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Hats off to the Danish
at 21:44 17 Jun 2018

What a brilliant gesture. Hope they do well.
at 22:36 15 Jun 2018

Does anyone else think we're all pinning too many hopes on him at this tournament?

Can see him being a massive flop.
at 13:35 28 May 2018

We signed Elliot Hewitt. That didn't really go as planned did it?

'Very much a Gareth Bale type of player'.
at 12:38 26 May 2018

I still want Mowbray.

at 10:20 19 May 2018

I like Frank Lampard, he's very impressive in everything he does on TV and was obviously a class player.

But he, like Keane tried to, would use us a stepping stone. Maybe I'm being naïve in thinking Ross wouldn't do the same (I like to think he will look to build something a bit more long term) but Lampard has made it clear his long term ambition is to manage Chelsea so any chance to jump ship to a bigger club I think he would.
I'm not just saying this because he's scored two in two
at 11:47 7 May 2018

But the notion that Sears should move on is way off in my view.

Clearly a confidence player and that particular attribute has obviously been lacking for a long time. That finish yesterday alone suggests he's still a player. I do wish he'd given his second half chance when he turned inside and out a bit more welly but there we go.

I can't see Morris stepping up to be a regular yet so having a striker like Sears will still be useful. Drinan we also haven't seen any of so would suggest he's a way off too at the moment.

Also, does McLoughlin have a specific position? I've just seen BK saying he can play a number of different roles.
[Post edited 7 May 11:47]
Bobby Robson preview screening
at 09:59 4 May 2018

Thinking about taking my old man. Anyone know how many will be there? Many people on here going?
at 14:37 3 May 2018

Islam Slimani: Newcastle forward given three-game ban -

Anyone else think if Dawson hadnt gone down like he'd been shot this wouldn't have been a talking point?

What a fuss over nothing.
Sucker for this kind of stuff
at 18:00 2 May 2018

Chesterfield supporter Peter Stockton presents match ball at 'final match' -

What a lovely moment for him.
at 17:26 28 Apr 2018

We've got our Ipswich back. For a weekend at least!
at 20:26 24 Apr 2018

Can you do anything while watching them other than smile and enjoy?

I used to hate Liverpool during the Dalglish and Suarez years. Both were thoroughly unlikeable.

Klopp though, as a cheerleader and someone to gee up a crowd and create an atmosphere, is there anyone better?

What a goal by the way.
When did Ipswich and Arsenal become the same club? (n/t)
at 10:08 20 Apr 2018

Well you can't deny his ego
at 22:38 10 Apr 2018

"Started with a win and finished with a win". Most noticeable things from his club interview are the feeling that he really doesn't believe he should be out of a job, and the sense that he wasn't happy how Evans has handled this. "Caretaker of my own job, which is ridiculous".

Fair play Mick. You do deserve the credit for what you've done, you do also deserve some of the stick you've had. It is sad some foul mouthed chavs have soured the mood (referring to Brentford mainly) but I would like to think Mick is mature enough to realise that's not everyone.

In any case I think we can all agree the time is right (and really overdue). We should all be able to move on now.

Big summer.
[Post edited 10 Apr 22:39]
Where has he been?
at 20:29 10 Apr 2018

Sounds like exactly the type of excitement and invention we've been missing!
[Post edited 10 Apr 20:30]
I also heard a united player kicked the goalpost after one of the City goals
at 11:52 9 Apr 2018


Ander Herrera: Manchester United midfielder denies deliberately spitting on Manchester City badge -
The annoying thing here
at 12:37 8 Apr 2018

A lot of people agree with the sentiment (I stress sentiment) of the idiotic few.

The football and general performance of the team and manager is naff, and the ambition just stinks. Desire to change a game, make early subs, force the issue etc. Its pants.

But the problem here is simply the class of people going to watch the game. Let's be clear, we're not the only club. There are morons everywhere.

I stood with my dad just in front of the 'mob' yesterday and I agreed with the general feeling. We did admittedly laugh at the guy who kept sniping 'be careful what you wish for'. Its just such a shame, and a disgrace at times, how the 'feeling' was conveyed. Shouting c unit for no reason and calling Spence the same word over and over again is just sad. You do wonder if people can hear themselves. They don't represent the fan base.

Basically, what we're watching is crap, but some of the people watching it are even more crap.
Considering it was a game of football
at 18:53 7 Apr 2018

“They were getting frustrated, our only downside was that we weren’t good enough with the ball."

Is a very odd thing to say.
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