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If you were to buy a season ticket at a premier league club
at 21:54 18 Jan 2022

Outside the big clubs, it's hard to look far past Brighton isn't it?

Such a positive and entertaining team. Everyone knows they don't score enough, but they're so good to watch.

Even now they don't really get the recognition they should, it's still considered an upset if they don't lose to Chelsea, but I fancied them to win tonight before the game.
Will Keane
at 20:51 18 Jan 2022

Permission to revisit the fact (opinion) that he was a more than capable striker that we didn't get the best out of, and that we never really played to the strengths of? I would file him alongside Pitman in that sense.

I hope the reason we decided against keeping on was based on fitness, because it was an issue. Of course he's played every game for Wigan this season.

Villa goal ruled out for the block on Cavani
at 21:12 10 Jan 2022

A block that you see several times a game at corners and free kicks, which are regularly praised for being clever defending.

Really odd.
at 20:41 8 Jan 2022

Still fat?
Lee Evans
at 08:47 6 Jan 2022

Only just occurred to me after reading his interview and the stuff about the overlapping CBs that he was at Sheffield United during their promotion year, albeit only played twice.

Scored these two belters the previous year too

Feel like he's had a lot of stick this season, maybe justified, but we've got a classy player on our books in him. It's been far too long since we had someone like him in the middle of the pitch with his range of passing and quality on the ball. The only shame is his role doesn't often facilitate getting near the box because he can strike a ball when he wants to.

I can't see him and Morsy being ousted much as the first choice pairing over the rest of the season.
Has Aluko been mentioned much post match?
at 21:47 18 Dec 2021

Very good today.
Going to continue banging the Penney drum I'm afraid
at 20:24 18 Dec 2021

Gives us much needed balance we've lacked for ages and simply gets us up the pitch. Not perfect defensively but no one is, bar Edmundson perhaps.

KVY did well coming on, but he's not a starting left back, not at all.

Biggest myth of the season is Penney not playing more in November/December.

Best half of the season that first half. First to 90% of second balls, finding space wide and two up top being horrible to play against. Missed Burns so much.

Draw just about fair because we didn't get through them enough second half but still promising. Sunderland obviously aren't mugs.

Anyone see Norwood limping at full time? Do hope that's nothing but history suggests otherwise.
Just checking
at 17:41 18 Dec 2021

Is Norwood still fat?
at 11:11 17 Dec 2021

Apart from obviously wanting to win the game, I really hope the crowd doesn't turn if we don't play well and/or win. I don't buy into the assumption that players have 'downed tools' or however you want to put it. Our form went downhill while their footballing father Paul Cook was still in charge, so I don't see how you can put it all down to the attitude of the squad. It'll be tedious if the team end up with a load of verbals just because they don't get a result.

Chances are we're not going to be free-flowing or overly attacking . It'll be interesting to see if much changes in terms of selections and game plan and if McKenna ends up having any input.
From Ronaldo
at 15:24 16 Dec 2021

to [insert current player's name here]

We're not a big club anymore, we're a small club.
at 22:14 15 Dec 2021

- Terry Butcher.

Bang on.
A summing up of Harris from a Cardiff perspective.
at 10:15 14 Dec 2021

Doesn't tell us a lot to be honest, other than he's likeable.

'You don’t always get what you want, but sometimes you get what you need and Harris, despite being an underwhelming appointment, aimed to set higher standards, on and off the pitch' - might be the most telling comment.

Who knows how it'll turn out (if it's even him).

Freddie on Radio Suffolk just now.
at 17:29 11 Dec 2021

Sticking up for the players and Toto after Charlton and suggesting the fan base need to settle down.

Talking so much sense I'm worried I'm on the wrong station.

Couldn't write it
at 16:42 11 Dec 2021

Massive own goal from all concerned that he hasn't been in the squad all season.
Sacking Cook with no replacement
at 12:21 8 Dec 2021

Makes it look like something changed in the minds of Ashton and the owners fairly quickly and now looks a questionable decision. You wonder if there was some kind of fall out.

We weren't losing every game, in fact he won his final league game. Now we're bumbling along with a stand in manager who is nowhere near the running for the permanent job, playing the same way as the old manager 'but with a few tweaks'.

Doesn't reflect well on the hierarchy.
[Post edited 8 Dec 2021 12:28]
One random and very small thing I'd like to mention on Cook
at 22:35 5 Dec 2021

I don't know about anyone else but I liked his policy on injury talk.

Previously a manager (maybe not Lambert) would say x player is x weeks away, and we'd be counting down the games to when we would or should see x player again.

I quite liked the surprise of seeing a player return from injury, like I'm thinking Burns might do on Tuesday.

And it makes sense. Why show your hand to the opposition if you can help it?
Farewell Paul Cook
at 19:50 4 Dec 2021

Whether you agree or disagree, did you expect it?

I hope he goes with everyones' best wishes. He's tried to create an exciting team and he's never hidden his intentions or his philosophy. You can argue this was his downfall but I imagine he's been like that at other clubs, someone correct me if so. It's also an attitude that many people have wanted to see for years - it turns out it's not enough.

If they were going to do it this season I'm glad they've done it now. I'm genuinely quite sad Cook won't lead the team out for POPR but it's not hard to see why the club have seen an opportunity, and how it could have gone so wrong if they hadn't.

The whole reason they started POPR was because of how Paul Cook had got the team playing and the excitement that was running through the fan base. A lot of people have said they enjoyed going to games again, even despite our league position, and I'd subscribe to that too.

Very excited now to see what the club do.

at 11:23 2 Dec 2021

[Post edited 2 Dec 2021 11:24]
at 20:42 1 Dec 2021

They rank above every other team of the Premier League era don't they?

I know Everton are seriously off it but everything Liverpool do is perfect.
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