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Lambert: Totally Deserved, We Dominated the Game
Saturday, 18th Jan 2020 18:16

Town boss Paul Lambert felt the Blues fully deserved their 2-1 victory over Tranmere on a difficult surface at Prenton Park having dominated the game, despite having gone behind in the first half.

Flynn Downes and Kayden Jackson netted the Town goals after the break, Manny Monthe having put Rovers ahead in the first period.

“I thought we were the best team right from the off,” Lambert said. “They scored from a set play which should never have been given in the first place because the guy’s given the throw-in and he’s thrown it off the pitch and the referee has made him take it again. That didn’t make sense. He’s actually thrown it out and then they got the freekick.

“That was really the only thing they had, a cross like that. The big guy’s hard to pick up but overall we were excellent.

“It was totally deserved, we dominated the game, we had so much play, the way the centre-backs are performing at a really, really high level. We’re hitting form at probably the right time.”

Lambert, who along with assistant manager Stuart Taylor and fitness coach Jim Henry travelled to Glasgow after the match, was delighted with his own team’s goals.

“Brilliant," he enthused. "I thought the first goal was well worked, a great ball from [Luke] Garbutt, he’s been doing it all season, Flynn got in the box. The second goal was excellent, a great passing move and a great finish.”

He added: “The pitch was a leveller, I think the Tranmere lads [would say that] if they’re being honest with you. They’ve got to get games played, I get that, but it’s not good for anybody that.”

Lambert said the ball sticking on the surface was frustrating for the players: “That faraway side is the worst, it’s just sand. It’s not great for football.”

Despite the dreadful surface, which was covered in sand and cut up from the off, the Blues played some good football at times.

“Very good, I thought the two Lukes [Chambers and Woolfenden] were excellent, along with [James] Wilson, I thought the back three were outstanding, going forward and joining in,” he said.

“And we were a handful, the ball was going in the box, we played some really, really good stuff.”

Lambert wasn’t too unhappy at the break despite being behind: “There wasn’t much wrong aside from the set play, which should never have been given because he threw it off the pitch. The referee pulled it back and then they got the freekick. But actual football-wise, I never felt under pressure.”

The win stretches Town’s unbeaten league run to four games, two wins and two draws, with the poor form in November and December now seemingly behind the Blues.

“You’re always going to get that,” Lambert reflected. “We’ve only been beaten [five] times [in the league] this season. It’s incredible form we’ve been in.

“We’ve had one or two blips, a few draws but people went over the top with it, people went over the top, didn’t have a clue what was going on. We’re going to get the idiots but I guess that’d people who don’t know the game.”

Asked what his thinking was in leaving James Norwood on the bench against his old club, Lambert said: “I think he was just a bit off it, he’s had an injury and he’s come back really, really quickly.

“Will Keane was excellent for us on Tuesday night, his hold-up play was excellent and I thought again he was excellent today. And we felt Kayden’s speed would cause them problems, which it did.”

Lambert says he didn’t sit down and explain his decision to Norwood: “No, I didn’t have to tell him, I just named the team and you get on with it. He’s not a kid, he knows the script and I’ll make the choice that I think is beneficial for everybody, for the team.”

Norwood made an impact from the bench, helping to create the winning goals, and Lambert was pleased with all three of his subs.

“Bish came on and looked lively, Judgey’s been great, we took him off because of the heavy pitch on Tuesday night, but overall really, really pleased,” he said.

Asked if he believes things are starting to click just at the right time, he said: “We’ve been really consistent most of the season. You’re going have little dips, it’s normal but the way we were playing on a pitch that I don’t think was playable from the off. I don’t think that was playable.

“I know Tranmere would have wanted to the game on and all credit to them to try and get the game on but that’s not a football pitch.”

The Blues host Lincoln City next week. Quizzed on whether he’ll be pleased to get back home playing on the surface there, Lambert said: “That’s not much better, it’s not great Portman Road but it is what it is. But to be back home the way that we’re playing I’m really happy.”

Before that there’s a rare midweek without a match: “The guys can have a couple of days off and we go again on Tuesday. The league is relentless, the cup adds to that as well, there are too many games.

