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at 22:04 2 Dec 2019

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[Post edited 2 Dec 22:04]
at 11:42 29 Nov 2019

Presumably has to play a significant part in at least one of the cup games in the next week?

Are we still in banter era?
at 13:38 28 Nov 2019

Haven't had a right back for 10 years. Buy one, looks quality, plays nine games, and now hes out for 3-4 months.
Frustrated but satisfied
at 11:12 24 Nov 2019

A good performance but not winning was frustrating, partly because that was a clear bit of cheating and never a penalty, and because we might have had a perfectly good goal chalked off.

Lambert’s right, we had control of most of the game. I feel that was more of a ‘90 minute performance’ in that we didn’t have any particularly poor periods, but equally we weren’t brilliant for the whole game.

Honourable mentions for Chambers and Donacien. They were both excellent yesterday. You can say he shouldn’t have gone to ground but if the player gets a shot off instead of taking an extra touch and Chambers doesn’t make a challenge he gets slaughtered. And obviously, it wasn’t a foul. Otherwise he won pretty much everything and made several crucial interceptions. JD was noteworthy because fans don’t have much faith in him, and I think he proved a few people wrong. Displays like that will start to convince people he can be a good deputy to KVY.

I thought Jackson was poor. How long does he get excused for having a poor first touch just because Norwood isn’t beside him to mop up? I don’t think he was good enough yesterday. Not much he tried came off and simple give and goes often lost up possession.

Excellent penalty from Garbutt.

Wingers were underwhelming again. I almost felt sorry Edwards because a couple of times second half he beat a man only to run into another man and eventually lose the ball. Both he and Rowe need to learn the value of delivering an early ball. Can’t ignore the goal to be fair to GE and Rowe adored a similar goal at Rochdale, but they have to provide more. AG also did nothing coming on, but I’m not sure that was all his fault as it took about 10 minutes to be given the ball.

One thing that frustrates me so much about our side, now and over the last years, is that we don’t run into space when it’s in front of us. We are petrified of running forward with the ball. Bishop is the only one that really does it, Lankester perhaps too. We need to start recognising when there is space to use when we receive the ball off the defence. So often yesterday all it needed was the player to turn and run into the space, but we take the safe option 9 times out of 10 and it goes backwards or sideways again. I’m sorry, but Skuse is a huge offender.

Oh well. If we win Tuesday I’ll be satisfied with 4 points from the two games.

at 21:47 20 Nov 2019

So glad for him.

Big monkey off his back. A first goal and he's the man to break our FA cup curse. Brilliant.

Whether we think PL has got away with it or if he deserves credit for winning with a reserve team, we've won! On to Saturday.
Genius Lambert (n/t)
at 21:43 20 Nov 2019

at 15:41 18 Nov 2019

I assume this won't be available to use to watch the game on Wednesday? For those in the know.
Lambert post match
at 00:09 13 Nov 2019

More interesting tonight than usual, or is it just me?

Little things like talking about the meetings he has each day with medical staff etc. Most switched on people will know that happens anyway, but I think it will only help his case when he explains a bit more what goes on behind the scenes.

I don’t think he deserves any stick for the team he picked or the result tonight frankly.
Maybe a replay is a good thing
at 17:02 9 Nov 2019

We’re worried about having too long a break between games.

And a chance to avenge that terrible tie three years ago.
Don't really know what to make of that
at 22:21 5 Nov 2019

Favourite moment was the goal, followed closely by the moment Brenner called the opposition Bolton.

Rowe was the complete opposite player second half to first, passed forward, passed inside and not just back down the line. He's so left footed it's ridiculous.

Judge still underwhelmed, but he'll get more stick than he deserves. He put a couple of good crosses into the box first half that no one was on the end of. Did some good defending second half while getting a couple of half decent efforts on goal. He's a victim of expectation sadly.

Garbutt generally good, unlucky not to score.

Chambers superb again, headed basically everything and he's calm with the ball at his feet.

Edwards very mixed. Saw a lot of ball the whole game. He should do more going forward, and is suspect defensively because he's not very big and isn't a natural defender, but that's not his fault. I wouldn't be against Donacien playing if it's a back 4, but he's nowhere to be seen at the moment.

Nolan was relatively quiet but very effective. I don't think he did much wrong and recycles the ball really well.

Jackson will be frustrated after that. Watched on IFollow and every time he was out of shot and then came into shot he was basically sprinting. He really didn't get much service other than aimless punts forward. Having said that, Dozzell put a chance on a plate for him and he should have done better. A good stint anyway.

Dozzell showed what he was about in a 5-10 minute cameo. It helped that the game was winding down but he did exactly what you wanted him to, and created that chance.

As a team, we pass it around neatly in our own defence, but after that we really struggle. We look afraid to pass it forward. We play little triangles and then it just ends up going down the line, most of the time to no one. It was better second half when Rowe went left, but some of the football on show is so poor. We played better football last season. Is it the opposition not allowing us to play, more so than they will in the Championship? Quality of the pitches? I'd just like to see us play through the lines more, make an angle and demand the ball. Nolan is okay at this, but he and Skuse should do more, it's very predicable a lot of the time.

Moan over. Three points and back to the top of the table. What an odd season!
at 20:17 5 Nov 2019

Leicester helicopter crash: A tragedy that stunned football - told by those who
at 09:40 26 Oct 2019

Powerful. Still incredible to think this happened.
How much do you trust Lambert when he says we’ll be a better team for rotating?
at 14:18 25 Oct 2019

How much do you trust Lambert when he says we’ll be a better team for rotating?

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