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McCarthy: Number of Goals Conceded a Concern
Monday, 27th Nov 2017 17:46

Boss Mick McCarthy admits that the number of goals Town are conceding is a concern but doesn’t believe it’s an inevitability that the Blues will ship goals while playing their current system featuring four attackers.

Town were defeated 2-0 at Aston Villa on Saturday, having drawn 2-2 with Sheffield Wednesday and Hull City in their previous two matches.

Overall, opposition sides have scored 28 times against them in their 18 Championship games up to now with only five sides having conceded more.

“Of course it is [a real concern] because we’ve been in every game. We were equally as good as Villa until the goal went in on Saturday,” McCarthy said. “In fact I thought we were better than them until the goal went in.

“And I was bemoaning it because I thought he fouled Bart. If our disallowed goal was a foul, there’s is because he had his hand in his face and the other fella jumped into him.

“But the defending after that, we had players who ran past the flight of the ball and then it shouldn’t have ended up in our net.”

Given the quick turnaround between games McCarthy says there’s little he can do on the training ground between matches.

“It’s as much about showing them,” he said. “We pick the things out from the games and we’ll show them, TC’s very good at it, the strikers certainly, but anybody who has done something in the game. They can’t get out on the training ground and do it.

“There are some things you just can’t replicate anyway. Mistakes come from ridiculous things. You think, ‘How the hell has that happened?’ and it’s a matter of showing them and hoping they don’t do it again.”

Might the lack of a settled back four have been a factor in the lack of solidity at the back? “Could be,” he admitted. “Mistakes have really led to it, we’ve not been opened up in too many games. Goals have come from mistakes and not always from defenders either, I might add. Mistakes made that leave you open and getting punished.

“It might have had an impact, we did have a really solid back four, maybe we’re missing Christophe Berra more than we think. Who knows?”

But McCarthy dismissed the idea that his current 4-2-3-1 system with lone out-and-out striker Joe Garner and three attacking players - usually David McGoldrick, Martyn Waghorn and Bersant Celina - behind him inevitably makes the Blues more vulnerable.

“No. Were any of the last four goals, were they down to our system, six goals, adding in Hull? No,” he said.

McCarthy admits that it is an obvious conclusion fans might draw: “I know. Don’t tell me what fans think please because you don’t play four attackers, you want six attackers. If you play one, you’re being defensive.

“Just analyse the games, analyse the goals that we’ve conceded. Were Villa’s goals down to us playing that system? Or was it that we didn’t clear a corner kick that’s got nothing to do with any of the attackers, and then we didn’t defend it.

“The other goal was a ball in behind our back four who didn’t defend it. Let’s go back to Sheffield Wednesday. Was it our attackers? Well, maybe we lost it up the pitch, so maybe if I was starting to point fingers.

“But no, those goals weren’t down to them. Hull, the way we played? No. Not at all. So in answer to your question, I think it’s a big fat no.”

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WaffleMan added 17:58 - Nov 27
We know this Mick, you’ve said this plenty of times. You are the manager you sort it out. Also, how do you expect to not concede goals when you have Luke Chambers starting CB week in week out no matter how bad he plays?

therein61 added 18:03 - Nov 27
What might help is to have a defensive midfielder who can at least try and give the back four some protection instead of the inept premier class number 8 who is when fit(fit! he's now slower than Dougie ever was and he clearly struggles to get through 90 mins) 1st on the team sheet selected by our wonderful leader!! the points this player(!?) costs us beggars belief.

Rensham added 19:02 - Nov 27
select your best side and stick to it. replace players when injured. get the side used to playing with each other. keep up the good work MM. three points at Derby and we're back it the race. COYB

Dissboyitfc added 19:09 - Nov 27
We all know the problem(s) and so do you, drop some of the undroppables! The players you keep playing week in week out regardless of form is not the way to fix this> Why on earth send Josh out on loan and get in Iorawful? why not try playing one left footed CB and one one right footed CB,that would balance the defence for a start, you could do this by dropping chambers and moving Knudsen into central defence along side Webster and bring in Kenlock at LB. I really rated Knudsen in central Defence. And bring back Josh with Keiffer.

OwainG1992 added 19:47 - Nov 27
Dissyboy I agree with most that you have said but not bringing back Josh. I honestly don't think he would be a better option than Spence. Iorfa maybe but it doesn't help that Iorfa is out for 3/4 games at a time chucked when he isn't match fit.

CalmoreBlue added 20:28 - Nov 27
“Maybe we’re missing Berra more than we think “...Ffs so one aged CB was holding the back four together?

FransandArnold added 21:01 - Nov 27
What exactly is it that Terry Connor does all week?

Dissboyitfc added 22:31 - Nov 27
owiang1992..thats the point i was making, spence and josh competing for the right back spot. I agree Spence probably better than Josh at the Moment, just.

