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Would love to see one of our midfield contribute 10+ goals. Who is most likely.
at 12:01 25 Jun 2019

Would love to see one of our midfield contribute 10+ goals. Who is most likely.

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Predictions for England v Cameroon
at 15:45 23 Jun 2019

Comfortable victory, or tricky tie?
Webster deal
at 18:37 18 Jun 2019

Looks to have been very badly structured, and we should be wary of 'add ons' in future.

The deal is quoted as 3.5m with the potential to increase to 8m depending on top ups. So in theory a 4.5m upside.

Would be interesting to see what top ups we have received.

If he is sold for 12m, the news page suggests we get 850k!... and we forego the potential for 4.5m of add ons.

Bad deal.
Hijack the Tory Leadership vote?
at 13:33 18 Jun 2019

What are the rules in terms of eligibility to vote?

Can you just sign up / pay up for membership and get a vote on the next tory leader / PM?

There are only something like 160,000 Tory members, so the vote could surely be hijacked to get Rory Stewart in?
Undercover Boss USA - What a nob
at 12:04 14 Jun 2019

Saw an episode this morning, you would think it was some kind of Ricky Gervais creation...

The guys restaurant chain basically went bust after this. Rightfully so.
I don't know why the BBC insists on this type of comparison...
at 20:41 13 Jun 2019

The world cup has been entertaining in its own right, no need to compare records with the men's game. Makes no sense.

Same sport, different game.
Creating chances for Norwood
at 12:55 11 Jun 2019

Interesting looking at last seasons stats on the BBC:

Good accuracy, % shots on target was at 63%.

He scored 30 goals from 140 chances. (Obv we dont know the quality of each chance). So thats almost 1 goal per every 5 chances.

Most of the players in the list are scoring at a rate of 1 goal per every 4 or 5 chances.

His team created far more chances for him than the others strikers had.

This is not a negative post, just trying to make sense of the stats.... and hoping Judge, Bishop et al create the chances for him to convert.

Does anyone know what system Tranmere played?

Bagpipe Players
at 16:50 6 Jun 2019

I live near York, and yesterday saw a lone bagpipe player playing is bagpipe in a rural location near York.

Not a usual sight, does anyone know the significance? Something to do with D Day?
Isle of Man TT
at 19:03 4 Jun 2019

Another rider died yesterday. Seems that 3-4 people die per year.

I guess its personal choice, but I dont know how people can put themselves / family at risk.

Astonishing list.
Kier Group
at 10:49 4 Jun 2019

40% share price drop on the back of a profit warning.

Awful business model, egotistical board hasnt got a clue what they are doing.

No strategy, just chasing badly priced contracts and cashflow.

This business is done, I hope no one on here suffers as a consequence of the buffoons that run that shower of sh1te.
Apparently Spurs are confident...
at 16:36 2 Jun 2019

...of turning the tie around and scraping through on away goals in the second leg. they did for most of the tournament. ;-)
Joshua defeated by a nobody
at 07:28 2 Jun 2019

Some of us on here got shot down if we said anything about Joshua...

...just saying.
Surfing through the channels...
at 21:30 1 Jun 2019

...and I've found a pre season friendly between spurs and liverpool.

Not really worth watching to be fair.
[Post edited 1 Jun 21:41]
Spurs v Liverpool
at 12:54 31 May 2019

Would like to see Spurs win, but the re-writing of history is getting a bit far fetched;

Talksport; "Poch is the best pound for pound manager in the Country based on what he has spent... i.e. nothing!!"
Beattie Statue
at 12:49 31 May 2019

Who is the sculptor? Did he do either of the other two statues?
John Cleese...
at 22:57 29 May 2019

...struggling to work out what point he is trying to make here?

Is he slow at noticing things?

Is he a hypocrite?

Is he bitter?

Is he an immigrant, complaining about the impact of immigrants?

Or is he just a troll?
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