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The Lull Before the Storm That May, or May Not, Happen
Written by monty_radio on Thursday, 8th Mar 2018 13:12

When, as lately, the TWTD Forum is becalmed it is usually an indication that nothing is happening with ITFC on the pitch or off, or at any rate, nothing of public note.

There are the customary attempts to 'be careful what we wish for', especially after some sterile win. Conversely, some take even a win as yet more evidence of the malady. But mostly, with no new information emerging from the club itself, any assertions and debates are just so many more reheated leftovers.

Those who cry out for change seem mostly resigned to the lack of it, while the doomsayers mainly line-up in support of the current regime.

But the backdrop is stunningly static. While voices from other clubs are roped in - some speaking out as paid-up members of the over-50s League Managers’ Association – they hold forth concerning an Ipswich Town situation that has almost no parallel in any recent football setting.

Here we have an owner, in place for a decade. who shoulders the everyday losses of a middling Championship club, but reveals no ambition beyond any average fan’s wistful hope that things might improve someday. There is no plan beyond the plan that says, “We’ll get better, then it will enable us to get better still. We will buy sensibly and encourage youth."

Who reads the opening pages of your new car’s manual which proudly proclaims that if you put petrol in, turn the key and let the clutch out, your new acquisition will move boldly forward? Virtually all clubs have youth; most look to spend sensibly - how are we to rise from out of the pack? Where is the manual for change?

Rabid spending hasn’t always worked the trick (witness Derby, QPR) although Wolves seem likely to benefit this time around. But, for most, only a combination of greater investment and innovative strategic planning causes a Huddersfield or a Brighton to emerge from the pack.

And this brings us back to the silence from our own club. If manager Mick McCarthy is to stay, where is the help that will enable him to improve this club and move it forward? Where is the declaration from owner Marcus Evans to renewing season ticket holders that there is a plan that will mean that Burton come here in fear and trembling and go away suitably chastened?

It doesn’t matter how 'carefully' we wish for anything while the club and owner remain detached and distant. They neither seem to be listening nor caring anyway.

Personally, my wish to be entertained means that I think that Mick should no longer be the man, but then neither should anyone else without that public owner involvement that puts real, knowledgeable football people into the heart of the club and takes the fanbase into its reasoned confidence.

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Blue_Again added 16:01 - Mar 8
The thing is if MM goes do you think Evans will suddenly invest in the team and new manager. As much as I can’t stand MM’s football, with money we all know he could achieve something (successful hoofball as seen at Cardiff). That’s not to say I want that, but what it does mean is there’s no chance of Evans putting he’s hand in he’s pockets, because he would have done it by now with MM. so if we were to get a new manager it would have to be a footballing one but also a great man manager of the like of Robson, who by he’s own admission was not a particularly tactical manager. We would need someone who could get the best out of everyone. It’s a tall order.


terryf added 16:13 - Mar 8
Unfortunately we have been stuck in groundhog day for several years now and had to endure boring football matches orchestrated by a Manager who is a legend in his eyes only and an owner who has no connection with the fans. Somethings got to give because unless there's change at the top the situation will just continue.
The bottom line is we want to be entertained on a saturday afternoon. The Club is stagnating and we've had enough!!

TR11BLU added 16:34 - Mar 8
Great blog which refreshingly doesnt call for investment.

Investment is not the issue, yes it would be nice but as the above poster calls for, entertainment is not dependent on it.

Mick is the problem, refusal to throw off the shackles, throw caution to the wind and unleash the youths. We have a great squad imo and yes injuries have hit but whose to say if they all had been fit there would be any improvement? He cant pick them all and we know that some players would still be ever present.

For me a change needs to be made, if not now then the summer at latest but make the announcement so we know where we are. One, two more years of Mick will kill this club.

oldelsworthyfan added 11:13 - Mar 11
MM simply does not provide football that is worth watching.
Boring, boring, boring.
God knows why I still go.....but ITFC is the club I shall always support.
Please Mr Evans find us a younger manager with a future and not just a past!
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