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Play Offs
at 14:08 10 May 2024

What's the betting Sky get McKenna in the studio/pitch-side for punditry for the final?

They'd love that and so would I, especially if either of Leeds and Norwich lose.

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Which part of the season has felt the most surreal?
at 12:58 3 May 2024

Being a day away from needing a point to secure promotion is well up there, but for me it was the period between September and November where we seemed to be scoring three or four goals every home game, and winning most away 1-0.

The good start we had could have been put down to momentum and like many people predicted you might have thought we'd fall away, but how we sustained it and blew teams away over the next 3 months was unreal.

By the time December rolled around I think a lot of us realised we were the real deal and had a great shot at promotion. Since the new year we've never really been out of it and across the piece we've been the most consistent team. Fewest losses comfortably, and no back to back defeats.

"Still a job to do tomorrow" etc

Trains from Norwich on Saturday
at 11:37 2 May 2024

Any particular one people are aiming for?
It's probably been said before
at 00:49 1 May 2024

In fact it's definitely been said before.

These players are mentality monsters. On quality and ability alone they shouldn't be where they are, I think they would probably admit that. But they, generally, do not suffer set backs.

The way we reacted to all the Hull goals on Saturday, and how we reacted to Cov's goal tonight, showed that.

Stoppage time (and probably 10-15 minutes before it) was horrible. The dark haired chap in the away end on sky gurning in anguish would have made me burst out laughing if I wasn't so tense myself. I could see why the cameraman kept going back to him, it really captured the emotion.

Shout outs to the whole squad but particularly tonight to;

Sarmiento - so so busy offensively and defensively, needs to aim for the corners more but gives us so much forward thrust and clever touches. Was heavily involved in us seeing out the game as well.

Burgess - same old story really but he takes charge and heads everything

Fridge - to come in again from the relative cold and perform like that. Says everything about McKenna's management. He's never let players stay too far away from things even when they don't look like regular starters (Edmundson, Jackson, Harness etc)

Burns and Hirst - these two get a joint mention for being in similar situations fitness wise. The last two games both of them have been unreal. Physically they are massive for us. Imagine if they'd both been fit the whole season?

One more push 🙏
Gary Neville
at 15:52 28 Apr 2024

A fantastic example of why putting ex players in the VAR studio is a terrible idea.

If a game tells the story of our season
at 23:15 27 Apr 2024

It was possibly that, apart from the result obviously. And that's in no way a negative.

Based on that I think you have to accept teams will always get chances against us and that 3-3 was just about fair, I thought Hutch was going to get a hat trick and seal it but it wasn't to be. A Hull winner wasn't out of the question either, so we have to take the point and move on.

Hirst showed us within about 5 minutes what we'd been missing, I thought he and Burns were incredible considering the time out. Moore was good when he came on but I still thought he could have done better with a few situations.

Superb team, brilliant entertainment. Hutchinson scoring worldies.

What a season.

at 22:24 27 Apr 2024

Class act.
Morsy has received that pass a thousand times this season
at 20:49 27 Apr 2024

And dealt with it fine.

That was his fault, not Hladky. He didn't know what and who was around him.
Long way to go
at 09:28 27 Apr 2024

Seen people saying if we win tonight we've got one foot in the PL.

Even if we win tonight, if we happen to lose on Tuesday we'll go into Saturday feeling like we have to win.

Huddersfield might be poor, but it's not Exeter.
West Brom
at 22:26 24 Apr 2024

To think there's a chance they don't make the play offs.

Just the 18 seconds wasted during stoppage time was it ref?
at 22:02 22 Apr 2024

'cking hell. Disgrace
Isn't it great to witness a sport ruin itself? (n/t)
at 18:15 21 Apr 2024

I don't want Leeds or Leicester to up
at 17:03 20 Apr 2024

But I really don't like Russel Martin.

Proper chav and bad loser.
How many yellow cards has KDH had for diving this season?
at 12:59 20 Apr 2024

Best atmosphere all season
at 15:55 13 Apr 2024

Filled with stress
Random thoughts at the end of a frustrating night
at 00:35 11 Apr 2024

Thought there were one or two changes too many.* Dropping/resting Chaplin at home is a very big call, I'm not sure there was a need to do the same with Woolfy - Edmundson didn't do anything wrong that I can remember but LW brings more calm and often drives us on second half when we're attacking.

*If any of it was down to illness or knocks etc, then fair enough. Games are probably catching up with us a little bit. Glad we don't have a journey to make this weekend, and the break after that is welcome.

We miss Burns, as if we didn't already know. Remember when he came on against Bristol City the other week? He was electric and while Watford didn't give us much space I think he would have added a lot.

We played well enough first half and that's when we needed to win the game. Hutchinson grew into it and offers better creativity than Chaplin, but I feel he's less likely to get on the end of moves and score.

The Moore header needed to be buried.

Whenever I watch Watford I think they're handy. Don't understand why they've been mid table all season.

Any ideas why Chaplin played on the 'wrong' side when he came on? He barely had a kick. Made more sense to me to get him playing give and goes with Clarke and Hutchinson, and let Sarmiento play the inside left position. Felt very rogue.

Definitely thought the last kick was going in before Hladky clawed it away. Crime against football that they played for the whistle from the corner instead of slinging it into the box.

All in all, disappointing but only in the context of how insanely brilliant we've been at home all season.

Onto Saturday.

[Post edited 11 Apr 0:37]
Yesterday was poor
at 20:50 7 Apr 2024

But was it a totally different away performance from what we're used to?

We haven't played particularly 'well' away from home for a while, not consistently bad or anything but we haven't comfortably won games away from home all season, bar the occasional Millwall/Sheff Wed.

I also kept hearing people saying we would shine in the last 15 minutes. That was mostly off the back of last Monday I think, we don't generally score late equalizers or winners away from home.

We're a very different team home and away, and that's been a strength and probably very deliberate throughout the season.

If Chaplin buries that chance from the classic Leif cut back we probably gain confidence and potentially push for a winner. It could have looked a whole better if something had just gone for us.

Have to credit them as well. If false league positions exist they are quite possibly in one. Sargent was a pest all game (they obviously missed him while he was injured), they worked very hard and they capitalized on their spell of pressure, albeit with the help of the referee.

Anyway, the next week will be big for us!
It meant more to them
at 14:32 6 Apr 2024

Not in a disparaging way towards our players, but they cared more about stopping us winning than getting three points themselves.

We've got bigger fish to fry.

Enjoy your battle for 6th scum..
"McKenna doesn't play mind games"
at 11:38 6 Apr 2024

He does and I love it
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