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at 21:25 16 Oct 2021

Really odd.

All three that went off were contributing in a positive way. Keeping the ball in their third, creating half chances and getting the ball wide. Then they ALL go off and the performance goes to pot.

I can see a case for Fraser going off as he seems to tire quite easily but Chaplin and Aluko were doing a grand job. Celina barely touched the ball when he came on.

I'm not getting into the Cook in/out discussion, but I'm genuinely puzzled and interested by his comments regarding the intention to go and score a third to put the game to bed. The best chance to do that, or just win the game in any case, was to keep the same players on the pitch for me. Toto to come on wouldn't have hurt either.

Win Tuesday and today looks like a good result, but that's a huge ask.
Changes for tomorrow
at 16:33 15 Oct 2021

Two players I don't think overly suit games like tomorrow is likely to be - Evans and Fraser.

I'd be keen to see El Mizouni partner Morsy, and Celina - assuming he's not knackered - on the left with Chaplin retaining his no.10 spot.
I appreciate there are bigger things to worry about
at 21:08 12 Oct 2021

But why do broadcasters have to tell us what subs are being made before they're announced?

A classic favourite of football fans is waiting to find out who is coming off and then boo like mad when they find out.
Pleased for Toto
at 17:23 9 Oct 2021

Came on and did everything he needed to. Must be tough coming onto a pitch and knowing a lot of fans don't trust him, and I feel like that'll always be the case here.

And he got a pot of chips as a reward at full time.
Fantastic night
at 22:29 28 Sep 2021

Only way that's any better is if Bonne gets a hat trick.

And he should have done. Counted 5+ occasions during the final 5-6 mins where he showed for the ball in behind and never got it. Shame we settled for 6 to be honest!

Well chuffed for Evans. He'll be aware he's not impressed us as everyone hoped so that will do wonders. Even aside from his goals he was very good tonight.

Watching us win 6-0 at home was a bit surreal. Genuinely felt like a new Ipswich.

If you were offered L1 promotion as champions in 2022/23 now, would you take it?
at 12:24 27 Sep 2021

If you were offered L1 promotion as champions in 2022/23 now, would you take it?

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at 19:47 25 Sep 2021

Our latest Marmite player. Can definitely see why he upset a few today, was lethargic and slow second half but ultimately when it mattered was there to put it on a plate. A lot of players might have fluffed that pass. Incredible that their keeper didn't get a shout.

Can't deny there is an element of a late equaliser making the day look a lot better than it was in reality. But Cook's right when he says there's signs things are coming together. Celina was quieter than we'd like but he was playing in a very congested area second half - give him an Edwards instead of Fraser to his left and I think we'll see him flourish. I really like Penney but he needs to improve slightly on his delivery.

Fairly solid again. Burgess put himself in trouble needlessly two or three times and got himself straight out of it. Not a whole lot could have been done about the goal, bar teleporting Bart from Millwall to between the posts.

Missed KVY in an attacking sense. We saw both the positives and negatives of Donacien today.

Big game Tuesday.
Mick Mills
at 17:28 25 Sep 2021

Miserable sod.
Hot take
at 13:28 17 Sep 2021

Norwood to start tomorrow.
at 22:04 15 Sep 2021

Will have been a month since our last away game. I can see the players and management looking forward to a change of scenery and perhaps not feeling the pressure of having to take the game to the opposition so much.

We just need to stay a bit more solid and be patient. We should always score goals with our options. It's all about the goals against column right now.

Assuming it'll continue to be 4-2-3-1, my team would be;

Donacien Edmundson Burgess Coulsen*
Evans Carroll
Burns Fraser Aluko

*Do think Penney is unlucky not to be playing though.

I'd also be quite happy to see Norwood instead of Fraser and play 4-4-1-1.
[Post edited 15 Sep 22:24]
at 18:58 14 Sep 2021

When the latter came on Saturday I was fine with it, despite not being a Jackson fan, as I assumed it meant Piggot was being 'saved' for tonight - plus the game was obviously gone.

Makes tonight's team look a bit odd. Looking forward to Norwood getting back in though.
Not looking to criticize the fanbase
at 17:50 11 Sep 2021

though I know it'll come across that way. Not intended.

Do you think Portman Road offers an atmosphere that would lift you when things aren't going well?
[Post edited 11 Sep 18:11]
at 14:22 11 Sep 2021

Seems a fair few are writing him off. 'Strange signing, don't need him' etc.

Doesn't make sense. He clearly hasn't been fit and he needs minutes to get up to speed. With Edwards out it makes sense to chuck him in.

Debutants tomorrow
at 10:22 10 Sep 2021

Presumably Edmundson and Walton?
at 09:45 7 Sep 2021

Chances of him playing on Saturday?

Bench you'd think?
Morsy's red
at 20:14 31 Aug 2021

Shame if he misses three games from the off.

Presume the appeal will still go ahead for the sake of the player? Boro could sack it off now he's leaving.
[Post edited 31 Aug 20:14]
Biggest thing that's annoyed me about TWTD today
at 13:17 27 Aug 2021

I really enjoyed the Neville/Keane interview linked in Phil's story.

Also annoying is agreeing with some of the things he says.
Hladký question
at 17:05 21 Aug 2021

I've not seen the game so I'm going purely on suggestions that he could have done better with the free kick, but I did see Morecambe and Cheltenham.

Why was he so widely viewed as such an upgrade on Holy?
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