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George Hirst
at 15:20 19 Apr 2022

I thought he looked good against us, he is tall, strong and quick.

Only 23 so will improve, there is no chance he will get into the Leicester team however it’s whether Portsmouth get first refusal.

I would have thought this type of profile is what K Mck will go for.
Morgan Whittaker - Lincoln number 7
at 00:22 9 Mar 2022

i thought he was their best player by a mile and would be great as a lwb.

He is currently on loan from Swansea and looked a decent player
at 05:48 13 Feb 2022

Simpson has refused to sign a contract extension with us hence we recalled him back from Swindon. He will be off in the Summer and won’t play a part this season.

So everyone who is calling out for Simpson unless something major happens he won’t play for us
I can’t believe the negativity from some people
at 13:21 9 Feb 2022

KM has won 6 out of 8 games which includes 5 away games and we are keeping clean sheets.

People are moaning about the rotation of the forward players, I think the reason being is KM has been given a free ride to the end of the season and if we make the play offs then it is a massive bonus. The defence hasn’t changed because all the players will be there next season (hopefully) however regarding our attacking players - Bonne, jackson, norwood, aluko, celina are either out of contract or the loan has finished - so KM is rotating to see what he has next season. It’s amazing that we have been winning.

Now we are within touching distance, i think he will now start playing the strongest team nearly every game.

Does anyone else agree
MK Away questions
at 23:27 8 Feb 2022

Hi all,

Is it fancy dress on Saturday.

Also I’m going with my 13 year old son, it is his 2nd away game. I got the tickets late and we are not sitting together if anyone is sitting next to either of these seats and would swap, i will happily buy you a beer.

We are sitting very near however if you are sitting next to one of the below and happy to swap, ping me a message

Gate 3
Aisle 38, block 30 north east lower
Row T
seat 1096


Gate 3
Aisle 38, block 30 north east lower
Row S
seat 1098
at 14:14 7 Jan 2022

Taking my 13 year old son to his first ever away game tomorrow.

I know the area as i was seeing a girl from Chatham for 18 months.

What pub will we be in before the game and where is the best place to park ?
Lee Evans
at 17:00 30 Dec 2021

I have been his biggest critic however i thought he was excellent last night and possibly man of the match with Woolfy.
Lee Evans
at 13:17 19 Dec 2021

The guy is becoming a liability, I want him to do well but he is absolutely shocking.

Was at the game and yes he played well 1st half however 2nd half was the usual missed tackles and wayward passes. His set pieces are not even great, we never look like scoring from corners.

I just watched the highlights and he was to blame for their goal, he lunged in and missed the tackle when he should be standing up to the opponent. Then we were outnumbered and Edmunson was pulled out of position.

Then the goal that was disallowed he carelessly gave the ball away on the halfway line.

It’s not a case of him being a scapegoat, he came here and we had high expectations and he is one of the worse town centre midfielders i’ve seen in 30 years. Other than the 1st half yesterday he never busts a gut or chases the ball.

If he is one of the 2 best centre midfielders in the squad then we deserve to be 12th
at 19:12 18 Dec 2021

First half we were excellent playing 352 and we should have been 2 or 3 up.

2nd half, Sunderland match our formation and it was much more even.

I don’t like to be negative about a player however Lee Evans is the biggest disappointment, constantly gives the ball away. No pace, can’t tackle and too slow to release the ball. I want him to do well however he is the weakest link and the centre of midfield is holding us back.
It’s Appleton
at 00:08 16 Dec 2021

Don’t ask me how I know

Lump on @ 33-1 and thank over the weekend

at 05:45 14 Dec 2021

Can we all stop posting that we should play 442.
Firstly it is a prehistoric formation that’s hardly played even in the national league and more importantly we do not have the players to play 442.

442 - requires 2 box to box midfielders - we have none
You need solid full backs - we have 1
The defence will be exposed so the centre backs have to be rapid - even though Fridge is solid he isn’t the quickest
Also you need your forwards to have contrasting styles - none of our forwards can link up together

Also playing 442 - you are wasting the talents of celina and chaplin

So stop the 442 posts it’s embarrassing and it’s like listening to Mike Bassett

If we are to play 2 up top then we should play 3 at the back, we have good wing backs.
3412 or even 352 would work
Let’s think about it
at 07:59 13 Dec 2021

I don’t think the new manager is any of the names mentioned.

