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Twitter undertook the Rorschach test....
at 13:15 4 Aug 2020

...interesting results
Jon Steads Harrogate Town...
at 15:03 2 Aug 2020 off final this afternoon.

C'mon Harrogate!!
Dobra, El Mizouni, Lankester - Best positions?
at 11:21 29 Jul 2020

Genuine question on these lot, as I have seen very little of them. What are their best / favoured positions?

Dobra - Seen his fleeting appearance on TV this season. Looked very promising, I am assuming attacking centre midfield, perhaps No10? Can / does he play wide at all?

El Miz - I've seen nothing of him. Whats his best pos.

Lankester - Seems a while since he broke into the first team. From what I recall played mainly wide on the right? I think I have read interviews where he has said he played as a No10 as a youngster and scored quite a few goals. Can he play on the left?

I guess probably one for Joe, but keen to hear peoples views.
Paul Cook to leave Wigan. (n/t)
at 00:03 29 Jul 2020

Dean Smith first manager for sack next season?
at 08:13 28 Jul 2020

Dont get me wrong, I understand the relief at staying up (by the skin of their teeth), but Smith called it a magnificent achievement and seems to have been celebrating for days.

If I was the owner, having spent £150m on transfers this season, I'd be a little concerned about Smith's view on what constitutes a magnificent achievement.

Mason Greenwood
at 21:52 24 Jul 2020

Best goals per min record in the Premier League. Not bad for an 18 year old! Hope he keeps it up next season and into the euros...
We were top in January...
at 11:49 23 Jul 2020

..I wish people from the club would stop trotting that one out.

We finished 11th and that's all that matters.

Stop clinging on to our position in early Jan.
Rebound Nets - Anyone had one?
at 12:44 22 Jul 2020

Has anyone bought a rebound net for their kids;

Just wonderd if they are any good, or a bit of a gimmick. Potentially a fair bit of money to spend on something if it gets neglected after a couple of days.

Always happy to spend money on a goal or footballs, because I know they will get used to the point of destruction.
Kids playing in year group above
at 10:12 21 Jul 2020

This season my 6 year old signed up for an Under 7's local team that one of his mates plays for.

He's got on well and has not looked out of place.

However, we realised that all the other kids are in the school year above him. Next season although my lad will not be 7 until december, he will be playing in the Under 8's. (Age group is usually dictated by how old the child is at the start of the school year)

I'm inclined to leave him in that team as he enjoys it... but what's best for development? Playing in his own age group, or the year above?

Any parents or coaches got a view? Or players with past experience.

[Post edited 21 Jul 10:16]
FA Cup Semi
at 16:36 18 Jul 2020

Is there a freeview channel that the Arsenal v man City game will be on?

I thought all FA Cup matches were free to air?

Wanting to record it for my young lad to watch tomorrow.

Conference Call Hosting Provider
at 14:28 15 Jul 2020

Seems a bit old hat in the days of Zoom etc, but can anyone recommend a conference call host / provider?

Leroy Sane - £20m per year.
at 21:19 30 Jun 2020

Out for most of the last year, but still commands nearly £400k per week.

Seems that football hasn't found sense.

Fantastic player, but the deal seems a bit bonkers.
Liverpool have now joined Leicester and Blackburn as...
at 18:43 26 Jun 2020 of a single Premier League title.

Six people injured, suspect shot dead by police. Non terror related.
at 18:12 26 Jun 2020

Does make you wonder about today's media.

Reporting before they know the facts.

Still a terrible incident, but there was nothing very accurate in the initial reporting from 'reputable' media outlets.
Daniel Levy has a strange way of wearing his facemask...
at 20:55 19 Jun 2020

...doesn't cover his nose with it? Slightly defeats the object!

Maybe he does when closer to people.
Crowd Noise - Sky Sports
at 19:06 17 Jun 2020

Anyone know whether you can select the option to have fake crowd noise when watching via the Sky Sports desktop app?
TWTD seems to have developed an algorithm...
at 09:40 16 Jun 2020

...that makes its posters into bots who simply post a lazy headline and a link to a random story, with little or no effort at providing background or context.

This is a sinister development.
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