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at 11:55 16 Feb 2020

Yesterday’s performance oozed it, especially second half. Jackson’s first goal was hugely important.

I’ve slated Jackson at times for having a poor touch and not having enough quality on the ball, which is still the case at times. But he really showed his worth yesterday and got in behind their defence two three times even before the first goal. Should have had a hat trick without doubt.

Judge showing his undoubted quality with his assist. As someone said on the radio if he’d been doing that consistently throughout the season we’d be a lot higher in the table. Showed the merit in delivering an early cross, which we’ve not seen enough from him and others (think that comes down to confidence), and the weight of pass for Jackson’s one on one chance near the end was perfect.

Keane was excellent, with key passes for the first and fourth goals. Real quality on the ball and plays really nicely on the half turn. Again just needs to show it consistently. Norwood should have a job on to get back in the side, which is a nice luxury to have.

Season very much still alive.

Chambo contradicting himself
at 14:32 7 Feb 2020

“I think that helped to lift the pressure a bit. We got ourselves so het up – ‘We’ve got to win, we’ve got to win, we’ve got to win’ – and I think that can take some of the edge off your performance.”

in the same interview;

Chambers: "It Would Be Failure If We Don’t Go Up"

4 - 4 - 2
at 15:13 4 Feb 2020

Is it fair to say if we want to play this formation during the remainder of the season, we're more or less stuffed?

Of players who we can expect to see again this season i.e not Lankester, our wide options are as follows:
Edwards - out and out winger, showed very little this season.
Judge - a number 10, can play wide but we all know it's not ideal
Rowe - recently had surgery, no clear comeback date
Sears - nowhere near fit from what I can see, also not a winger
Garbutt - injured, somewhere in between a wing back and winger
Dobra - number 10 for me, be surprised if he's trusted to start on the wing.
Dear oh dear
at 12:42 31 Jan 2020

The new 'not normal'?
at 22:04 28 Jan 2020

If he's any good at his job (some of his commentary was painful tonight) he will heavily question Lambert on his long ball tactics first half.
at 21:27 28 Jan 2020

My farts could propel a ball further than his right foot. Blimey.
at 20:37 28 Jan 2020

That it took us 44 minutes for someone to decide to keep the ball on the floor and run forward.

Mathie is absolutely right. We’ve clearly so much more in the tank than them, we’re just not bothering to show it. I’m frankly puzzled.

Rotherham are garbage but tall and physical, why are we trying to match them by playing long?
Things that annoy me about football #274648382
at 22:53 22 Jan 2020

Pundits (Keown in this case) saying a defender (Matic) 'should' win a header but at the same time giving credit to the attacker (Mee). Is it bad defending or is it good attacking? Make your mind up.
90 Minute Performance
at 14:36 13 Jan 2020

I was annoyed to miss Saturday.

Allowing for the fact that at 3-0 the game was done and games like that often fizzle out, was that the elusive '90 minute performance' that we'd all been going on about earlier in the season?

Since early November we'd barely seen a 10 minute performance, August to September was full of 45 minutes ones. Was Saturday different to, say the Tranmere or Shrewsbury home games?
John Coleman
at 11:28 11 Jan 2020

He's just on a football league tour himself.

“I have never been to Portman Road so I am looking forward to that, it’s one of nine grounds out of the 92 I haven’t visited so I will tick that off on Saturday."
Jackson’s touch
at 16:37 1 Jan 2020

is abysmal

Can still win this but we need to make it stick up there

As I type Keane comes on...
at 08:46 31 Dec 2019

While we're in the poop, is he not worth a go at right back, as long as Chambers and Wilson are fit?
The negativity is incredible
at 19:16 26 Dec 2019

The negativity of the players is incredible. Blame Lambert, blame the players, whoever. They’re petrified of passing or running forward with the ball.

Brainless today too. Twice in the first half when they pressed us (which they did well) we played the ball back to Norris on his right foot and then acted surprised when he sliced it to the opposition.

General oddness:
Downes benched in a big game in front of a big crowd.
One sub, a player who’s been out for nine months, on for ten mins.
The referee - not making players go off the near side for subs. Fouls and offsides given when advantage could and should have been played.
Not beating the first man at free kicks and corners.

Cole Skuse
at 20:28 14 Dec 2019

All I ever hear about this man is that he is a cultured, classy footballer who has a great range of passing. Why can't he cross a ball?

It occurred to me today that no one in our side, apart from maybe Garbutt, can be trusted to strike the ball off the floor with any kind of force. We're powder puff.

We miss Chambers hugely I think. He was a bit part of our excellent record of clean sheets early on, and they've very much dried up, albeit he hasn't been out for long. As much as Woolfenden is very promising and Wilson has been a pleasant surprise, they're not perfect.

I liked the three strikers in principle, but Jackson and Norwood were often wasted, despite of course combining for the goal. If we had any decent wide players we'd have been better off playing them ahead of Jackson and/or Norwood, but very sadly we don't. Keane played well.
On the fence on Lambert *
at 14:57 13 Dec 2019

He's right. The negativity is incredible considering where we are, and he's even more right when he says we have no divine right to win games or be promoted. We were dead last in the Championship, by a long way, so logic suggests we aren't going to run away with the League One title.

Many people seem to believe we have an unbelievable squad, but I'm really not sure. On paper maybe, but our most important player is Norwood who has not played at this level properly before, and Jackson stepped up from L2 to the Championship and struggled. The squad is good, but not incredible. Remember, the likes of Bishop, Lankester and Sears were some of the main reasons we were optimistic about facing the challenge this year, and we've not seen any of them.

What I would say to counter this, is Lambert has dug himself a bit of a hole when it comes to positivity vs negativity. He often says we are 'a right good team' and the players have been doing fantastic. At times we've really not looked it, and he must know this. I'm surprised he's quite as defensive as he is about the general feeling amongst fans and journos.

*When I say 'on the fence' I don't mean about his position, just his comments.
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at 22:04 2 Dec 2019

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[Post edited 2 Dec 2019 22:04]
at 11:42 29 Nov 2019

Presumably has to play a significant part in at least one of the cup games in the next week?

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