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Lambert: There Was No Respect for the Place
Friday, 9th Aug 2019 12:21

Blues boss Paul Lambert says the appearance of the stadium and training ground are vital, hence the redecoration and cleaning which has been ongoing over the summer at his instigation.

Playford Road has seen a lick of fresh blue paint in recent weeks, while work at Portman Road will follow, including a clean of the roof of the Sir Bobby Robson Stand, the state of which has come in for criticism from fans for the last couple of seasons.

Lambert confirmed that the work was at his behest: “Yes, there was nothing here, there was nothing here, there was no infrastructure here.

“In my opinion there was no respect for the place, there was no colour, there was no blue, you couldn’t see any blue, where I was I couldn’t see any badges, it was all wrong.

“And there was an acceptance of that. I thought this is wrong, what’s happening here, so I had a chat with Marcus and said, ‘Listen, you have to grab the club’ and, to be fair, little bits are getting done and things are happening around the club now which should have been done long before I was here.

“I thought the standard was no good, the standard was poor and now it starts to get better. There’s a long, long road to recovery, but this is a start and the standard and acceptance was way, way off the mark, it should never have happened.

“Because of the standard I’m used to, this was unacceptable for me, so that’s why we said we have to do something, change something.”

He stressed the importance of the appearance of the stadium and training ground: “They’re vital because the fans have to come and sit in a stadium. Their experience of a game has to be, not turning up to a place that’s not great or a training ground that’s not great.

“The respect level, it wasn’t there. And that’s why I think it was all wrong, it needed to be laid out - this is not right what’s happened to this club because it’s too big a club. And now it is getting better, slowly.”

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guentchev added 12:23 - Aug 9
About time....

Gilesy added 12:29 - Aug 9
Things like this make me think he is in this for the long-term. He clearly cares. This is good.

BurleysGloryDays added 12:29 - Aug 9

Colin_Viljoen added 12:31 - Aug 9
When I was a lad, when we were short of work we went on painting duty, I think that should apply to anybody who's injured, lest face Huw's & Adeyemi could have painted the stadium on their own last season!

MaySixth added 12:37 - Aug 9
Why is this even news?

Should be done as a matter of course.

ArnieM added 12:41 - Aug 9
I have SO MUCH RESPECT for Paul Lambert . He simply just “ gets it” , where’s as his predecessors didn’t give a stiff for our club or like so many were here to line their own pockets and stuff the Club.

What a pity Lambo couldn’t afford to buy Town : he would Care for it like it was his own child . That’s the kind of owner ,( and manger) we need!!

BlueMachines added 12:41 - Aug 9
Colin_V whilst I totally agree can you imagine a modern day footballer’s response to be asked to paint the stadium? 😳

ArnieM added 12:43 - Aug 9
Maysixth it’s newsworthy because until Lambert walked through the door, no one had given a shyte about Ipswich Town FC since the days of the Cobbold’s and SBR. And that is why we are currently where we are.

itfchorry added 12:47 - Aug 9
Great Job PL -

Stadium was looking shabby - Let’s get the PA System
Fixed and really start to ramp up the atmosphere.

gazzer1999 added 12:48 - Aug 9
This is more in line with how Sir Bobby saw the club, he was simply a great coach but an even better manager of the whole club something I can see PL emulating. It won't happen overnight but small seeds planted now will bring fruition later.

Len_Brennan added 12:50 - Aug 9
Really happy to read this story; although it's a sad indictment of the club in recent years that a manager had to push for such action. Respect for Lambert on this.

raycrawfordswig added 12:54 - Aug 9
Ok Evans overalls on pain brush in hand get to it no slacking.

arc added 12:56 - Aug 9
I hope as they're doing this, they are reflecting on what Ipswich Blue actually is. It matters. I remember when the 2001/02 strip was revealed with its weird pale blue, I knew in my bones that we were in trouble. This year's strip is such an improvement. But let's make a commitment to the right shade and not waver.

BerlinBlue added 13:10 - Aug 9
PL is absolutely right. Great to see he cares so much about things not necessarily in his remit.

itfcasual added 13:21 - Aug 9
Who knows? Next they may even be able to accept a debit card payment at the bars in the stadium! I've heard it is possible.

trncbluearmy added 13:23 - Aug 9
All of the above a thousand times

Thank the feck at last someone who can do something about it cares

It's taken a long time and a lot of pain

JewellintheTown added 13:23 - Aug 9
Should ask the community to get involved - paintbrush/ roller and pot of paint, area to finish and promise of a free matchday ticket or pint in return. Would bring pride to the fans and community spirit everytime they saw what they'd contributed, kind of like the Beat Statue.

Blocker123 added 13:27 - Aug 9
This is why believe that PL Is in it for the long haul with little but so important things like this. At last a manager who is willing to buy into the club and wants to see his little baby grow by putting down the correct foundations and ethos.
Someone who cares and has taken the club to his heart.
Think I have a man crush! 😍

grinch added 13:29 - Aug 9
Colin v completely agree Huws and bishop would have painted whole stadium by now but you are correct the club pays the wage why pay for more individuals to pick up a paint pot let them earn there cash

grinch added 13:29 - Aug 9
Colin v completely agree Huws and bishop would have painted whole stadium by now but you are correct the club pays the wage why pay for more individuals to pick up a paint pot let them earn there cash

Knightsy added 13:31 - Aug 9
I work at a car paint and materials supplier at the end of Portman Rd, and it disappoint me the state of the outside stadium, when I drive down PR, and you see the green mould on the back of the the North Stand, and the print of Sir Bobby is a disgrace, it was only yesterday the bird sh1t was washed off Sir Bobby. The Turnstiles gates on Colbold Stand needs a lick of paint as well. So it's Great to see PL showing this concern as well

Gcon added 13:34 - Aug 9
Sad state when the manger even has to write the owner's to-do list.

NoCanariesAllowed added 13:41 - Aug 9
"I thought this is wrong, what’s happening here, so I had a chat with Marcus and said, ‘Listen, you have to grab the club’."

Sorry but if that's what Marcus is saying, I'd love to see what was in the job description on the contract Paul Lambert signed. I highly doubt booking bloody decorators was in it. No, this isn't the biggest priority at the club, but if it matters to a new manager, why the hell doesn't it matter to the owner?

Carberry added 13:42 - Aug 9
Astonishing that the manager has to highlight this. Just shows nobody is running the club properly, Evans is just an absent landlord.

TimmyH added 13:55 - Aug 9
Yes about time, I only saw a few games last season due to commitments and my failing fathers health but each time I went I thought the stadium looked other than all seated something dating back to the 80' about time this was done and well done Lambert for making an issue of this.

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