Ashton recruited Mcgreal as he knew he was going to sack Cook. However Ashton must have had someone in mind and i believe something has been agreed.

Mcgreal wouldn’t come as an under 23 manager so i believe he has a bigger part to play as the link up between the new manager and the club.

I honestly think we are getting someone from Europe or MLS, I think it will be announced today or tomorrow. Probably someone we haven’t heard of.

I think the deal was agreed back at the Crewe game however the person is with another club and will be ok to join this week.

Neil Harris
at 02:06 12 Dec 2021

He is now odds on and I think he will be announced on Monday.

it will be an underwhelming appointment however can we all get behind him, there is so much negativity about him.

The good thing is that he will toughen us up and make us more streetwise like other league 1 sides. Under cool we were so nice and other managers / teams took advantage of this
MLS season finishes this weekend
at 00:09 9 Dec 2021

Do you think Ashton / the owners would look at a coach from
there ?
it’s Warnock
at 09:40 5 Dec 2021

Got a message from a mate who has heard that it was agreed before the Crewe game.

I don’t know how reliable the source is
giovanni savarese
at 07:39 5 Dec 2021

The owners are not going to go for an obvious choice, i think it will be someone from Europe or MLS.

Have a look at giovanni savarese. The MLS season is just finishing.

I did say Cook would be gone before the weekend finishes on weds
Attractive football
at 04:39 4 Dec 2021

I keep hearing people on here say we are play attractive football, I admit we look good in spells. However majority of the time we hoof it long towards Bonne or when we counter attack we slow it down and pass it backwards. I wouldn’t be surprised if Walton or Edmundson have had the most touches in the league.

We are an attacking team with good players hence we score goals however without a decent shape and tactics we concede lots of goals

I don’t think the football we play is attractive, especially after the Crewe, Shrewsbury, Rotherham, Fleetwood and Oxford games - where we got beaten or grinder out a result

The most attractive football team i have seen at Portman Road is MK Dons

So let’s all be honest, we are a high scoring, mid table league 1 team that plays bang average football

And you all still clap the guy that’s had the biggest budget in the league and has put us in a worse position than last season.

It’s ok Rodders, this time next year will be in 9th position
I think Cook will be gone this weekend
at 04:42 3 Dec 2021

Mcgreal will be temporary manager and I wouldn’t be surprised if we get a manager from the MLS as the season is coming to a finale.

Someone like Giovanni Savarese

Managers from EFL currently available
at 04:05 3 Dec 2021


Would you take any of these ?
What are we missing ?
at 18:32 29 Nov 2021

We do have good players however something is wrong with the system / tactics, we can all see it but most of us including Cook do not know the solution.

I’ve been watching highlights and on forums where Cook has managed and his way of playing is all about the full backs being fast, comfortable on the ball and can cross.

He turns a 4231 into a 343 with the 2 wide cams cutting in opening up space for the full back. Watching yesterday our 2 full backs were playing 10-20 yards too deep when we had the ball. I love JD and has been a shining light this season however he isn’t a KVY regarding his dribbling and crossing ability.

Toto, A good defender but on the ball he isn’t comfortable which creates pressure and we end up hoofing it up field towards Bonne. The big surprise is Evans as he often jumps in and misses tackles which leaves us exposed on the counter. He also should be composer, like Jim M was he is hey day but it is an offensive to Jim putting them in the same sentence.

I honestly feel Cook is playing safe which sounds ridiculous as we are so inconsistent, as we do not have the players to play the system he has been successful with. So we will win and grind out results against weaker teams and struggle against teams that are better coached. Yes Portsmouth and wycombe were great results but we played on the counter as we were away from home.

I have no idea why Burgess or Wolf are not playing instead of Toto, burgess had a bad game against cambridge but that’s it. Clements, i want him to do well however he will struggle against strong teams and when Edwards plays he gets even more exposed.

I think we need at least 4 more players to be challenging for the play offs. It seems the squad is a mixture of Cook players - Morsy, evans, edmundson, chaplin etc and Ashton players - Pigot, Harper, Edwards etc - then JD as a Hurst player

Many are saying 2 up top but Pigot isn’t that good and his way of playing is different to Cooks and Bonne gives it all and one of our own however he is an easy outlet for the cbs instead of using the full backs.

we recruited cook so we would play with an identity, this seems to be have lost and I really hope things get turned around

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