ArnieM added 23:01 - Nov 27
EVANS needs to stump up some bloody money ffs , so McCarthy can go and buy some decent defenders. It r ally isn’t rocket science, and “spending some money”, should not be seen as an untouchable proposition if the owner really wants to get this Club promoted. It doesn’t have to be megabucks!

madmouse1959 added 23:38 - Nov 27
Absolutely clueless. You just don,t have any idea what to do MM except what you had been doing wrong all last season. Whilst you do not know how to build a settled team you just carry on plodding along with the some of the same players who proved their very average skills all last season. Why not try building a battle hardened team instead of giving your goody 2 shoe friends an extended career. Maybe Emmanuel could make a good centre half alongside Webster. Maybe Kieffer Moore could be a good target man with the right service . The truth is that a few of the young players are not ready yet and other players are not getting a fair chance. The end of this season will only be good when Evans finally gives the green light to get a new manager in to build a stronger squad.

Theipswich added 09:28 - Nov 28
Playing the right players in their right positions would be a positive start and making players like Chambers and Skuse droppable too.We could have had an excellent pairing in Emmanuel and Kenlock by now if we had had a manager that believes in youth instead of inferior on loan players and players who are clearly not up to the job.

bobble added 09:48 - Nov 28
just sort out the defence mick....we know its not the goally or the strikers....possibly the midfield, but mostly the defence...its not that hard to work out...

vanmunt added 10:14 - Nov 28
The thing with Muck is the plebs can see what our problems are, therefore he will do his utmost to belligerently ignore the problems that are as obvious as the bent nose on his face. Remember, the more you call for a player to come on the less chance there is for that to happen.. same for players to be dropped.

braveblue added 10:44 - Nov 28
Who knows? What a quote. Skuse and Chambers. Start there if you don't know what to do. Had to give Spence a rest. Too tiring. But not Knudsen. Same old problems.

Stewards_Enquiry added 13:19 - Nov 28
therein61 - Have you been to live game recently? I cant quite believe your comments! Skuse slower than Douglas? You cannot compare the two in any way! Skuse when fit is five times the payer Douglas ever was for us. The only way you could make that comparison is if you have never been and only seen highlights.
The reason were conceding is not down to an individual its down to tactics and formation. When your 2-1 with injury time only to go and someone goes past you take a Yellow and stop play give the team time to re-group! Mick's defence is inept those that go regularly know we haven't had a decent right back for several seasons now and I personally think Kenlock is better than Knudsen. Skuse is not the issue currently

Stewards_Enquiry added 13:23 - Nov 28
Player even!

MathieandMarshall added 13:27 - Nov 28
have any fans actually moaned about the formation being too attacking??! - i certainly haven't heard this. We dont always moan Mick!

oldbri added 15:57 - Nov 28
I have to say that after calming down and re watching the Shef We’d game several times , what is the purpose of officials and why is not more fuss made of the Glen Loovens tackle on D Mac , made. It was a tackle more in line with our ex glorious manager Roy K. Take out the best player and we stand a chance. Disgraceful. Where is the F A.

Cakeman added 16:31 - Nov 28
Sorry calmoreBlue I agree with your comments but my fat finger hit the down arrow by mistake!

Cakeman added 16:41 - Nov 28
Our defence has not been great for a long while.
Chambers (heart of a Lion but limited skill) Knudsen (commendable enthusiasm and to be fair our best defender this season), Webster (from the little he has played I think he is over rated) Smith (the chap who everyone wants to do well but is limited on decision making), Iorfa ( potential but very Green) Spence (Good in the centre but not a full back), Kenlock ( much to learn), likewise for Emmanuel.
Then in front of them we have little protection and absolutely no pace to recover situations when it has gone pear shaped. Skurs has had his better days but in all honesty there is not much to think of to replace him.
Very stale and I am sure it will not change when the transfer window opens.
In the meantime we shall continue to ship goals because we do not attack the ball in our own six yard box or from the penalty spit area.
Controversial comment probably but I also think Bart is not commanding the area like he did last season too.

TimmyH added 17:23 - Nov 28
It's been a concern for the last few seasons not just this one Mick...the longer you've been in charge the worse it's got! about making some changes at the back then?...namely Chambers who frankly has been underwhelming since moving back to his preferred central position being dropped and not playing Iorfa again at RB (largely been average since he's been here, no wonder Wolves have sent him here).

cat added 17:28 - Nov 28
Cakeman - great analyse of our defence, spot on, and I also agree with you on Bart, not as confident as last season, but this could come from who’s put in front of him. Skuse does a job on his defensive duties, but offers nothing going forward, slows play down and no natural ability to pick a forward pass. The more offensive formation ticks a box with me, and that’s good, our inept defence is what’s costing us dear.

blueboy1981 added 17:56 - Nov 28
ArnieM ........ forget the money available thing - it wouldn't change the inability of McCarthy at all.

He knows that, that's why he doesn't ask for any - had he have done so previously, he would have fallen on his own sword by now. He's no fool, when it comes to self preservation.

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