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Best moment yesterday?
at 09:25 16 Dec 2018

Other than the final whistle...

Chambers team talk during the goal celebrations. Gave a quick fist pump and then got all the players together and made sure they were back on it from the restart.

I wish players did more of it, sometimes they seem more interested in celebrating the goal and they lose all focus, and often end up looking foolish.
at 19:56 10 Dec 2018

Some of our goals that day.

Apologies for posting, some have bad memories as it probably saved Jewell's job. Either way, what a game.
I'm sure we all agree the important thing today
at 14:23 8 Dec 2018

is whether Lambert told Bart first
Manager player combinations
at 07:49 8 Dec 2018

you'd love to see.

Unable to sleep and counting down the minutes before getting up for work.

I'll start, Mick Mcarthy and Jimmy Bullard.
Christmas cards going up and we're going down
at 00:55 29 Nov 2018

Sorry if you're the Suffolk caller that I've stolen that line from.

Just got home. Baffled as to how we've lost that. What a balls up.

My two penneth for what it's worth;

My opinion of Lambert being wrong about Donacien is only enforced by Spence's performance(s). A confidence player whose confidence is shot. All three goals down his side. Constantly looks tired, slow and ponderous.

Knudsen is still not good enough, despite the fact he makes the bench for Denmark.

Taking off Roberts made us worse. Jackson offered nothing but pace, which was useless when there was no space in behind. He is not someone to win headers, he reminded me of Nouble at one stage when he had no one challenging him and still did not get his head on the ball.

Bishop was unlucky not to get on. Downes /Chalobah were left on too long without offering anything attacking.

Lankester needs to start a game. Constantly being asked to rescue a point is not fair on him.

As if it needs saying, our corners are beyond embarrassing. For a team in the second tier of English football to not have one player able to beat the first man is incredible. It says everything that we are relying on our two youngest players to deliver set pieces.

One positive was of course Sears. How could anyone not be happy for him. Gutted that he's back in the goals and we're still losing.

Time to start preparing for League one.

Also, I don't know how but I only realised after the game that Webster played tonight. I presume it was because he had little to do!
[Post edited 29 Nov 1:06]
at 00:33 24 Nov 2018

What has the lad done wrong?

Was very surprised to hear Lambert views him as a centre half. If that's the case long term I can't see him making it here.

I really think if we had a couple of full backs who could keep hold of the ball and play genuine forward passes it would improve our play a whole lot. Spence and Knudsen are just not good enough. I'm not saying Donacien is going to turn our season round, but I'm pretty sure he would have defended better one on one for both goals tonight.
Turnstile barcode scanner
at 11:20 23 Nov 2018

Anyone know if they'll scan a screen instead of a paper copy?
More changes
at 14:18 3 Nov 2018

He doesn't know his best team etc etc.

Very interesting with the main talking points being Roberts in, Ward and Nolan out.

Annoyed I can't be there today. Up the Town.
at 19:38 27 Oct 2018

Have we had many worse left backs?
Is there a more appropriate candidate?
at 17:25 25 Oct 2018

Not bad enough for us to be outraged and not too good so he wouldn't consider joining us. Absolutely made for Lambert.

Gutted the whole plan went tits up. No one should take much joy in this. Is this our shortest ever managerial stint?

Credit to Evans for making the decision, but he doesn't come out of this looking very good at all.
at 21:03 24 Oct 2018

Premier league my arse. Jeez. Brilliant tackle by Jonas.
Thoughts on the team
at 19:23 24 Oct 2018

Mainly good. The only pick I don't really like is Spence, I don't feel he's warranted his place when he has played this season, and yet Donacien has, and has been mucked about so much that it must be tough to get a proper rhythm.

Pennington over Nsiala is the right choice, the former has done well. Glad to see Downes in and I always liked Edun and found it puzzling how he lost his place to begin with. Disappointed that Chalobah loses his place but at the same time, while he has been a shining light in recent weeks, other than Swansea he wasn't winning games for us.

And two strikers on the pitch, albeit we'll see how they line up.
Anything I can say about today I'm sure has been said already
at 21:28 20 Oct 2018

It was terrible and almost as bad as it gets. Boro was bad but we accept that they are a particularly good side.

But one thing I will say is that we DO need the signing of a striker. We have Freddie Sears and Kayden Jackson for goodness sake.

I really don't know who, but I know in the situation we're in, and it's a really crap situation, we need someone up there to make it stick.

I don't even think we're playing particularly awful football in terms of style, we try and pass the ball, and are generally reluctant to go long, but the lack of quality and creation is frightening, so we need someone up there to bully a defender or two when we are being direct, and there wouldn't be anything wrong with going direct on our position, if effective.
Ipswich vs Norwich most streamed match story
at 13:52 18 Oct 2018

Still makes me angry.

Walters should have put away that chance.
Standout performances
at 15:27 7 Oct 2018

What a weight off everyone's shoulders first of all. Probably been said in every post on here since the game but it isn't half true.

Mainly wanted to give a shout out to Sears. It was like we'd rewound to 2015 when he was in his pomp, partly due to the performance but also how popular he was in the away end both during and after the game. At the point we all thought he was coming off that was a hell of a noise. I'm surprised he didn't come off because he was knackered! A really impressive, intelligent performance and looked like an experienced championship player.

Other than Sears I felt Toto was an absolute monster. Highlights won't do him any favours because he was just outpaced for the first and then Celina managed to gain a yard on him to score but in general was fantastic - won hearers all over, covered team mates in difficult situations, defended well one on one (Donacien also does this really well).

Other mentions for Dozzell and Downes. The former really added something to the midfield, a calmness on the ball and telling forward passes. And Downes did a great job coming on, pressed quite high and on a couple of occasions won the ball in great areas, just didn't quite manage to create a good enough chance. I think Hurst would have been angry because he'd wanted to get him on for ages and they scored before he could get him on.

Also, Chalobah is starting to show that if he cuts out his mistakes, he's a helluva talent and one we should use. Had to generate power on that header as well, even though the keeper should have done better, well done to Trev.

Onwards and upwards.
Knudsen dropped
at 14:41 6 Oct 2018


Hasn't performed.
Talk of PH going
at 08:18 4 Oct 2018

If we continue this form, i.e not winning and scrapping one or two draws out of three, when do you think ME would act?

Depending on how many points we are adrift at the time, I can't see it being much earlier than late November/early December. If we're still in sight of safety he will get a long time to get this right I feel. Obviously for that to be the case, we need the sides around us to be just as poor as they have been so far.

Never mind when if and when you think he should go, when do you think is likely?
Two moans
at 22:04 3 Oct 2018

Ref last night was rubbish. Fussy, gave needless free kicks but then wasn't consistent.

And their time wasting. Every throw in was like a set piece, taking 30 odd seconds to take.

Sorry, three moans. Knudsen isn't good enough.
If the two very avoidable goals had been avoided
at 13:46 3 Oct 2018

Might last night's game played out very differently?

Chalobah and Donacien good
at 20:43 2 Oct 2018

Nsiala not a ball playing defender. Neither is Chambers but I feel for him with that ending in our net, tried to play the right way when the pass was on, just not good enough to make it.

Graham needs to justify his hype.

I feel glum.
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