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Lambert: El Mizouni the One Bright Spark at Preston
Saturday, 20th Apr 2019 19:14

Town boss Paul Lambert felt Idris El Mizouni’s full debut was the one bright spark he could take from Good Friday’s 4-0 defeat at Preston North End.

The 18-year-old central midfielder, who had made three senior sub appearances prior to Friday, started on the right of the front three before being replaced in the 59th minute.

“I thought he did well,” Lambert said. “It’s not his natural position but we don’t have any wide players, with Gwion being out injured [with a groin problem] and obviously Freddie [Sears] and Wardy [Grant Ward] and Jack [Lankester] all injured.

“I played Andre there at Brentford. Andre’s got a good chance of playing on Monday, so I gave Idris a go and he never let us down, he was the one bright spark.”

Alan Judge, who played on the other side of the front three, added: “It will have been a good experience for him. He got one or two tackles left on him which will show he needs to quicken up from U23s football.

“But he's a good, bright lad and this will only be good for him in the end. He still took the ball in positions where some people might hide.”

France-born El Mizouni's full debut capped an impressive season which saw him start in the U18s, progress to the U23s and win two caps for Tunisia's Olymic side, who play at U23 level.

In December he signed his first professional contract which runs to the summer of 2021 with the club having an option for a further year.

El Mizouni, who was previously with AS Meudon and AC Boulogne-Billancourt, cost the Blues £6,000 when he joined the academy as a full-time scholar in the summer of 2017.

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TractorBoy654 added 20:04 - Apr 20
I certainly didn’t think he was a bright spark, one of the less exciting youth player ... personally see a lot more in drinnan

guentchev added 20:14 - Apr 20
Far from an impressive debut....but doesn't mean that he isn't one for the future. Hard to adjust from the U23 squad and needs time to gel with team mates. Nobody should be judging him purely from one performance....

raycrawfordswig added 20:51 - Apr 20
Coming into a p... poor team not going to help him.

TractorBoy654 added 21:07 - Apr 20
Far from p... poor, the spine of a good team is there just need the players to play around chambo, skuse and Keane and that’s a mid table championship team

adeblueboy added 21:12 - Apr 20
Lambert keeps on saying the right things about everything to do with the club but the facts are there. We have only won 4 games this season and only, yes only 3 while he has been in charge. He has had plenty of time at the club now to have won more than that. Is he really the right man to get us out of league 1, cos I am not so sure he is.

algarvefan added 22:15 - Apr 20
adeblueboy I agree, it seems heresy at the club to say this at the moment, but lets be honest here, his record before he arrived, since he arrived and now is far from impressive.

I think the whole set up should be reviewed, personally I would put Nash in charge of the first team. Lambert has sucked up to the fans big time because he cannot afford another failure. I hope I'm wrong because Lambert is here to stay I think, to be fair to him it's a huge job and Rome wasn't built in a day!!

algarvefan added 22:16 - Apr 20
Personally I thought Nsiala was the bright spark on Friday.

MichaelRockyLavelle added 22:43 - Apr 20
How can he not see,
1 we don't have any natural wingers,
2 we don't have any loan strikers

Its infuriating, as we've looked good in a 442 every single time ...
And had we played 442 all season, I think we'd have avoided relegation

BlueySwede added 00:22 - Apr 21
What I think Lambert is really saying is El Mizouni at least turned up, some other players didn´t . We need a balance next season of quality and commitment.

Ironfarmer added 07:04 - Apr 21
Agree. We were useless in 433 against Birmingham but with 442, we were competitive. However, Lambert even then had to be too clever. Switching Judge & Edwards from left to right. Given this recent evidence, if he goes 433 against Swansea. Sack him.

TractorRoyNo1 added 07:22 - Apr 21
Our "spine" needs serious surgery, Bart, Chambers and our "striker" were all crap on Saturday and poor all season.

