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Lambert: We Were Nowhere Near It, We Were Really, Really Poor
Friday, 19th Apr 2019 18:03

Town boss Paul Lambert admitted that his side’s performance as they were beaten 4-0 at Preston North End was the worst display since he took charge at Portman Road at the end of October.

“We were nowhere near it, we were really really poor, we never turned up, got what we deserved and I’ve got no excuses,” he said. “We never turned up and that’s the worst game we’ve had since we’ve come in.”

Town were already two down at the break, were there some home truths at the break? “Yes, there was that and at full-time. It wasn’t good enough. I understand the reality of relegation and things like that, when that hits you it’s a blow.

“But there are other things you’re still hanging on to, something that you can try and chase but that was nowhere near the level.

“You always wonder how the players will react when reality sinks in but that’s not acceptable. That’s not the way my teams play and it won’t happen again.

“They know exactly my feelings on the whole thing. You can’t play the game of football if you’re going to stand off people and not make a challenge and do the ugly side of the game, when you don’t run and you don’t work. I think we were outplayed in every aspect of the game.”

The Blues manager felt his team was fortunate only to concede four: “Absolutely. I’m not going to stand here and sugarcoat it, it’s not good enough and we’ve had people travelling a long way to watch us play. The game I would say is our worst, without a doubt.”

Lambert fielded a side without any of the loanees, a team which he might be able to select on the opening day of next season, however, he says the display doesn’t worry him looking longer term.

“That one game won’t tell me everything, it’s over the course of the five months we’ve been here,” he insisted.

“You can go through every one of them, they never performed, whereas for the last four or five months we’ve played really, really well.

“That game won’t tell me anything I don’t really know about the team. You get performances where sometimes nothing goes right for you, it’s important you bounce back and thank God we’ve got a game on Monday.”

He reiterated that the display shouldn’t be looked at in isolation and viewed as a big concern.

“No, that would be crazy,” he added. “So I forget every other good game they’ve played? That’s crazy.

“That’s a human nature thing. If you play 19 great games and the 20th’s really poor, people automatically think about the poor one, they don’t think about the 19 good ones you’ve played.

“That’s not going to tell me anything at all. I’ve got a group of young lads who will burst at the seams and be ready to get going and the quicker the season finishes the better.

“We’ve still got three hard games, two we can have a say in who goes up and who doesn’t. That won’t happen again.”

Regarding the next three games against Swansea at Portman Road on Monday, then Sheffield United next Saturday and Leeds at home on the final day, he said: “If we play like that we’re not going to win any of them, that’s the bottom line.

“But if we do what we’ve done in the previous games then we can definitely cause them trouble. You can’t sugarcoat it, that was nowhere near good enough.”

Lambert subbed Josh Emmanuel at half-time, which he says was as the 21-year-old had had a tough first 45 minutes.

“I thought he struggled,” Lambert said. “Again, he’s a young lad who needs working on. The lad will be better, that’s the worst he’s probably been. But it wasn’t just Josh, as a team we weren’t good enough.

“That’s development for you. The lad just came back in January time, it’s development, he’s missed a lot of football. There’s a lot to work with and a lot of hard work to come."

Preston manager Alex Neil felt it was an important win for his team following a run of four successive defeats, the most recent a 4-1 reverse at West Brom last Saturday.

"After the last week it was important we came out and put on a good performance and put things right," the former Canaries boss said. "We played well and got four goals so I’m really pleased with that.”

"I felt we played well. We had good quality at times when we needed it and Callum [Robinson] was involved in all four goals so I think that shows his importance to us.

“He’s a good player, he is one of our key players. What he did today, not every player can do. He had the quality to damage them today.”

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martin587 added 18:08 - Apr 19
Yes Paul we were. I’ve driven up from Southend to watch this game and we were diabolical.How do you explain that to us traveling supporters.!🤔

juniorblue added 18:11 - Apr 19
How disappointing. I appreciate that the players are upset about relegation but they need to show some fight. The season isn't over yet and I was hoping that the players would want to give the fans something back after all their terrific support. To roll over and give up is not good enough, and will get them nowhere in League 1. Hoping for better on Monday.

jas0999 added 18:12 - Apr 19
Good grief - we could field that starting eleven next season? Wouldn’t be good enough to finish
Mid table, let alone challenge for promotion. We need to forget this nonsense of fielding inexperienced youngsters etc. The squad isn’t good enough and needs a certain level of investment in the summer. It very much feels we have all fallen for Evans spin, where his underlying message seems to be he won’t be spending.

