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Hurst: It Was Always Going to Be Tough Against Leeds
Wednesday, 24th Oct 2018 22:58

Boss Paul Hurst felt Town were always going to be in for a tough evening against Leeds United, who comfortably beat the Blues 2-0 at Elland Road to return to the top of the table.

“I think if anyone was expecting anything [other than] it being a tough evening then they clearly haven’t been paying attention to Leeds United this season,” Hurst said.

“It doesn’t matter what we are, it was always going to be tough and, to be honest, I’ve seen Leeds outplay teams more than I have tonight.

“Whether or not they were stretched we can debate that, but I didn’t feel as threatened as perhaps I might have expected to at times, albeit they upped the tempo in that second period.”

After an even opening to the game, Kemar Roofe’s 22nd minute header set the Whites on their way.

“It was a fantastic ball in, I think we could have done more to stop the cross in the first place but it was ultimately a moment of quality in terms of the delivery,” Hurst added.

“I’d probably fancy myself to score that. But he was back in the team, he’s a goalscorer and he was back in the goals tonight from my point of view.”

Asked whether he has found this week’s speculation regarding his future hard to deal with, he said: “I’m not one to go searching for it but at the same time I don’t lock myself in a room and don’t speak to anyone. Unfortunately, those things are out there. At they healthy? Realistically, no.

“But at the same time, as I said going into the game, all you can do is focus on your job and do it to the best of your ability. And ultimately if it’s not good enough or deemed not good enough, then so be it.

“It doesn’t help, it’s something else I’m not happy about but at the same time I think if we were a team that was full of players that weren’t willing to fight we’d have lost by more than a 2-0 scoreline.

“I know they hit the post but what I didn’t see, and I don’t if anyone felt differently, but I didn’t feel like I saw a team which would just roll over and let Leeds do what they want.

“Ultimately Leeds are a very good team, we couldn’t take advantage of them maybe being not quite at their best in terms of confidence coming into the game, a little bit of a difficult run for them in terms of how well they’ve done this season so far.”

Hurst says no one has spoken to him about his future in relation to the speculation. Asked whether he’d like a reassuring call from owner Marcus Evans tomorrow, he added: “I keep saying it, that’s not for me, that’s whether Marcus feels that he needs to or not. All I’ll do is get on with my job.

“In a lot of ways, I’m not going to lie, managers are pleased if they can just be left to get on with their job, so I’m not going to complain that he’s [not] ringing me every day, I just have to get on with it.”

Although still bottom the Blues are level with 23rd-placed Hull City with Reading three points ahead in 22nd and then Rotherham, Millwall and Preston all a point further ahead outside the relegation zone.

Asked whether one good thing about the current situation is that his team are far from adrift at this stage and whether he’s confident his players can turn things around, he said: “Yes, we hope so. It’s interesting you said that because I was told at the weekend we were ‘rock bottom’. I don’t see it like that and from that question I’d say you probably agree.

“We’re in a pack of teams that, whether we all like it or not, in my opinion are going to be fighting to stay in the division.

“Probably I would say one team out of that will have a run and pull away and there’ll be one team, maybe two, that will probably drop back down.

“We’ve got to hang on in there for as long as possible until we gain more confidence, maybe try and improve the squad.

“We’ve lost Jon Walters, we’ve lost Ellis Harrison at the top end of the pitch, we’re very limited on what we can do there. It’s difficult for the two lads in terms of how we want to try and play.

“It’s not an excuse but sometimes things go against you and you’ve got to try and find different ways and at the minute we’re still trying to do that.”

Is there an understanding regarding that? “I think in some areas there is and in others there won’t be. And I think that’s football.

“Again, that’s opinions, some people are sympathetic, other people expect you to win the league. That’s the industry that we’re in.”

Town next face 20th-placed Millwall at the Den on Saturday, Preston, 19th, at home and then 21st-placed Reading at the Madejski Stadium, big games for the Blues.

“We thought QPR was as well,” reflected Hurst. “Every game is big. What I will clarify is, despite the fact I think unlikely getting a victory was unlikely or maybe even a point here tonight, we didn’t turn up with that intention.

“The team wasn’t changed round thinking we’ll just try something and give it a go, it was to come and get something, albeit it was very difficult. Just to quash any thoughts of that.

“The next three are big games in a way that you look at teams that are down towards the lower reaches.

“But at the same time, even then it won’t be done and dusted either way after those three games. There’s still a long, long way to go. But we certainly want to try and not - at the very worst - let that gap get any bigger and hopefully reduce it.

“I haven’t seen the results tonight, certainly as was mentioned going into the game, one victory and you can be out of the relegation zone, albeit not clear of it. We’ve got to make sure we stay in that pack of teams.”

Leeds manager Marelo Bielsa felt his team was worthy of the win which took his team back to the top of the Championship ahead of Middlesbrough on goal difference.

“It was a necessary win and a deserved one too,” he said. “There were two different halves and in the second half we had fluidity which we didn't have in the first half.

“Our team was constantly offensive and we had 10 clear chances to score a goal.

"In the first half we spent many minutes not playing. We had the obligation to change this and make the right pass. If we do this, we play.”

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churchmans81 added 23:04 - Oct 24
#nonsense !!

runningout added 23:05 - Oct 24
Winnable like every game if we’re up for it

TheSelkirk added 23:07 - Oct 24
I honestly think that the man has no belief in his team or himself. He almost seems resigned to failure.

