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Reid Set for Fallon Talks With Jewell
Reid Set for Fallon Talks With Jewell
Friday, 14th Jan 2011 09:17

Plymouth boss Peter Reid says he plans to talk to new Town manager Paul Jewell regarding Rory Fallon’s future. The New Zealander’s Portman Road loan comes to an end on January 22nd.

Prior to the change of Blues manager, the clubs had a provisional deal in place which would see the 28-year-old striker join Town on a permanent basis if he impressed during his loan. However, Roy Keane’s departure has now put that in doubt.

Reid said: "I have tried to get a call in to Paul Jewell and to Ipswich about the Rory Fallon situation. I don't want to comment on it until I have spoken to Paul."

Depending on the outcome of that conversation, the former England midfielder could even recall Fallon early to cover injuries at Home Park.

The lanky frontman has netted one goal in four starts and two sub appearances since joining the Blues at the end of November.

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muhrensleftfoot added 09:25 - Jan 14
To be fair, he's done OK, but in the long term I don't think he's good enough. Might as well let him go back to Plymouth.

bobble added 09:29 - Jan 14
the local supermarket here needs someone to stack the shelfs

Surco72 added 09:29 - Jan 14
I would extend the loan ,think he is behind Wickham,Priskin and Scotland bus does offer something different from the bench ,cannot be on a lot of money either

brittaniaman added 09:40 - Jan 14
Looks like another loanee being called back early, because I am sure Paul Jewell has had no time to check him out properly yet !!!

dirtydingusmagee added 09:40 - Jan 14
bobble are going for the job ! People are being too hasty knocking Fallon, he,s been doing alright and we may see more from him now Keane has gone.

TractorRoyNo1 added 09:42 - Jan 14
sorry off forum again ... but why are town selling up to 4 tickets per person today, when there are loads of people trying to get just one


Bobby_Petta added 09:45 - Jan 14
Send Him back, we are noting playing long ball now. Better players around who score more goals. Would rather see wickham and Murry play more.

bobble added 09:54 - Jan 14
mcgee your becoming more incoherent as time goes by can i suggest a liberal sprinkling of dried magic mushies with copious amounts of scrumpy some deep dark dub and some over friendly members of the opposite sex to get you through this miserable period you are obviously missing keane or have some deeper life crisis rising to the fore which is affecting your usual good cheer. ....remember theres only a few of us left

PJewellisaGod added 10:08 - Jan 14
Feel Rory fallon should return to Plymouth, he's done ok here but he fits a different system of play. While we were lobbing 70 yard balls forward he was useful, but I fear he may prove ineffective if we start to cross the ball and pass it. If you look at Reid's tactics at Plymouth thats exactly what he has tried to do (bring back passing football) and Fallon hasn't exactly set the world on fire there.
I take back what I said about Colin Healy, if the guy can play like that all the time then keep him in the team. Its difficult to truly judge the abilities of players under keane, afterall he mainly looked for the ability to tackle and the ability to lob forward long balls (or receive them). Some of our 'passers' may have been overlooked considering our dismal tactics.
Think Jewell will want to bring at least 1 of his own strikers to the club which will mean bye bye Rory Fallon...
Still have to replace Colback and Townsend as some previous posts have said.

FrowsyArmLarry added 10:13 - Jan 14
I can't believe the comments on here saying that Fallon isn't suited to a passing game. He is the only striker we have that can actually find a team mate with a pass ffs!

TractorRoyNo1 added 10:14 - Jan 14
doh - we won the game on wednesday by lobbing '70 yard balls'

RKeaneisaGod added 10:08 - Jan 14
Feel Rory fallon should return to Plymouth, he's done ok here but he fits a different system of play. While we were lobbing 70 yard balls forward he was useful, but I fear he may prove ineffective if we start to cross the ball and pass it.

bluepeter added 10:20 - Jan 14
Good point Dingus

bobble added 10:23 - Jan 14
could be handy for cutting in the bit between the ceiling and the wall

moomoosereni added 10:26 - Jan 14
I think extend his loan by a month and allow Jewell to see what he can do under his management style and guidance. If he does a job then he'll justify us buying him.

I think buying him when he hasn't played under Jewell could be a mistake and I'd be surprised if Jewell acted like this.


Karlosfandangal added 10:59 - Jan 14
Do we need to replace Colbeck?

Healy has done just as much this year as Colbeck has, Having said that Colbeck was played out of position and is much more likely to cope with the Prem than Healy (IMO)
Think Colbeck would be far to expensive for us so we would need to look for a player from the lower league with potental (ie Lambert maybe)

brian_a_mul added 11:11 - Jan 14
An extention to Rorys loan deal would be best option, gives PJ time to assess him.
If he does leave I would like to see Ronan "Rooney" Murray get some game time.

As for Colback, Leadbitter will be back and Healy and now Kennedy can provide midfield cover. Civilli is back but I still think we need to cover the left midfield while O Connor is still out. I would like to see O Dea stay till end of the season.
Hopefully Peters has nailed the RB slot. Cover here still required.

greenkingtone added 11:23 - Jan 14
bobble: I fking love you mate. Very droll.

bobble added 11:42 - Jan 14
i drank several pints of that greenking once never done me any harm

Moscow_Blue added 11:48 - Jan 14
I think our left-footed midfielfd player is Kennedy (not Colback or a Colback replacement) on the basis of Wednesday night's match. We also have Civelli to come back (hopefully soon).

BwoodBlue added 11:52 - Jan 14
Actually turned to be a little better than I thought he would but only the balance of probabilites I don't think he is worth keeping - the sort of player who would never become established and would leave in a year or two anyway.

We should really be looking to sign a striker from Championship/League One with a proven goalscoring record. Preferably, shorter and pacier than what we've alreaqdy got. We would then have 4 decent strikers with Scotland, Wickham and Priskin

WickedBlue added 15:02 - Jan 14
Done ok? Why do people insist on proving they know nothing about football. Sign Fallon now.........With Jewell and McCarthy (both strikers) they will get Fallon to be more selfish and score goals that is the only fault he has at the moment....It has been a long long time since we have had anyone this good in the air.....

yorksblue added 15:15 - Jan 14
He's been a wake up call to our forwards. Give him another month. We're bound to suffer more injuries, the way this season is going so far.

TractorTrog added 16:55 - Jan 14
Rory Fallon reminds me of a young Paul Mariner...give the lad a chance...could be the begining of a whole new ERA for us???
Also the strike force we have are good enough If Paul Jewell can give them the idea that they are good enough and the fans give them the support I think you may see a return of form very quickly We are a team to be reckoned with we now have plentey of time to give the lads a chance the remainder of this season and even part of next season to get things right It is like a huge cloud has lifted from portman road Well done to the fans its was so good to see the staduim full I thought it was 1979 all over again!!!!!

jeera added 18:43 - Jan 14
RKeaneisagod : "I take back what I said about Colin Healy, if the guy can play like that all the time then keep him in the team. Its difficult to truly judge the abilities of players under keane"

Make up your mind fella - you were slating Healy and now say you're were wrong. Now you're doing the same with Fallon though he has yet to also play for us without Keane.

jas0999 added 20:29 - Jan 14
Tough one. Was totally against this signing - but the guy has done okay. Is he the answer to our goal-scoring? Probably not. Jewell will want to stamp his authority, so unlikely to keep loanees signed by Roy - unless deals were already done (i.e. O'Dea)

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