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McCarthy: Play-Offs Now Unlikely
Tuesday, 20th Feb 2018 17:06

Boss Mick McCarthy admits that it’s now unlikely that the Blues will finish in the play-offs this season.

Town are currently 12th, eight points from the top six, with 14 games remaining, including tomorrow’s home match against second-placed Cardiff City.

“It is [now unlikely that we’ll make the play-offs],” McCarthy conceded. “I’m not writing it off because I never would but we’re playing a team who I’ve just been told haven’t lost since New Year’s Day and they’re a very good side.

“There are some really good teams in the top six and we’re eight points behind them. There’s 14 games to play, the top six teams generally get one and a half points a game, maybe even more.

“So they’re going to get 21 points, that leaves us needing 30 points from 14 games and we’ve not had that form all season.

“So unless the form book completely collapses, it’s unlikely. But we’ll try to get to that tally.”

Is there now added motivation to finish ahead of Norwich after their late, late equaliser in Sunday's derby?

“I think that’s always the case,” he said. “That would be nice, to finish above them. I don’t want to finish 17th and 18th or wherever we finish, we want to be going up the table. But it would be pleasing if we did.”

Has the season’s biggest frustration been failing to claim all three points in games such as Sunday's when Town have been on top?

“I guess there have also been times when we’ve not played that well and we’ve endured and Bart’s made a save,” he reflected. “Burton could be one of them.

“Derby we beat away from home and yet they probably had about 20 shots and they had one fly past the post and missed a header late on, so maybe we got away with that.

“But the points we’ve given up, Sheffield Wednesday and Norwich, are appalling points to give him.”

He says they’re the type of matches which tend to remain with you as a manager: “Yes, of course. There’s lots of games I remember vividly for different reasons.

"I prefer to remember the good ones and the things that have happened and they don’t stick with me, they tend to drift away. It’s the bloody bad ones that keep coming back and haunting you!”

Photo: TWTD

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blueheartXT added 17:10 - Feb 20
I think your right Mick it’s a sh

blueheartXT added 17:14 - Feb 20
Shame you don’t swear more often then all the moaners could stay at home and just the people who are true fans that will get behind the club all players and manager would be left

Through thick and thin


blueboy1981 added 17:17 - Feb 20
blueheartXT ......... your posts prove nothing other than naivety - as if the Club will / would survive with what will / would be left.

GET REAL - and stare reality in the face. Assuming capability.

dirtydingusmagee added 17:21 - Feb 20
I hope all the '' moaners '' DO stay away blueheartXT, its the Happy Clappers going through turnstyles that are doing the damage .

barrystedmunds added 17:27 - Feb 20
No sh@& Sherlock!

black_shuck added 17:30 - Feb 20
Oft expectation fails, and most oft there where most it promises; and oft it hits where hope is coldest, and despair most fits.

blueheartXT added 17:37 - Feb 20
Blueboy 500 supporterswith season tickets in real terms is not a lot of money it doesn’t even pay Mcgoldrick for the season
And gotta be worth the sacrifice I mean who wants any supporters that continuenly moan . Will never be pleased whatever the results a try to turn everyone against the club. poison like yourself always know better and are so toxic will not be missed

Have you ever heard the saying if you don’t have anything nice to say keep quiet

midastouch added 17:40 - Feb 20
Mick McNostradamus

dirtydingusmagee added 17:46 - Feb 20
hope Gcon and Swn98 don't see this thread, the Orwell Bridge will be closed .

blueboy1981 added 17:48 - Feb 20
blueheartXT .......... 500 ???? - no sign of reality from you yet then. Where have you been ... ????

Mick will love you for 'being nice. and quiet' (don't forget the Autograph again tomorrow night - far better to wake up though and smell the Coffee.

blueheartXT added 18:05 - Feb 20
Blue boy all I smell at a match is the reak of your rotting brain and the putrid air that you exhale

But I’m not here to abuse people so I apologise now. I would really wish that all fans could be united but it is clearly so divided and I really don’t know the answers and I don’t think the club does

blueboy1981 added 18:14 - Feb 20
..... thanks for the abuse - you should be proud of yourself. Obviously lost for constructive words and debate.

You're positively as disgraceful as McCarthy - in every way.

blueboy1981 added 18:16 - Feb 20
........ how can decent people ever be united / reunite with such people ... ??? R.I.P. Ipswich Town FC.

Fen69 added 18:27 - Feb 20
Mick can you stop posting as blueheartXT & just jog on

cranky_old_tractor added 19:14 - Feb 20
Perceptive old badger. Lets hope you do not make next season at IP1

warktheline added 19:24 - Feb 20
14th at careful what you wish for! What fools! Good riddance swings both ways! Unless of course you're a 'happy clappie chappie'!

Sam added 19:29 - Feb 20
This headline makes me so sad, to support a club that had such good times but has drifted away from glory and now the manager stating play offs unlikely. Really saddens me.

blueheartXT added 19:34 - Feb 20
Blue boy unfortunately you never say anything constructive you turn every positive into a negative I think you are a rotten apple in the basket and are so depressed with the club you want to turn everyone as rotten as you and I ask you where will we be then????

BluePatriot added 19:37 - Feb 20
I agree with BlueheartXT on most of this thread, getting a wee bit tired of the same ole moaning gits and anti MM comments
I can’t believe some so called fans taunted MM at Sunday’s match
That for me is treasonous, all this negativity affects players
If you got behind the lads instead of all this butthurt negativity, we would probably be in the top Six by now.


blueheartXT added 19:41 - Feb 20
I live in Norwich and surrounded by budgies every day the chants fell right into their hands they couldn’t believe the fans were
Abusing mick like they did

FromIpswichToPhoenix added 19:48 - Feb 20
blueheartXT, it's simple economics. Supply and demand. If you charge high prices, yet supply half assed product, demand falls. People vote for football with their wallets, just like they do with cars, movies, TV's, music, video games and food. If you get bad products or service, you go elsewhere. It's not rocket science. 14,000 fans in a 30,000 capacity stadium speaks volumes. People are tired of expensive entertainment that doesn't deliver.

MM did his job, he kept us up on a streamlined budget. He did the best with what he had, but it's time for a change. Yes, even at the expense of relegation. We've been stagnant over 16 years now. A drop down could spur us into recovery as it has so many other teams. But we need new blood as nothing will change next year.

poldark added 20:01 - Feb 20
Well said Super Muck stating the obvious as usual utter rubbish

TimmyH added 20:10 - Feb 20
and he's saying that in February!!...wasn't even likely in August.

blythburgh_blue added 20:21 - Feb 20
That point against Burton at home could make all the difference.....

ChestnutSe added 20:24 - Feb 20
Whoever said it's supply and demand is spot on. The club is charging to much and that's why people are not going. Dropping the discount for OAP's probably took over 2,000 season tickets. What a stupid idea that was. Presumably somebody will suggest that was Micks fault!

The club needs to be more aggressive in its ticket pricing if they want to fill the ground.

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