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McCarthy: A Right Royal Scrap
Saturday, 10th Mar 2018 18:50

Boss Mick McCarthy felt the Blues’ 0-0 stalemate with Sheffield United was a “right royal scrap” lacking in quality with his side having played well in the first half and the visitors on top in the second.

Town were again unable to match their away form when back at Portman Road, where they have now gone four games without scoring.

“I thought it was a right royal scrap from two teams that commit themselves to everything they do,” McCarthy said.

“Was there a great deal of quality? I’m not sure the pitch gives us the ability to have that quality, either team, to be quite honest. It’s not wearing well.

“I thought we were good in the first half, in the second I thought they were better than us, but I’d take a 0-0 draw. You can’t take it off us that point.”

Asked whether he gave credit to his defenders for remaining resolute when the Blades were peppering the penalty area, he said: “They were peppering the penalty area not the goal. That requires effort from all the team. I think the defenders have been great, the back five.

“I could cite Santie, who tracks back always. Their centre-halves go on the overlap, it’s bonkers at times and they all put a shift in so I think they all deserve credit.”

Satisfied with a point? “Yes, because if you’d asked me a month ago when we started playing the games that we’ve had and the games that we’ve been unbeaten in and another clean sheet, I always take the positives out of it, I leave you guys [the media] to take the negatives.”

McCarthy was pleased the crowd stayed behind his team despite the disappointing result unlike other recent home matches.

“They did," he added. "It’s pretty sad that I always end up talking about the crowd. The crowd come to support the team and pretty much over my time five and a half years they’ve been brilliant.

“They’ve had a little bit of a spell where they’ve been bored or whatever. I don’t know where we are off the play-offs but we’ve had a pretty good season and maybe they’ve all realised that and they’ve come and I think the majority of the voices have started to support us again rather than the minority for some reason seemed to turn against us.

“They’ve got to want us to win. I thought they were good today and I thought they were good against Cardiff as well, they were great.”

The Portman Road pitch looks ever more threadbare after a difficult couple of months with the weather having hosted plenty of games, for the U18s in the Youth Cup and U23s as well as the first team.

Asked whether that came into his pre-match instructions with the Blues playing little football throughout, he said: “Well, neither team [did] because it’s not a great pitch at all, it’s in poor shape at the minute. And they locked us down with their three midfield players and it was a bit of a scrappy game but it was a tough, ferocious game.”

While Town picked up another clean sheet they once again failed to score at home, having been more successful on the road in recent games.

“As I said the other day, I don’t have the answers for everything,” he said. “Let’s get Sheffield United here and let’s go gung-ho and let’s create loads of chances, make it an open game and get beat.

“I’m not really into that, that’s never going to be the case. They are a good team, they are a good side, who have had two good seasons and they’ve still got that momentum from coming up.

“I think they matched us up today and gave us a fair bit of respect. We don’t set out for a 0-0 draw. We set out not to concede, but we don’t set out for a 0-0 draw.”

In the second half he substituted Jordan Spence, who had only come on as a sub himself at half-time. A difficult decision to sub a sub? “Yes, it is. He was different class on Tuesday and I wonder if you think you’re ever going to go on as a wing-back, I think they caused them problems.

“I actually subbed the sub because I wanted to try and win the game. I went with the back four and went with Waggy, Joe and Bersant up front and still matched them up in midfield. So, that was in my vain attempt [to win], it ended up in vain but I tried to win the game.”

Does a manager put an arm around a player in those circumstances? “Could be worse, could be injured and couldn’t play for six months. Come on, worse things happen.

“He’s been brilliant, he came here on a free transfer and he’s been different class. But I have bad days, we all do, it just doesn’t work sometimes and I’ve spoken to him already and you get on with it. I might need him again on Tuesday night, he’s been playing.

“I always say, when something goes wrong with players and anybody who wants to come in on a Monday morning shake my hand and give me a piece of wet fish because I’ve taken them off or haven’t picked them, I haven’t done it.

“What about all the times I did pick you, what about all the times I’ve patted you on the back, what about all the times I’ve given you a hug and said, ‘Well done’ and supported you? Sometimes it just happens, you’ve just got to get on with it.”

Spence had replaced Dominic Iorfa, who had gone off at half-time with an injury McCarthy expects to keep him out of Tuesday’s match against Hull City.

“He was injured, he’s got a sore thigh,” he explained. “I would imagine [he’ll be a doubt for Tuesday]. I tell you what I’ll be pretty pissed off if he’s not - if you come off at half-time and you roll out on Tuesday, that doesn’t get you in my good books I can assure you.”

He says Callum Connolly was taken off as he was tiring: “Cal’s been brilliant, he’s had a great season. He had a fair bit of football at Wigan last year, but I don’t think as many as here, certainly not at the intensity he’s had to play at. Just goosed, just took him off.”

Sheffield United boss Chris Wilder thought his team should have claimed all three points.

“We should have won that game," he insisted. "They were two honest teams, the wicket wasn’t the best, it’s not been great for a little while.

“But two honest teams going for a result. We’ve had four trips on the bounce away now. The division is uncompromising and relentless. I thought my players in the second half really dug in and were positive in trying to win the game.

