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Jewell: Cresswell Enquiry But No Bid And We Want to Keep Him
Jewell: Cresswell Enquiry But No Bid And We Want to Keep Him
Thursday, 26th Jul 2012 06:00

Blues boss Paul Jewell has revealed that Aston Villa are yet to make an offer for Town left-back Aaron Cresswell but have made an enquiry regarding the 22-year-old. News of Villa’s interest broke on Tuesday night with claims that a £3.5 million offer had been lodged and a deal was close.

After last night’s game at Cambridge Jewell outlined the actual situation: “I’ll tell you exactly how I see it, I’ll tell you what I’ve told Cressy.

“[Town assistant manager] Chris [Hutchings] spoke to [Villa manager] Paul Lambert, a good pal of his, [on Tuesday] to ask him about a player who used to play for a club that he used to manage and he never mentioned Aaron Cresswell, which I found strange.

“The club, not through the manager, have had contact asking what Aaron’s situation is. The situation is this: we want to keep him at the football club, we don’t want to sell our best players. But every player, whoever that player is, has always got a price.

“We don’t want to sell," he continued. "We don’t encourage the sale of our players, but if someone comes in and makes an offer we can’t refuse [then they could be sold].

“I’ve told Cressy that we want to keep him at the club. He’s done great and until we have a bid there’s nothing to turn down really.

“There’s always interest in players from other clubs, but I just found it a bit strange that Paul spoke to Chris yesterday, he knows him well, and he never mentioned it. There’s something in it because their chief executive rang ours but other than that, nothing.”

Despite reports of offers and price tags, Jewell says the money side of a potential deal hasn’t been discussed: “I’ve seen there have been fees mentioned in the press, but nothing’s been mentioned.

“As far as I’m aware, the conversation was ‘What’s the situation with Aaron Cresswell?’ and the situation is as I just told you – we want him to be part of our team.

“But again if a club like Aston Villa comes [in with an offer] it has to be right for us. We don’t want to sell Cressy. We bought him, developed him and at the end of the day I’ve told him that.

“If we get an offer that we have to consider, then we’ll consider it, but we don’t encourage any offers.”

He says selling players such as Cresswell doesn’t fit into his plans: “We want to try and build for the future, that’s why we want to keep Cressy, but at the same time, any player in the world has their price. But we’re more interested in building if we possibly can.”

The Blues boss has no concerns regarding the effect the interest might have on the player: “I called him in today and had the conversation with him after training and told him the situation. I don’t expect him to have anything other than a 100% attitude and he won’t. He’s a top class lad.”

Meanwhile, Jewell says he’s heard nothing from Nottingham Forest regarding Damien Delaney and doesn’t expect to: “I haven’t heard from them because I don’t think there’s anything in it.

“The last person I spoke to [on Tuesday] afternoon was someone telling me that Danny Collins is going to Forest, so unless they want to play two left-sided centre-backs, I don’t know. I’ve had no contact with Forest.”

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ericgates added 06:09 - Jul 26
Please don't go Cressy, Villa are and have been going nowhere for years but backkwards.

sammyitfc added 06:12 - Jul 26
Excellent news from Paul jewell very sensible and reassuring words. Doesn't want to sell, doesn't need to sell. But stupid money is obviously too good to turn down. Let's build for the future! COYB!

townietilidie added 06:13 - Jul 26
Would rather hear the words ''Not for sale at any price'' ... We found a real gem in Cresswell , he would be very hard to replace .

bigolconnor added 06:21 - Jul 26
In the words of Shakespeare's Sister "STAAAAAY with" ITFCeeeeee!!!

brendenward35 added 06:25 - Jul 26
The thing that worries me is exactly what concerned me with the sale of Wickham. Did we spend the cash from his sale? nope very little we all got excited at the prospect of spending 8m in the transfer market and we spent peanuts. Do you think Evans or Clegg is going to say to Jewell "there you go we got over 3m profit on Creswell spend the money on a couple of decent players and get us promoted?" doubt it very much.
Lets hope if Creswell goes to Villa Clegg and Evans see sense and let Jewell have the money to strengthen the team, if they don't then we are going to be in this league for a very long time.

Mr_Evans added 06:28 - Jul 26
At the end of the day, for a minimum price of £4m it's an acceptable offer. I personally would love Cressy to remain at ITFC but, it'll be difficult to turn down.

If the money was to go in Davies and a good replacement at left back then fine

svupper added 07:01 - Jul 26
If a Premier league side offers good money for a premiership player I'm pretty sure what's gonna happen. They will get him, and so they should since it both strengthens club finances and offers new opportunities to any ambitious player. Loosing out on money and having a discouraged player around is no good.

I can't read between the lines exactly how firm the interest of Villa is in this case. Should they make a serious offer I will see it not only as a well deserved bonus for Cresswell but also as succesfull clubmanagement allowing new quality signings and - hopefully - inclusion of new talents from the youth side to the first team. If Villa were to offer say 4 million and Cresswell feels up to the challenge it would be absolutely crazy not to go on with the deal.

