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Town Confirm Majority of Off-Field Staff on Furlough
Tuesday, 7th Apr 2020 16:47

Town have confirmed that they have put the vast majority of their off-field staff on furlough as a result of the ongoing suspension of football due to the coronavirus pandemic.

TWTD revealed last week that the Blues were planning to follow a number of other clubs and utilise the Government’s emergency salary scheme which allows staff to claim 80 per cent of their wages up to a maximum of £2,500 per month.

Unlike some other clubs taking the furlough route, owner Marcus Evans is paying the remaining 20 per cent and will ensure that no one is forced to take a wage cut.

A club spokesperson told TWTD: “With the uncertainty over when football will return and no real revenue streams without games, the club have followed in line with a lot of other clubs in using the Government’s Job Retention Scheme in relation to a number of off-field staff.

“The owner has ensured though that all full-time staff will continue to be paid a full salary.”

Town are not putting any of their players on furlough unlike fellow League One side Sunderland.

However, meetings between the PFA, EFL and Premier League regarding players more widely taking pay cuts and wage deferrals and being put on furlough are continuing this week.

Meanwhile, it’s reported that FIFA-initiated talks have led to an acceptance that the 2019/20 season will not now be completed by the previously set June 30th cut-off and that player contracts which are due to end on that date will now run to the campaign’s conclusion.

We understand that Town have put discussions with their players whose deals are are up this summer on hold due to the uncertainties brought about by football’s suspension during the coronavirus crisis.

FIFA is also set to ratify new dates for the transfer windows in order that they fall between the two seasons.

Photo: TWTD

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AndyUK61873 added 17:03 - Apr 7
Nice job Mr Evans for keeping the staff pay whole. Not something you had to do during this time and not what other clubs are doing.

uppersirbob added 17:29 - Apr 7
Well done Evans at least the staff are going to get full pay

Dissboyitfc added 17:53 - Apr 7
well done to Evans for this!

Surco72 added 17:56 - Apr 7
What are our overpaid players doing to help club and help staff ? Leeds players took cut to stop placing staff into furlough

therein61 added 17:56 - Apr 7
Well done Marcus at least these hard workers for our club will still be able to survive unlike when we entered administration and loads lost their jobs.

positivity added 18:13 - Apr 7
good on evans doing this.

any legal experts able to confirm it's correct, i thought furloughed staff weren't allowed to receive any other payment?

ArnieM added 18:37 - Apr 7
Good on you Marcus . Much appreciated by this because many Clubs aren't doing this .

Les57 added 18:44 - Apr 7
Makes a change for our owner to get positive remarks on this site. At least he is doing the right thing, unlike Spurs, Newcastle and others.
I cannot believe Spurs are actually taking advantage of the government initiatives when they made millions last year. Plus I believe Levy also received a multi million pound bonus when they moved to their new stadium. It appears some of our football teams have no morals when it comes to money and greed of their billionaire owners.

I would be ashamed to be a Spurs supported

d77sgw added 19:13 - Apr 7
Levy is just a cycnical A-hole.
Everything that is wrong with football, and society.
'positivity' - no, any business entitled to top up wages. Only requirement is that furloughed staff do no work for their employer (on income generating activities) over the period. They can 'volunteer'.

ITFCsince73 added 19:24 - Apr 7
Agreed Surco....it’s the taxpayer who picks up the 80% bill. And will take the country a generation, or 2 to pay back. Evans keeps his 100,s of millions. What’s not to like??

Northstandveteran added 20:44 - Apr 7
Evans, has, in all fairness, had some bad luck since he's been here ( not fishing for the in out debates etc )

But he is trying to make Ipswich that community club again.
As above ( tax/not enough money thing ) thing.

The players earn a fair whack, fair play.

If they were, or maybe signed up for the NHS volunteers groups, delivers etc, you could possibly say,
" Yeah, that's good "

But Evans is, I think? Trying to do his best during these times.

#Been in quarantine ( not got the covid ) with a 14 year old Kevin the teenager and a 17 year old Perry for 3 weeks now.

I have been drinking all day whilst pacing the garden like the mad tiger at Colchester zoo whilst counting leaves and picking stones, so please ignore the majority of the above should you choose to.

I am so bored that I am now reading and posting on a site where nothing of any interest is happening.

How did it come to this?

DoseOfReality added 21:34 - Apr 7
So FIFA extending season & players contracts will run to that extension have players actually had a paid extension to their contract & will be better off ..?

Furlough scheme wasn’t designed for multi million pound owners to select whose wage they can get subsidised by the taxpayer and whose are too valuable an asset to upset. Spurs, Liverpool or Ipswich it’s wrong no matter what clubs are taking advantage.

BlueMachines added 22:10 - Apr 7

Businesses that are able to have been encouraged by Rishi Sunak to top up wages. It’s legal and morally right.

MickMillsTash added 23:24 - Apr 7
I run a business I have money in the bank, I could take the furlough option but will be paying the staff from the cash reserves built up rather than letting the government (i.e all of us) pay. Id rather then government invest in the NHS now and have money in the bank to invest in the economy when we come out of this mess
Evans is a multi millionaire who pays naff all tax to the exchequer - he could pay the staff all the money for the next 3 months and not notice.
Sh1t House decision.

r2d2 added 09:29 - Apr 8
Agreed MickMillsTash.

cornishblu added 10:03 - Apr 8
Totally agree that this is the right move
General opinion is that to not pay people (top up to ) the 100% leads to a contractual change and therefore theoretically should mean going into consultation ....believe it won’t be long before this is challenged and all businesses that remain have to comply with the top up ....so great to get it in first and do the right thing
Let’s get the investment right in the patch after this and get promoted and employe more people on high salaries ....happy days

TractorRoyNo1 added 10:49 - Apr 8
Yeah well done Mr Evan's, the nurses, health workers, binmen, delivery drivers, shop workers etc are so grateful to you for sending their tax to your staff, obviously you are down to your last million.

blues1 added 11:49 - Apr 8
Mickmills tash. What a load of rubbish. Evan's could pay the whole staff 100% of their wages over this period a d not even notice? What planet are you on? Have you forgotten that his business is in corporate hospitality, of which there is none happening anywhere, and so hes a tually going to be losing millions and millions of pounds. Why cant some of our so called fans just give credit where credits due. He didnt have to pay the 20% but he is. But I guess some simply wont give up the chance to slag him off, whatever he does.

JDAndCoke added 13:33 - Apr 8
Nice to see ME getting some credit where it's due for once

ITFCsince73 added 17:47 - Apr 8
Evans out

Pecker added 18:04 - Apr 8
Thank you Mr. Evans for doing the right thing.

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