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Robson Foundation
at 12:10 21 Mar 2018

10 years old today.

Found his SPOTY speech on BBC this morning and realised I'd never seen it. Absolutely fantastic. Always seemed like the kind of guy that if he was talking, you would listen.

Is there anyone like him in the modern game?
at 12:06 18 Mar 2018

I may have missed it, but was there any justification of the number of minutes the likes of Celina, Morris and Drinan got yesterday?

Have we just given up caring and now can't wait for the season to end?
We deserved nothing from that
at 20:03 17 Mar 2018

Lets have it right Mick. You're sticking two fingers up at the supporters by saying that.

First sub on 83 minutes, farcical. Second sub 90+. Was he so deluded he thought we looked like scoring before those changes? Just bizarre. Celina, even though he's not THAT good, given 10 minutes to conjure something out of absolutely nothing.

It was a disgrace.
If there's an overall positive from Mick's time, is it this?
at 21:37 14 Mar 2018

No I know its awful, but I couldn't help sharing.
Sad thing is
at 23:42 13 Mar 2018

We played alright with the ball tonight.

Not great, don't get me wrong, but better than Saturday and I'd argue better than Cardiff. We clearly made an effort to keep the ball on the deck first half (it's sad we have to get to this point before we try and play football).

We just got torn apart. Hull looked a threat most times they came forward, maybe we made them look good with our defending but they just looked quality. They won't go down surely.

Trouble is the rest of the performance is skewed by the fact we're two and then three goals down. Hull are just playing out the minutes by then. We played alright second half, because Hull basically didn't care that we had the ball.

I hated the ole's and jeering etc. Really didn't think it helped and I thought it was embarrassing and sad seeing grown men, middle aged and older men doing over the top laughs and sarcastic cheering at certain passages of play. The hoof shouts were just annoying and lame. I don't have a problem with Mick chants, he's the main one we have a problem with, but so clearly jeering the players half way through is just pointless. I actually thought the huddle at the end was classy and I liked it.

Sad sad night though. It will just be a messy situation until the season's end, and I'm pretty sure he will go. Big big summer.
Haven't bothered reading the board yet
at 19:26 10 Mar 2018

But to add my opinion, awful today, unsurprisingly.

How anyone can defend the management after performances like that (and its regular) is baffling.
Am I dreaming?
at 22:00 6 Mar 2018

Do we finally have a set piece specialist?

Guu on Waggy.
Good win today
at 21:40 24 Feb 2018

But I'm still not having it that we played well on Wednesday.

Doesnt change much, we will continue to be inconsistent as we have been for 2 and a half years, and limp to somewhere between 10th and 15.

Oh, and same again next year by the sounds of it.

Just spreading the joy.
Keane was right
at 16:23 23 Feb 2018

We as a club and fan base are a bit nice aren't we?

You can't help but feel that at a bigger club (perhaps it just comes down to the number of supporters) the pressure on Evans to act would be too much.

This isn't a criticism as such, just a talking point. I'd like to know what Mick's comments on 'minority' were based on, as from our point of view it doesn't seem like a small section, does it?
Radio suffolk
at 23:54 21 Feb 2018

Forget Brenner not asking proper questions, why does Mark presenting not offer any opinion or debate on the subjects callers bring up? Someone made a really good straight to the point statement tonight and he just went silent, then asked if the caller was still there, which he was, waiting for a reply to his point.

Really painful which is a shame as there were a few good calls tonight. Rant over.
Im in a little disbelief
at 23:43 21 Feb 2018

That people believe we played well tonight.

Incredible. We never troubled the keeper, maybe Sears was the exception to that first half but even that was blocked before the keeper could save it.

I can't understand what was going through Mick 's head. Every change was late. Bru on 85 minutes, utterly pointless. Waghorn not until 75, far too late. Make the changes on 55-60 minutes and inject some positivity. We never looked like scoring.

Genuinely thought we'd make up for our last home showing tonight, but it was more of very similar.
Suffolk caller
at 22:06 21 Feb 2018

Blaming luck and the referee

"brilliant performance"

Garry Monk?
at 23:17 19 Feb 2018

Putting his name out there. Surprised he hasn't been mentioned much.

Wouldn't you love to know what work Evans has done so far in manager searching?
Second half
at 17:40 18 Feb 2018

Was a poor performance with no forward thrust. We just refused to calm down, it was as if they'd been told they'd have to keep playing at 100mph to stand a chance. Numerous balls down the channel from free kicks and throw ins that just gifted them goal kicks. Oh and the long throws that reared their very ugly heads.
Let's clear one thing up
at 15:17 18 Feb 2018

F*ck off was aimed at us. Let's not dance around it. It does show how much he has bottled it up so far and how unable he was to control his feelings at that precise moment. And that's not necessarily a criticism, but I would say he deserves most the stick he's had for style of play etc.

Not a lot you can say about the end result, other than "can't believe it" as I said to myself about 50 times before leaving the ground.

First half we murdered them. The reason we've lost today is that we didn't score first half, and that says a lot about us as a side in general. They were unlikely not to score at all, hell Bart saved our arses a few times. Who would have thought he would be the one to cost us? (on first viewing he could have kicked for touch, someone else said Jonas was at fault.)

You can't help wondering about the subs. I know we've scored after they were all made but McGoldrick Hyam and Spence. It was a bit baffling.

Whatever. Gutted.
Let's clear one thing up
at 15:10 18 Feb 2018

full post above
[Post edited 18 Feb 21:03]
Well what will be will be
at 23:34 17 Feb 2018

We live in hope.
This might be a given
at 15:34 17 Feb 2018

But isn't Chris Sutton utterly annoying?

My own fault for watching BT Sport I guess but my word!
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