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Anything I can say about today I'm sure has been said already
at 21:28 20 Oct 2018

It was terrible and almost as bad as it gets. Boro was bad but we accept that they are a particularly good side.

But one thing I will say is that we DO need the signing of a striker. We have Freddie Sears and Kayden Jackson for goodness sake.

I really don't know who, but I know in the situation we're in, and it's a really crap situation, we need someone up there to make it stick.

I don't even think we're playing particularly awful football in terms of style, we try and pass the ball, and are generally reluctant to go long, but the lack of quality and creation is frightening, so we need someone up there to bully a defender or two when we are being direct, and there wouldn't be anything wrong with going direct on our position, if effective.
Ipswich vs Norwich most streamed match story
at 13:52 18 Oct 2018

Still makes me angry.

Walters should have put away that chance.
Standout performances
at 15:27 7 Oct 2018

What a weight off everyone's shoulders first of all. Probably been said in every post on here since the game but it isn't half true.

Mainly wanted to give a shout out to Sears. It was like we'd rewound to 2015 when he was in his pomp, partly due to the performance but also how popular he was in the away end both during and after the game. At the point we all thought he was coming off that was a hell of a noise. I'm surprised he didn't come off because he was knackered! A really impressive, intelligent performance and looked like an experienced championship player.

Other than Sears I felt Toto was an absolute monster. Highlights won't do him any favours because he was just outpaced for the first and then Celina managed to gain a yard on him to score but in general was fantastic - won hearers all over, covered team mates in difficult situations, defended well one on one (Donacien also does this really well).

Other mentions for Dozzell and Downes. The former really added something to the midfield, a calmness on the ball and telling forward passes. And Downes did a great job coming on, pressed quite high and on a couple of occasions won the ball in great areas, just didn't quite manage to create a good enough chance. I think Hurst would have been angry because he'd wanted to get him on for ages and they scored before he could get him on.

Also, Chalobah is starting to show that if he cuts out his mistakes, he's a helluva talent and one we should use. Had to generate power on that header as well, even though the keeper should have done better, well done to Trev.

Onwards and upwards.
Knudsen dropped
at 14:41 6 Oct 2018


Hasn't performed.
Talk of PH going
at 08:18 4 Oct 2018

If we continue this form, i.e not winning and scrapping one or two draws out of three, when do you think ME would act?

Depending on how many points we are adrift at the time, I can't see it being much earlier than late November/early December. If we're still in sight of safety he will get a long time to get this right I feel. Obviously for that to be the case, we need the sides around us to be just as poor as they have been so far.

Never mind when if and when you think he should go, when do you think is likely?
Two moans
at 22:04 3 Oct 2018

Ref last night was rubbish. Fussy, gave needless free kicks but then wasn't consistent.

And their time wasting. Every throw in was like a set piece, taking 30 odd seconds to take.

Sorry, three moans. Knudsen isn't good enough.
If the two very avoidable goals had been avoided
at 13:46 3 Oct 2018

Might last night's game played out very differently?

Chalobah and Donacien good
at 20:43 2 Oct 2018

Nsiala not a ball playing defender. Neither is Chambers but I feel for him with that ending in our net, tried to play the right way when the pass was on, just not good enough to make it.

Graham needs to justify his hype.

I feel glum.
Dozzell to start
at 13:42 2 Oct 2018

Just a sneaky suspicion.
at 19:11 29 Sep 2018

Goal for our new number 10, and a good looking goal.

First time we've scored two goals since Blackburn.

Not bottom.

Unbeaten in three.

Gutted of course, but we keep going. Sooner we accept it's going to be a hard season the better.
Huws and Bish
at 17:14 27 Sep 2018

Best to quash any notion of either being involved in the first team again I feel.

Anything more will be a bonus.

Sad though. Scandalous to think we first saw Bishop almost exactly four years ago at Derby - and he was good that day - and how little he has done in the game since.
at 11:17 23 Sep 2018

We know he's underperformed for the last year or two but surely he is worth a spot on the bench?

We were struggling to even put a dangerous cross into the box yesterday and while he's not Beckham, Sears can cross a half decent ball.