MrTown added 18:13 - Apr 19
Can we please get Judge back in the no.10 role.

Our most influential and creative player is on the left and he just drifts inside anyway leaving confusion in a our defensive roles (doesn't take much I know).

We played some of our best football using the diamond, suits our personnel to the ground.

mickeyjb added 18:16 - Apr 19
Someone please wake me up when this nightmare is over. We are so Cr@p it’s almost laughable! We need players, we didn’t get quality this year so why should we think we get them next season. I laughed when we were made favourites to go down!!

braveblue added 18:18 - Apr 19
One up front. Judge out wide. Has not worked yet. But keep playing it. Why? Does not fill me with hope. Feels like a stubborn manager - surely not another one!!!

carlo88 added 18:18 - Apr 19
Sounds like Paul Jewell talking in October 2012

TimmyH added 18:24 - Apr 19
10.3% win percentage is pretty pathetic Paul in the Championship where practically every dog can have their day (look at 10 man Wigan today)...sadly 'our day' comes against like minded financially troubled clubs like Bolton. Mr Lambert YOU have to do better, the PLAYERS have to do better and Mr EVANS has to do better...the supporters have done and continue to do theirs!!!

blue86 added 18:26 - Apr 19
its hard to stay positive it really is, just want this season to be over. i still hope and beleive lambert can start to get us back on track next season, but fear we need another complete rebuild in the summer. only problem is i cant see evans giving lambert a big budget, as before we even start we are losing 9 million! and lets be honest evans dosent exactly like spending now does he? we have got some half decent youngsters coming through which is great, but think we need to add experience to the side, battle hardened leaders for the challenge of league 1, which is going to be tough. roll on next season but we need to get our act together big time. coyb

unknown100 added 18:33 - Apr 19
Did anyone really expect anything more? We were losing when we were fighting for our lives, now we are relegated did you really expect us to start winning, last 3 games are just giving the youth a go

1966 added 18:37 - Apr 19
We've Hit Rock Bottom, losing Games is a Bad Habit To Break. I'm a Season Ticket holder for 20 + Years and If I'm Being honest The Future looks Bleak at Mo . Top Half of league 1 Are Much Better Than We Are By a long Way , Just Makes Me Sad ......

Suffolkboy added 18:40 - Apr 19
For those who probably justifiably despair , it’s GOALS that win games and always has been ,always will be ! Some unforgivable idiot managed to ‘see off ‘ nearly all our goal scorers ,so little surprise we can’t put points on the board !
I wondered at the time whether the departees saw completely through PH so refused to stay ( other excuses being proffered by said so called ‘manager‘ ) ,and boy have our total deficiencies cost !? Those brought in have simply never looked capable ,in need of footballing education and increased physical ability : we so need to toughen up all round as we seem to bounce off the opposition this season .

blue86 added 18:44 - Apr 19
oh and for the swansea game, lets have two strikers and judge playing in his best position, central attacking midfielder!! 352, 4222 or 41212 formation please.

Esseeja added 18:56 - Apr 19
if you can save us by investing, you can help us by investing, otherwise, you are not welcome, the year is 2019, not 1999.

speccybaz added 18:56 - Apr 19
In a season when it keeps feeling like things are the worst they can be, things just then get worse still. It’s extremely unlikely that we will pick up any more points. For those waivering on whether to get or renew a season ticket, performances like this may help them to decide. Some big personnel decisions to be made in the coming weeks too.

marco007 added 19:13 - Apr 19
Well according to Paul we play well and lose and play badly and lose badly..either way all we do is lose, lose, lose.
After so many games in charge has anyone honestly seen any progress??
I for one wont be renewing my season ticket...I'll watch the occasional game but im just fed up with this mess 😖😥

fergalsharkey added 19:18 - Apr 19
Roll on next season when we will win 2 draw 3 and lose 41.

