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Leroy Sane - £20m per year.
at 21:19 30 Jun 2020

Out for most of the last year, but still commands nearly £400k per week.

Seems that football hasn't found sense.

Fantastic player, but the deal seems a bit bonkers.
Liverpool have now joined Leicester and Blackburn as...
at 18:43 26 Jun 2020 of a single Premier League title.

Six people injured, suspect shot dead by police. Non terror related.
at 18:12 26 Jun 2020

Does make you wonder about today's media.

Reporting before they know the facts.

Still a terrible incident, but there was nothing very accurate in the initial reporting from 'reputable' media outlets.
Daniel Levy has a strange way of wearing his facemask...
at 20:55 19 Jun 2020

...doesn't cover his nose with it? Slightly defeats the object!

Maybe he does when closer to people.
Crowd Noise - Sky Sports
at 19:06 17 Jun 2020

Anyone know whether you can select the option to have fake crowd noise when watching via the Sky Sports desktop app?
TWTD seems to have developed an algorithm...
at 09:40 16 Jun 2020

...that makes its posters into bots who simply post a lazy headline and a link to a random story, with little or no effort at providing background or context.

This is a sinister development.
Tom Adeyemi - has he retired?
at 21:24 12 Jun 2020

Not seen anything on him since he left us a year ago, hardly played a game in 3 years now. Has he retired from football?

Seem to recall he was very bright academically, had the chance to go to Cambridge Uni?

You'd think he'd be a good candidate to work his way up in football administration or something? Could make a good DoF or CEO one day if he coupled his football knowledge with his intelligence.
White Privilege
at 10:17 7 Jun 2020

For anyone who is not sure, this is a good article to read;

The article defines it, and other terms in a fairly straight talking way. I think because some of these issues have been shortened to 2-3 words, they can become misunderstood by the non BAME community.
[Post edited 7 Jun 10:22]
Anthony Joshua
at 10:04 7 Jun 2020

...impressive and powerful speech in Watford yesterday, good to see.

Hopefully he will now follow up his words by not taking money from countries that have serious human rights issues and continual oppression people based on gender, sexuality and religion.

I have no issues with selling fights to the highest bidder, but issues like human rights need to be taken into account.
@itfcjoe Bluemonday Interviews...
at 19:01 25 May 2020

Any more interviews coming up with ex players from the Burley era?

Love the Magic, Holland and Miller shows.
Tributes to Jack Charlton at 85...
at 19:23 8 May 2020 English manager, hailed by 3 Englishmen, 1 Welshman and 1 Scot.

Unincorporated Charities... anyone on here know about them?
at 12:44 8 May 2020

I've got a question about how a trustee should be elected etc, and the responsibility of the chair etc to inform them of their liability.

If anyone can help, please PM me.

What a gesture from Roma players...
at 08:52 20 Apr 2020

...well, a bit more than a gesture!;
Prem Footballers NHS Fund
at 10:21 10 Apr 2020

It will be interesting to see how much this raises.

In principal, a good idea, but needs to be followed up with significant contributions.

Would also be good to see some mention of / support towards the club's support staff.

A 30% wage cut would have raised c.£75m each month.

Will be interesting to see if the fund reaches those levels.
[Post edited 10 Apr 10:22]
Matt Holland - Manager
at 11:25 8 Apr 2020

I listened to the Matt Holland interview last night on the Blue Monday podcast.

He said that in the past he had expressed to the club an interest in the vacant managers position. At the time they said they were looking for someone more experienced.

Any idea when that was? Most likely when MM was given the job?

I didn't know that MH had ever expressed an interest until now.
Peeling Squad Letters - Sons Kits
at 10:45 28 Mar 2020

Due to wear and tear (only a few months to be fair), and washing, the letters on my sons football top are showing signs that they will start to peel. He's only 6 so I wonder whether the shirt size causes more problems with peeling letters.

Does anyone have any handy tips for resolving this? Some form of 'fabric glue' or something?

The kits cost so much money, it would be a shame for them to start looking tatty.

Any help much appreciated!!
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