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Could have got a pen then
at 20:38 3 Nov 2020

Lovely goal
at 20:08 3 Nov 2020

#PrayForBlubbers lol
[Post edited 3 Nov 20:09]
Universities’ Union taking on the Government
at 19:32 25 Oct 2020

According to the largest union, UCU, “the government’s failure to direct universities to move to online teaching this term was unlawful, unfair, unjust and irrational”.


This issue has been raised on her before and I know we have a few posters who work in Unis. A few points on this from my experience.

1. Where were the unions during the summer when the decisions about teaching this term were being made? They were absent until Sept, by which time all plans are in place.

2. Similarly, this action refers to the Sage meeting of 21st September. Students had travelled to their universities by then (our term started 21st September, students came the week before). That meeting was far too late to inform the approach (plans had to be made through the summer - May/June/July, as lots of work went into installing H&S measures and even building new facilities in some cases.

3. It ignores those universities who have a lower incidence of Covid-19 than their surrounding communities (only those who have outbreaks are newsworthy, many don’t and aren’t). We’re well below the community transmutation rate down here, so a cold spot rather than a hot one.

Expect this one to rumble on. Not sure if I’ve got a strong opinion either way, but I’d be interested in views of anyone who’s working or has a child at a uni somewhere.
Marcus Rashford & kids meals
at 13:19 23 Oct 2020

Something quite wonderful appears to be going on on his twitter account. He's promoting places all around the country that are providing free or discounted meals for kids this half term.

Might still be out of the reach for some, but he seems to be out-governing the Government.

Ipswich's MP not understanding white privilege
at 22:19 17 Oct 2020

I hadn't seen this earlier, so apologies if it's been discussed. But he obviously hasn't got a clue what he's talking about.

at 18:34 15 Oct 2020

🚨Public service announcement 🚨

Sit Down you lot and listen. There's no Getting Away With It, I'm Going To Say Something that's Born of Frustration out of the lockdown and comes with Nothing But Love....

...but he's only got a new double live album and DVD coming out. Thank me later:

“LIVE In Extraordinary Times”

You asked (okay – pleaded, pestered, perhaps even profaned) and finally we’ve delivered:

A new LIVE double album and DVD! Including a beautiful photo-book set, coloured vinyl, deluxe double CD, signed prints (get in early!), t-shirts, the full works.

“As requested by many lovers of the band – a live DVD and album to capture the spirit of the gigs of the last few years. Hopefully this will help us through the long nights of lockdown – reliving these gatherings of intimacy and passion. Thank you for coming along for the ride in the crazy world of James.” – Tim

In a year feeling anything but ordinary, this special collection reminds us of the power and connection of live music.

Released just in time for St. Nick to get his hands on it for you – 11th December.

Sorry we can't put on one of our traditional winter tours to warm your quarantined cockles but hopefully this is the next best thing!

Released 11 December 2020.
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Phil's got his Friday mojo going again
at 11:43 9 Oct 2020

Like London buses these news posts

What was all that about Taylor doing the pressers for the EFL Cup?
at 23:26 6 Oct 2020

That didn't last long
What the heck is Downes playing at?
at 16:35 26 Sep 2020

Anyone else still a kid and pre-ordered the new PS5/Xbox?
at 18:49 25 Sep 2020

Got a PS5 today and pre-order for the next installment of Destiny 2. Can't wait. If we're going to lockdown again (Swansea is going back into lockdown on Sunday) I might as well have plenty of entertainment at home.

I'll grow up one day (maybe).
Good interview with Marcus on the news pages
at 18:47 24 Sep 2020

I'm not surprised to see some of the figures he's talking about. £220k a match in terms of spend in the community seems about right (£4.6m a season). The was a survey down here when Swansea were in the PL and the estimate was £10m of investment into the region from home and away fans over the season, plus money to the club.

So potentially £10m loss that ME will have to fund and another £4m plus loss to businesses in Ipswich and the wider area. A lot of cash.

Going to be an interesting year. Surely they're going to start having a more serious discussion about wages soon, as it's those that make up a large portion of the costs. They're not sustainable at current levels. Even £5k a week is over a quarter of a million a year gross.

Are we stumbling into another too-late lockdown?
at 14:06 23 Sep 2020

Here we go again. We've also got more cases here than we had when we first locked down, even though, in theory, we have more controls in place.


[Post edited 23 Sep 14:06]
Nice Toto write up Phil, cheers
at 11:27 17 Sep 2020

It's good to see him doing well at last. He's been a rock as a stopper this season so far.

Although if Toto thinks he has God on his side, were you tempted to ask why God seemed to be ignoring him last year?
This is wheely ;) good
at 09:28 17 Sep 2020

Some students at Imperial College and Royal College of Art have designed a device that sucks up microplastic particles as they are shed from tyres.

Just heard the worst chat up line ever
at 21:58 6 Sep 2020

Scouser sat outside a pub up in Llandudno with a pug. Couple of women walk past, see the dog and go all soppy.

One of the girls: Ooh, she’s lovely. She’s such a cute little dog.
Scouser: I bet all the boys say that about you two

Trying not to laugh too hard.
[Post edited 6 Sep 22:23]
Country & Western Friday
at 12:00 4 Sep 2020

Inspired by my stumbling across Zac Brown Band's Tomorrow Never Comes. And we're long overdue a Country thread. Chuck your faves in here.

So buckle up your chaps and, er, tie your lassoo? Yippie yi yay.

Has Joe Hart got a really long neck or a really small head?
at 14:14 18 Aug 2020

We've signed some players
at 15:27 17 Aug 2020

If anyone's intersted that is. I'm struggling to get too excited about any of them, which is a bit sad on my part I suppose.


Ignore this - for some reason I wasn't looking at the football board so thought nobody had mentioned it. Thought it was quiet lol
[Post edited 17 Aug 15:28]
New Zealand not messing about
at 21:30 11 Aug 2020

Four new cases in Auckland and bam - whole City in lockdown plus other measures across the country. Four cases.

We're having about 1,000 per day (passed 1,000 a couple of days ago for the first time since June).
at 11:46 10 Aug 2020

What happened there? I've just seen Phil's story about their link to Roberts that they're now in the Championship. I thought they had a big backer and everything was going well for them; granted I haven't paid much attention to the for several years.
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