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Interesting Watch 07:17 - Nov 20 with 391 viewspennblue

Surprising how many offices / departments they have, how modern it all is, and and how professional the whole place is. We need to reproduce this and then take it to the next level.

Having said that, I think we can overtake them, as it is not hard to improve facilities, and then you compare our hierarchy vs their hierarchy and I know which one I would prefer.

But also, we have hit rock bottom, and the only way is up and people like joining projects / getting on board for a nice upward journey. Whereas, they have peaked.
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Poll: How are we going to try and undermine the manager today?

Interesting Watch on 10:29 - Nov 20 with 283 viewsghostofescobar

WARNING: the link takes you through to a Nodge Facebooky thing. I made the mistake of clicking the link and nearly threw up my morning toast. My eyes, my eyes, they burn……!!



Interesting Watch on 12:19 - Nov 20 with 236 viewsfarkenhell

Apparently they re-laid all of the training pitches "around Covid-time". Was this at the same time they furloughed the staff because they couldn't afford the wages?

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