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Turning Point? Points
at 02:15 18 Oct 2016

The Burton game has got to be the turning point of an abject 2016. We still have important players out or recovering from injury, but must have an attacking team to give us supporters something to cheer and really get behind.
Time for the back four to man up and look after themselves without the rest of the team having to sacrifice their game. Time for Best and Sears to have decent service from attacking fullbacks and wingers, a midfield playmaker, (we still really still miss this), but Bishop or Williams could fill the bill?, Skuse will still be there to cover any midfield mistakes.
We won't win until we go for a win?
at 03:11 16 Oct 2016

While we put out our team to nullify the opposition we may never beat them. they know that is our tactic. Is it not time for us to play a team, especially at home, to aim to win.
Watching England was like watching Ipswich?
at 04:16 14 Oct 2016

A good goalkeeper.
Our biggest mistake
at 02:19 4 Oct 2016

The biggest mistake was made years ago by the people who advised a novice owner (ME) to appoint a novice manager Jim M. Perhaps those people should stand up to be counted for the demise of a once footballing club.
Get on the front foot for a change.
at 03:42 3 Oct 2016

Why are we playing so defensive,especially at home? Surely one centre back to mark a main attacker, the second centre back as cover/sweeper, two full backs to either sweep or attack.
Midfield= two wingers to attack, one holding midfielder/creater, one box to box scorer, two upfront to cause havoc?. Have we got this in our locker? Could you pick a team from our current squad that could reach what I would require?
Bart will need goalkeeping practice this week!
at 04:04 18 Sep 2016

Bart didn't have a single shot to save today in 98 minutes of football. Why? because the MM work ethic is to have a team that is hard to beat.
An introduction of younger, skillful players ie Webster, Lawrence, Ward (although poor today) Grant and Bishop, plus the injured Williams and McGoldrick shows his intentions for the future. That is a more expansive style of play that will eventually provide midfielders scoring and making chances for our front runners.
As to the moaners on this site who actually go to the games, the others are not real Town supporters...did you really think that Best, Varney, Skuse and a previously out of form Sears would be part of such a great finale that could have so easily have given us a win?
Freddy out injured, might just be his spur?
at 02:08 17 Sep 2016

Freddy has had a real dip in form, but his injury might just be what the doctor ordered?
A few games out, one used off the bench, perhaps his confidence, natural pace and shooting boots will be restored.
Yes I know that he has been played out of position for the team, and his work ethic is good, but he has missed so many chances either as a wide player or in his natural attacking option.
Yet another player to come back fresh from injury, and with a more natural attacking midfield players could start to flourish again?
Time to get off Chambers back! plus more.
at 01:26 9 Sep 2016

Chambers is our right back, he has probably played more games in that position than at centre back during his career and deserves more support. Smith for Webster is a no brainer, but those two could be the foundation of a formidable future back four that would include
Knudsen, another player that the supporters question, but is improving by the game.
That ball demanding midfielder is still the one that we lack, a wise old head that springs an attack, can wade off tackles and injuries and still be strong....anyone fit this bill?
Two fast players in the centre of attack
at 04:13 2 Sep 2016

How about two fast players at the centre of our attack, not arial winners, just good on the ground, two opposing centre-backs used to marking usual tall front players. A midfield of good crafted goalscoring players could cause havoc.
I think Freddy is our problem at the moment.
at 05:53 22 Aug 2016

I think that we are playing with 10 men at the moment, and the missing man is Freddy Sears. Lacking in confidence, he is only half the player he was. Give him a rest, let him watch from the line, see what he should be doing to start scoring again. Murphy works hard, but takes that extra touch now when 2 years ago he would have shot and scored. Pittman is the most natural scorer from all angles and should be Murphy's partner!
Ipswich v Stevenage
at 23:41 8 Aug 2016

I'm definitely going to the game, now that I know a well balanced side has been picked. I think that many loyal Town fans were going to give the cup competitions a miss this year due to the lack of ambition shown by the club in the recent past, but this team selection is worthy of support,
The Academy is our best key for progress
at 03:51 23 Jul 2016

We can't compete in the current transfer market, but be could continue to invest in The Academy. Our best chance of future success is having good Scouts/coaches putting the spadework into youngsters that only want to play for ITFC. Play good open football, but with the work ethic that is required by the 1st team manager.
I'm sure MM would be only too pleased to be picking/watching a team that can naturally use both feet, pass and head a ball with intelligence to match.
Pace is the only thing that you can't teach, awareness yes, but natural pace no. A player with natural pace should be taught when to slow down and then think before a cross or pass?
Sermon over, but just a thought for our future.
Who was the owner when we had such great acts
at 03:34 21 Jul 2016

The Red Hot Peppers, Pink?
Anyone remember when this was an ITFC football Forum?
at 01:58 21 Jul 2016

Anyone go to the Col U v Ipswich pre season game?
Any stand out players in your opinion?
Bru, Digby, Dozell, Douglas and Pitman did well during the first half.
Bishop, Webster, Murphy in the last period.
The standout for me tonight, was that Gerken, the only keeper used tonight.
chose to play the ball out to players that wanted it, and not just hoof it.
Perhaps with the right players selected we can start playing from the back?
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