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Post Match (random player / scapegoat) Soundbites Bingo
at 20:52 20 Apr 2021

We should be winning games like this
We know we can do better
Adapting to new system
Number of games taking its toll
The boys are hurting in there
The scoreline doesn't reflect the game
With a bit more luck / hit the woodwork twice
While it's still mathematically possible
We must try and build on this
We go again on Saturday and will continue to give 100%
New owners looking to change kit
at 13:07 7 Apr 2021

Favouring yellow shirts and green shorts apparently...
I will still be posting as irregularly as before
at 20:48 1 Apr 2021

Just so everyone is aware.

I would also add that a cheese and beetroot sandwich is the King of Sandwiches.

Thank you.
Just suppose..
at 15:18 28 Mar 2021

.. that we had been able to attend games from the day Paul Cook took over.

Do you think that the team would have upped their game or crumbled under the pressure?

Won't be long
at 13:25 6 Mar 2021

Before we see Jackson for Norwood
ITFC Cheerleaders
at 18:18 26 Feb 2021

Def Info!!

TWTD posters are to be given the opportunity to try out for the halftime cheerleading team.

Revealing their pompoms will be an experience for all....

Club's Announcement of Support for Lambert and Co
at 12:41 20 Feb 2021

... to follow later today???

They wouldn't - would they?
Evans' Managerial Preference ?
at 09:43 17 Feb 2021

Do you think that Evans favours more 'aggressive' managers?

Keane, McCarthy and Lambert would seemingly be happy to 'fight' anyone who got in their way and Hurst tried to portray that tough image too.

This might well keep the players in check, but also left out in the wilderness if they fall out with the manager. Depends on how you view it I guess.

If Evans were to continue in the same vein, a Nigel Pearson type will be an obvious choice next time around ...

From ME's point of view, it seems odd to me that he seems to prefer the confrontational type and not just another yes man.
Dominating Possession
at 19:58 16 Feb 2021

.. so that's good.
Question for you...
at 14:55 29 Jan 2021

Would you imagine that any higher league club (or Scottish, ahem) would come in for Lambert?

I wonder whether this is something ME is waiting / hoping for so it is not he that has to pay up Lambert's contract.
[Post edited 29 Jan 16:14]
Paul Lambert Book Club
at 07:33 27 Jan 2021

Now available in hardback "101 good ways to lose"
Post Match Interview Bingo
at 19:32 9 Jan 2021

Covid break
Good side Swindon
Wonder goal when getting back into the match
Played well - controlled game - dominated possession
Don't Worry
at 17:54 9 Jan 2021

We'll bring Norwood on for Drinan with 20 minutes left
Any Former Not606ers Knocking Around?
at 13:58 1 Dec 2020

It's fantastic how TWTDers have come together to support Footers' excellent initiative - well done again matey, great idea.

However, it got me thinking how times have changed though and prompted a vague recollection from Not606 days when a number of us contributed towards flowers and a gift for a lady working for ITFC at the time.

Because I'm getting older, dafter and more forgetful by the day, I can't remember when, why or who but do recall delivering them to her personally.

Back then, we were obviously appreciative of someone's efforts at the club. Hopefully, one day, we will be back in that position again.

Edit: Might even have been 606 days....

[Post edited 1 Dec 2020 13:59]
Will a bad decision by the ref
at 16:25 21 Nov 2020

the injury situation or a couple of late goals to win it, give Lambert another Get Out of Jail Free card?
Making Preparations for Streaming
at 14:54 12 Mar 2020

In the event that I am forced to watch upcoming Town games through a streaming service, I am making preparations to ensure that I can still achieve the full match day experience when in my home.

I have therefore arranged the following:

1. The neighbour to my left has agreed to bang a drum incessantly, with little rhythm, and sing inappropriate songs revolving around male genitalia. Given that this is the rectory I am particularly grateful.

2. The neighbour to my right will shout obscenities at those in other houses but direct particular abuse at numbers 4 and 8

3. The family directly across from me will simply sit in silence bar the odd tut or two. They will also clap politely when the stream has completed.

4. My grandmother and great aunt will sit behind me (on the sofa) and spend 90 minutes or so telling me to sit down. They will also complain about the foul language.

5. The wife will prepare snacks and beer. She will then ensure that I have to wait for these for at least 20 minutes before telling me they are not available.

6. There will be a long queue for my toilet consisting of largely unhappy people and a couple of smokers. When my turn does eventually come, I have arranged for two burly chaps to stand either side of me to splash copious amounts of urine on my jacket sleeves.

7. Grandmother and great aunt will complain when I am a little late returning to the room

8. The postman will look in from outside and tell me that this is just a blip, things are on the up and I am not a real fan. He will also advise that I have no God given right to have my post.

Have I covered everything?
Enough BS
at 07:44 14 Feb 2020

The club has been letting us down gently and lowering our expectations for a long while now. Long Term and on the Cheap could be our club motto.

They throw the odd titbit out there to keep the fans 'happy' - "fans are great" / "we're going to clean up the stadium" / putting pictures on columns / rehiring an ITFC legend / didn't let players go / making up stories about going after Connor Wickham etc etc. Some are taken in by it.

The reality is that the club has little expectation of short or medium term success and, seemingly, zero ambition. Unfortunately, this seems to be reflected in the approach and performance of the team on the pitch.

The apathy that was, according to PL, apparently rife throughout the stands a few years ago now streams through the club itself.
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