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Watching Huddersfield players' interviews
at 18:27 29 May 2017

Lots of references to Wagner's style of play, isn't half making me depressed about our current situation.

I wonder how many players have had interest from Ipswich and just thought about how we play and ruled us out.

As a side note, this is a long shot but does anyone know if our Play Off Final 90 minutes/Sky coverage on the internet/DVD anywhere?
I like Conte
at 17:23 21 May 2017

Can't stand Chelsea.
at 18:43 19 May 2017

'Expected to go back to France'

Hope not. Decent player in there somewhere and it'd be good if a club was willing to take a punt on him. At the very least he'd be a top end league one player.

Any ideas as to what sort of wage he's on with us?
at 20:07 7 May 2017

We're first on the football league show...
Only saw about 5 minutes first half
at 15:41 7 May 2017

We seemed to be camped in their half, passing it forward (even Skuse!).

What happened? Just mattered more to them?

Any players have a good game?
Calling for his head at the post match lap
at 17:55 29 Apr 2017

Not the time. I was quite glad the applause drowned it out for the most part.

Awful game. Like trying to fight with both arms tied behind your back. He were hopeless and Wednesday didn't break sweat.
Despite being crap
at 19:16 20 Apr 2017

This season has flown by.

I remember exactly where I was listening to the derby game at the end of last. Feels like yesterday.

Wouldn't say I'm angered by Mick's words
at 20:18 17 Apr 2017

But it seems odd timing.

F*ckers? Really?

Can't help having a pop and reminding us that he and nobody else kept us up.

I wonder if he ever listens to fans when they talk about why they're unhappy.
You wouldn't want to be Mrs McCarthy would you
at 17:13 6 Apr 2017

Doesn't take much to set him off at the moment does it??

Someone ponders whether Mr Skuse is valuable enough to the team (it is widely viewed that he is not) and they get snapped at. Quite bizarre.
Jose is deluded beyond belief
at 17:58 15 Mar 2017

Thinks criticism of Pogba is down to envy.

One quote; 'It's not Paul's fault that he earns ten times other players'.

Correct me if I'm wrong but I assume Pogba was and is at least in some way part of the whole #Pogba thing and the silly hair do's? Is that not just simply making the Pogba brand as big as possible to bring in as much money as possible?

If he didn't want attention he should not be so attention seeking. You can't take all the happy clappy attention and then be offended when criticised for playing poor football. Maybe it's only Jose who has an issue with it and Pogba is fine.

Bizarre comments either way.
I like Pitman
at 19:27 11 Mar 2017

But what's all this fuss about his quality ball in?

He lofted a ball, albeit a nice ball, into the box in the 93rd minute? And Mick mentioned it to the players? Is that not what you expect an attacking sub to go on and do?

Is it just me wondering what our standards are? I wonder what the management's reaction will be when they see a proper cross go into the box, if and when that happens?
I know it's easy to criticise someone doing a job you probably couldn't
at 17:33 11 Mar 2017

But Brenner's interview questions aren't actually questions. They're just statements.

He just stated things to Tom Lawrence about the game and invited him to agree with him. Makes for crap radio!
Suffolk caller with the strong Suffolk accent
at 17:16 11 Mar 2017

Does he turn round every time he says something?

at 14:03 11 Mar 2017

Championship side really aren't they.

Can't say I see too many premier league quality players in their squad, and as a team they aren't good enough either.
Nice to see David Haye confirming exactly what Boxing is
at 21:31 28 Feb 2017

An absolute nonsense sport.
[Post edited 28 Feb 21:31]
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