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McCarthy: A Lot of Phone Calls But No Further Forward on Loan Additions
Friday, 12th Jan 2018 16:12

Town boss Mick McCarthy says he’s made a lot of phone calls but so far with little success as he looks to add loanees to his squad during the January transfer window and has had no contact from anyone regarding any of his own players.

Asked if there has been any interest in any members of his squad, McCarthy responded: “I don’t know. I’ve had no contact from anybody, this week’s been pretty quiet, I’ve been on the phone making phone calls, getting nowhere, pretty much. But, I’ve had no calls about mine.”

And if owner Marcus Evans had received any interest he’d know, he added: “He would speak to me about it, of course.”

McCarthy says he has received no contact from Colorado Rapids regarding Tommy Smith: “I’ve not had any, no.”

One player the Town boss has targeted is Brighton defender Connor Goldson, who almost joined the Blues on loan in August. It’s likely the Seagulls will allow the 25-year-old to move once they’ve signed another central defender, a switch which could in turn have an impact on Smith’s situation.

Quizzed on whether he’s closer to making an addition and whether any deals elsewhere might trigger a player moving to Portman Road, McCarthy said: “Oh yes, the ground soil’s been thrown in! Yes, I’ve made loads of phone calls and asked loads of questions.

“But at this moment in time I’m no further forward, there’ll be nothing done for tomorrow, so consequently why be panicking today because we’ve got a week before the next game and the team that will be playing tomorrow is a good team in my mind. But we need some fresh legs.”

Does he know whether the players he has targeted would be happy to join the Blues if their clubs let them go out on loan? “I’ve no idea because that would be wrong of me to have spoken to anybody about them. Just ask the clubs and see whether they’ll let them go. I have to behave myself, don’t I?”

Town received £750,000 for Kieffer Moore following his move to Barnsley - although his previous club Forest Green Rovers are understood to be due a cut of almost six figures - earlier this week, while the new sponsorship deal with Magical Vegas is worth almost £2 million over the next three and a half years.

Questioned on whether that means he has an increased budget to play with McCarthy says that each deal is judged on its own merit rather than there being a set amount of cash for him to work with, as has been the case throughout his time at Portman Road.

“I’ve never had a budget, this idea that there’s this pool of money that I go to and I can go and do this and do this. That’s not the case, I’ve never had that," he said.

“It’s always been having a look, find the players, see if we can do it and then Marcus will let me know whether it’s doable.”

As ever McCarthy will be working within tight parameters as he looks to add to his squad - with loans his current target - but he has no problem with that.

“It’s always been that way,” reflected McCarthy, whose time at Town could be up at the end of the season when his current contract ends.

“I’ve never had any complaints about it. I’m looking at some of the deals others are doing but good luck to them, I’m doing what I’m doing and I’ve been doing it pretty well over the last five years. Hopefully I keep doing it well for the next four months.”

He says, ‘How much cash have I got to play with?’ is not a question which comes up: “That’s never been a way I’ve asked. Of course I’m aware of what wages we would want to pay, if it’s a loan deal what it would be. It’s not me just going and picking the phone up and saying, ‘Any chance of doing this?’.

“Far from that, I don’t go and start trying to take Leonardo Ulloa from Leicester on loan, that’s not going to happen. I only mention him because somebody else had mentioned him to me. I know where we’re looking, of course.”

And when he sells players for very significant profits, as was the case with Moore, he doesn’t speak to Evans and ask if he can use some of it?

“Not in as many words," he added. “I could have asked the same with a few players really, Cressy went, Murph went, Tyrone went and we raised, what was it, £14 million, £15 million or something. But I don’t go and ask that question, no.”

McCarthy says Evans knows full well he needs to bring players in with the squad severely depleted due to injuries.

“Of course, but likewise he can’t magic them out of clubs,” he said. “We try to get them and I’ll continue to try doing that.

“But if I can get Jordan Spence back, Webbo back, other bodies back, Tristan and Flynn, we’ll be a lot better for that as well.”

The Blues boss says Kevin Bru, who was previously made available, is now unlikely to be allowed to depart during this window, although he says there’s not been any interest in the Mauritius international, who came close to joining Toulouse in August, in any case.

“Not at the moment, no,” he added. “I’ve no intention of doing that and, I have to be honest, nobody’s been banging my door down, we’re two weeks into the transfer window.

“No, I’ve no intention of that happening. That might change if somebody comes in and offers him a three-year deal somewhere, he might want to go, but that’s not been the case.”

Photo: TWTD

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Toronto_Tractor added 16:47 - Jan 12
Its not his fault really, his hands are tied, but I am sick of the BS. He's switched off now, he knows he's leaving and this season is a write-off. If we are not bringing any permanent signings in now I would prefer us to save those precious pennies for the summer and play some youngsters for the remainder of this season. We are unlikely to go down and even more unlikely to go up so lets try to turn the tide in terms of play, entertainment and youth development. Straws. Clutching.

jas0999 added 17:16 - Jan 12
Remarkable. The club have been crowing about injuries and MM said he doesn’t have enough players. Yet it’s mid January and no additions. You’d have thought deals would have been lined up from 1 Jan. very disillusioned still.

midastouch added 18:54 - Jan 12
January transfer windows at Portman Road are about as exciting as the first day back to work after your Xmas hols!

