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I'm Bored
Written by SanDiego on Wednesday, 23rd Nov 2016 23:36

That's how I feel about supporting Ipswich at the moment.

I'm bored of seeing Marcus Evans' name on our shirt.
I'm bored of selling our best assets and not seeing comparable replacements brought in.
I'm bored of seeing the same players in the starting XI regardless of form.
I'm bored of having a faceless owner who never has anything to say to the supporters.
I'm bored of having non-football people running the club.
I'm bored of Mick and his football philosophy.

Watching the Forest match after work on Saturday evening, for the first time I actually started thinking, "What am I doing this for?"

It was a terrible game and I was so frustrated watching it that I almost turned it off.

I didn't.

It was not enjoyable at all. I spent most of my time screaming at the TV, not good for the heart rate at all (or my marriage for that matter).

I thought to myself, "If I was doing something that was not enjoyable, would I do it again?"

Probably not would be the answer, unless for family reasons I guess.

That's just it though, a football club is like that, a family. A drug that I'm addicted to that keeps me coming back for more. But like a junkie who's not getting a buzz from his fix anymore, what's the point?

It's the hope isn't it? The hope that things will get better. The hope of being entertained. The hope of wearing your shirt with pride, chest puffed out and swaggering about after a great match.

Trouble is, I don't have much hope that things will get better. I find myself hoping for Marcus to sell up, hoping for Mick to leave the club, hoping for something to be proud of, like our play-off year. We all felt good then.

Even though I live 5,495 miles away was I any less embarrassed seeing all the empty seats in the stadium, the football on display? No, I wasn't.

I care about our club. I take the time to educate people about ITFC. I have friends here in San Diego that check our results, know where we are in the table, give me stick when we're doing badly.

So I want change. There will be those that say be careful what you wish for, Marcus saved our club etc, etc. Did he? Did he save our club? He seems to be strangling the life out of it if you ask me. He doesn't seem to care about the supporters, the ticket pricing or the quality of football on offer.

Basically everything that should concern you as a football club owner, but that's just my personal opinion.

He has admittedly put money into the academy and the training facilities. I think we're all waiting for the results of that investment on the first team and there are encouraging signs of academy players breaking through.

So I want to see change.
Change the owner.
Change the manager.
Change the name on our shirt.
Change the way I feel about Ipswich Town Football Club!

And don't worry, I'll still be getting up at 6:35am on a Saturday to tune in to the match, in the hope of something.

We are family after all.

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Penguinblue added 03:45 - Nov 24
I understand your sentiments.
I have stopped posting on TWTD as I was aware that my comments were becoming more and more caustic. They actually were stopping me enjoying the game when Saturday comes. My feelings about the ineptitude and arrogance of the manager, the poor quality of hia favourites and the shambolic way the club is run remain the same, but I won't stop attending. Eventually everything, good or bad will pass.
I have written a number of times to Mr Milne to express my concerns but do not get responses. I would urge other supporters to do likewise.
I do not believe any other self respecting football club would allow this nonsense to continue.

bigfatjoe87 added 23:09 - Nov 24
A great piece that if I was to write it myself wouldn't change anything about it. Fully sums up my feelings. Was at the game Saturday took a couple of weeks but am nearly embarrassed to show anyone because of the emptiness of the stands. I use to love supporting Ipswich, talking about Ipswich. As the name suggests bring back Joe Royle. Until Wigan away. #monthetown

Palestine added 11:16 - Nov 25
Great article San Diego!

It is sad when there is basically no hope, and it is unclear why it needs to be like that at Ipswich. We are a big enough club, big enough fan-base, not totally broke, it is unclear why we have to have such a 'scrape by' approach where the fun is sucked out of the football, and we try and nick points off teams lower in the league whom we have made look good. I don't really accept that, so in the meantime I am giving a wide berth to Town - not watching on tv, and certainly not paying £30 towatch such dogsht. It's a weird waiting game I suppose. Never gonna not love the club and stop supporting it, but can't go and watch that.

Edmundo added 19:51 - Nov 25
Oh what can it be, to a
sad face-less w*****r
and Town beaten on tv (again)

Safetyfirstmrwark added 20:21 - Nov 25
Right on every count. Give us our team back, something to be proud of and something we're happy to emotionally invest in on every level.



Daleyitfc added 14:29 - Nov 26
"This is boredom you can afford from Cyril Bord" ... (one for the Bonzo fans there)

bluescoles added 13:40 - Nov 28
I went to the game with my boys rather than watching it on TV and before you say anything about not being able to get there I live in Nottingham and as they are under 7 stayed over. I wanted them to see how great a club we are and our great support. Actually it was pretty empty and there was a moron in our stand shouting bored every couple of minutes whilst my kids were trying to cheer on the team. Whenever you see a team being beaten but their fans keep on cheering them on we all shout fair play they never gave up. Too many town fans have forgotten what supporting a team means. Who has asked to buy the club? I haven't heard anyone putting in a bid. It will cost them about £6 million a year. Maybe one of the bored people can do it. I would be glad if all the negative people stopped coming and even if we had 500 fans but they all wanted the town to win. It would be a better atmosphere.

MBG added 10:08 - Nov 29
I was one of the few fans to oppose the Marcus Evans takeover. My thinking was that he would save us a great deal of pain in the short run but that in the long run ITFC would stop being the special club it used to be - respected throughout the land and abroad for being well run, developing its own talent and punching above its weight. We now have a soulless club, dull football and declining crowds. The 15,000 for Nottingham Forest was pathetic. Like the writer of this blog and everyone else here I'm addicted to the club and will maintain my interest. However, it's not just boredom that has set in, it's more serious than that - a loss of passion.

Brownie added 07:52 - Nov 30
I agree with a lot of what you say. We do have to hope that things improve but a change of owner or he changes his way of running the club and invests in the team is definitely required.
As a side issue I am disappointed that Penguinblue has stopped posting - I have argued on several occasions about peoples right to opinion and not to be abused because it is different to others.

Come back Penguin! I have marked you down on some occasions & up on others but your opinion is a valid as anyone else! As San Diego said we all have hope & we are all fans.


Dissboyitfc added 20:40 - Dec 5
Great post... Sandiego, spot on !

midastouch added 09:49 - Dec 15
I'm Bored. The perfect heading to sum up how it feels to be a Town fan during these dark days under the seemingly rudderless direction of Marcus Heavens and Mick Mugabe.
Nice piece San Diego.
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