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at 19:55 22 Feb 2018

Finally we have some context as to what standard they are currently at.

TWTV live broadcast?
at 11:23 16 Feb 2018

I've probably missed a trick here, how long has TWTV been going?

Phil - How much did you bid on the latest football TV rights?
Angus Gunn...
at 11:13 16 Feb 2018

...quite a nice story for him to follow in his dads footsteps and play for Norwich.

Anyone know what Harry Wright's progress is like? Will he make our first team?
Danny Murphy on Mick
at 18:17 7 Feb 2018

He was talking Mick up the other day on Talksport, and stated that he was working to the second lowest budget in the league, with only Burton having a lower budget.

I know we dont have a big budget, but Id be surprised if it was the second lowest in the league? Anyone have any figures?
at 15:30 6 Feb 2018

....listening to Talksport this morning. Danny Cowley still has his family based in Chelmsford.

Nice little commute to Ipswich.
at 11:22 31 Jan 2018

...have to say, am looking forward to seeing him in the prem.

Lightening quick, dynamic player.

After having a bit of a disaster on Sanchez, arsenal have made two very good signings in Mikytarian and Aubameyang.
If ever a pic looked stereotypical of a prem player...
at 14:33 30 Jan 2018

....scroll down to Aubameyang pic
Man City....
at 13:38 30 Jan 2018

So they now have a back four where each individual cost in excess of £50m!!

Thats some defence.
The Leeds badge
at 15:34 25 Jan 2018

amongst all the uproar about the new Leeds badge, I thought I would remind myself what the old one looked like. To be fair, if this was unveiled as a new design I think it would also have been seen as total cr4p;

Oooooooh, interesting.
at 14:54 15 Jan 2018

Not sure what Dantheman and Brixtonblue will think.

"Virgin Trains had said the decision came after "feedback from our people". But Sir Richard said he was unaware of the move and the operator must never be seen to be "censoring" customers."
[Post edited 15 Jan 14:56]
Arsenal / Arsene Wenger
at 14:06 15 Jan 2018

Not defending his actions on contract renewals etc, but seems strange how he gets so much flack, yet Klopp gets off scott free on Emre Can leaving for free.
at 11:55 11 Jan 2018

I am very late to this particular party, but have watched all 3 series in the last week.

I guess its not to everyones tastes, but what a programme.

Great directing, excellent casting, good theme and score, and a really well told story.

As a Suffolk expat, its also great to see the lovely background scenery.

Anyone else a fan?
Tommy Smith...
at 09:29 9 Jan 2018

...OK, am a bit late to the table on this one.

My first reaction was one of shock that we would even think of selling him. I think he's a good performer when fit, and certainly good enough to be a squad member, he also adds a goal threat. And as much as anything he's a long servant who came from the academy and provides a link to the fans.

...but in reality, looking at his injury record over the last season and a half..... the team wont really miss him.

Good luck Tommy. Ill miss you!!
Mings and Moore....
at 14:44 5 Jan 2018

.....bloody good signings from a financial perspective.

Goes to show that there is quality in non league...... and the lower echelons of non league at that!!
This quote just about sums up...
at 11:49 19 Dec 2017

....Celtic and the quality of the SPL;

'we failed to cope with Lafferty.....'

Oh my word.
Squad Vs 'Group'
at 11:40 19 Dec 2017

Found some new respect for Big Sam the other day.

Jim White was interviewing him and referred to the Everton squad by saying 'Is this the best 'group' youve had?'

Big Sam corrected him and stated that its a 'squad' and not a 'group', and always will be a squad. He wasnt sure when and why people started using the word group and that it was a load of rubbish.

Have to say that was refreshing to hear.

I think it was Brenton Rodgers who I first noticed called a squad a group.
Jon Venables...
at 14:01 23 Nov 2017

How many chances can a guy get?

Time to throw away the key, and to remove his false identity.

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If the boot were on the other foot?
at 14:44 15 Nov 2017

Women treating men like pieces of meat eh?

Taking sneaky photos without permission and posting online? How grubby.
Gareth Southgate...
at 10:35 15 Nov 2017

...bravest England manager in a long time.

Might be two 0-0 draws, but a good step in the right direction.

Well done son.
Signed ITFC football from 1982/3 season.
at 14:25 13 Nov 2017

I appreciate it was just after the glory days, but has signatures of Wark, Butcher, Cooper, Osman, Gates, Burley and (I think) Thijsen & Mariner.

Might be disposing of it if anyone is interested.

PM me if of interest.
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