Kirbmeister added 08:09 - Apr 21
Avoided relegation playing 4-4-2? We’d have gone down playing 4-4-4!

afcfee added 08:56 - Apr 21
Skuse and Chambers have been at the Spine of the team all season and I wouldn't rule out a double drop if they play as much next year.

runningout added 09:44 - Apr 21
Even El Mizouni would admit there wasn’t one bright spot from that sad show. Massive changes required, and quick

ArnieM added 10:10 - Apr 21
Christ some you fans are so f lucking fickle ! Lambert had been here just SIX months FFS!! Flat cap McCarthy had 6 YEARS and “ built” nothing , absolutely NOTHING!

What do some of you seriously expect to happen in just a short space of time, having inherited a
“ team” of 11 League One experienced players all playing at Choio ship level did the first time in their careers?? Are you stupid or just plane thick?


trncbluearmy added 10:17 - Apr 21
He`s being given a chance but is not beyond criticism.
In the cold light of day he had plenty of time and a January window to turn it around.
Fans are once again being patient and he will get full support for now, but if Town do not get of to a very good start next season hell will be unleashed.

Dissboyitfc added 10:51 - Apr 21
PL will be given more time, but after a close season and 10 games in, i could really start to see the fans turn on him. By then he will have played 40+ games! Even with the squad he had inherited 3 wins so far in his tenure is shocking, i for one believe we should have been playing with 2 up front and i definitely believe that it would have yielded more than 3 wins.

The worrying thing for me is PL's record since he split with Culverhouse is not good enough, not here or anywhere! And sadly thats not just my opinion, its a fact!

ArnieM added 11:01 - Apr 21
Sorry, but I don’t call 6 months ( when he can’t realistically change the squad), being given
“ a chance”!

Call me old fashioned, but I’d have thought a manager would need at least 2 pre seasons to assemble and mould a squad of his own , specially when he inherits a squad devoid of any true quality.

If fans start this nit picking, negative media talk , it will gain momentum ( just as the positive support has under Lamberts PR and the hard work of Blue Action). I’m asking people PLEASE NOT to do this. It will create more toxicity amongst the fans and prevent the positivity that now fills the ground home and away under Town colours. Let Lambert do his job over the summer and into the next two seasons before passing judgement.

Steve_ITFC_Sweden added 11:02 - Apr 21
Naarwich fans were all for chucking Farke out not so long ago, and look at them now. Agreed PL has not turned us round much (on the pitch at least), but six months isn't a very long time, especially given the cards he was dealt to start off with. If we are really going to build, then we need some patience and acceptance that quick fixes won't work (unless they are heavily funded, which won't happen for us). My conclusion: let's continue to get behind PL's mission and at least give him a season to try to put this into practice. In doing so, I hope he is a bit ruthless in the summer, by the way. And while I agree that endless loans is not the answer, a couple of decent loans would not come amiss.

bobble added 12:11 - Apr 21
burley/butcher for next season...

slimjim added 12:13 - Apr 21
Agree with Steve it’s far too early to criticise PL he needs a bit more time but he does need to make the team more competitive ASAP next season and get some wins under his belt before fans start turning on him...

awayfan added 12:31 - Apr 21
Totally agree with Steve ITFC Sweden.

spanishblue added 14:00 - Apr 21
How with 1 window behind him with a team 99.9% relegated can anybody believe a footballer would come to town can't believe Judgey came 2 guys that couldn't get a game when he gets to the end of 19-20 season we can start moaning

Saxonblue74 added 15:39 - Apr 21
Are people seriously questioning Lambert already? One January window (which are always useless) to turn things around? Given the time he will turn us around. He's been tasked with polishing a turd after the mess Hurst left behind. I'm with you on this one ArnieM. Bobble, Butcher/Burley for next season? The last thing we need is another "revolution"! If we carry on like that we'll soon be the new QPR!

Saxonblue74 added 15:42 - Apr 21
Trncbluearmy, "fans are once again being patient"? Really? What would you call impatient? Days? Weeks?!

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