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Town Ban Racist Tweeter
Town Ban Racist Tweeter
Tuesday, 28th Feb 2012 16:52

Town have banned a supporter from this season's remaining matches both home and away for racially abusing a Brighton fan on Twitter.

The 17-year-old made the comments on Saturday after the Blues’ 3-0 defeat to the Seagulls and was subsequently interviewed by both the club and the police.

Town chief executive Simon Clegg told the club site: "There seems to have been a recent resurgence of homophobic and racist issues within football and as a club we are absolutely committed to supporting the Football Association and Football League in helping to stamp these out.

"Football is a game of passion both on the field and off it but we will not hesitate to take action against any individual associated with this club who is involved in inappropriate behaviour.

"Ipswich Town fans have an excellent reputation at home and away and I'm determined that the good name of the majority is protected."

Shortly after the offensive Tweet was was made, the account was removed.

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SuperReuser added 17:01 - Feb 28
crack-ing for the clubs reputation....

silly boy

Suffolk_n_Proud added 17:02 - Feb 28
no resurgence, they've always been there. Only difference now is that there trying to be seen doing something about it

RIPbobby added 17:06 - Feb 28
A relatively light ban, but fair enough he will learn from that. At the end of the day if he is 17 he is only a minor and can recover to become this setback. Learn young man.

havinit69 added 17:09 - Feb 28
He probably doesn't attend games anyway.

blrmy added 17:10 - Feb 28
Acceptable punishment, call it a yellow card - do it again and no doubt banned for life a a more hefty involvement from the police. Doing this stuff on Twitter is no excuse, it's just another medium, and a cowardly one at that.

RIPbobby added 17:13 - Feb 28
My goodness I have just realised my English is terrible above. That'll teach me for not reading back what I initially put and changing my mind mid sentence. My head is hanging in shame.

AndyUK61873 added 17:13 - Feb 28
Probably had too many Shandies before the game.

uppersirbob added 17:26 - Feb 28
Can the club really ban him esp from away matches he could walk up buy a ticket sit in different stand keep his gob shut etc etc


daniel2302 added 17:33 - Feb 28
Any need to name and shame? No...

bluelady added 17:41 - Feb 28
yes every need to name and shame, if your big enough to do the crime............

Balhamblue added 17:43 - Feb 28
'Any need to name and shame'
..a racist, who published comments on the internet, with appaling grammar?

Think he's named and shamed himself?

Suffolk_n_Proud added 17:43 - Feb 28
Ref naming this individual, i think he was being sarcastic to an earlier comment that was put up but promptly removed, sarcastic as in the guy is already named in the article.

HealysBackPocket added 17:43 - Feb 28
The guy is an absolute tit. I knew who the story related to as soon as I saw the title. He deserved it for what he said as well, much like anyone else who is caught of the same crime would be.

Dale added 17:45 - Feb 28
Poor headline.

bentleybuh1 added 17:47 - Feb 28
what did he say what did he say ???

brd added 17:50 - Feb 28
I think it's unfair to name him. Not condoning what he did at all, he's made an absolute tit of himself... and although it changes nothing, he's apologised heavily for his mistakes and you can tell that he's just dumb and didn't think before speaking.

daniel2302 added 17:56 - Feb 28
Any need to name and shame? No...

irishtim added 17:56 - Feb 28
Silly kid. Hope he learns & grows up to realise he was wrong.

NathItfc added 17:58 - Feb 28
Do you want his address as well, maybe a phone number?... I don't condone what he done or anyone else who went along with it but to put a 17 year old lad's name on here and title him as a racist is the wrong way to deal with this. This story should never of been published to the world. He's already received and accepted his punishment and that should be the end of that.

bluelady added 18:09 - Feb 28
He did it on Twitter in the public domain the lad named himself I'm afraid!

daniel2302 added 18:16 - Feb 28
Any need to name and shame? No...

Marcus added 18:23 - Feb 28
I don't think this is a naming and shaming issue as the information is (was) in the public domain from his Twitter account. I'm reasonably sure that there is no relevant protection for minors in the Twitter terms and conditions.

TenerifeKeith added 18:30 - Feb 28
What ever happened to freedom of speech?

Garv added 18:40 - Feb 28
The kid named himself, people. Twitter isn't private so if he's happy for the 200 or whatever followers he has then he can't complain if more see it.

mattyboi added 18:50 - Feb 28
Garv ur boring and im sure u have said much worse ur problaby 1 of the little wanna be hooligans

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