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Well what the hell was that about
at 23:18 18 Sep 2018

That team selection and system. Just odd.
Why Spence after Saturday? Why Donacien out of position again? Why no Kenlock when you're playing wing backs? Such an alien team and without the familiarity and known quality of Edwards.

Having said that - and this isn't a massive complement because he would have been stupid not to - credit to Hurst for changing it and making a double change at half time, which you rarely see at only one nil down.

I'm so glad we've scored a good goal. Until now we've scored scrappy goals with a deflection or after a goalkeeping flap from a long throw, for example, and that was a peach of a cross and a good striker's finish. You have to think that will give the team and particularly Jackson some confidence. Shame it didn't inspire him to hit the target with the late chance, HAD to do better.

Mixed emotions. Felt like the Villa game in a way. In that game it was the sending off that inspired us, tonight it was the fact that the first half was so utterly bad that we had to come out and do something. Have to say Villa gave me more confidence to be honest.

In terms of the result we'd have probably taken that, no? Maybe not the manner of it, but with Bolton on Saturday it puts us in an okay mindset.
at 12:00 18 Sep 2018

Any ideas if there is a cut off point to purchase a match pass or can you buy until kick off?

Thanks in advance.
[Post edited 18 Sep 12:01]
Can someone describe The Beat
at 22:14 16 Sep 2018

as a player and liken to him to any current players?

For someone too young to have seen him.

Terribly sad. Seems so unexpected and still young.
Get rid
at 17:30 15 Sep 2018

Of Graeme on radio Suffolk.

Fails to stand up to these idiots calling for the manager's head 7 games in.

Radio Suffolk
at 15:07 15 Sep 2018

Every game this season, until now, has been available online.

Now suddenly its unavailable again, presumably due to contractual reasons. Anyone know if this is likely to be the case from now on? Does it depend on the game and where it is?
Millwall away
at 10:47 13 Sep 2018

Anyone know where away fans sit nowadays at the den, upper/lower or is it a bit of both?
Sorry about the commentary
at 18:41 3 Sep 2018

But a few more highlights from the game via their YouTube.

It's devastating that Walters didn't know how much time and space he had. Krul barely reacted, he could have just turned and knocked it in.
Game re-run
at 16:41 3 Sep 2018

Assume not but is there anywhere you can get a full replay of the match without having recorded it from the red button etc?
Well done Paul Hurst
at 23:44 2 Sep 2018

Can I just say well done to our manager for shaking things up today.

We've had years of being predictable, both in terms of performances and personnel - without having any digs at previous management because that's not what this is - and today, especially with it being a derby, it was bold to make such a statement.

Dropping Bart can be argued for and against, but you can't argue that it sets a standard. What will be interesting is it Gerken ends up making a few mistakes. He did everything right today though, and IIRC played a good game towards the end of last season.

Spence did okay, and Donacien's replacement Pennington didn't put a foot wrong.

Walters playing was the right call, albeit a fairly easy call.
Jackson offering pace was useful and he did certain bits well. Overall it was an attacking team and unpredictable. I for one was surprised, and a little disappointed that Edun didn't play.

More of the same please, with more quality in the final third...and three bloody points!
Composure when it matters
at 15:47 2 Sep 2018

Ward on the corner of the box in acres, decides to shoot (when has he ever come close with a shot from that range?) instead of crossing, drags it wide.

Knudsen in the last minute with a wide free kick. Kicks to Krul's arms instead of getting an angle on it.

So so frustrating, with just an extra ounce of quality and composure we could be talking about three points now.

What an important signing Walters could prove to be. Jackson and Harrison still both struggle to keep hold of the ball.

I genuinely think we improved when Chalobah came on as we started to get close to them and put a foot in, but again frustrating is the word because he also did some things that infuriate you. Spacial awareness is lacking at times and you just want him to have a bit of urgency.

I was astounded that Edun didn't play. In hindsight he should have played in place of Nolan, for me.
at 11:05 2 Sep 2018

Wow wow wow

At that team
Should Jon Walters start against Norwich?
at 10:44 1 Sep 2018

Should Jon Walters start against Norwich?

Your Vote:

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at 18:15 31 Aug 2018

All comes down to how the latter gets on but I'm pretty gutted about this at the minute to be honest. If he's a roaring success like Carter Vickers for example then great but it's pretty uninspiring on paper. Really rate Woolfy.

Anyway, at least now we can now concentrate on Sunday and enjoy our overdue win.
Team for scum
at 12:55 27 Aug 2018

Assuming Nsiala is out - I've convinced myself it won't be rescinded because the foot was up (despite the player being nowhere near him)

Donacien Chambers Knudsen Kenlock
Ward Nolan Skuse Edwards

Feel it would be good to get some balance in the side and while Ward needs to improve massively, he is generally a right midfielder. Roberts may be worth a start finally, though.

Harrison may be useful in this game as a more physical presence than Jackson. Definitely want to see him backing in winning free kicks.
at 19:09 26 Aug 2018

Anyone a tad underwhelmed so far?

This is my own fault as much as anything for overhyping a player in my head before he's joined.

Not a moan, just a question. You can see he's a tidy ball player and he does find space well, but I must admit I was under the impression he was going to be the creative spark we were missing. Doesn't appear to be the case so far, I'd like to see him at the edge of the box more with the confidence to have a pop.

Still time obviously, but I'd love to have Huws and Bishop competing for that spot soon.
Sad to see Waghorn sat on his chuff
at 11:32 22 Aug 2018

He would add so much to our team at the moment.

Even just a shot from distance or a good free kick or corner. Both of things we lack massively at the moment.
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