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Hot take
at 13:28 17 Sep 2021

Norwood to start tomorrow.
at 22:04 15 Sep 2021

Will have been a month since our last away game. I can see the players and management looking forward to a change of scenery and perhaps not feeling the pressure of having to take the game to the opposition so much.

We just need to stay a bit more solid and be patient. We should always score goals with our options. It's all about the goals against column right now.

Assuming it'll continue to be 4-2-3-1, my team would be;

Donacien Edmundson Burgess Coulsen*
Evans Carroll
Burns Fraser Aluko

*Do think Penney is unlucky not to be playing though.

I'd also be quite happy to see Norwood instead of Fraser and play 4-4-1-1.
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at 18:58 14 Sep 2021

When the latter came on Saturday I was fine with it, despite not being a Jackson fan, as I assumed it meant Piggot was being 'saved' for tonight - plus the game was obviously gone.

Makes tonight's team look a bit odd. Looking forward to Norwood getting back in though.
Not looking to criticize the fanbase
at 17:50 11 Sep 2021

though I know it'll come across that way. Not intended.

Do you think Portman Road offers an atmosphere that would lift you when things aren't going well?
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at 14:22 11 Sep 2021

Seems a fair few are writing him off. 'Strange signing, don't need him' etc.

Doesn't make sense. He clearly hasn't been fit and he needs minutes to get up to speed. With Edwards out it makes sense to chuck him in.

Debutants tomorrow
at 10:22 10 Sep 2021

Presumably Edmundson and Walton?
at 09:45 7 Sep 2021

Chances of him playing on Saturday?

Bench you'd think?
Morsy's red
at 20:14 31 Aug 2021

Shame if he misses three games from the off.

Presume the appeal will still go ahead for the sake of the player? Boro could sack it off now he's leaving.
[Post edited 31 Aug 20:14]
Biggest thing that's annoyed me about TWTD today
at 13:17 27 Aug 2021

I really enjoyed the Neville/Keane interview linked in Phil's story.

Also annoying is agreeing with some of the things he says.
Hladký question
at 17:05 21 Aug 2021

I've not seen the game so I'm going purely on suggestions that he could have done better with the free kick, but I did see Morecambe and Cheltenham.

Why was he so widely viewed as such an upgrade on Holy?
Probably been done to death
at 02:54 18 Aug 2021

But tonight left you feeling flat.

Really odd lack of early substitutions and particularly no Dobra.
Piggot wasn't doing anything but at the very least would give defenders something to think about if you're putting balls on top of them in the final minutes - they must have been buzzing when Jackson came on.

Edwards got no ball second half, having been almost devastating first half. Suppose you give credit to the opposition for that, but we could have swapped him and Fraser and tried changing things.

Bonne is a willing runner, but he'll run out of puff if you're constantly sending balls into the channel, and not even good balls.

We missed Norwood as an option, either to start or come on.

I'd not seen a midfield display like Evans against Morecambe since Bullard a decade ago (how scary is that?), but he struggled tonight. Harper better probably but perhaps both need to affect things more from the centre.

Not panic stations, far from it. We've no divine right to get promoted, and we'll lose games. Need to restore balance when we come up against the bigger sides. Very much looking forward to getting Edmundson in and getting the likes of Norwood and Chaplin back fit.

We go again.
Tomorrow night
at 09:14 16 Aug 2021

Can't see anywhere suggesting proof of a negative test or vaccination is required. Can anyone confirm or deny?
at 21:56 11 Aug 2021

Who else has clocked the likeness to Jon Walters? The young one obviously, not the loan version of 3 years ago.

The way he runs, the leap, he's quite lean. Hopefully he can do well enough to get a move here and have as much success.
at 17:56 7 Aug 2021

Isn't that what we wanted? Think we got it today on balance and you'd always rather a 2-2 than a 0-0, which we got a lot of last season.

100 attacking players signed and hardly any defenders - showed didn't it? I'm not complaining, Edmundson will come in and there'll be more.

General thoughts:

Evans is a class act. How depressing to think of the midfielders that have put on the shirt and started every week over the last few years. Yes, sorry that is a dig largely aimed at Skuse, but others as well. The passes out to KVY all afternoon, and those for Penney second half were a joy. Really stood out.

Piggot didn't have a great day and doesn't look overly suited to that no.9 role, but showed some good touches and forward passes when coming deep second half.

Chaplin didn't see enough ball and appeared quiet, but still got a good assist. I can see him playing an important role.

Norwood changed the game in our favour. I always felt it was a bit odd a lot of people seemed to assume he was now third choice striker. Came on and showed real hunger to get amongst their defence, he's always the most fired up player on the pitch, and won the only high ball he got played into him for the goal. Deserves credit, and he also deserved the right to give the ref a mouthful for being conned by their right back in the corner, that was a disgrace.

A point feels an anti climax but as others have said if Woolfenden doesn't do that I think we win the game. They never looked a threat second half and with the likes of Bonne and Norwood to come I fancied us. Earlier changes would have been nice.

Hope negativity doesn't seep in just because we were held by Morecambe. Onwards and upwards.
Of all the youngsters potentially leaving
at 16:20 24 Jun 2021

Apart from maybe Dobra, Lankester is the one that is the most disappointing to hear about.

Strange one.
at 16:10 13 Jun 2021

Shearer gushing about Mings' long passes down the left. Good to hear as it's something that he, and Cresswell before him, did very well in the Championship.

Good performance and good post match interview.
Blackpool vs Lincoln then
at 15:00 30 May 2021

Which former Town left footer would we rather see promoted, Tayo Edun or Luke Garbutt?
at 12:29 28 May 2021

Even without hindsight, what an odd thing to say.
at 20:34 18 May 2021

Scores against City.

Brighton have been awesome.
[Post edited 18 May 21:18]
at 13:15 13 May 2021

This is a rather small point considering the amount of debate and emotion on here today, but he's unlucky if he's one of those to be chucked , isn't he?

He was probably the biggest highlight of a miserable relegation season. He's then injured for what, 18 months? Comes back, plays a few games and scores twice during the first half of the season. Hasn't been seen since and now he's going to be out the door?

I know people will probably feel more strongly about the likes of Woolfenden, Downes, Dozzell, Dobra etc. But at least they have proved, if you like, that they're not up to it (Cook might think) and/or might want to leave anyway (Downes?) but Lankester has barely had a chance and when he has he's not disgraced himself.

He had a few iffy moments this season. I seem to remember he gave the ball away for one of the Charlton goals quite badly. But if we're talking about wanting players to give a little bit more and try things, surely Lankester is one we should try and work with?
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