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Calm down
at 22:24 10 Apr 2019

One week it's all positive. A win four days ago and everyone is again, rightly, looking forward to what we might see next season. Another defeat, which is a carbon copy of SO many games this season, particularly away games, and suddenly its all doom and gloom again (I know it's not all the same people)

What about tonight was different to our average away game this season?

Complain about the season, but don't pretend tonight wasn't a very plausible outcome.
To the powers that be
at 20:19 10 Apr 2019

Replace Brenner.

Miserable git.

And he thought Downes deserved a cuddle after dwelling on the ball and conceding a goal. Give me strength.
Short piece on referees
at 09:50 5 Apr 2019

Not anything new but always worth thinking about what it's like to be on their side.

One thing that comes to mind for me is despite being just one division apart, the pressure of it and the fallout of bad decisions is so much different between the Championship and the PL. Unless its someone high profile, i.e a PL ref, I don't take notice of who officiates our games, but you pretty much always know who is reffing a PL game.

BBC News - Mistakes, abuse & VAR: What are the pressures like on a Premier League referee?
Summer transfer window
at 16:26 3 Apr 2019

How many do we think we'll need?

A lot will go out and of course we'll need to replace some of those squad players, but it will be interesting to see how players signed will go straight into the team. On paper we have a side well capable of competing in League one. I think most will agree we will want the likes of Bishop, Judge (please), Nolan, Lankester and probably Edwards, in the side. I can't see Bishop playing every game so this will make things easier in a sense.

I think Lambert has put a lot of pressure on himself to blood the youngsters with everything he's said about them. It could easily be the case that if we don't start well they will find game time hard to come by.

Priorities: RB, CF, RW?
Mis-leading Hurst quote
at 10:53 19 Mar 2019

Is this quote not a bit mis-leading?

Hurst has previously denied having had any say in McGoldrick’s Town departure: “McGoldrick was never on any list that I had. He wasn’t even on a budget sheet, which made me laugh considering he’d been the highest paid player at the football club. It was as though you wouldn’t know that, so that one always brought a smile to my face.”

To me it suggests the wages saved from McGoldrick were never accounted for, not necessarily that Hurst wasn't given the option to keep him on or not.

Either way to be honest I don't blame him, or anyone really. He was overpaid for the amount of games he played, and overrated for me. Of course now he's gone he's fit every week.
at 12:08 24 Feb 2019

Not celebrating was a bit weird wasn't it?

Do you think he feels guilty about moving for family and not necessarily football reasons, plus the fact we are where we are?

He was only with us a year!
at 10:58 17 Feb 2019

I've only just realised it was Butland in goal for them yesterday.

Did anyone else think he was was dodgy first half? Kicking was awful and on a few occasions he was almost chased down by Keane and Quaner.
Please please please
at 00:22 14 Feb 2019

Someone try and tell me our January signings haven't improved us.

Go on.

Tonight was brilliant. As close to a 90 minute performance, if we're ignoring the start, that we've seen all season.

Bishop was Bishop of old.
Keane held the ball up countless times, took it down on his chest, linked play. We'd be lucky to have him in league one I feel.
Quaner isn't naturally talented but he's been harshly criticised since joining and was also important tonight.
Kenlock gave so much energy and defended generally well. Also doesn't mind using his right foot when coming inside, which is refreshing.
And that's the best goal we've scored for a long time. What a cracking finish. Hopefully signs of things to come from Nolan. He's not finished here based on that.

Glad of two things in particular, first that due to the ticket promo there was a good crowd to see it and may be tempted to return, and second that we're at home again on Saturday. Can't wait.

Up the Town.

Edit: Also, the Derby goal looks offside. So a moral victory.
[Post edited 14 Feb 0:27]
Chambers' Suffolk interiview
at 22:21 11 Feb 2019

Someone further down made reference to it but wasn't sure how many people had picked up on it as it's quite interesting.

From 1:52:00

Comment about the scum bench made me chuckle. I would just love to sit Chambo down and get him to reveal the ins and outs of his town career because I'm sure he wouldn't mind.
at 10:34 7 Feb 2019

Is anyone over last season yet?

From the ball across the box from Knudsen that should have allowed McGoldrick to tap in for 2-0, instead went out behind, to the whole defence forgetting to defend and their centre half crossing for their other centre half to equalise.

This Sunday really is a free hit. Apart from a cricket score I don't see much going 'wrong'. I imagine Lambert will relish this chance to cause an upset and I hope he gives it a good go.

I would like to see two up front and for us to try and make the ball stick. Get Quaner running channels and roughing them up, and get Keane on the ball in the spaces. What will be will be.
Lambert and our style of play
at 09:25 5 Feb 2019

Is anyone else surprised he didn't come in and go full on MM and shut up shop?

This isn't a critical post by the way, more thinking 'out loud'. You have to commend him for trying to do it this way and committing to it long term.

I did expect Lambert to improve us defensively I must admit, but it's not really happened has it? Instead of losing games 2-0 constantly under Hurst it now more like 2-1 or 3-2. The trouble is we still never look like out scoring anyone.

Here's to hoping the style he is implementing will be effective by the time we are playing Accrington again.
Alex defends Steve
at 09:43 28 Jan 2019

Too right as well.

I usually enjoy Danny Murphy's punditry and Ruud Gullit's can be mixed but I thought they were both out of order talking about Bruce before the Chelsea game on the BBC. It was a non story really and Bruce should have got credit if anything. Alex Scott tried to make this point and was overulled. Shame.
No real shock
at 17:46 19 Jan 2019

Home games will be the ones that keep us up or send us down. Im sure we will have this all season, winning a home game and all getting our hopes up, then losing away and then all losing our shi t.

Keep the faith.
Bury legends evening
at 00:05 18 Jan 2019

Anyone go to that tonight? Type of event TWTD folk go to?

First time I've been at any sort of event with Butcher involved. What a man, star of the show.

Turned into a little bit of an Evans out fest towards the end but nonetheless a good evening with several laughs. Matt Holland as always a class act and good value.
This scum ticketing business
at 22:53 15 Jan 2019

Is there no way round this issue of the customer number and the person actually attending? Can someone not buy a ticket for someone else using their own customer number? Does using the friends and family thing work?
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