When you've got Walters who a few days ago the manager said was unlikely to play, on the bench instead of him, add to that Harrison who has contributed nothing, it looks horribly bleak for Freddie.

Anyone agree or disagree?
Trying to stay positive without denying I'm worried
at 18:54 22 Sep 2018

Just a few thoughts.

I don't get Donacien not playing. We proved on Tuesday we aren't completely reliant on Walters (we are to an extent!) and he was a doubt already, so one of our best players so far when he's played, should have played. A chance to get a settled back four, would have just taken a decision between Pennington and Nsiala which a manger should be able to make.

As someone else has said I think, it's worrying that Skuse was probably our most positive/threatening midfielder today in terms of driving forward. Nolan was always in an advanced position but has no ability to skip past a man and play a good pass or have a shot. I hate to look back but I wish we'd got Windass either instead of or in addition to Nolan.

Jackson was dangerous first half (was that not a penalty?) but after going a man down obviously they got deeper and he had less space, and like Harrison can't really hold it up.

My biggest annoyance is our abysmal set pieces. Absolutely shocking and when things aren't clicking in open play it's infuriating when we can't deliver a good ball. I don't care who had the final say or even if he asked to leave, selling Waghorn looks an awful decision.

Same old story. Quality isn't there. Even Edwards is struggling to provide a real killer cross or ball, or is it that people aren't getting in the right positions? I don't know. I wish we'd gone a bit more long ball in the last few minutes. The whistle went while we were playing it around in midfield.

Hurst has a job on his hands. Radio Suffolk seemed to be surprised that he didn't admit to being more worried post match which I didn't understand. Why is he going to admit to being seriously worried even if he is?

He still needs time. We're not binning our new manager after 10 games. We all say give it 10 games and we'll see how we are, but that doesn't mean if we're not doing well we should automatically sack the manager.

I don't know what the answer is, no one does. But he needs something because it doesn't look good right now.
Edwards on the left today?
at 08:51 22 Sep 2018

Seems a mystery we haven't really tried it much. No?

Two main objectives today. Get Nolan on the ball when he's in space and use Jackson's pace down the channels.

I've got a nasty feeling we're going to see more changes, which isn't what this team needs right now. Do the right thing Paul!
Well what the hell was that about
at 23:18 18 Sep 2018

That team selection and system. Just odd.
Why Spence after Saturday? Why Donacien out of position again? Why no Kenlock when you're playing wing backs? Such an alien team and without the familiarity and known quality of Edwards.

Having said that - and this isn't a massive complement because he would have been stupid not to - credit to Hurst for changing it and making a double change at half time, which you rarely see at only one nil down.

I'm so glad we've scored a good goal. Until now we've scored scrappy goals with a deflection or after a goalkeeping flap from a long throw, for example, and that was a peach of a cross and a good striker's finish. You have to think that will give the team and particularly Jackson some confidence. Shame it didn't inspire him to hit the target with the late chance, HAD to do better.

Mixed emotions. Felt like the Villa game in a way. In that game it was the sending off that inspired us, tonight it was the fact that the first half was so utterly bad that we had to come out and do something. Have to say Villa gave me more confidence to be honest.

In terms of the result we'd have probably taken that, no? Maybe not the manner of it, but with Bolton on Saturday it puts us in an okay mindset.
at 12:00 18 Sep 2018

Any ideas if there is a cut off point to purchase a match pass or can you buy until kick off?

Thanks in advance.
[Post edited 18 Sep 12:01]
Can someone describe The Beat
at 22:14 16 Sep 2018

as a player and liken to him to any current players?

For someone too young to have seen him.

Terribly sad. Seems so unexpected and still young.
Get rid
at 17:30 15 Sep 2018

Of Graeme on radio Suffolk.

Fails to stand up to these idiots calling for the manager's head 7 games in.

Radio Suffolk
at 15:07 15 Sep 2018

Every game this season, until now, has been available online.

Now suddenly its unavailable again, presumably due to contractual reasons. Anyone know if this is likely to be the case from now on? Does it depend on the game and where it is?
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