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Unity and Quality
Written by bbg on Wednesday, 9th Aug 2017 16:07

There is no mistaking the current signs of players, management and administrators all being all on the same page. It is particularly good to see the first-team manager acknowledging the work of the academy coaches in recent days.

I stated in a post prior to Saturday's match that I thought we had three academy players on the verge of a real breakthrough, the first time in a long time that a crop has arrived together, as opposed to the odd one here or there.

I also stated that I believed the unfortunate Andre Dozzell was going to be a key and regular player this year regardless of who was available, as he offered a level of midfield composure in a passing game that no one else in the squad can provide and the management are clearly aiming to play that style when possible this season.

We have creative players further forward, but not so much in midfield areas. It was great to see the manager recognising this by starting him Saturday last, even though he had a shortened pre-season due to international involvement. Hopefully he will return to a team vying for the Premier League.

In recent times it appears every post on this site turned into a debate about the manager. Personally, I would never have described myself as a Mick McCarthy fan or of any other manager for that matter.

I didn’t celebrate when he was appointed, but I was satisfied that we were getting a proven manager who had taken two clubs to the Premier League. With his experience, he clearly knows the game to an extent that neither I nor anyone else contributing to this site could hope to. No one should underestimate his achievements.

For me in his work here he has shown very good judgement of player’s ability and character. In Kieron Dyer's words, Flynn Downes was not a standout player at U16 level but the manager had seen something in him and Nydam that others might have taken a lot longer to see.

We have managed to acquire some decent quality in our squad as well as character, while paying little or nothing in transfer fees. However, we have to be honest enough to admit that, in that regard, we probably lag behind many clubs in the Championship this year. There are probably 10 or more who have a greater depth of expensively acquired quality. For all that, I would give us a real chance of at least making the play-offs within the next year or two.

I started out here referring to unity. As fans we have to stop the kneejerk reactions, and realise we are a big part of this. We can help our team or the opposition. Why did every opposition team love to come to Portman Road last season? You only have look at clubs such as Brighton and Burnley and the atmosphere their fans create. It is great to see though, the positive posts on this site for the past few days.

Disappointment is inevitable in sport and managers can make mistakes, but I think we must end the constant debates about managers when we lose and resist the head on a platter mentality.

I would leave the current manager in place for at least the next five years, or whenever the current owners feel he has run his course. I would offer the next incumbent the same longevity as he has had and I believe that sooner or later we will reap the rewards.

That is a policy we had in the past, even when it was not always popular. Big city clubs such as Liverpool, Man United and Arsenal had a similar policy in the past and they reaped the rewards. For us, unity will defeat the expensively acquired supposed quality of other wealthier clubs.

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Chaz26 added 16:25 - Aug 9
An enjoyable read and I agree that continuity in the current management team throughout the club will bring its rewards. What a great start to the season.

Brownie added 07:37 - Aug 11
Thanks for the blog.

It appears the club are making small steps in the right direction re ticket prices, fans forums etc. I also agree we need to get behind the lads & I for one would never boo ITFC. I don't necessarily agree though re Mick - I actually do like him but I think he has had time and things cannot continue as they have been for last 18 months.

I hope that he wil turn things around but don't believe he will. I would have changed the manager but either way good first couple of games so here's hoping we can have a great season and people like me can eat lots of humble pie!

Ferguson added 12:50 - Aug 11
Unity indeed and a very different attitude's showing from the awful 16/17 season.

Interesting to see in the paper today that Chambers head wasn't in the right place last season when Forest came knocking and his contract didn't get sorted.

Ch**st didn't that show in his and the team's performances ! Failings on both sides. That mindset from the team captain wasn't good enough, and Evans shouldn't have messed him about either. This season hopefully it own't happen again, or the armband should be given to someone who wantsito be a leader on the pitch whatever's happening off it.

RoyalAscotBlue added 11:36 - Aug 12
If the current manager is left in place for one day longer than his current contract (even if by some miracle we were promoted) it will leave thousands of long standing fans very upset and probably lead to them turning their back on the club once and for all.

tractorboybig added 17:54 - Aug 14
Its not the page that may be the concern. more the content and purpose of the book.

bbg added 09:18 - Aug 15
RoyaAscotBlue: Untold damage is done to clubs by pressure from whimsical, trigger happy fans putting pressure on club owners to change managers, usually at considerable expense. As stated in my blog,I am quite happy that the current manager leaves at the end of his current contract if that is the decision of the owners based on who else is available at the time.

You appear to suggest that thousands of long standing fans will turn their back on the club if the MM stays longer than his contract. I would very much doubt if they are long standing if that is the case and I would not even class them as fans if they think they should have a veto on who manages the club. Any owner pumping millions into a club is entitled the make that call in my opinion. A lot of people are very good at spending someone else's money.

I hope when MM does go, we get an experienced manager who has successfully built more than one team, be that with one club or more than one club. There are a lot of one hit wonders out there.

RoyalAscotBlue added 10:07 - Aug 16
The current manager has had four years. I don't think looking for a replacement after four years is being trigger happy.

The culmination of those four years was our lowest league finish in fifty odd years last season, whilst the standard of football on show was simply abysmal.

As a result of the decline in standards the number of season ticket sales has dropped by over three thousand in the last two years. Whilst I accept that those fans have not necessarily turned their back on the club for good they've most certainly taken a step in that direction.


RoyalAscotBlue added 23:06 - Aug 17
wot no response
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