

Utility players - Humphries (not included in squad count), Aluko, Ball, Under 18 GK, plus one more space

Edit - sakyi spelling
[Post edited 26 May 2023 14:26]
Is there anything
at 09:54 3 Apr 2023

that is not better now than it was when game changer came in? I’m not sure I can think of a single thing that hasn’t improved / isn’t lined up to be improved in the near future (pitch etc.). Shows how far we’ve come that I can’t think of anything!
KMK’s big club experience
at 08:00 30 Mar 2023

I think this could be crucial in the run in. As much as us fans will get completely carried away, I think he’ll keep ensuring the players take it one game at a time and don’t get caught up in the emotions of it all, I think that could be one of our strongest assets. We’re not going to win every game but I can’t see us bottling it like some teams seem to be doing at the moment.

He’s got experience at some massive clubs and worked with some world class managers and coaches so he’ll know how to protect the players from the pressure and keep their focus where it needs to be. As fans we’re going to be going through an absolute rollercoaster of emotions which we haven’t had at the end of a season for a long time, I just hope that the players keep everything on a level and keep taking it one game at a time.
at 18:07 24 Mar 2023

Why a black out rather than a blue out? I get the third kit can’t be blue, and I absolutely love it, but I think the new black out kits aren’t great and would look much better in all blue. Would keep the traditional colour in the stands as well rather than a lot of people wearing the black kits.
3 at the back
at 11:10 15 Feb 2023

Got to revert back to this for me, free up Davis to get forward more and play two up top. I’d go with :

––-Donacien –-Wolf––Burgess
Burns ––-Morsy ––-Humphries –Davis
––––––-Ladapo –-Chaplin

I’d swap humphries for Luongo if he’s fit. We need to go more direct IMO
Total football Tuesday night
at 12:10 22 Jan 2023

Confidence is so ridiculously important in sport and it’s clear we’ve lost ours (the fans, the players and the management.) The players look edgy and like they have mistakes in them that they didn’t previously, the management don’t look confident in making the subs and in-game changes that they were and the fans are, understandably, thinking they’re watching it all fall apart once again.

We need to go all out on Tuesday and try to absolutely spank them. No game management or let’s try and hold onto a one nil win, we need a resounding 3/4/5-0 to get everyone’s confidence back. Encourage the players to play those risky balls again, to take on their man, to try something different.

I’d start with:
Clarke - Wolf - Burgess - Davis
–––––Morsy - Luongo
Burns –––––––––-Broadhead
–––––Chaplin - Hirst

Clarke and Davis encouraged to bomb forwards, luongo in there to let Morsy drive forwards and to put himself through a few players, Chaplin playing alongside / slightly ahead of Hirst
Edward Ebenezer pre-game?
at 08:36 12 Jan 2023

Feel like the club should really make a thing of playing Edward Ebenezer just before kick off in home games. Loop the chorus three times and have a decent graphic with the words on on the big screen. Feel like it’s our only original song and could get the whole ground involved, kid friendly and catchy once you know the words. It would be good to encourage everyone to teach the words to their kids etc and get everyone involved.

Looping it would mean that everyone would be in time, I think when it’s sung by section 6, by the time it’s caught on and has reached the other parts of the ground there’s just enough time for people to sing ‘but everybody calls me Ted’ and then it’s done.
ITFC at the World Cup
at 11:45 4 Dec 2022

Apologies for the scummy website but ITFC being represented at the World Cup!
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