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Chambers: McGoldrick Fully Focused
Wednesday, 10th Sep 2014 16:12

Skipper Luke Chambers says striker David McGoldrick remains fully focused on helping Town win promotion, despite the disappointment of being denied a move to Premier League Leicester City prior to the transfer window closing last week.

The Foxes are understood to have made bids of up to £7 million for the 26-year-old which Town owner Marcus Evans rejected.

“For Didz, of course it’s disappointing to miss out on playing in the Premier League but he’s a down-to-earth guy and all he wants to do now is help Ipswich into the Premier League,” Chambers told the club site.

“He’s come back into training with the lads and got on with his job, just like he always does.

“What I do know about Didz is that whenever he steps over the white line, you won’t get a more committed player and he will be giving his all for us whenever he pulls on the blue shirt.”

McGoldrick, last season's top scorer with 16 goals, missed the 1-1 draw at Derby due to a dead leg but seems certain to return to the side for this weekend's game against Millwall.

Chambers added: “We’ve all had a good break but the lads are ready to get back out there now and get stuck into two home games this week, starting with Millwall on Saturday.

“It was good to have a few days off and we all look forward to having a break when they come around. At the same time though, it’s good to get back on the training pitch with the boys.”

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Michael11 added 17:16 - Sep 10
I don't understand why there's all this focus on getting us into the Premier League? The start we've made and the lack of funds given for new signings gives me no impression we'll be anywhere near promotion so far.

runningout added 17:27 - Sep 10
McGoldrick focused? Who was doubting him? smells of something ropey to me... a nil for us saturday I'm expecting...... sorry to be sad .

ArnieM added 17:34 - Sep 10
I think the SBR stand should be giving him a standing ovation and sing his song over and over, to let him know we appreciate his commitment to us even though he never got the chance to talk to Leicester. He's not gone into a sulk which many players would have done.

Ooooooh David McGoldrick.....

WhoisJimmyJuan added 18:43 - Sep 10
Michael11 - I know what you are saying, but what else is there? I mean all us fans want to win every game (well - there are one or two on this site who clearly don't), and if we did, we would get promoted. All clubs have to aspire to the next level however realistic, otherwise there's no point in playing. But I agree it looks highly unlikely to happen anytime soon!

Garv added 19:09 - Sep 10
Having Didz out of the side allows for an extra midfielder and actually we played better at Derby without him.

It would be a big call and I don't for one minute expect Mick to do it but he could put out the same side as at Derby. Bru will never improve and progress if he comes in and does well, only to be dropped the next game.

blueboy1981 added 19:59 - Sep 10
......... why should anyone expect anything less ??? - still being paid well to do his job - isn't he ???

Fat_Boy_Tim added 21:33 - Sep 10
Michael11 - what exactly do you want the players to say after 4 games? "we just want to hit mid-table!"?
Garv- That's just ridiculous, we played ok at Derby and brining our best player back can only help.
Blueboy- that's such a naive comment, if you miss out on a massive promotion at work of course you're going to feel it. Football players are people not machines. If he carries on and plays well the good on him, if he has a bit of a dip, it's only to be expected.
As for my opinion this is just Chambo answering a question that was put to him the only way he realistically could, no matter what the circumstances.

Garv added 23:03 - Sep 10
I'm just saying its an option.

Chances are if we bring McGoldrick back we will revert back to the 4-4-2 formation that has not served us too well so far this season.

Suffolk_n_Good added 00:23 - Sep 11
If McGoldrick is so fully focused, why is HE not coming out to say so??.... Just a thought.....

RaymondovicBlue added 09:44 - Sep 11
I've said before that I'm glad he stayed - but like many others (possibly including Mick) I would have thought that the £7m could have been very well and usefully reinvested. (ME has been willing NOT to have it by not selling so why would he not be equally willing to not have it by reinvesting if there was a sale?)

Didz has his own choices to make now - NO-ONE can make them for him!

1 Be honourable and earn every penny of his current and its extension (PLEASE DO IT QUICK OR THIS WILL have been A BAD FINANCIAL DECISION AFTER ALL - if he walks at the end of the season). This will have the result that all get behind a great goal scorer and celebrate the fact that Ipswich have a £7m striker playing for us and seeing us rise up the table

2 Start to consider himself as a £7m "premiership striker" and walk about in the park like a primadonna expecting everyone to admire him and to tie his laces. This will result in us all slating him regularly, wishing he'd gone, and the of course him not renewing making it a VERY expensive mistake all round.

For me - the only way he can prove that he is committed to Ipswich is to sign an extended contract ASAP (even if only to secure value for Town when he goes). Others would argue that he can show his commitment merely match by match earning his current salary - but for me this just shows that he is an honourable worker committed to his current CONTRACT not committed to the CLUB

From Free to £7 was quick - from £7m to free could come even quicker !!!!

Yes - he must be feeling flattered (from a free to £7m in such a short time) and disappointed all rolled into one. I would be. But I have put on my rose tinted glasses once more and predict that the honourable man will shine ...

Watch out Millwall - start striker and team player coming at you with a price to prove !!!!

RaymondovicBlue added 09:45 - Sep 11
SORRY - I even prof read that ... and saw the rogue "t" on the end of STAR just as I pressed "add comment"!


TimmyH added 11:53 - Sep 11
Bit of a non story - if McGoldrick isn't focused from now until at least the next transfer window then he knows the interest for him from Premiership club/clubs will wane, simple as that - so he has to keep playing well for himself which means us!

paulthebluealien added 13:35 - Sep 11
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh David McGoldrick. We will always love you.

Carrotblue added 14:04 - Sep 11
Lets enjoy didz and get on with supporting Ipswich whatever the starting line up
Fans stay 50 years players do not

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