BlueandTruesince82 added 19:04 - Jan 12
Its a double whammy Midas no doubt. I really get a vibe Mick will walk in the summer

midastouch added 19:05 - Jan 12
If Ipswich was my wife I'd of divorced her this season!

ArnieM added 19:07 - Jan 12
So, I’m losing count now and who, is injured so I’ll start the list please feel free to add any I’ve missed.

Gerken ( but playing tomorrow?)

So essentially just about the whole of our senior squad bar. 4/5 players!


heathen66 added 19:11 - Jan 12
Many phone calls to his best mates (Warnock, Houghton etc...) to see if they have any injury prone players they want off their books.
Adeyimi and Huws both sold by his mate Warnock, i wonder if he knew something
Now there is Goldson, who has been out for months with a heart condition.
Those that are not injury prone, then become injury prone as soon as they get here.

Now Mick indicated that he does not ask Marcus for money 'he doesn’t speak to Evans and ask if he can use some of it' (Keifer Moores Money)
Well Mick, you should be asking him...No DEMANDING it !!!

Far too complacent, happy with a small squad so difficult decisions do not have to be made, and can hide behind this when any question is asked.

Almost has his wish now wilth all top blokes in Gerks, Chambo, Mad Dog, Skusey, Hyamsy (really ???) Waggy and Garns, oh and Murph.

midastouch added 19:14 - Jan 12
@ BlueandTruesince82
In all seriousness I'd rather any serious funds be kept back for a new manager but Marcus seems so tight with his transfer funds that I'm not even sure if his successor will get any serious financial backing either. Marcus is allegedly meant to be a rich man but if he was thinking selling tickets in Brazil for the Olympics was going to be a money spinner (given the stadium was only full for about 10 seconds to watch Usain Bolt!) then perhaps his business skills are not nearly as great as we would like to think! Delia flogged a few cooking books back in the 80s and is meant to be worth a fraction of ME yet they were able to go up on a tight budget while we've been left languishing in this league for an eternity! Marcus has been a massive let down to say the least! What has been the highlight of his 10 years. I would say the League Cup Semi Final run but there's not been much else to shout about! So very boring!!! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

midastouch added 19:36 - Jan 12
And we've had more loans than Greece!

runningout added 19:45 - Jan 12

BlueBlood90 added 20:08 - Jan 12
I'm so sick to death of taking everyone elses players on loan. We should be looking at players who actually want to be here permanently. We're so much better than being a dumping ground for players who need game time before going back to their parent clubs.

howdonblue added 20:22 - Jan 12
Shows you how bored our fans are on here now with Mcarthy and Evans as hardly any are bothering posting on the subject on this thread .

Utter 💩

Ipswichbusiness added 22:24 - Jan 12
How about a permanent replacement for Berra? Just a thought ...

PJewellisaGod added 23:16 - Jan 12

Think Nydam and Downes are still injured. So can be added to that list.

dirtydingusmagee added 08:18 - Jan 13
spot on heathen66 ,Mick finds shelter with the '' injuries'' always got that as an excuse for failure, cant get additions ,another alibi. With a full strength team his personal failures would be exposed so , he is not bothered, .Look and listen to him there is not one jot of emotion, just a laid back ,couldn't give a flying #### look about him .Resigned to failure but happy to continue to pick up his wages.

MicksZzzTactics added 08:30 - Jan 13
Thanks @Heathen66 for giving me a good morning laughter ...with that last paragraph of yours (spot on post altogether btw).

Happens to me personally, laughing out loud I mean, whenever someone really gets down to business with reciting the loooong list of absurd, superfluous, super-silly, and not the least unfathomable *INFANTILE* sounding player nicknames of ours/Mick's!

Other people. i.e. outside Ipswich, including & especially those not into sports & sport culture, must seriously be ever so hmmmm justified in their inclination to think that this club (and it's employees obviously!) is like taken straight out of some juvenile loony bin!
...well straight out something unmistakable *adolescent & loony* anyway! lol

Ohhhh I think got it now: Is the word I'm really looking for in regard to all these jaw-dropping & beyond awe-inspiring ITFC nicknames which our Dino Manager hold soooo dear to his Dino heart, really:

"Looney Tunes cartoon'esque"

= a Golden Age of Animation thingy which of cause was made predominantly for .. aye you guessed it ... CHILDREN!!!

So come on now you "proper blokish" ITFC , you can surely do better than THIS!!!
Hmmm come to think of it, Marvelous Marcus's ITFC can surely do better in a heck of lot of other areas , i.e. besides the nicknaming, too! :-) :-)

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