The team and the new signings look so promising this year, my only worry is that quite a few new players need to gel into the first time as quickly as possible. There is no such thing as a good start to the season.

ScottCandage added 07:37 - Jul 26
Here's how I read this:

A journo talked to Lambert and he said that he would bid 3.5. Journo interprets this as there has been a bid. Jewell hears about the journo's story and calls Clegg. Clegg says that no official bid has been made, but they discuss what would it take for Jewell to give up Cressy. They both know that George Friend is coming in. Clegg tell PJ to play cagey with the press regarding the Cresswell situation and he (Clegg) will try to extract as much as he can from Villa.

Thus all the press predicting sale and PJ's statements make sense.

irishtim added 08:00 - Jul 26
Reckon Cressy will be staying.

SouperJim added 08:03 - Jul 26
Cresswell has every chance of making the grade at the top level, but I can't see it for at least another year or two yet, he's still very young and is not the finished article. I'm sure Paul Lambert knows better than me, but if Villa come up with £4m+ for him at this stage, we'd be mad not to take it. As good as Cressy is, we can replace him for that sort of money and have plenty of change.

Kesgraveblue57 added 08:17 - Jul 26
So true Souper Jim

jas0999 added 08:20 - Jul 26
Reading between the lines - Cresswell will leave. PJ may want to keep him - just as other managers have wanted to keep players - but if the offer is good - an average Championship club will have to sell. The key is to re-invest - but will ME do that?

ArnieMsBigToe added 08:58 - Jul 26
SouperJim: I would have to disagree on just replace him. Good footballers are hard to find and do not necessarily come that cheap.

I do like PJs approach. In the past, I believe that ITFC managers have panicked & bought players just to satisfy the supporters 'thirst' for new blood. PJ is taking his time and is not picking up players that will just do. I was a bit disappointed to read that he'd let all 3 trialists go, but I then say to myself. . . be patient.

Michael11 added 09:24 - Jul 26
Hmm the amount of times he says 'every player has a price' doesn't sound like someone who doesn't welcome a bid in my opinion, hopefully i'm wrong though! Can't sell him for less than £4m or £5m and a hefty % on his next sale.

beerhelps added 09:41 - Jul 26
The annoying thing for me is that ME will be tempted to sell a rising young talant to subsidise the vast wage bill of the rest of our underperforming squad.

While players wages are almost 100% of income, we (he) would appear to have few options, either sell one player for decent money every year or dip further into his own pocket (read; avoid more tax/add to the clubs debt).

I hope the mercenrys who are bleeding our club dry start to perform this year, I think we have some good 'squad men', however, the big earners need to 'man up'.

rant over, another pint please nurse.



brian_a_mul added 09:45 - Jul 26
ME has invested enormous amounts of money into the club and will no doubt continue to do that, be it towards running the club or transfers.

He forked out big transfers for JET and Chops last year and has forked out on the targets that PJ and coaching staff have identified; Loach (150k), Hewitt (~250k) and Friend (~250k) this summer plus Chambers on a free (+ good wage).
I have no doubt if ME gets 4 mil that he will re-invest wisely for the best interests of the club.
Regardless of Cressy situation, PJ already has the backing of ME to go and buy some more players (striker or two), but that doesnt mean we should pay over the odds (like in the past).

Scribble added 09:50 - Jul 26
So which ex canary are we after

Lightningboy added 10:00 - Jul 26
If we're not strapped for cash then we shouldn't sell to the first bidder that comes along (like we usually do)..Cresswell's got 3 years left on his contract..if he get's another good season under his belt then he'll be worth a hell of a lot more next season (as Wickham would've done)..who knows,hopefully he'll be in the prem as a town player next season.

Keep hold of him PJ/ME.

dirtydingusmagee added 10:22 - Jul 26
SouperJim ,with respect,i cant see any gain in selling buying a replacement and having change ,if we bring in a player that is not as good [if they were as good they would not be cheaper !]If the club is going to keep selling our best players we are never going to get anywhere.If there is any meat in this story it will be an indication that ITFC dosnt really have real ambition to progress to higher level,and will just tick along as an also ran .

rayman_10 added 10:41 - Jul 26
God I hope we keep him! One of the best left backs we've ever had in recent years and will only get better. However, if a sizeable fee comes in, he will probably go! Hopefully one won't come up and he will still be a town player at the beginning of September!

mike5ta added 10:43 - Jul 26
We need to keep him he is our best player by far

smudger99 added 10:45 - Jul 26
let him go for 3.5m with add on like another 2m for appearances made a good profit on him. But only let him go if the money sold for was made available fro transfers otherwise we are weakening the team and will only have a negative effect on the overall morale and position we could finish. They must be good players like Cresswell in league 1 or 2, whos got the ability similar to him at a relatively cheap price???

bluey123 added 10:46 - Jul 26
Sell him fill Evans pockets even further Wickam & Walters money never spent

eaii added 10:51 - Jul 26
Translated = we can keep Cresswell no bother but if you offer 5 mill take him. Good business!!!

ipswichboy123 added 10:57 - Jul 26
Dont sell him unless a Ridicoulous offer is made because we won't sign abyone worth that. Keep him pj.

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