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at 12:46 20 May 2022

What do people think?

When mentioned on various podcasts people seem to be indifferent on him, take him or leave him.

I'm surprised there's not more folk wanting us to snap him up. I think he got gradually better over the season - which he finished with a belter - and unless Harper is going to come back into the fold and suddenly be a different player, I think we should be taking the option on Bakinson.
Watching Brighton vs Man Utd
at 18:09 7 May 2022

Reminds me of several of our McKenna ball performances over the last few months*.

They're all over them, keeping possession for fun and creating half chances all the time. United are basically kicking for touch every time they get the ball.

*Specifically the Wigan game where I thought we were so far and away the better team it was ridiculous.

Trouble is, us and Brighton are quite similar in the sense that you could easily see it ending 1-1.
at 20:09 26 Apr 2022

Best/most talented midfielder to have graced the Premier League?
Didn't know Darren Drysdale was still knocking about
at 22:26 23 Apr 2022

Sending off Harris for Gillingham today with what appeared to be a sly smile.
Who on earth takes control of the RS phone in?
at 17:31 23 Apr 2022

And why do they let over emotional cretins like Craig on every week?
People going early on Baggott I see
at 18:57 16 Apr 2022

I'm not knocking him, that was good for a debut so fair play to him. He lost Smith for the goal though, unfortunately.

My main point is it's no wonder so few youngsters have the mettle to come through at Ipswich. They seem to be overrated from day one.

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Easiest defence of a 1-0 lead I've ever seen. (n/t)
at 14:34 16 Apr 2022

It was like we were prioritizing our philosophy and defensive record over trying to score a goal.
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Love that from Celina
at 13:25 16 Apr 2022

Same reason Norwood took issue with their CB, because they're just fouling us and getting away with it.

Bizarrely Sky are refusing to pick Rotherham up on it. Almost as if they're allowed to do it because they're known for being physical so you have to expect and accept it.
Shocker Norwood (n/t)
at 12:42 16 Apr 2022

at 11:18 8 Apr 2022

He's class and our most talented player. We'd be mad not to try and sign him permanently.

But does anyone else feel he's still only playing at 80%? Not effort wise necessarily, because he does a lot of good work defensively these days. But he was incredibly passive last Saturday. Even accounting for the number of key passes and 'assists of assists' he's laid on recently, I still want him to do more.

I'm assuming, if he does return next season, that he's going to burst into life and be the league's best player, because he probably should be.
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Biggest takeaway from yesterday
at 10:50 3 Apr 2022

which Burns pointed out post match... we're trying to score the perfect goal.

Until we start scoring from set pieces, crosses from wide (not just from the byline), and shots from outside the box, we're going nowhere.
It is what it is
at 17:08 19 Mar 2022

They've done what we can't and that's score from a corner.
Not that anyone didn't have a good game yesterday
at 20:06 13 Mar 2022

But are we agreed Chaplin was one of the better performers?

This season has shown him to be quite a frustrating player because a lot of things he does don't come off. There's a lot of flicks and attempted first time passes and lay offs, but he's so off the cuff that when things come off he's a joy.

The reverse pass for Jackson's chance first half which ended up injuring him was so clever, and Celina's chance second half came from Chaplin not playing the easy ball out wide and instead firing it into the area.

I would probably have Aluko over him most weeks based on their overall games, but sadly we've got Sone at 33 instead of 23.
at 11:14 13 Mar 2022

Deserves a fair bit of credit for yesterday.

He must have felt the pressure of replacing Morsy, probably not helped by us keeping him on the pitch for 12 minutes because we were desperate for him to stay on.

Really kept us ticking second half and was better in the attacking areas than I've seen him before. I really felt it was likely that he or Celina was going to create a good chance or two. Just didn't quite happen.

I don't remember another performance against a promotion rival and supposedly a good team, that we were so superior in. Horribly unlucky not to win but bodes well for the rest of the season and perhaps more crucially, next.

[Post edited 13 Mar 11:20]
at 11:42 2 Mar 2022

Anyone else puzzled that he doesn't start every game? Even accounting for the rotation tactic applied by McKenna, which I understand, he should be the first attacking player on the team sheet.

I'd almost go as far to say he should play every minute when fit, but not quite. Having watched back the game on Saturday the difference after he came on was ridiculous. Did we bother trying to down the right side after he came on? We basically gave him the ball at every opportunity, rightly so. A better wing back going on the outside might have won us that game (this is as big an issue as anything else at the moment).

He hasn't lit up the league like we all expected, probably for various reasons. He should score more goals and have more shots on target, but in terms of assists if strikers aren't putting away chances he's creating, there isn't a whole lot he can do. He would have had 4/5 assists across the last few games had Jackson, Bonne and Norwood been able to finish properly.
That Burns miss was even worse than I thought
at 00:12 23 Feb 2022

Say what you like about Celina but he's put that on a plate having ran from inside his own half. Score that and we probably win the game.

Post match thoughts
at 22:41 22 Feb 2022

- Thompson isn't a wing back. He just doesn't go far enough forward, last 10 mins you had Edmundson marauding forward and desperate for him for make a run forward but he was static. Penney is better suited and we're solid enough defensively to take the risk.

- Pigott did okay on Saturday, but not much more than that. He added nothing tonight. Find it hard to believe that if it was a choice of bringing him or Norwood on (had he been on the bench) that Pigott would have got on. Perhaps unlucky that he was the one that took it off Celina's toes 8 yards out, but it really sums up his situation. Bonne no better unfortunately.

- We didn't vary our game enough during the last 10-15 mins. Did we ever really try putting men in the box and chucking the ball in? Other than getting to the byline and cutting it back occasionally, we didn't cross it. Last 5 mins there was next to no one in the box.

- Missed Evans, both in open play and from set pieces.

- Aluko unlucky not to get on

- Not the end of the world, but one helluva frustrating night.

Damo Delaney / Crystal Palace
at 16:23 16 Feb 2022

Don't know if anyone's clocked the Palace documentary on Prime but it's a good watch for anyone interested.

Generally interesting to hear the story of Palace around the time they were in admin. around 2011/12 and got bought by Parish.

On the footballing side there's a good feature on Delaney and it really drums home how popular he was there with everyone. They interviewed him and you can see why, he comes across as a good bloke and you can see why he'd be a good dressing room voice. He scored some belters for them as well. Just makes me wonder how it went so wrong with him here. He talks about going from negative atmospheres (QPR and Ipswich) to positive ones at Palace.

Aside from anything it was a disgrace really that he left when he did because we had no defenders, but when you look at what he achieved there as well and how he played, it's a bit sickening that we lost him as a player. He was unfairly criticised a lot by our fanbase I felt, remember how solid he and McAuley were together for a season?

I vaguely remember some kind of gents agreement with him and Jewell about him leaving for America? He mentions that his plan was go home to Cork for a few months and then join a club over there when the season started in Jan, but then Palace came in. So it's not as if he completely sold us down the river - either way he clearly didn't want to be here.

Also references to Holloway when he replaced Freedman there. Holloway had made up his mind and as far as he was aware he was coming to Ipswich, so turned Palace down (talks of a great contract offered by Evans). We then got Mick instead so Holloway went to Palace.

Garvan's name pops up a lot as a 'defensive no.10' and set piece specialist as well, which I thought was interesting. Funny to think he played such a part in that season for them, albeit as an understudy to Jonny Williams by all accounts.
Was there any news on their injured player?
at 13:52 6 Feb 2022

Woolfenden got away with a bad one from what I could see, admittedly from a mile away. Looked a clear foul and probably a yellow.

Anyone have a better view?
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