Radlett_blue added 23:08 - Oct 24
Usual Hurst verbiage, saying a lot without really saying anything. A win or 2 from the next 3 games against fellow strugglers or he's toast. Hopefully not another 7 changes for Saturday but we are woefully short up front.

Michael101 added 23:11 - Oct 24
Mr Hurst you talk as much Crap as the last person doing your job. Must be a Yorkshire thing.

blueboy1981 added 23:11 - Oct 24
Evans probably doesn't even know the score - or that we had a game tonight..... !!!

If he is 'on the ball' - why isn't he saying or doing something ?

TimmyH added 23:11 - Oct 24
Sounded like a defeated manager leading a defeated team even before we got to Elland Road tonight, that must of filled the players with confidence, he certainly isn't filling me with any.

No wonder he's not feeling or looking to stressed out at the moment, would you if your old club had left a vacancy open for you and if sacked due a big pay day?

whittonblue added 23:11 - Oct 24
So defeatist, sounds to me like he’s given up.

rfretwell added 23:12 - Oct 24
I cant be bothered to read all his rubbish. Get out of the press room and onto the practice pitch to put the squad through passing drills.

unknown100 added 23:12 - Oct 24
We haven't been a team fighting for survival in the past 10 seasons so why this year?
It looks as though the players have had the life sucked out of them... no energy or enthusiasm.

Ipswich was the dream takeover job, established championship players, good youth players, just needed maybe 2 or 3 better quality players and we had a good chance of promotion, by no means a 13 odd player overhaul

We had built a foundation and now we are back at the start, going to be a very sad time to be a town fan for at least 3-5 seasons

blueboy1981 added 23:16 - Oct 24
........ Hurst talks so much nonsense - I just cannot believe how inept he really is.

The fact that such a person should have found his way into our Club is nothing short of a bad dream.
I cannot listen to him to him, or read his comments anymore.

However - McCarthy still had to GO.

Len_Brennan added 23:17 - Oct 24
I normally avoid commenting after matches, whether it's a good or bad result, but I just can't stop myself tonight. A change has to come before the next game, there is nothing to suggest that Paul Hurst can turn this around & plenty to suggest that he is bereft of confidence, ideas & any ability to inspire. He still has no idea what his best options are in any area of the team; it would be impossible to predict the next side he would put out. Unbelievably disheartening.

Mark added 23:19 - Oct 24
Seven changes is crazy, how are they supposed to understand each other and gel?

Time for a change, Marcus Evans. New manager to organise the team and quickly find a first choice 11. Big investment in January to sign some quality to save our Championship status. We cannot go on like this, we need to win matches!

LimitlessBlue added 23:21 - Oct 24

WhoisJimmyJuan added 23:24 - Oct 24
This was a totally broken team led by a broken manager. It's more obvious than ever now that MM was a sticking plaster manager. Hurst must resign now for sure but unless Evans goes too we are doomed. He is a tax exile who has absolutely no interest in our once-great club whatsoever. He needs to sell up to someone who cares. I'm upset, angry and disillusioned and I salute my fellow fans who are stronger than I and pay to watch this. I don't live near so it's not easy. But you chaps and chapesses are the only ones keeping our club alive. Keep those lights burning as they are all that keeps our club alive x

blueboy1981 added 23:26 - Oct 24
....... he seems to think it unlikely that a win, or even a point, was expected by him tonight - if that is the case - why is he still the Manager ?, and what confidence is that likely to pass onto the players ?

Far too much is being heaped onto too many players struggling to adapt to a higher level, by a totally inept Manager - confidence is therefore as low, as low could ever be throughout the team.

The buck stops with you Mr Hurst.

I_AM_GOD added 23:27 - Oct 24
For me, this is the talk of a manager doubting his team, himself and his club. For me, his time ran out before Swansea and even that result, albeit a great result, has proven nothing to change my mind.

I want Mick out and I had high hopes with Paul Hurst. But I am not holding much hope we can avoid the drop if this continues much longer. But equally who can turn it around for us? First step is someone who d's. See when a system is not working and play two up front.

I_AM_GOD added 23:28 - Oct 24
I wanted Mick out that should have read.

And first step is someone who can see.

I hate these ever decreasing keyboard sizes.

MickCuresInsomnia added 23:30 - Oct 24
That picture fills you with confidence doesn't it 🙄

Well done Marcus on another astute choice of manager 👎

Show some bloody ambition with your next choice and also with your spending, remember he who dares wins 🚜💪


TimmyH added 23:30 - Oct 24
unknown100 - your forgetting the Keane and Jewell (in particular) years, we're just going full circle again.

44_not_out added 23:33 - Oct 24
Unknown100..... brilliant, you sum it up perfectly!

MM annoyed people etc etc.... but he left a legacy to build on. PH has set the club back years in a matter of months. The longer he stays, the worse it gets. I’m beyond angry just really sad now!

bostonusablue added 00:00 - Oct 25
Why hasn’t he resigned yet?

78ShadesOfBlue added 00:04 - Oct 25
He actually said, "I thought we were OK."

I feel for him, but it's time for the change. Unfortunately, now we are stuck with the players which he felt were right to bring in to the club.


Safetyfirstmrwark added 00:11 - Oct 25
Evans out

DeanoBlue added 00:11 - Oct 25
The strikers had nothing to feed on so hurst can say we are short on options but you can have 4 or 5 strikers to choose from but if the service is nonexistent then nobody will score goals, I’m given it till Preston game before I give up on hurst, so no better chance of getting 3 wins on the bounce otherwise it’s Hurst out, Evans out

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