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Healy Close to Loan Move
Healy Close to Loan Move
Friday, 8th Jan 2010 14:50

Midfielder Colin Healy could be close to making a loan move away from Portman Road. Earlier in the week Hartlepool, who were previously interested in signing the Irishman on a temporary basis, ruled themselves out of any further January deals.

Keane said: "Colin is talking to one or two clubs today so there may be more to come from that over the weekend.”

Healy joined the Blues from Cork City in the summer, but has made only five appearances since then.

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chelmofan added 14:59 - Jan 8
Gonna really u, such an influential midfield masterstroke, greatest signing since priskin

ITFC4EVER added 15:02 - Jan 8
why did we even buy him???

chelmofan added 15:07 - Jan 8
ITFC i think keano just brought him to help out cork who were really struggling financially , and to proove to the world he is a god in football and can pursuade a player to join him over a league one team!!!

Fenoit added 15:07 - Jan 8
"Gonna really u, such an influential midfield masterstroke, greatest signing since priskin"

Being a sarcastic prick gone wrong! Why don't you just support your team rather than slating individuals!?

FootballsMyLife added 15:10 - Jan 8
^ Well Said!

xrayspecs added 15:13 - Jan 8
We bought him because we needed a holding midfield player, he is an ex-international and established Celtic player, had been in good form after recovering from a serious injury, was still only mid 20s, and was v. cheap both to sign and wages.

He was a cheap punt, which would have been hailed a masterstroke had it worked, but was still worth a gamble even though it has not.

chelmofan added 15:25 - Jan 8
Well played fenoit im so impressed that you picked up on my little error when I meant to say im really gonna miss the guy, never really given a great run in the side, which is a shame as he must have talent otherwise why would he have played for both sunderland and celtic

I do support the team I never boo and go to as many games as poss I maybe just want to see players that improve the team

FootballsMyLife added 15:34 - Jan 8
I rate Healy. Given a run in the team he would be a consistent player.
I was very impressed with him at Palace.
But seems he is not wanted.

chelmofan added 15:40 - Jan 8
I was at the palace game and have to agree but that was also the same position I believe he playesd in Ireland, and no matter how far we think the players are away from the side there is always hope for anyone under Keano as D Wright and Garvs have already proven,
Keano knows more than most what it takes to succeed and for that reason I trust in Keano and if the player is good enough they will get another chance same with trotter a loan can rejuvenate as well as end a players career at a club Lisbie on the other hand can jog on

Surco72 added 15:47 - Jan 8
x ray 30 games in 5 seasons at Celtic hardly established and it was 7 years ago .
Agree it was a cheap punt for a 30 year old that was worth a gamble but not upto it in my opinion and will be shipped out

xrayspecs added 16:12 - Jan 8
Surco - did not realise that it was only 30 games in five season. Anyway, my point was that he has clearly played at a high level and was worth a cheap punt, especially as he had been getting strong reviews in Ireland. I tend to think that he could still do well in the Championship if given a run of games.

tom_the_blue added 17:00 - Jan 8
He must have some sort of ability, given than Keano saw something in him, and he wouldn't have played international football if he wasn't a decent player.

I don't agree he was signed to help out cork. In his autobiography, Keano says he likes him and calls him a 'good player', praise indeed considering he was the player brought in to replace Keano after he quit the world cup!

However, if we're not gonna play him, we might as well sell up and as our midfield is looking solid at the moment I doubt he is likely to force his way in to the team. Good luck whatever, Colin!

bluechick added 17:11 - Jan 8
Colin healy what a joke, we either got well n truly conned or keane did cork a big favour at macus expense. healey is way out of his league here could possibly make it in division 2.

you boys talk so much rubbish about football n itfc in general you just show yourselves up as idiots.

what do i know though i'm just a girl

bluewein added 17:29 - Jan 8
Sigh....Ok, so it hasn't worked for him. Im sure Multi millionare Marcus Evans really is missing the £75,000 we payed for him!

bluechick added 17:41 - Jan 8
so why can't everyone just accept he's rubbish rather than try to use way off stats n the usual he was worth a punt line.

Trouble is he's clogging up the squad n maybe stopping a youngster pushing on

tom_the_blue added 17:58 - Jan 8
bluechick-he probably was worth a punt but unfortunately, as is the case this time, sometimes it doesn't work. Im sure everyone would have complained if Jon Walters hadn't turned out good, as he was a gamble, but luckily he was a very signing for us

xrayspecs added 18:08 - Jan 8
bluechick - he has not done enough to secure a regular first team place, which is a shame but to claim he is rubbish is incredibly ill informed.

As for stopping a youngster pushing on, what utter nonsense. Youngsters such as Smith and Wickham need first team football to progress - either here or at another club.

AJblue added 18:41 - Jan 8
Bluechick its not us boys coming on here showing whats tits we are!

He was WAS worth a punt, it didnt work, move on.
A spell on loan, you never know , may make all the difference, if it doesnt 75k isnt exactly a big waste.

jamie22 added 21:14 - Jan 8
Basically, he's a good tidy player with a good touch however maybe it's lack of games but he lacks speed, not just sprinting but mentally aswell. Maybe with games under his belt he would sharpen up, who knows!

jas0999 added 16:13 - Jan 9
Roy let his heart rule his head with this one. Helped his old club out with £50K, yet most people on here said at the time it was worth a gamble for that sort of money (me included). Well the gamble didn't pay off and as a result shipping Healy out on loan is a good idea.

dirtydingusmagee added 19:35 - Jan 11
nice one injured !

WickedBlue added 22:50 - Jan 11
What muppets we have for supporters, we took a punt on the guy, and though there has been improvement since his arrival but not enough to force himself into the first team, so what to do, I mean it was a big ask really to have him jump from the irish league to CCC I know why don't we lend him to a team playing higher grade football than the Irish league! Maybe that will help him adapt easier! You morons think if he isn't a world beater straight away then he must be rubbish which is foolish in the extreme. The man has shown he had class before his horrific injury, hopefully he can recapture some of that form by going out on loan. The more you lot try to beat RK by bad mouthing him and his decisions the more he is showing you up to be the clueless idiots that you are!

These_arent_the_days added 11:53 - Jan 12
Shows just how clueless Keane is:
Buying Healey
Buying Martin
Selling Rhodes
Buying Priskin & not playing him
Telling Stead & Garvan they 'wont play for this club again'
Not selecting D Wright for half the season
Not selecting our most inspirational player (Garvan) for half the season.
Playing Delaney out of position for so long
Selecting Trotter when he is obviously out of his depth
etc etc etc etc

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