“But the way we’re playing, and I don’t know how the other results went, we’re well in the mix, that’s for sure.”

Photo: TWTD

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Suffolkboy added 18:42 - Jan 18
Interesting to read PLs comments on Portman Rd pitch ; the deficiencies were recognised and alluded to when Ferguson was Head Groundsman AND yet despite all that has been tried we’ve not sorted the problems !
WHY is this ? Is it down to a number of totally ineffective so called Managing Directors ? , lack of attention, lack of funds ,lack of determination OR simply an overall lax approach which has seen deterioration in other Club assets ?
Whatever , it matters not why , but how and when we are to put it right and hopefully restore our playing surface to a Premier position in the land !( Remember it once was the BEST )
Last year , I think it was, the groundsman allowed a diary and summation to be printed : it was ok so far as it went,but nothing more than absolutely routine in what it revealed though the intentions were good .There was , however,NO follow through on results ,or the efficacy of the works !
Like many aspects at ITFC it looks as if PL and Co are assiduously attentive and I’ll hope to see and hear more of “pitch improvements “ .
Come on , with good will and positivity so much can and will be achieved !
PS What a great effort and result today !!

DifferentGravy added 18:45 - Jan 18
Yep def deserved the win. Some of our play was brilliant on a dodgy pitch. Agree the defence were superb.


RobITFC added 18:46 - Jan 18
I think the "idiots" who were only asking for a settled team have been proved right ?

TractorBeezer added 19:54 - Jan 18
Well done Paul. You got right this week with a stable team. This is getting noticeable results with the defence and goalie as well as midfield and forwards.
I notice that Taylor spends much time with the fourth official. Presumably justified in some cases but we need to be careful not to get a reputation.
Bring on Lincoln!

Dissboyitfc added 19:58 - Jan 18
it seems the idiots do know more than you think! settled side equals wins, any idiot knows that.

muhrensleftfoot added 20:07 - Jan 18
No doubt the Porrman Road pitch needs work. I think it was 2 or 3 years ago they said it needed digging out and replacing but the money wasn't available. Perhaps PL can persuade Evans to spend the cash. Back in the Bobby Robson days it used to win awards.

Brockleyblue added 20:55 - Jan 18
Paul, there were at least 12 games there where Ipswich did not win a single game, league or cup. Commenting on this fact, and being a little concerned about it - particularly given the lower division we now find ourselves in for the first time since the 1950s - does not make fans “idiots”. Please, don’t ruin the great bridge-building work you did with the fans during the first few months of your tenure by turning into the kind of unkind, potty-mouthed numpty who attacks fans for very little reason. We had enough of that with Mick McCarthy, thanks. You are better than that. Also, the fans deserve better than that (irrespective of the fact that in the previous century individual fans may, or may not, have won a Champions League winners medal with Borussia Dortmund, “the past is a foreign country” as Hartley rightly said). Please, enough of the unwelcome and unnecessary hostility. Onwards and upwards, and well done to all (including, of course, management) on a great effort today. COYB! And am looking forward to being at Portman Rd next weekend when I will cheer on the team, and the management, with gusto!

pennblue added 22:14 - Jan 18
Congratulations to Paul and the team. They looked very
Strong today
Playing good football on a poor
Pitch. 1st
To the ball, wanted
It more. We will go up if that

ShropshireBluenago09 added 22:26 - Jan 18
Keep this formation and keep Huws and Judge in for Skuse and Nolan. In Lambo we trust.

ArnieM added 23:09 - Jan 18
3points won. Job done. Great . Move on . Next game / SAME AGAIN!

Repeat every game until end of season ..,,,

Buryblue78 added 01:52 - Jan 19
Well done all today
Especially those who were there
PL was right when he showed concern at the number of fixtures many months ago
Although deeply unpopular on here his rotation policy could yet proof wise
We now have many players who have had a fair chance to stake a claim to their shirt
Some have done that and others maybe not so much
We are third(despite a two month blip!)
We have players who have improved as the season has gone on
We also have players coming back in who know they have to perform
Look at Huws for example
Proper quality
Teddy, Flynn Jackson and others all learning and improving rapidly
We're in a good place
All the players worth their salt will want to be part of the next chapter for ITFC
Upwards and onwards

Dolphinblue added 08:36 - Jan 19
Paul Lambert was right to rotate at the start of the season...15 game unbeaten run, now blip is over with we ate reaping the benefits but of course the idiots/numbskulls/thenegcrew always know better....bless them 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🐬

cat added 09:00 - Jan 19
Credit to Lambo for delivering a win. Good to see we are dominating teams whilst playing the right way. Good week off now for the players to recharge, let’s hope when the rotation policy kicks in again (which it has to) Lambert makes subtle changes opposed to wholesale ones.

