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Job Interview
at 21:50 4 Sep 2018

I mentioned on another thread a few weeks back some issues I was having with work (chronically understaffed meaning I am working from 9am-11pm most week days, and putting in 8-10 hour days over the weekend) and am delighted to say I've got a job interview lined up.

Now it's been a while since I had an interview. Any advice?

I'm confident with any skill based questions but other than that what should I expect? Also, I don't think I have any questions for them (I've grilled an ex-colleague who works there), but what sort of thing should I be asking?

Another Ellis Harrison thread
at 11:39 23 Jul 2018

Rovers have confirmed a bid by an unnamed club has been agreed
England vs Costa Rica
at 08:21 4 Jun 2018

Any other town fans going to Elland Road on Thursday night?
Best Sunday Lunch?
at 21:51 24 May 2018

Returning in a couple of weeks for Dad's Birthday/Father's Day which fall on the same day. Where's the best place to take the old man for Sunday lunch?
Which GoT house best represents ITFC?
at 17:26 14 May 2018

Had a new colleague start at work today, and in the obligatory 'welcome to the company' all staff email I send (i'm his line manager) I said not to let the fact he was a Manchester United fan put you off him. Was asked by a non-football supporter what I meant by that. and replied that it was the equivalent of watching Game of Thrones and supporting the Lannisters, I was asked what house best represented Ipswich.

My thought - House Arryn.

- Fairly isolated and miles from anywhere.
- Never fallen at home to foreign invaders.
- Largely insignificant to the wider world - but every once and again has their day and makes people stand up and take notice.
- Most recent person in charge was not well liked
- Not a lot of resources.
- Manly set up to focus on defence.

Any other thoughts?
Ipswich fan spotted
at 19:59 13 May 2018

Popped into my local B&Q earlier today. Surprised to see a man in an Ipswich shirt as this is Yorkshire. Sadly he was a FKW - even down to the socks!

Please people, think of the club's reputation when going out in public dressed like that as a fully grown adult.
Jose has gone full Mick
at 15:08 16 Mar 2018
Madeira (the country not the cake)
at 15:50 25 Feb 2018

Looking at a week getaway in the summer. Being only a week, likely to stay in Europe and were considering Croatia, Malta and Lake Garda.

However, someone has mentioned Madeira. I'll be honest, I know very little about it. Has anyone been? Would you recommend it?
In the Dog House
at 08:28 7 Feb 2018

My wife likes to move my things and put them in obscure places - or tidy up as she calls it. She will claim to have not touched something, have no knowledge or idea where it is. And say I must have moved it. But miraculously find it at her first attempt no matter how obscure the place... almost as if she put it there.

Couldn't find something I needed this morning, assumed she did the same. We had a forthright discussion about this on the way to work (we car share).

Got to work, found it on my desk.

My life is over isn't it?
Sit down or risk losing seat warning to Norwich City fans
at 13:39 7 Dec 2017

Apologies if already posted
Secret Santa
at 09:31 30 Nov 2017

Pulled the office Norwich fan (makes a change from all the Leeds & Newcastle fans I’m surrounded by!) for Secret Santa.

So the question, what piece of ITFC merchandise do I pick him for him when I’m at the club shop in a few weeks. Our budget is £10, but I don’t mind going over.
Price of Football Survey
at 22:13 15 Nov 2017
Rome Recommendations
at 17:12 2 Nov 2017

Thinking of booking a long weekend there with Mrs YorkshireBlue in February.

Any recommendations of areas/hotels to stay?

Anything beyond the usual tourist traps worth visiting while we're there?
Grayson gone n/t
at 21:59 31 Oct 2017

at 12:18 19 Oct 2017

Lots of strong thoughts on this in the office
at 14:11 29 Sep 2017

I'm not a parent... but 100% on the Dad's side in this.

US Anthem Protests
at 11:57 27 Sep 2017

I've not seen this discussed on here, but apologies if I've missed it.

I'm just curious what people's take on the current protests being seen in American Sports? It's a story I've been following closely and wondered what others peoples opinions were.

It's worth putting in context that this is America - where school pupils often start the day by pledging allegiance to the flag, and play the national anthem before all sporting events. Although this is fairly recent - a marketing exercise by their military as a recruiting tool - paid patriotism.

A lot more widespread at the last round of NFL games - and happened for the first time in MLB - after Trump said the 'sons of bitc3s' should be fired. Which is interesting as he initially described the protesters in Charlottesville - many of whom did Nazi salutes, wielded torches and sadly led to a death as 'Very Fine People'...

For what it's worth - in my humble opinion - people, including athletes have the right to peaceful protest and I'm pretty sure sacking someone for doing so would be against the US constitution?

From Trump's perspective, he's on safe ground - highlighting something that he knows the vast majority of his base - rightly or wrongly - will agree with. It also gets people talking about an issue other than N.Korea his failure to repeal Obamacare, 4th failure this week I believe... Clever? Or blind luck?

Trump dodge the draft five times, criticized a US prisoner of war and attacked a dead soldiers family... yet accuses people of being unAmerican and not supporting their military.
at 17:29 23 Sep 2017

Straight down the tunnel at full-time with no acknowledgment of the fans. I know it’s a small thing, but it irks me when players do that.
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