algarvefan added 19:23 - Apr 19
This hasn't just happened this season, it has been year after year of neglect and the football today was abysmal, one of the worst performance I have seen in 54 years of following Town. There was no passion, no fight and nothing from Paul Lambert. Players getting opportunities are not really taking them, our youngsters look so lightweight against more physical teams and I'm sorry but I find the team selection and tactics quite honestly baffling at times.
We will pay for the neglect next season and I would currently be more than happy with mid table as a finish, I feel sad saying that, last summer was a disaster this summers dealings will be vital for our future, I wish I thought Lambert was the man for the job, but sadly I do not. Time will tell, I hope I am wrong.

Lord_Mac added 19:56 - Apr 19
I went to Orient today to watch them play Harrogate. Orient is a team on the way back. Both teams played TWO upfront and came to win. Orient ran out 2-0 winners but it could have gone either way. The teams played with passion and desire and chased down half-chances all over the pitch.

It cost my son and me £18 each and a short trip through the Blackwall Tunnel, compared to the best part of £200 to go to Preston.

Just playing two upfront as manager after Ipswich Manager refuse to do, would be enough on its own to survive in the Championship. I’m afraid both Orient and Harrogate would beat Ipswich at present.

Wishing4arightback added 20:12 - Apr 19
There are lots of people that say that people that comment don't know what they are on about, that a professional manager knows best etc...
I am not a a professional footballer, a professional manager or a professional pundit. I am just a season ticket holder that played football for over 20 years. But... there are a few facts that cannot be argued with. A team needs players who can actually score, players who can create chances and players who can defend. Regardless of the level, we do not have natural goal scorers, people who did little but know where to be. Our midfield has players that can create, but Judge and Bishop need to be in the centre, not wide where there cant hurt teams. And our defense in shocking. Chambers shouts at everyone else on the pitch, but is so poor and way past his best and you can see that apart from Collins, who tells Chambers what to do, the others play on egg shells waiting for an ear bashing which clearly affects them. Perhaps the people that post should be paid to watch, rather than PAY, and then we might see what the Ipswich coaching staff clearly see that we don't. If we have the same core next season we will witness the same!!!

ITFCsince73 added 20:29 - Apr 19
Lord Mac. I felt the same about Luton Town a few years back.
We’re now ready to wave as they pass us by.

herfie added 20:32 - Apr 19
In truth, there’s so much that needs root and branch surgery across all areas of this club. Despite the OTT PR, the brave words and hollow sense of optimism, until Evans is replaced, the death by a thousand cuts trajectory that has marked our steady decline under his stewardship, will sadly continue. Today was a case of the air being filled by chickens coming home to roost.

Lightningboy added 20:32 - Apr 19
I guess a result & performance like that has been coming.

But I really do think we need to bring in at least 6 players during the summer...

Bart has been absolute clown in goal at times this season - please sort yourself out over the summer or move on mate.

We need a right back and a left back - i’m not convinced by Emanuel or Kenlock sorry.

Nsiala is a liability & i’d be happy to offload him.

Skuse is just too slow - we need a Magilton/Lambert type in that position,someone who can control the pace of the team & is capable of scoring more than 2 goals in 250 odd games.

And we need at least 2 strikers - preferably not injury prone ones at that.

Over to you Marcus........

blueboy1981 added 20:47 - Apr 19
Yes, Mr Lambert we were - just like your results record since you've been with us.

Has to be said that the entertainment value has increased overall, the bonding between Club, Manager, and Supporters much enhanced, and the feel good factor prior to today anyway, had returned.

However, some way, one way or another, results have to improve.
You've praised the players week after week - are they now letting you down ? - or are they not up to it ? - whatever the reason your career is at stake here.
I find your tactics / team formations quite baffling sometimes too, today for example.

ShropshireBluenago09 added 20:54 - Apr 19
Only the 2nd time we lost by more than 3 all season. Disappointing yes, bothered - not really, its all about next season Did anyone expect a Town win today?

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