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Is this allowed? 14:20 - Jul 10 with 335 viewsjeera

I thought these things had to go out to tender.

I suppose if you make the rules then anything is:


Well it looks like a duck, it sounds like a duck. Nope, dunno what it is.
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Is this allowed? on 14:27 - Jul 10 with 290 viewsMarshalls_Mullet

Sounds like it's permitted in an 'emergency'.

To be fair, a public tender process would delay an appointment.

No idea whether the firm is the right or wrong choice though.

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Is this allowed? on 15:03 - Jul 10 with 241 viewsSwansea_Blue

The covid legislation allows for Covid-related activities to not go out to tender. That's been a feck up and set off a number of legal challenges against the massive contracts being awarded to tiny companies with no experience of delivering.

This seems illegal to me as it includes Brexit stuff. Nice money too if you can get it. £250k for a survey and reporting back the next day.

It's the way this government rolls though. That's why they cheated to get into power so they could milk it.

The one that gets me is the £10bn spent on the test and trace programme (that doesn't work properly). Ten BILLION! Thousands of volunteers sat at home doing nothing. Test results not turning up. Fake results with thousands of tests counted that never took place.

And then people try and say that the Tories are best for the economy .

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