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Not sure what I've just seen
at 22:19 1 Oct 2019

Not seen many better performances for quality of passing and finishing than Bayern.

Lewandowski's second in particular, for Coutinho's flick and technique of the finish. The body shape is almost unnatural but it couldn't have been placed better.

Question about footballers/other points
at 00:02 29 Sep 2019

Short corners.

Someone more knowledgeable than I, please explain.

Second half - I think we were 4-1 up at this stage - we have a corner that Garbutt floats in, Norwood does great to wriggle free and get a strong header on goal that the keeper has to beat away. So we get another corner, what do we do? Jackson finds himself free from his marker so decides there's some kind of 'opportunity' to race towards the taker and demand the ball, which Garbutt duly gives him. From there the set piece/attack goes to turd, and the chance to get the ball in the box to grab our striker, who is desperate for a goal, another chance. Okay, we're comfortable, but if we were playing for time then don't send your CBs forward in the first place. Without doubt the short corner is the most frustrating thing to see when as a fan you want your team to score.

Rant over. Other than that, we were just too good for them second half. I don't really see the Jackson goal as lucky because Garbutt takes such a good kick that is a bit too hot for the keeper.

I like that Judge grew into things, first half an hour he wasn't in the game much but just before half time he sent a peach of a cross into the box which was a great example of his quality, and second half he played a good part despite not scoring a good chance himself, a nice ball through to Jackson for Nolan's goal in particular. I do worry that people are expecting too much of him and become frustrated when he's not the main man. If we accept he is just part of a good team and provides the odd bit of quality, it'll be better for everyone, including him. A good few players ran to congratulate him after Nolan's goal.

Other positives, KVY obviously, what a player. James Wilson, not a massively cultured footballer (I don't care too much) but what a good defender on today's showing. Between these two for MOTM in my opinion.
[Post edited 29 Sep 0:16]
at 10:39 24 Sep 2019

What have people made of him so far having come back from injury?

The only game he seems to have had a proper involvement in was Bolton. Is that fair?

I'd have hoped he would be one to hit the ground running in League One. Considering how bad we were as a whole last year he did okay.
Not town related but
at 21:08 17 Sep 2019

Eisa and Toney are ridiculously good at scoring goals.
Luke Chambers - Ireland
at 19:38 10 Sep 2019

Am I right in thinking he qualifies?

If so, has he never been in contention? If not, why not? Just not good enough? Sensible answers only.
OTD - what could have been
at 16:20 30 Aug 2019

Could we have done any more to re-create the Shefki return of 2008? I doubt it.

Does anyone wish Walters' return hadn't happened or was it worth having him back for that short while? After all he did provide the assist for Edwards against them. He also got injured while creating what was pretty much our only opening in that terrible game against Bolton.
Leeds - Amazon
at 12:30 30 Aug 2019

I like all the behind the scenes bits, but my word how much better it is with the sound off.

Like with the Sunderland one, when they interview the same dullard fans all the way through, I cringe a little.

Quite enjoying the current episode however, as it's all about spygate and they're all exercising their 'poor Leeds' routine.
We're not resting players today are we?
at 12:33 24 Aug 2019

Play at full strength. If injuries happen, we've got a bit of depth to call on if we need it.

KVY Chambers Woolfenden Kenlock
Rowe Skuse Downes George
Jackson Norwood

If you want to experiment

KVY Chambers Woolf Kenlock
Doz Downes
Jackson Norwood

Either way, two up front. Let them continue to get an understanding. Score goals.
Ever felt like we've won a game by accident?
at 00:54 21 Aug 2019

I don't think I've ever said that until tonight.

We scored two and they scored one, so we deserved to win, but I didn't feel like that if I'm honest. I didn't think we really looked like scoring, apart from corners.

I was always wary tonight could be damp squib, an anti climax etc, because of the expectation of a win, but that first half was as flat as it can get. I thought they did a good job of pressing us and didn't allow us much space, but we had three midfielders on, four if counting El Mizouni (who was half decent), and we had so few spells of passing in the middle of the pitch and seemingly no game plan. Most of our ball came between the back four. I half expected Lambo to make a change during the first half it was so bad.

Second half picked up but even then I think that was simply because of personnel and we still didn't create much. This wasn't helped by the fact we had lots of play out wide but sadly two full backs who aren't great crossers. I'm sure Donacien's evening has been covered at length already on here.

Wonderful corner from Judgey. I hope those who said after the Sunderland game we should have let QPR have him are having a re-think. Norwood's header was a better one than I thought having seen it back.

Could that Jackson goal see him really kick on? Impressively confidence finish.

All in all a slightly worrying game, but as the cliche goes if you're playing badly and winning games you're doing something right.

This was sort of predictable
at 20:43 20 Aug 2019

But it doesn’t excuse it.

No ideas, no space.

Norwood should have scored. Really disappointing half.
Assuming Keane is not yet fit
at 17:43 20 Aug 2019

Who from our injured list would you have for tonight’s game if you could only pick one? Let’s assume they would be fully fit.

Nolan (been on bench but not played yet)

I’m probably missing a couple. Easily done.
Player ratings
at 22:13 10 Aug 2019

Holy - if people don't think Bart commanded his box I worry about what they'll say about him. Could have come for a lot of long balls and didn't. Didn't have a lot to do in terms of shot stopping. 6
Donacien - I like him defending, not so much attacking. Did okay overall but needs to improve crossing. 6.5
Woolfenden - Did he put a foot wrong? 8
Chambers - Is last season's captain going to be the same player this season, or was that a blip? That type of mistake was uncharacteristic I feel. He is a fairly no nonsense defender most of the time. 5.5
Kenlock - Tends to come out of defensive tussles with the ball but makes me nervous at the same time, feel he will concede chances at times. Again not a great crosser. Shanked one in particular badly. 6.5
Skuse and Downes - Did a lot of good. Downes in particular. 7.5
Rowe - Good first half, should try and get more shots off. Was a good out ball. Tired second half. 6.5
Garbutt - Impressive, lovely goal. Solid midfielder on early viewing. 7.5
Norwood - Looked good and hungry first half, good link play. Didn't get much out of their defence second half. 6.5
Jackson - Finds gaps with his pace but often looks toothless. Probably needs a goal to get going. Yellow for diving looked harsh and his reaction said it all. 6

Judge - give him time.
Dozzell - added a little bit of guile and crossing but wide midfield isn;'t his position as we know.
Roberts - didn't have long enough. Might be useful for a bit of physicality at times.
Observations after watching Quest highlights
at 10:48 5 Aug 2019

Garbutt's shot didn't hit Rowe, hit O'Toole.

Holy is a nutcase.

We're gonna win the league.
Notable mentions
at 21:13 27 Jul 2019

Holy seems to have claimed a starting place at Burton.

Downes is turning into a really good, wiry, battling midfielder who isn’t afraid to go forward. But also one that needs to clam down.

Our game plan relies on Judge finding Norwood in the box, which he can do with ease at times.

Huws looks good. I feel some people have gone way over the top about his qualities and I’m still not convinced by he could ‘boss’ L1 but he was better than I thought he’d be today. He’s able to turn quickly and carry the ball. Makes it look simple.

Garbutt’s left food isn’t so brilliant on first viewing. Hopefully just an off day.

at 19:33 27 Jul 2019


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