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Hurst and Milne to Answer Fans' Questions at Meet the Club Event
Tuesday, 16th Oct 2018 12:31

Manager Paul Hurst and MD Ian Milne will be among the club staff taking questions from fans at the annual Meet the Club event prior to the Supporters Club’s AGM in Legends Bar on Thursday 1st November (7pm start, bars open from 6.30pm).

Hurst will open the evening by answering questions from the floor for around 30 to 45 minutes before handing over to Milne and the club’s off-field department heads, including finance director Mark Andrews, club secretary Stuart Hayton, director of sales Rosie Richardson, director of retail operations Lee Hyde, head of ticketing Donna Powell and media manager Steve Pearce, as well as Tim Claydon from Centerplate, who provide the club’s concourse catering. 

Proof of Supporters Club membership will need to be provided at the door. For further information on the Meet the Club event contact supporters liaison officer Elizabeth Edwards via

More information on the Supporters Club AGM, which will follow the Meet the Club event at 8.30pm, can be obtained from acting chair Mark Ramsay via

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Coco added 12:38 - Oct 16
1. What do you make of the rumours of serious squad i rest and talk of your (Hurst) imminent departure?

2. What do you make of the reports from “legitimate” sources of these murmurings coming from respected senior squad members?

rabbit added 13:22 - Oct 16
I think to be a legitimate source they would have to be named, anything else is simply hearsay and unlikely to have any legitimacy at all.

Ipswichbusiness added 13:29 - Oct 16
Why won’t you play our young players (as opposed to ones brought in on loan)?

WaltonBlueNaze added 13:37 - Oct 16
1. In hindsight would you agree that you made too many changes with the squad?
2. Why are you so reluctant to play the younger players who in a lot of fans opinion are better than the players you brought?
3. Experience - why did you think it was necessary to move the majority of our experienced players out of the club?

shortmarine1969 added 15:07 - Oct 16
If the next 4 games do not provide 6 points or more and the Swansea game proves to be a one off , will you consider your position as ITFC manager , or will you persist and likely take this club to Div 1 with the current form shown?.

OwainG1992 added 15:48 - Oct 16
Good to see the positivity from the Swansea win has gone already with some fans!
Jesus Christ give him a chance.

Northstander_Blue added 15:55 - Oct 16
Well said OwainG1992 some of our so called fans are pathetic just love to moan wish they would stay away from the club

PositivelyPortman added 16:30 - Oct 16
Surprised at your comment ShortMarine.
You were gung-ho on MM getting the chop, and I thought you were the type to give a man a decent chance.

PositivelyPortman added 16:34 - Oct 16
Coco - you need to name names or shut it.
Stop stirring the rumours again and again.

figo72 added 16:51 - Oct 16
I have a question for those two.....who decided on that bloody awful home shirt?? And what on earth did the 2 that didn't get picked look like?? Hurst & Milne need to have words with someone at ITFC and it isn't the players!!!

shortmarine1969 added 16:55 - Oct 16
@PositiveIyPortman - I think MM had run his course due to his relationship with the fan base which was declining at a fair rate..He did a decent job when he cam in..but it went very stagnant and IMO and many others he had to go..As for PH i do think he should be given a chance..but..!! After what will be 16 games played if we do get under the 6 points that i hope we will get , we would be on 15 points or less with a 3rd of the season gone & thats relegation form..and consideration should be given to our direction , not saying sack they guy...but we will need a serious look ...PH has had 17 matches with pre-season and i,m still not comvinced he knows his best team and / or formation which is a real worry..and as this is a forum i think it right to disuss the,s not slating the guy anywhere in my post or nor would i in the ground...but a serious look at the situation will be needed even to turn it around in some manner . For those saying it,s pathetic. / not a fan..!! not assess stringently would be even more so pathetic..or are we to rely on the power of prayer.!.

Henrietta_R_Hippo added 17:06 - Oct 16
Dear oh Dear. Does this little informative article, and a few of the subsequent proposed questions to ask at this upcoming 'Meet The Club' event, really give perfectly "JUST CAUSE" for certain *types* of Ipswich fans attacking other *type*s of Ipswich fans, yet again???!!!


While not directly taking side here on what's being commented on this article, my general little friendly advice to ALL groups of fans this once proud & revered club:

1) Man Up! & for as long as the language used by others is not foul or vile etc., well then respect the still freedom-of-speech entitled society, (which includes this website!) we are currently living in.
2) And oh If you have nothing constructive to add yourself , well then don't then always seek to simply advocate DIVISION between you & you ilk and those of a somewhat "different persuasion".... while of course also keeping in mind that "moaning" and asking so called 'Hard Questions' or just voicing skepticism, especially in the case of well-founded skepticism, is far far from always being one & the same thing.

And on that friendly note, now over to this lovely English teaching lady, Ceema, and her *special* refreshing take on quote: "Avoiding answering *unwanted* questions" .... which ehhh may or may not-come-in-handy for some of this club staff on November 1 LOL. Or else at least for people with well-documented troubles with the media and Hard Questions from 'The Crowd' in general. Hmmm speaking of the latter good ol' Muck & The Donald immediately springs to mind, don't they? LOL

:-) :-)

cat added 18:49 - Oct 16
Henrietta.... aka the court jesters alter ego (lol)
Guessing Milne will go with ‘no comment’ and Hurst will go with ‘I’m not at liberty to say’!
On a more serious note I’m pro Hurst and I will give him at least until the end of the November to ‘wait and see’ where we are at, if thingsdon’t improve then ‘I’d rather not talk about it’

brittaniaman added 19:38 - Oct 16
No Marcus Evans present then ?????

alanbrazil added 09:09 - Oct 17
So much negativity from people especially coco probably sitting there for the whole international break waiting for something negative to write, Had a good win at Swansea and haven't been far away in other games, Yes if after the next 5 games we are still where we are then start asking questions,

chripswich added 12:45 - Oct 17
Hurst answering question? I’ll take a sleeping bag, could be a very long night...

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