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Does anyone have any thoughts on how much we could flog Bart for today? (n/t)
at 12:31 6 Jan 2020

Does anyone remember when Mick got his new contract as we all rallied..
at 12:22 6 Jan 2020

...behind him 'because he's our manager so we might as well support him'?
[Post edited 6 Jan 12:24]
A few wise words, before tonight's fun starts.
at 20:18 31 Dec 2019

If you're worried about not getting a New Year kiss just remember that it's only 45 days to Valentines' Day and you'll probably still be alone for that as well.
[Post edited 31 Dec 2019 20:26]
Manwhile, in Metaphor For The Year News
at 16:50 31 Dec 2019
Reasons to keep PRP on then:
at 22:13 29 Dec 2019

1. He bought me a pint once
2. Er....
3. we passed the ball a bit in February before losing again
4. He's not Mick
5. Booooo Mick.
Alternative Christmas viewing
at 20:23 25 Dec 2019

John Mulaney and the Sack Lunch Bunch on Netflix. A delightfully odd spin on 80's US kids telly - think Sesame Street only even weirder.
A Very happy Christmas to you all from the depths of the night shift.
at 01:57 25 Dec 2019

A rare calm night here at *redacted* general hospital. So I am kicking up back with a cuppa having raided the chocolate supplies on the wards.

Anyone of you b*ggers decides to get ill now, I'll be very disappointed.
'Mad Friday'
at 02:40 21 Dec 2019

A point for each one of these that you've spotted tonight on amateur's night down the pub tonight. Bonus points if you can suggest a 'last Friday before Christmas' pub cliche not already here.

1) Once a year pub-goers ordering coffees, bitter shandies and the Guinness last
2) The woman who just wants a sweet sherry and everyone to know what a TERRIBLE time she's had
3) The recently separated orange-faced harridan in her late 40s/early 50s who is on a mission to get absolutely mortal
4) The henpecked bloke who has been allowed out for a couple of hours and tries to recapture his youth by getting hammered on Strongbow and trying to finger number 3) behind some bins
5) The 17 year old lads who look about 15 hoping that they can get served without ID as it's so busy
6) The 17 year old girls who look about 29 trying to fend off 5 and 8.
7) Pat from accounts
8) A cohort of detestable 'lads' in their 20s whose sole purpose for the evening is to try and out-banter each other
9) Jim. Jim is wondering why his local juicer is over-run with c*nts and he can't get to his usual seat at the bar as it's full of coats and bags
10) Some c*nt with a Christmas tie.
11) A red-faced bloke in his late 50's/early 60's who insists on talking about Brexit to anyone who can't escape.
12) A couple who insist on letting their dogs/kids run free despite the place being rammed.
13. The man who, when ordering a round, orders it one drink at a time.
14. The man who has no idea what he wants, and interrogates the bar staff as to the flavour profile of each and every beer, before ordering a Guinness.
[Post edited 21 Dec 2019 2:41]
Sod it, I'm getting pissed.
at 00:16 13 Dec 2019

I'll be alright, I'll be quids in once I'm privatised. Hope you lot can afford the insurance. Hope you don't have to wait to long to see a professional who hasn't got a funny accent.
[Post edited 13 Dec 2019 0:21]
Never mind all the election nonsense, this seems important.
at 14:54 11 Dec 2019
Top headline work here.
at 13:21 10 Dec 2019

[Post edited 10 Dec 2019 13:21]
Surely this should be an ecumunical matter?
at 19:44 3 Dec 2019
Boris has officially gone Full Trump
at 06:53 29 Nov 2019

Wailing and crying about 'the media' after they empty chair him for a debate he couldn't be bothered with.
But don't forget kids, it's everyone else who is an oversensitive snowflake.
Feel good story of the day.
at 06:56 26 Nov 2019
Boris Johnson is a cowardly incompetent part 690847083749765916587
at 13:36 25 Nov 2019
[Post edited 25 Nov 2019 13:37]
It's a good job that government policy hasn't crippled overseas recruitment...
at 09:41 25 Nov 2019

..otherwise this policy would look like utter pie-in-the-sky posturing about trying to solve a problem they've mostly created.
[Post edited 25 Nov 2019 9:45]
Before today is out.
at 23:17 24 Nov 2019

Farrokh Bulsara, 1946-1991.

North Suffolk residents: stay safe up there.
at 17:46 22 Nov 2019
[Post edited 22 Nov 2019 18:07]
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