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What are we missing ? 18:32 - Nov 29 with 262 viewsboncho1977

We do have good players however something is wrong with the system / tactics, we can all see it but most of us including Cook do not know the solution.

I’ve been watching highlights and on forums where Cook has managed and his way of playing is all about the full backs being fast, comfortable on the ball and can cross.

He turns a 4231 into a 343 with the 2 wide cams cutting in opening up space for the full back. Watching yesterday our 2 full backs were playing 10-20 yards too deep when we had the ball. I love JD and has been a shining light this season however he isn’t a KVY regarding his dribbling and crossing ability.

Toto, A good defender but on the ball he isn’t comfortable which creates pressure and we end up hoofing it up field towards Bonne. The big surprise is Evans as he often jumps in and misses tackles which leaves us exposed on the counter. He also should be composer, like Jim M was he is hey day but it is an offensive to Jim putting them in the same sentence.

I honestly feel Cook is playing safe which sounds ridiculous as we are so inconsistent, as we do not have the players to play the system he has been successful with. So we will win and grind out results against weaker teams and struggle against teams that are better coached. Yes Portsmouth and wycombe were great results but we played on the counter as we were away from home.

I have no idea why Burgess or Wolf are not playing instead of Toto, burgess had a bad game against cambridge but that’s it. Clements, i want him to do well however he will struggle against strong teams and when Edwards plays he gets even more exposed.

I think we need at least 4 more players to be challenging for the play offs. It seems the squad is a mixture of Cook players - Morsy, evans, edmundson, chaplin etc and Ashton players - Pigot, Harper, Edwards etc - then JD as a Hurst player

Many are saying 2 up top but Pigot isn’t that good and his way of playing is different to Cooks and Bonne gives it all and one of our own however he is an easy outlet for the cbs instead of using the full backs.

we recruited cook so we would play with an identity, this seems to be have lost and I really hope things get turned around

A competent manager and coaching team. (n/t) on 18:40 - Nov 29 with 224 viewsBlueBadger

I'm one of the people who was blamed for getting Paul Cook sacked. PM for the full post.
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