WeWereZombies added 09:17 - Jan 19
The pitch at Portman Road is never going to be the surface it was before the corners of the ground were built up, it does not get the ventilation it used to do.

Dissboyitfc added 09:21 - Jan 19
Dolphinblue.... and its just coincidence that performances and results have picked up with a settled side? The performances earlier in the season were not convincing even though we got results they were far from convincing, Were we very lucky in a lot of those wins!

If we stick with a settled side we can get out of this division, if he starts to rotate again the results will fall away again!

Supporting the team through thick and thin is one thing, but to support blindly and never question anything is another, its actually pathetic!!! Next you will be saying the 12 game winless run has benefited the team, but dont let facts get in the way!

Gazelle added 09:31 - Jan 19
is it a coincidence but our pitch was the best around until the high stands were built. Would love to hear the Groundsmans comments on what's gone wrong.

r2d2 added 09:45 - Jan 19
Give it a rest Dolphinblue. Im almost convinced now you are really Paul Lambert.

BobbyBell added 10:13 - Jan 19
Please correct me if I'm wrong but my memory says that PL explained early in the season that the rotation system was making sure that all his players got games and were ready for the second half of the season and the run in. Now we are there and he has a large squad with games behind them and he is now playing a settled team knowing that he has players ready to step in when needed. Yes we had a dodgy run but we overall I think his plan is coming together at the right time.

Dolphinblue added 11:37 - Jan 19
Exactly....Lambert knows what he is doing thenegcrew dont....🤔

Dolphinblue added 12:08 - Jan 19
Downmark all u like Dissboy...yr wrong and deep down u know it....

hollywoodginge added 13:09 - Jan 19
Isn’t it kind of obvious that we’ve got near on our strongest team fit and firing at the moment? It would not have been possible without rotation to get this settled side. Those are just facts, but don’t let it get in the way of your “we were right all along” false position.

Dissboyitfc added 22:31 - Jan 19
the facts are a 12 game winless run caused by rotation, formation changes and cancellation! Even the players are happier now knowing if they play well there is every possibility they will start the next game.

Bildestoned added 09:47 - Jan 20
We shouldn’t be afraid to admit it, and maybe we should be prepared to say it, which is that having been to almost all home games and a few away games this season I have yet to see a decent side. Apart from ITFC. There simply isn’t a really top quality side in the League and we should be capitalising on that. Maybe we now last.

blueboy1981 added 14:53 - Jan 20
Suffolkboy ...... Ferguson our Head Groundsman for many years, was probably the best around at that time.
He firmly nailed his thoughts and prognosis on the Portman Road pitch well and truly before he left, and firmly recommended what needed to be done (post haste) to avoid what the pitch has deteriorated into. He even gave a timescale. It needed investment, but it fell on deaf ears obviously, and we have what we have. I am convinced to this day, that was a a huge factor in Ferguson moving on. He knew his stuff for sure.
I can remember the days when the Portman Road pitch was justifiably rated as on a par with Old Trafford as being the best playing surfaces in the whole Country.
Those were the days, and what a brilliant sight our Portman Road pitch was in those heady days.
Memories to cherish, and hold forever.

blueboy1981 added 15:09 - Jan 21
Just a timely reminder to you PL - people are NOT idiots who care, and were concerned, about a fifteen game winless run (many of whom pay your wages indirectly through purchasing season tickets) - maybe the idiots are the ones who weren’t concerned.
I wish you well, and success with our Club - but I have noticed that your tongue towards supporters has turned since you got what you wanted. No need to suck up so much now is there ? - take it from me, we’re not ALL idiots. That I assure you.

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