“And I think we’ve spurned a couple of golden chances really to win it. I think if we’d have got our noses in front I believe we would have won.”

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wkj added 18:57 - Mar 10
Typical presser from MM... why am I not surprised by his usual one liners

Andy32Cracknell added 18:57 - Mar 10
A right royal load of crap more like.

ronnyd added 18:57 - Mar 10
Doesn,t he mean crap.

ronnyd added 18:58 - Mar 10
Sorry Andy, you beat me to it haha.

carsey added 19:08 - Mar 10
What a load of dross, the pitch, the players and McCarthy. Plus they continue to lie about the attendance.

Dissboyitfc added 19:09 - Mar 10
he really doesnt get it does he!

cfmoses added 19:10 - Mar 10
Skuse Connolly Gleeson.....what did anyone expect?! I am struggling to recall a game where an ITFC midefielder is creative and is man of the match. Any thoughts anyone? Maybe Teddy Bishop in a win at Blackpool...surely I don’t have to go that far back. Let’s have a few nominations but make sure they are later than that game at Blackpool!

tazdac added 19:15 - Mar 10
Phil, you seem to have uses an S in the headline by mistake ;o)

Bert added 19:21 - Mar 10
So what else could he say ? It was a quality game ? It was entertaining ? Fault MM for saying utter nonsense but please be realistic when he concurs it was a scrappy game lacking in quality from both teams.

Bluetone added 19:23 - Mar 10
I am old enough to remember when we had a good footballing team and had a playing surface to be proud of. What depths this regime has dragged us to.

alfromcol added 19:23 - Mar 10

baxter7 added 19:25 - Mar 10
2 words mcarthy out

blueboy1981 added 19:30 - Mar 10
...... we have a Manager ... !! who only believes in DEFENCE and BOREDOM - and a pitch that is falling apart before our very eyes. And of course an anonymous owner.

As we once knew it - R.I.P. the once great IPSWICH TOWN F.C.


hello66 added 19:34 - Mar 10
I'm lost for words........ he is not a man ......he is a big girls blouse, full of hot garbage air!

A real man would have resigned a long time ago !

Only look at score at full time these days, saved over £3000 not having a season ticket last 3 years ! I've said before, voted with my feet back when we have a new Manger.

Actual like my ex- wife more that this manager and that's saying something !

Destroyed My Lovely Club

runaround added 19:38 - Mar 10
“Let’s get Sheffield United here and let’s go gung-ho and let’s create loads of chances, make it an open game and get beat.

“I’m not really into that, that’s never going to be the case. They are a good team, they are a good side, who have had two good seasons and they’ve still got that momentum from coming up.”

There in a nutshell is why we are losing fans, a manager purely concentrated on stopping the opposition, trying not to lose instead of trying to win. I’d much rather fail trying to win instead of fail not trying to win. You fail whatever so might as well give it a go? Especially at home. It’s not all about money or injuries, it’s about mindset and attitude. Once & for all this proves change is needed, whether it improves things or not as the current status quo will just lose more fans & all hope


ScottCandage added 19:38 - Mar 10
"Their centre-halves go on the overlap, it’s bonkers at times"


cat added 19:39 - Mar 10
If you pack the team with defensive players it’s little surprise we have gone 4 homes games with no goals. Funny how at the start of the season, when we were more attack minded (through injuries) we scored bucket loads. Looks like we have to pray for injuries before Mick will give us what we want. Same applies for them forgotten youths, least Kenlock started, oh yeah! cause of an injury to Knudsen. It’s all wrong, safe and negative, even when there’s nothing to play for. Well there ain’t now! McCarthy, do one.

whosroundisitanyway added 19:45 - Mar 10

black_shuck added 19:55 - Mar 10
Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player,
that struts and frets his hour upon the stage,
and then is heard no more; it is a tale told by an idiot,
full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

whosroundisitanyway added 20:06 - Mar 10
shuck. Think that's what I said.

TractorBeezer added 20:08 - Mar 10
Hard fought game but also a bore draw at home. Yes MM you may have gone for the win...but with only 10 minutes to go. We should have changed things much earlier.....I was expecting Gleeson to be changed for Garner at around the 60 minute stage. I heard some boos at the final whistle on iFollow.

TR11BLU added 20:17 - Mar 10
I thought we were good in the first half, in the second I thought they were better than us, but I’d take a 0-0 draw. You can’t take it off us that point.”

And that sums you up, well I've had it with my ticket I'm sad to say.
Unless he walks I will find something else to do on a Saturday afternoon in future.
Get out you boring bafoon

warktheline added 20:27 - Mar 10
Bloody bore! Always letting the opposition take the initiative and then 'matching them' like for like! No vision and no inventiveness !

cat added 20:36 - Mar 10
McCarthy appears to be rounding off them rough edges a tad when it comes to the fans. Bit late for that imo, if you want to earn some respect and be more popular (specially with that new contract negotiations looming) then change your dire tactics, you’ll certainly get some from me, even if we lose. As for blaming the pitch, now that a laugh, only thing that will affect his game plan is the air quality and wind.

manualthetisfanclub added 20:53 - Mar 10
Blah blah blah#dinomickout

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